Help For The Haunted by Tim Prasil – Beyond the Great Beyond

Its with huge sadness, that we come to the last story in the book, so I have been putting it off for as long as I could, I have enjoyed Mr. Tim Prasil writing very much and enjoyed having his blessing to share it with you all.

But on the story, the year is 1909 Lida Parsell is now Mrs Lida Bergson having married Rick and together they run a music shop, but a note from Vera calls her back one more time,
Madeline Morley has asked her to look into the mystery of the dancing coats, with use of a  wax cylinder and phonograph they are able confirm there suspicions but that is only the first step.

The end of the story is left open I hope, the way Mr Prasil writes it can been seen two ways.
I deliberately didn’t write about the introduction or the postscript as I think that is your job to  seek out the whole book and not just be content with what I have wrote here.

After all that Vera Van Slyke was after the truth.




Help For The Haunted By Tim Prasil – Monstrimony

The twelfth story in the book, which being with a letter from Dr. Geoffrey Wallace Livingstone Adams inviting Vera and Lida on a fully funded ghost hunt to Arkansas.
At first Vera can’t understand why a Professor of Anthropology would need her help in finding the missing link, but in fact the Professor believes that the creature if real has enough guilt has opened a dimensional door way.
The odd thing is that Vera never went public her  theory about ghost using guilt the touch the living, so the Professor tells her that expedition is being funded who lives in Pittsburgh, Vera suggests a name but the Professor side steps the answer.
I can’t tell you the rest of the tail without giving spoilers but there a lovely scene where Vera and Lida are taken to be mother and daughter. But I will say that this feels like their investigations together are comming to an end.


Help For The Haunted By Tim Prasil – King Midas Exhumed

The eleventh story in the book its July 9th 1907 Vera Van Slyke birthday, and a Mr Adrastos needs the use of Vera’s special knowledge to help him attract customers to his new tavern,
Vera calls in the her old friend Mr. Vitellius Berry the historical researcher from Pittsburgh, but it turns out that Mr Adrastos hadn’t asked Lida and Vera to summon a ghost but to just create a sensation by their investigation, so that his tavern will take off, which with the help of Mr. Berry they carry, only to have a real ghost show up.
What starts out as lighthearted story with a lot of comic relief provided both by Mr Berry and Mr Adrastos soon turns into very deep heartbreaking tale.
Once again Mr. Prasil covers a lot of history in very few pages and always makes you want more


Help For The Haunted By Tim Prasil – Vampire Particles

The tenth tail in the book begins with a misunderstanding a Mr. Peter Hoffman writes a letter to Vera but is under the impression that she’s ‘a gentleman’ called Vernon Van Slyke,
Mr Hoffman has been tasked by the city of Chicago to explain three deaths the victims having enjoyed themselves to death, all victims worked for the Illinois Tunnel Company.
Having had unpleasant time in the New York subway Vera finds it hard to be underground for the first half of the investigation leaving Lida to take the lead.
There are many interesting scenes in the tail and one or two call backs to other tails, and the return of Mr Vitellius Berry much to Lida’s shock and Vera delight.
Lida does meet a woman called Emily Cowles who is very much like herself The tail not at all just a simple investigation Mr Prasil covers a lot about how things were in 1906 which can be comical at times but also tells a lot about how far things have moved on. 


Help For The Haunted by Tim Prasil – Ghosts and Other Immigrants

The ninth story for the book begins with Vera and Lida still in New York, Vera wants her to meet a very old friend Mr Wou Sankwei who work for Harry Escott to.
Before they meet Mr Wou there is a little talk about Rick Bergson who Lida grown very fond of over time.
Mr Wou now runs a fish shop in Chinatown, but his accent rang more Canton, Ohio then Canton Provence China.
Over the course of a meal Vera and Mr Wou tell the tail of Mr Clancy a Irish man from Enniskillen and when they both worked for Harry Escott.
The year is 1885 and we are in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, I’m not going to say much more about the main story only two rivers merging into one.
As this tail is flash back we get see how Vera became the woman is now, Mr Wou is a welcome addition and they share some kind very close bound, how close is unclear but Mr Wou immigrated to the US twice.
Mr Prasil writing as always gives you a feel for the times and places without being bogged down in description so the story moves along very well.

