Help For The Haunted By Tim Prasil – Dark and Dirty Corners

Set a year after Skittering Holes the fourth story tell of Miss Vera Van Slyke meeting to the Nunda Psychical Research Society as she think talk about defrauding mediums, but two members of the society of other ideas.

Mrs Constance Haase believes Vera is true medium and will perform a seances just she can climb social ladder, Dr. Philip Kling the man who wrote to Vera knows her true value and hopes to use her for his own ends

However when Vera learns of a hunted house near by thanks to Mrs Constance’s fourteen year old boy she jumps at the chances to investigate. With Lucille’s help and using the oboe again there is a reaction.

This story is more about want people choose to believe in and for want lays behind that belief when people have there mind made up.


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