Bookends – Bookreview- Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum – Chapter FortyTwo to Chapter FortyFive

The follow blog will have Spoilers and a plot outline for the book Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum leave now if don’t want to know what has been go on.

The Book so far- Harry and Lizzie make it back to New York, and she goes off to tell the police there want they have planed. One phone is becoming a set of calls and Harry is getting a little upset.

The Bruschetti brothers get togther and try to work out want to next after the man in Columbiahas asked them to carry out one last job, but just as they are calling the meeting to a stop Rocco phone rings and Harry want to talk.

The brothers have Harry bouce around the city, until they get him in the back of a cab, which takes him to an old wearhouse. Finding his wallet there now who he is so Rocco is sent to his flat were he finds Lizzie but not the money. They take her to but not to the same place. All the time Lizzie is playing the part of Harry’s dumb girlfriend.

Chapter FortyTwo-Harry is untied and then put in yet another car, and hopes that Agent MacAvoy’s men are still following. On the Jersey shoreline he’s told to get into a boat and when he gets on the boat he’s serched again this for anything metal thar could a a bug. The boat then heads out into the river, then the boat’s engines are cut and it starts to drift with current.

In the main cabin he’s show a man, a man in a smart suit over a dress shirt, striped tie secured with a monogrammed pin. He asks the man if he’s Max to which the man says No. The man asks Harry want he want’s Harry says he wants to give back the money.

Then tells the man some of the truth, leaving out a few things, as he talks he sees the letters on the tiepin which are EB, could it be Enzo the man calls out Karl the man who untied Harry and put him on the boat, his job now is watch Harry as the man makes a call

Chapter FortyThree – Max feels reassured, Rocco has searched Harry’s apartment and found nothing to tie them to him and his brothers, the girl is locked up safe. Enzo then calls he tells him that if they had let Harry use the restroom none of this would happened. But were the money Rocco never found it, So Max says scare him and interrogate them both him and the girl.

Chapter FortyFour- EB (Enzo) asks Harry why he took the money and were its now, Harry tells him, EB is very skept about the whole thing so he gets Carols in, Carols stands over Harry as Karl goes to mix concrete and EB asks Harry once if he’s told them everything. Then there is the sound of a chopper over head the boat is running without lights and helmsman switchs them on and away the helicopter goes.

Harru does want to be listed at the AFTRA/SAG obituary page so kicks out at Carols and ends up in the Hudson river swiming for his life.

Chapter FortyFive-Enzo calls Max and tells him that Harry is the river and they may never find him.

What I think- Well everything is comming together, Harry and the brothers have meet and Lizzie is being held somewere in the hope of bring rhem all down. I am enjoying the the back and forth in each chapter how they follow. But like I said before we have kind of lost track of Carter Allinson the guy at the start of the book. And yes I know have only done four chapters this time around, but Harry swimming for his life makes a bit of dramatic cliffhanger.

Bookends – Bookreview- Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum – Chapter ThirtySeven to Chapter FortyOne

The follow blog will have Spoilers and a plot outline for the book Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum leave now if don’t want to know what has been go on.

The Book so far-We go back in time a little and relive Lizzie early life, She takes Harry to see her Boss at the BBC and they come up with a plan, they will get Harry to call the brothers and ‘give back’ the money. She tells him he has to come up with a idea to take the money though both the UK and US airports, Then Harry picks apart two camrra cases he’s brough to hide the money. 

Rocco is back in the US by now and he wakes Max who tells him go hide, but then Senor Hernandez shows up with one last job for the brothers to do before they can get away clean,

Lizzie and Harry make though the UK airport and he tells her about the flight in, it turns out that for the very second he make the call to the UK he’s been watched and the woman on the flight and the upgrade were part of the plan.

Once in New York again, Harry plays host to Lizzie who goes to DEA Special Agent Marty P. MacAvoy and the simple one phone call that Harry has planed for starts became a set of calls, Lizzie tells him just to act the part and things will be just fine.

Chapter ThirtySeven – Harry makes the call from a pay phone on Columbus Circle the frist call lasts only a few seconds as he’s totally unprepared he trys agian, he asks for Max or Enzo acting the part of a hystical mad man, the voice on the other end tells him to call back in a hour. Lizzie is happy but Harry is not.