If you would like to read this story for yourself Mr Prasil is giving it away for free her so please check it out


Help For The Haunted by Tim Prasil – Houdini Slept Here

The eight story from the book, has Lucille (back to calling herself Lida) ask Vera why she doesn’t write about her work into the ghostly phenomenon, her reply is a simple one, her mentor Harry Escott did that and was called a liar or worse a lunatic,
So in Lucille’s words there has to be a Dr. Watson to his Sherlock Holmes,
Enter that other internationally recognized medium buster the one and only Harry Houdini, but however in 1905 he yet to find that role in life.
Knowing of Vera’s work he engages her to save him from scandal and ruine he knows that he’s being flimflammed, even who and why but not the how.
The use of such a well know real world figure can be a hard thing to pull off, in most books or stories one of two things can happen charactercure or parody both of which Mr Prasil neatly side steps by showing Houdini the man and not the myth and legend so we get real ending not a Hollywood one.
There are a few call backs to the other stories which round out a few things and save a lot of time by covering old ground.
There are five story left in this book and I look forward to seeing what Mr Prasil has in store for Vera and Lida next time


Help for the Haunted by Tim Prasil – Shadows Cast From Behind Me

Before we begin this weeks review, I would like to apologize for the gap between the last few post, you see I cold read the book, each chapter one at a time which takes about an hour that I write my review minutes later so that leaves one of to things out of my control. Finding time and a working internet link I hope I’m forgiven.

The seventh story starts with Vera and Lucille meeting up once again with Rick Bergson after almost four years, before this reunion Vera is reporting on meatpacking union labor dispute, and talks about Lucille relationship with her mother in same kind terms ‘she was management and I was labor’.
As Rick enters the story we change the tone, Rick wants to show off the latest sensation of the day Thomas Edison’s Vitascope, But Vera has no time of things of nature but doesn’t stop Lucille in fact she openly encouraged her to go.
And it thanks to the chance encounter that Lucille world changes.
As always the story is packed with detail and plot twists that drive everything forward and keep you guessing to the very last pages the use of technology here is a good and you can see the real growth of the world and of the characters.


Help For The Haunted by Tim Prasil – An Unanchored Man

The sixth story of the book finds Vera and Lucille taking time out to holiday in the seaside town of Granger were much to the shock of the desk Clark there go looking for some real old sea songs they find this and a far more in person of Captain Henry Thorn Lord a very old sea dog, but man hunted by the very thing he once called home.
As well as the main tail Vera talks a little about her own past and because of this takes a few wrong steps in solving this case which makes the whole thing far more believable.
The way Mr Prasil has written this you can almost taste the salt sea in air and feel the wind closing in around you.

Help For The Haunted By Tim Prasil – A Burden that Burns

The fifth story in the book, finds Vera Van Slyke and Lucille at some what of lose end, so thanks to a newspaper ad they end up in Pittsburgh,

They meet Mr. Ritchie who owns land were strange fire keeps braking out, no matter want is built on it, So with the help of Mr Vitellius Berry the local historian they dig deeper into want once took place there.

Vera and Mr Berry get on very well in fact Lucille feels some what of a third wheel, but something happens to change all that. Vera again is a little rough around the edge for a woman of the 19th Century but Mr. Ritchie is a very forward thinking man

Unlike the other few stories the ghosts here are not stuck because of something they did rather something they didn’t do, so far I have very much enjoyed the stories I have read and have not been disappointed.

Help For The Haunted By Tim Prasil – Dark and Dirty Corners

Set a year after Skittering Holes the fourth story tell of Miss Vera Van Slyke meeting to the Nunda Psychical Research Society as she think talk about defrauding mediums, but two members of the society of other ideas.

Mrs Constance Haase believes Vera is true medium and will perform a seances just she can climb social ladder, Dr. Philip Kling the man who wrote to Vera knows her true value and hopes to use her for his own ends

However when Vera learns of a hunted house near by thanks to Mrs Constance’s fourteen year old boy she jumps at the chances to investigate. With Lucille’s help and using the oboe again there is a reaction.

This story is more about want people choose to believe in and for want lays behind that belief when people have there mind made up.