Help For The Haunted by Tim Prasil – Houdini Slept Here

The eight story from the book, has Lucille (back to calling herself Lida) ask Vera why she doesn’t write about her work into the ghostly phenomenon, her reply is a simple one, her mentor Harry Escott did that and was called a liar or worse a lunatic,
So in Lucille’s words there has to be a Dr. Watson to his Sherlock Holmes,
Enter that other internationally recognized medium buster the one and only Harry Houdini, but however in 1905 he yet to find that role in life.
Knowing of Vera’s work he engages her to save him from scandal and ruine he knows that he’s being flimflammed, even who and why but not the how.
The use of such a well know real world figure can be a hard thing to pull off, in most books or stories one of two things can happen charactercure or parody both of which Mr Prasil neatly side steps by showing Houdini the man and not the myth and legend so we get real ending not a Hollywood one.
There are a few call backs to the other stories which round out a few things and save a lot of time by covering old ground.
There are five story left in this book and I look forward to seeing what Mr Prasil has in store for Vera and Lida next time



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