Chapter ThirtyEight – The Bruschetti are back in the Fiery Red Dragon this time with Rocco, they talk about the colombians deal and how they are going to set it up.Sal is not happy and wants say no. The plan is to divide the country into sections and assign someone they trust.

They question Rocco about the kid in London and his reaction to finding the body, then back to the offer again and give it more consideration. Sal talks about getting a atlas from Barmes and Noble which throws the others. Sal’s mind is going

Rocco’s phone rings, its Harry the call came though to a man called Karl. He says he sounds a little spaced out. They are not sure if he’s a plant, But one of them should meet him and fast.

Chapter ThirtyNine – Agent MacAvoy gives Lizzie a bit of paper, for Harry and it tells him were to make the second call from, Harry makes the call and is given yet another number to call a woman on the other end which gives me a set of directions to follow.he is put buy a poster and set at the south street seaport. By the he get to the seaport he know that both the bad guys and the good guys are watching him.

Poster in hand he sit on the beach as instructed, a kid comes along and hands him a note with more directions on it, but halfway following these directions alarm bells in head go off so fakes triping and miss the train. At the second phone he told to go to LaGuardia airport.

He gets in a vacant cab, but the drivers turns into a car wash as the mechanism pulls on the car, Harry’s door is open and his dragged out and his hand are tied, trussed up like a chicken and put in the boot of a second cab. MacAvoy’s men would certainly lost him by now. The cab pulls up who knows were in some kind of workshop and two men tie Harry to a chair they leave him in the dark but they do take his wallet.

Chapter Forty – Rocco opens the envelope which has Harry wallet in it, and the three men now know Harry’s name and were his lives. Max tells Rocco to go to Harry’s home and take it apart.

Rocco goes to the apartment checks the mail, opens the door and in bedroom searches each piece of clothing, sees the flight labels on the bags and plays the answering machine, the pulls everything apart, every room every draw even the mattress on the bed. He then gets to the camera cases, takes the camera out of one and just then the door opens and in walk Lizzie.

Her rection is one shock, and when Rocco pulls his gun she scarried. He ties her up and calls Max and then carries on looking. He tells him about the girl. Benny comes and Rocco hands over Harry’s key then Nino comes in a picks up Lizzie, and they take her to an abandoned warehouse. Walking away hears Lizzie crying

Chaptet FortyOne- Lizzie stops fake sobbing, her cell had once been a men room but now a broken up. And she wonders if she had made the right decision not disarm her abductor as it would have blown her cover, but on the other hand playing the innocent could be a very short lived decision to.

What I think – Now we are getting into the action of the book, there are echo’s of Mr McCallum’s day job here and his linking each part together works very well. But when Harry is in the second cab, we are told were he’s going so it kind loses the fear when he’s thrown into the workshop. As for Lizzie I am not sure, I get the feeling something is missing just yet. And the guy who started all this Carter Allinson is very much AWOL so far.

Bookends – Bookreview- Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum – Chapter ThirtyTwo to Chapter ThirtySix.

The follow blog will have Spoilers and a plot outline for the book Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum leave now if don’t want to know what has been go on.

The Book so far- Max goes to see Sal and his sister-in-law and they work out a new plan if Rocco can kill Villers do then come home, but if not come home anyway. The paper trail will take years to link them.

Harry on the other hand is still in the cell, when he gives his statement to Ivan, he meets a second police office Lizzie Carswell who makes him go over everything one more time. She then feeds him some of him own life story. And tells him he’s free to go or would he like to help her.

She tells him all about her and Ivan work and how Villers is involed (he’s still in a cell not talking) they do all this in Harry hotel room while she has a bath. They have sex and Harry says sure he will help her. So the next day Harry is told take the money to a place and then meet Lizzie at another.

Chapter ThirtyTwo-We go barkwards in time a take look back Lizzie’s early life and how her mother and father take no notice of her, Its only when she goes and meets Miss Aitken who helps with her love of maths. When she’s twelve her mother tells her that her father has gone, she ask why and when but her mother has no answers for her.

Later on she trys to apply for a driver’s licence only to be told there is record of her brith but after an extensive search she finds out her parents have lied to her about ture brithday, and a deeper search she learns that they had married because of careless copulation.

After beating a lad in an athletics race, she comes to the realisation that wining is everything. And on the day she join the police her mother walks out on her which makes her more determined to push on and in record time becomes a plain clothes detective.

