Help for the Haunted by Tim Prasil – Shadows Cast From Behind Me

Before we begin this weeks review, I would like to apologize for the gap between the last few post, you see I cold read the book, each chapter one at a time which takes about an hour that I write my review minutes later so that leaves one of to things out of my control. Finding time and a working internet link I hope I’m forgiven.

The seventh story starts with Vera and Lucille meeting up once again with Rick Bergson after almost four years, before this reunion Vera is reporting on meatpacking union labor dispute, and talks about Lucille relationship with her mother in same kind terms ‘she was management and I was labor’.
As Rick enters the story we change the tone, Rick wants to show off the latest sensation of the day Thomas Edison’s Vitascope, But Vera has no time of things of nature but doesn’t stop Lucille in fact she openly encouraged her to go.
And it thanks to the chance encounter that Lucille world changes.
As always the story is packed with detail and plot twists that drive everything forward and keep you guessing to the very last pages the use of technology here is a good and you can see the real growth of the world and of the characters.



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