Help For The Haunted By Tim Prasil – Monstrimony

The twelfth story in the book, which being with a letter from Dr. Geoffrey Wallace Livingstone Adams inviting Vera and Lida on a fully funded ghost hunt to Arkansas.
At first Vera can’t understand why a Professor of Anthropology would need her help in finding the missing link, but in fact the Professor believes that the creature if real has enough guilt has opened a dimensional door way.
The odd thing is that Vera never went public her  theory about ghost using guilt the touch the living, so the Professor tells her that expedition is being funded who lives in Pittsburgh, Vera suggests a name but the Professor side steps the answer.
I can’t tell you the rest of the tail without giving spoilers but there a lovely scene where Vera and Lida are taken to be mother and daughter. But I will say that this feels like their investigations together are comming to an end.



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