Chapter ThirtyThree-Harry and Lizzie meet again and he still has the money, She asks him if he will ring the number Villiers has given them and he’s ask them to take back the money but here in the UK but back in the US.

After a lot toing and frowing Harry says yes and off they go to ask Lizzies boss, whos giving a talk at the BBC. First Lizzie talks to her boss and Harry can’t hear because of the sound proof room, but then when she’s done its his turn. In his Harry feels its 1944 and he’s about be dropped in France, but Lizzie’s boss tells him its going to fine and they should work on their cover Lizzie being a rep for package tour company. 

She gives him two jobs one to make flight reservation and his second is to work out how he will bring the money back into the US he thinks and actors routinely carry things with them when they travel he picks on three camrea cases, so with in a few hours buys, picks up and checks the cases to make sure its able to carry the money.

Chapter ThirtyFour-With great patience and using the skills his Father had show him many years ago Harry goes to work on the three case slicing the black foam in each case so that the money will fit. In morring Lizzie rings him and asks frist about the flight and then that she will be sending someone over of the money.

But Harry tells her want he’s done having three new cases of camera equipment, Lizzie is a little taken a back and on her end of the phone there muffled talk and she tells him to just let the airline know about the next bags. He does and after endless compuerized menus things are worked out.

Chapter ThirtyFive- Rocco is back and he wakes Max with some food and they talk about Max’s frist time being involved in a hit with Papa Aldo. Rocco leaves and Max goes out to buy Lotto quick picks.

As he walks home Senor Hernandez walk up behind him, he tell Max about his reorganization at his end in simple words they want to stop working in place like New York, and pick less Populated towns. And he wants the Bruschetti to setup the network Max has talk with his brothers.

Chapter ThirtySix-Harry and Lizzie get to the airport and have the three camera bags run though an X-ray machine, when the jet takes off Harry tells Lizzie about flight over it turns out that she was plant a undercover cop. Which makes Harry mad and a little cheated, but trys to set his mind at rest by asking him about New York.

Ivan has taken an RAF flight before them, and Harry asks why didn’t they but Lizzie says its more believable this way. At the baggage hall there see there other bags but have to go to the oversize section for the cases. Where Harry get recognised for a flim he’s been in with Tom Cruise, they make it to Harry’s apartment and he gives her a quick tour.

She’s imperessed by the people he’s worked with and the fact his father was a cop, asks him how to get to West Tenth and asks if its the DEA Drug Enforcement Agency office. She also asks of a spare key. She leaves 

Harry unpackes and goes shopping, later Lizzie cames back she tells him about a drugs bust and Special Agent Marty P. MacAvoy and how he can only spare two agents at six so Harry will have to make the call a six tonight and that he needs something so Marty’s men can follow him. They go and get somthing to eat.

They talk about what stated as one call is now becoming a series of them which Harry in not to happy about, Lizzie says just make the calls one by one and he should just act the part use want he knows.

What I think – For the last few chapters I have talked about Mr McCallum odd old world england vibe but I not going to the do that this time, I am however going to talk about what I think will happen by the end. Lizzie is not really who she’s says she is and will end up dead  or with the money. Her backstory is just a little off. Harry will be the fall guy for all of this and unless dead he’ll be in hidding. The brothers will get killed by Hernandez’s people or the police and as for the guy who was our starting point in this book who knows he’s only been a few chapters and only for a little bit.

As always I hope you have enjoyed want you have read and will be back for the next part. 

Bookends – Bookreview- Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum – Chapter Thirty to Chapter ThirtyOne.

The follow blog will have Spoilers and a plot outline for the book Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum leave now if don’t want to know what has been go on.

The Book so far- Harry stops Rocco from killing Colonel Villers who is holding on to a lot money, belonging to the three brothers. After the failed killing Villers thinkings that Harry is working for the three brothers so lets him take the money and run.

Back in New York Max tells Rocco to kill Eddie which he does by starting a small fire and dressing up as a doctor, Villers also rings Max, and Max tells not worry about it, he will look into it could be the other side. To his brothers he say ‘tell the guy have the money just stick to the plan’

Harry runs off the English contryside and buries the money but just as he’s about walk away safe and happy Colonel Villers catchs up with him, so Harry does the only thing he can do and tells the turth Villers rection is to kill his but just as he’s about to shot, Harry is saved by someone who been following Harry for the past few days. A policman of a kind called Ivan

Chapter Thirty- Max goes to see his brother Sal and his sister-in-law, Sal wife Furella (three pages of how her and Sal meet) She knows everything, one of her two sons lives on the west coast and has nothing to do with the family.

