Help For The Haunted By Tim Prasil – A Burden that Burns

The fifth story in the book, finds Vera Van Slyke and Lucille at some what of lose end, so thanks to a newspaper ad they end up in Pittsburgh,

They meet Mr. Ritchie who owns land were strange fire keeps braking out, no matter want is built on it, So with the help of Mr Vitellius Berry the local historian they dig deeper into want once took place there.

Vera and Mr Berry get on very well in fact Lucille feels some what of a third wheel, but something happens to change all that. Vera again is a little rough around the edge for a woman of the 19th Century but Mr. Ritchie is a very forward thinking man

Unlike the other few stories the ghosts here are not stuck because of something they did rather something they didn’t do, so far I have very much enjoyed the stories I have read and have not been disappointed.


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