Sal wakes up from his nap, they talk and think that Eddie is the leak and that’s how Harry knows. Sal wants Rocco to come home but if can take care of Villers do that then come home, worst case the feds try to use Carters paper work to link them but is air tight. As for Harry they still don’t know want to do.

Chapter ThirtyOne- Harry is woke up and asked to give a statement to Ivan which he dose a tells him everything, then Ivan comes back with Dectective Sergeant Elizabeth Carswell who ask Harry to go over the story agian but use the threat of violence to get him to talk.

She then tells him he’s own life story and that the woman he tired to pick in the bar one night was policewoman Susan Banks who was following Villiers. She tells Harry she thinks he’s making extra money by being a courier on the side.

Harry gets her to take him back to his hotel room were he shows her his iphone with notes he made on it a prove he’s not lieing. She belives him and Harry tells her not somke because she will smell bad, but she’s smells bad because she been on Villiers’s tail for three days.

He asks if he can buy her breakfast as he now free to go, she says yes and as he calls room service she goes and has a shower when she done she asks Harry if knows about the Real/Ture IRA as they talk Susan asks Harry to wash her hair she tells him about the work her and Ivan do trying to stop the flow of moeny to the Real/Ture IRA.

The food comes and they let it go cold as they have sex, she leaves him in bed after telling she work something out. 

Later that same day Ivan rings to tell him to go a meet Lizzie in a pub the village,they talk Lizzie has come up with a plan Harry is drive to a address droping off the money there and then go to a second and meet her again. As for Villers she gave him An ultimatum either tell her everything or they will find out themselves, but so far Villers has said nothing.

So Harry takes the car keys and leaves.

Frist off sorry its only two chapters but a lot has happend and not all of it easy and simple so that’s why only two.

So here’s what I think- I don’t mind we have female policewoman in fact its welcome change from overly aggressive men, what I do mind is that four pages in she comes off as vulgar, aggressive and down right odd, she’s ment to be a cockney so every four line is swear word or other word Mr McCallum think people still use. There are few sentences of broken english to emphasize the point she is a Cockney ‘we is’ not ‘we are’. And the fact that she actually smokes an american cigarette not an English one if he’s going to do the poverty stricken english detective it would be a cheap brand like silk cut. And the middle bit of the chapter reads like a scene out of James Bond, only with the role reversed

But I really do welcome the female characters because so far we’ve had Allinson his wife who supposedly to wrapped up in the hospital to see much of anything and his daughter who is a typical teenage child, and the Sal sister-in-law who early life read like the plot of the godfather.

I have seen that the next chapter is about Dectective Sergeant Elizabeth Carswell (Lizzie) back story so they maybe answers there. So until the next time thank you for reading.

By the way I hope the new layout works better.

Bookends – Bookreview- Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum – Chapter TwentyFive to Chapter TwentyNine.

The follow blog will have Spoilers and a plot outline for the book Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum leave now if don’t want to know what has been go on.

The book so far – The Bruschetti brothers have put there plan into action, and the frist killing goes to plan. Carter however is still unsure that they have everything covered. Max meets with the other end of the pipeline and explains that he and brothers want out. Harry our actor friend using money from a Ad heads to London, and tries to meet with Colonel Villiers but the frist ends up talking to his wife. But the second time just as Rocco and co. Try to shoot the Colonel. Harry ends up stopping the killing and both he and the Colonel end up driving away.

Chapter TwentyFive- Harry and the Colonel drive into a car park, were the Colonel asks about how Harry knew what was going on. And Harry him a half turth, the Colonel wants the ring Max and tell him but Harry says that he will do that and to just carry on with way things are.

The Colonel has a back-up van waiting for him so they change from the jag to a old ford escort taking a old suitcase with them, the colonel even has a gun which scarrs the crap out of Harry when the Colonel cracks the safety of it.Then he tells Harry were to park the car and leaves him.

In need of change of pants Harry drives the car to a street a few yards away from his hotel, pays for parking and then heads to room, but Harry takes the case the Colonel had left. In his room he changes showers and then opens the case. Its full of money US dollars about half a million he just about put all back when the door of his room opens and in walks a maid to clean his room.

Chapter TwentySix- A mad Rocco watches as an ambulance takes away Eddie, Rocco rings Max who tells him ‘no loose ends this time’. Rocco quickly looks around the hospital puts a plan in action, Eddie is under police guard so Rocco needs some tools.

He buys a professional cook’s knive, surrgical gloves, a white telescoped cane and a blank ID holder. Once back inside the hospital he buys a bunch of flowers and heads to the A&E were he asks about the guy with the fractured legs.

Helpfuly he’s told that guy is stilp wating to been seen so throwing the flowers away and stealing a white coat head up stairs and waits but just as he about act they start to move Eddie so Rocco follows. 

Rocco then starts a small fire in a supplie room, and the guy pushing Eddie around heads in to see if they are really it see Eddie, Rocco get rid of the policeman by telling to go a wait in the Doctor but the copper is distracted by the fire.

Rocco makes his makes his move and with one quick action pushies the knive into Eddie then heads back down stairs using the white cane and fooling people his blind. When clear of both the hospital and the helpful people he throws away all the tools.

Chapter TwentySeven- Harry now has three cases, two which are his and one full of money. With little help get them all in the Escort and then drives for a bit trying to think, he could one of three things return to No. 4 and give the cash back, tell the police everything or more thinking time.

He picks the last one, makes way to Paddington station and then buys a ticket to a place called Taunton, on the train he sits back and watches the world go by, he even asks a man about hotels and is told about one called ‘The Waterside’ he takes a room but is a little worried when they ask for a way to settling his acount but uses he American Express card anyway. His room he gazes at the money and the limitless possibities.

Chapter TwentyEight-New York and Max’s life is very complicated now, who hell saved the Colonel, he wants to walk think but Nino takes him to the club, were Rhonda Villiers calls him telling him about the attempt, then the Colnel himself who tells Max what went down and the fact that he gave Murphy the pick up money and Murphy is heading to Heathrow.

Plus that fact he thinks that telecoms van is a surveillance one and thanks Max for sending Murphy. Max just telling he will look into it.

Max gets Enzo and tells him anout the failed hit and the fact they out by a good bit of cash but not of that matters, Villiers thinks it the other side and when come out hidding will be taken down, Rocco has plugged the leak and the guy who’s taken the money if his smart will quickly and quiely spent it. All Enzo need do is get eveything set up and show the colombians they are efficient and reliable.

Chapter TwentyNine- Harry wakes up the following morroing and after reading the newspaper finds out the the police have a suspect in custody he now has a little breathing room.

But still needes hide the money so he thinks about a bank no, a funeral gives him an idea about a burial he’s buys two new Tumi cases, then a small black shovel, bin lines, roll of duct tape and a trouch. After rentting a car and quick look at map he drives to a hollow around Buckland St. Mary marks the place on his map and then heads back to town.

At one in morning he heads back out carrying the case as he digges the night silence is broken by a bracking dog but its let inside a house a Harry can start digging again

But then as covers the case behind him someone quote “alas, poor Yorick ..” It Colonel Villiers, the Colonel knew that Harry didn’t really know Max or really what was going on so did a bit digging of his own and because Harry used his American Express to buy the train ticket he was able find him.

Villiers makes him dig up the case, so Harry tells him the whole truth, he even tells him that he’s an actor Villiers takes out his gun and tells Harry to shut his eyes, but when he opens them again Villiers has collaped after being hit on the head.

The man who did this is called Ivan and has been infact three people that Harry has seen before one the worker on roof at the Mews, then the van driver and fially the man on the train who told him about the Waterside.

Ivan handcuffs Villiers and two more men turn up one a uniformed policeman up who takes Villiers away, as for Harry Ivan and he end up in Taunton police station and then Harry is put in a cell not sure if he’s been saved or arrested.

What I think – Hopefuly the english end of the story will end soon, because it like reading two book one set in the 21th cenurty the other in a twilight world of an england in the 1950’s. Once again Mr McCallum is let down by the little things For example when the ambulance comes to pick up the guy with the fractured legs he says the sound of bells clanking, As far as I’m aware ambulances have sirens, 

And when we’re in the hospital it sounds like something out of a very old bbc drama. Yet the worst thing is when Harry is moving the cases from the hotel to the van he’s stolen or being given. There is a gentleman of Indian descent who helps Harry and it sounds very much like a bad Peter Sellers impression. But there is a odd thing to on the train, he uses the line ‘the roll with the sausage’ not ‘the roll with sausages in it’ I think this comes from Mr McCallum scottish roots as the scottish would say ‘roll ‘n’ sausage’ 
As for the story is getting a bit odd the guy that open the story has hardly been in it and Harry is now getting very luckly.

Bookends – Bookreview- Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum – Chapter Twenty to Chapter Twenty-Four

The follow blog will have Spoilers and a plot outline for the book Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum leave now if don’t want to know what has been go on.

The book so far- We have meet Carter Allinson one time pot pusher for the Bruschetti borthers, but now their money man for almsot 16 years. The brothers want out now and put in action a plan that will keep the feds off everyones back. So its working the killing of Santiago and a meeting with start of the pipe line. But it could all could come crashing down because of a actor called Harry Patrick Murphy who over herd bits of the brothers planing meeting.

Just a side note- as the chapters aren’t the same size (some being a page others being ten pages) and lot happens, and so that everyone can still keep up this and the next post will five chapters review I will hopefully return to ten soon.

Chapter Twenty- Harry makes ups his mind to go a tell this real Colonel Villiers that someome is going to kill him. With the money from mayonnaise ad he books himslef of a flight to London. If its a hoax well so be it he would have a memorable vacation and maybe head to Copenhagen.

When he gets to the airport he’s upgraded to business class as he takes his seat a woman takes the seat next to his called Marisa Vargas, she asks him what line of work he’s and Harry tells he’s in law enforcement Interpol then acting a role tells her about his ficttions job.

When he leaves the plane his case springs open in full view of the customs who still makes him open it but when asked by customs Harry says he’s on vacation.Using the telephone book Harry walks out were Colonel lives and takes a taxi there.

He walks around the mews and as he looks in the window Mrs Villiers comes a long, Harry tells her who he is and she thinks that Enzo sent him, and for a hour they chat about the royal family, the british weather and the stars

Chapter TwentyOne- Back in his hotel room Harry, thinks should he call Mrs Villiers and tell her all but if something happens to the Colonel they will trace the call and then want, so he desides to try again tomrrow and goes out for the night to Soho

Chapter TwentyTwo-Carter Allinson wakes from a bad dream, still troubled by the Bruschetti brothers, he checks on the flies more than a little paranoid. Just before the party his daugher ask if she can leave at eight he says nine and she takes it.

At the party the hospital head name a new faciliy the ‘Walker Pediatric Suite’

Chapter TwentyThree-At 8:25 am Harry heads back to the Mews and catchs up with Colonel Villiers, Harry tells him is name and the Colonel asks about Rocco. Harry doesn’t know about that all tells him the about the attempt on his life. Then a man on a bike pulls gun Villiers acts quickly and knocks over the guy and with Harry drive away in a Jaguar followed by a British Telecom.

Chapter TwentyFour- Rocco and Eddie watches as Villiers get into his car and Eddie heads into the Mews on his BMW motorbike, then a guy in a raincoat comes into the Mews too, seconds later Eddie pinned to the wall and Villiers is gone. Rocco rings Max telling him what went down, Max tells him to find were Eddie been taken and call back.

What I think so far- Like I said before it’s an easy read this book and you don’t get too lost in the plot even though it keeps switching from New York back to London, it a little jaring when he makes London sound like a 1950/60 flim but I will forgive him that. The chapters are getting a little better Harry’s trip to London is eight pages and when the shooting takes place is quick shape shock of a page and a bit works very well.

Bookends – Bookreview- Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum – Chapter Eleven to Chapter Nineteen

The follow blog will have Spoilers and a plot outline for the book Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum leave now if don’t want to know what has been go on.

The book so far- We have meet Carter Allinson who at one time sold pot in high class neighbourhood butwhen he wished to leave to get married, The Mob decided he’s then going to be the money cleaner and wash all their dirty money using his father in law company. This had been going on for the las 16 year until two of the mob heads want to turn over new leaf.

Harry Patrick Murphy is a actor who on the way home from an Audition needs to pee and unfortunately the restaurant he picks is shut as the Bruschetti mod are holding a sumit so he use the back ally and over hears what they have planned.

The Story Continues-

Chapter Eleven-Two of the Bruschetti are ride back, and One makes a reservation on a plane to London, and then Bogota and they talk about want they are going to tell Carter.

Chapter Twelve- Max and Carter meet in Carnegie Dell, Carter’s life is going well his wife is throwing a cocktil party for the hospital she works for and his kids are doing well. When Max tells Carter the news, Carter is a little warery telling Max about Julian who runs the london end is a little flaky and that change often produced unanticipated consequences.

Chapter Thirteen-Max walks back the Fiery Dragon, Carter could turn state’s evidence and hang them all killing Santiago and Villiers in London sure that’s necessary but do they kill Julian and his boyfriend maybe Carter himself and were do they stop.

Chapter Fourteen- We are in england now, in west London with Roco Martinelli has he makes plans to kill off Percy Santiago and the Colonel (Villiers), the idea is to make it look as accidental or natural as possible, to the this a idea for Santiago death sparks when he see a poster on a wall. He goes to Hampstead Heath and watchs the boys ply there trade. 

For two nights he watches no boy and even follows him home, and when the boy leaves he brakes in taking only the telephone number, the next days he arms himself with a few things even a new door lock.

He rings frist Santiago telling him need to meet him and the calls the boy arranging a evenings entertainment at the Dorchester Hotel under the name Herbie Smith, he sees the boy leave and changes the lock the heads to meet Santiago. They meet and Santiago ask wants going Roco tells him a few half turths and they get inside the boys flat in minutes Santiago is dead and has been die with a smile on his face, but dress in woman’s underwear

Chapter Fifthteen-Max again this on his own heading to Mazaras a small spaghetti joint he’s father once ran and over the years Max had done it up and runs a few nice girls there, the head one Cora Hunt he caches sleeping. He wakes her and get to pack him a bag, she asks him why and he just tells her that things are changing for the better.

Chapter Sixteen-Carter is playing golf with his father in law his mind still on what Max told him and the others, his fears start to show a little fist missing a shot on the green and second when he goes home to his wife Fiona and she tells him about one there friends being arrasted for using information he husband has and been insider trading. Carter still not sure that everything will go on with Max.

Chapter Seventeen-Max takes a plane to Medellin and then travels to place called Finca de Los Caballos Blancos were he meets a men and tells him that this family want out and he got douts about Carter Allinson, he the tells the man that the only people that know whole picutre will be taken care of. Max leaves and back in New York tells Benny about the meeting. 

Rocco wants wait a couple days before killing the Colonel but Max wants it done frist thing thursday.

Chapter Eighteen-Harry agian he’s feeling rejected after his agent told him he didn’t get the part in the play so he goes for ran, his hand starts to bleed again and that kicks him into action he rewrite the list of words from his phone and work out why not just ring Villiers in England so that’s what he does only to be told Colonel is out of the country.

Chapter Nineteen-Detective Sergent Ivan Sapinsky almost knocks over his coffee as he looks up a telephone number ‘Murry H. P.’ New York.

What I think so far- First off sorry that its only nine not ten chapters this week but chapter fourteen is a little bigger that most so I wanted to keep everything quick a easy to read. I am not sure weather Mr McCallum wrote this from memory or his American publishers told him to write this way, I get the New York stuff I understand that but for the english stuff its like a 1950/60 black and white film sure we have Marks and Spencer’s but when was the last time the men’s department was called the haberdashers and its DIY/hardware shop and not store. And the whole Hampstead Heath thing its men not boys he makes sound as if the activity is still illegal. I am not trying to be down on Mr McCallum but I sure a little research or a trip to the UK would have put a few things right.
Like I said before it’s a good overall story and very simple to read the odd size of chapters is a little jaring when I came to 14 after zipping though the others but I can still keep it all in my head without rereading things so I look forward to seeing how it all works out.

Bookends – Bookreview- Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum – Chapter One to Chapter Ten.

Well before I start the point line I have read, I will just talk a little about the layout of the book the chapters so far a no more than a few pages long in fact the frist chapter is only three pages. Its a lot like reading short video clips its that an American writing style or something brand new as if the reading will get bored if they read more than a few paragraphs.

Plot So far- 

Chapter One -It 1998 and we meet Carter Allinson 3rd as he falls in love with Fiona Walker, Fiona’s father gives Carter a job his Wall Street investmet firm and the two are married, 

Two – Its 2015 and were in New York with actor/voiceover man Harry Murphy as he goes about his daily life shopping for his mother birthday on want little money he has when he’s asked my agent to read a play and go to voiceover audition for mayo.

Three – Back to Carter who at 16 years was running weed people he knew around his upscale New York neighbourhood but when he wants to end so he can marry Fiona the boss (Salvatore Bruschetti) of ring pulls him and they come to An arrangement where Carter will invest Money using His father in Law’s company making their payments and profiteering seem legitimate.

Four- Harry Murphy reads the play he’s been sent all about a man in a box reliving his life but the going crazy when he’s repatriated to the United States, Harry heads out but hit by a taxi on his way to Queens but with no real serious injuries carries on his way.

Five-Max Bruschetti who one month earlier had some kind of collape is now in bed with a young woman, he’s become restless and frustrated with his life now, he gets up and dress and with the woman meets his brother Enzo on a cruiser boat and they travel to meet their other brother Sal. Max wants to change the way they did business.

Six-Harry makes it the casting his fingers are a little bloody but the damage mininal, he’s meet by a blonde who swaers and walks pass him.Lenny the casting person asks if Harry has the sides (script pages) but Harry says he knows the line which Lenny doen’t much like, Harry reads the lines but Lenny dosen’t like that and tells ‘Harvey’ that is worng and to did his way. So Harry does it the way Lenny wants it and then leaves, In need of a pee

Seven-Max and Enzo take a ride to Fiery Dragon it flashing neon sign telling of ‘Good Food’ and Available ’24Hours’ the only people inside are the staff and Salvatore with a bottle of Cutty Sark and three glasses. Sal and Max tell Salvatore theg want out and show him paperwork and in the end all they have is 7% of the whole organization. Enzo is irritated and bewildered but before Max can pasafie him and guy walks though the door who needs to pee.

Eight-Harry didn’t want to pee himself so he makes his way around the back of the Fiery Dragon, were he Relieves himself all over the garbage bags as he listens to the people in a restaurant talk.

Nine-Max, Enzo and Sal make plans to shut down all the Illegal end of the business. And long few of their old friends have been working for them they even work out that Carter had been with them for sixteen years. Then about there old man and how estabishehed power by terror and intimidation. Sal then doesn’t agree with giving two guys Santiago and Villiers severance he what’s them both killed. And being head of the family Max and Enzo go along with and all three leave.

Ten-After he’s done peeing Harry starts to makes notes about want has been said on the other side of the open widow, still not beleving want he’s heard Harry heads to another coffee shop and works out what hell does it have to with him.

What I think- Well once you get use to the very short chapters is quite a easy and fun read you don’t lose the thread of wants going on as you if there Multiple situations and people. You go from one chapter to the next with a very clear idea what has been happening and how the time of the story works.

I am looking forward to seeing were Carter comes back into the story and want Harry’s next move will be. I will sticking to the ten chapter format for now, but if the chapters get longer I maybe work some new.

If have done thank you for reading and until next saturday keep reading.

Bookends – Bookreview- Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum – Introduction.

Out of the two book from by bookends blog I have chosen to review first is Once A Crooked Man by the actor David McCallum. There are two reasons in picked it over 11.22.63 by Stephen King. 

The frist one being that its Mr McCallum’s first novel curious to see his writing style, see how eveything flows and the second more simple the book is half the size of Mr King’s, Once a Crooked Man is 337 pages and 81 chapters but 11.22.63 is 739 pages and 31 chapters.

Just like when I covered The Ipcress File I will be doing it chapter by chapter how many chapter in each blog will be dictated by the length of the writing. For those who want such a thing here are the technical specs of the book

The copy of the book I have is a hardback with a red dust cover its a frist editition printed in the United States of America in 2016 so there for its in america english and there 337 pages, 81 chapters, one page of acknowledgments at the ends and it is affectionately dedicated to Corporal George Whitney Carpenter, USMC.

The review will be posted every saturday afternoon 3 o’clock am GMT staring from the 28 Jan 2017, I will tell you how many chapters I have read and want if anythings as happened then an over all outline and what I think will happen next. As you may have guess there will be spoilers, I mark this fact at the top of the blog and only once. 

I hope you can join me for this review.