All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October By Tom Clancy – Book – The Eleventh Day.

The following blog has spoiler for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision.

The Red October is heading west.
The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back
And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap the Tenth day – Commander Quentin what is the Russians Booth there submarines through international sea and hopes he can stop them, as they’re a massering their forces around an area, a B-52 bomber is sent into Russian airspace to find out whether or not it has started to move its a force, also two Tom cats have been sent they are following the trail of a commercial PamAm an airplane as it flies through the Russian airspace, the Russians get wise to the fact and when the Pan Am plane has disappeared, mistakenly one of the Russian ground forces fires a missile at one of the tomcats the missile strikes it’s on the carriage and has to limp home with help from its second.

Underground at the naval hospital at the Norfolk Medical Centre one of the Russian submariners has been under sedation for quite some time he’s the only survivor of The wreck the Americans have found and they know little if nothing about him.

The Russian doctor and one of the communication officers from the embassy come to find out, they asked how the sailor is he told that he is suffering from dehydration and pneumonia having been in the water for more than 48 hours the Russians want to take you home without even waking him what the American doctors does not believe that will help anybody so he then tells the Russians that the man will not leave the hospital under any circumstances.

On the other side of the Norfolk naval base the decommissioned Ethan Allen is pressed into service once again all the trainee cruise are removed and several pieces of equipment are taking a board her many of the Old Time crew know that she may be scuttled at some point and believe this is what is going on but when the Admiral who’s command it once was takes over they have other ideas she is then taken out to sea and the trainee crew I left alone at the dock.


An A 10 Thunderbolt
Major Andy Richardson likes flying A10’s better than DC-9s, his 175th Tactical Fighter Group are flying over the North Atlantic having refuel mid-air. 100 miles behind the four Fighters were ninety craft were following at 30000 ft in what would look very much to the Soviet alpha strike teams as a weighted attack mission. But the real mission belong to the low-level team of four. Richardson and his crew are pay a visit to the Soviet Navy. So he guessed that his mission would be the first act of a deliberate deprivation dash under the radar cover as the Soviet eyes were locked on the alpha strike team hovering just on the edge of the sea to air missiles. His Hood display system paints the care of their mission is to pass within 300 yards of the ship no more no less. At 500000 yards he released a switch which deployed half a dozen high intensity using parachute flares. And the rest of the squad and does exactly the same thing then he does couple of barrel rolls and returns to base.

The Kirov
On the bridge Admiral Stralbo sees the aftermath of the flare at the back of his ship, his political officer thinks it might be pilot error but the Admiral knows better the arrogance of these Americans is fantastic. The Americans were sent just sending them a message telling us stay West 1500 kilometres from their shows without any useful air cover and it will have 500 Fighters waiting for US to pounds in the meantime the mKennedy will be stopping us to the east back a rabid wolf.
The Admiral take it back to his room and explains their mission is far more important than playing Cat and Mouse with the Americans but it’s political officer still fails to see the Admirals reasoning. Yet he knows if they find the Renegade submarine they will be heroes regardless of what has happened.

The Dallas
Jones has found the Russian submarine and for that he was allowed a Hollywood shower unfortunately now he’s lost it and he hopes he can find it again. Thinking back you remembered how he heard the humpback whales mating off the Bermuda daydreaming will not find the Russians sell off he Goes Again running programmes he asks if the boat and make a turn for Easterly and one knocked down I’m finally at Mark 350 another sound just like the last it is a Russian submarine but which one.

HMS Invincible
Jack now dressed as British seaman, thanks everyone has forgotten about him the Invincible has been going round and round in circles off the Massachusetts Coast waiting for the Russians to surface making him feel sick. So he started to read the book that had no Ritter has given him of lost children all about Russian defectors Ryan finds it interesting is cynical the admiral of the flagship walks in and ask him if he’s ok which Jack just a little, he asks the Admiral when will they be making contact with the Russians and the Answer comes late this evening.

Norfolk Naval Medical Center
Thanks to Dr Jamieson, Tait has been able to sleep for 5 hours the seller they have found is better and it’s not a high exposure of radiation. Tait asks after the Russian and he’s told that they are KGB and now they have a reporter crying to Prowler holes so to Marines have been put on the floor and the entire floor has been sealed off.
He goes to to see the sailor and his shocked to discover that Petchkin is trying to reach in his cot for a smoke only when the other Russian explain to him does it seem to have an effect and he is very apologetic to the doctor. Tait tells the medical staff that the patient is never to be left alone at all. The Russians wanna sell it to talk so they have to have him at least survive for now.

Norfolk Shipyard
The captain of the USS cab what is impatiently have the DSRV it’s great about the Avila the only thing that makes you happy about this is the fresh fruit and vegetables that his crew and now enjoying.

Red October
Melekhin shows Svyadov how he thinks savitar is thinking by pointing to the inspection valve in the main Fusion Reactor before touching anything he calls the captain and he request the generator shut down. With help from a huge rent it shows the young office at the smart pressure leak from small hole drilled in the side of the Screw Melekhin knows it was a very clever crew member and a very clever man in need to have done such a thing so he will keep his eye on the watch for the next few hours.

What I think – the last two chapters all been about the set up for whatever skip Tyler’s plan is to keep the Red October and the Americans rush to carry out under the noses of the Russians, leaving Jack Ryan or let’s see how that will play a part in this and how they will be able to keep the red october I’m not too sure as the book has diverted quite considerably from the film and the audio book ending that I know so we will just have to see how everything works out.

As always thank you for reading and I hope you can join me next week for the next chapter.

All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October By Tom Clancy – Book – The Tenth Day.

The following blog has spoiler for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision.

The Red October is heading west.
The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back
And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap the Ninth day – Anyway to skip Tyler tells general Parris and two other generals how he thinks he can keep the Red October and the crew and then he has to tell the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the president of the United States.

On the Red October at the office is in the wardroom are disgusting why they cannot find a radiation and how they believe it could be sabotaged badges are the instruments so Ramius is begins the check all over again and then checked the equipment itself

Later on it’s proved that the instruments are faulty and so they will not show any kind of radiation are in fact any kind leak, also the radiation monitors on the engineering deck are rigged in such a way to do the same thing. Some of the officershowever still believe that it could be a psychological trick plan by the enemies of the Soviet Union as repairs are carried out members of the crew begin to rush watch a long lie several minutes.

Commodore Zachary Eaton moves his boat around the North Atlantic, so he can get a preemptive strike on the Russians if they begin to try anything

A cargo plane is loaded with a deep sea submersible rescue vehicle and the load master has a few questions for the navy crew but all I can suggest is it may have something to do with the Americans finding a submarine.

In an old nuclear bunker somewhere in Russia the president of the Soviet Republic talked about how ramius was able to control the Red October and now they are about to lose it but then is informed that the red october has a second spy of and who will be able to stop Ramius.

In the White House the ambassador of the Soviet Republic it’s all about us finding the submarine that is roughly 300 miles Northeast of Norfolk it is believed to be the red october much to the dismay of the Ambassador but it is pointed out to him that because of their predecessors disposition in preventing a war the Americans have to help the Russians in recovery of the submarine.

THE TENTH DAY 12 DECEMBER – pages 227 to 250

SOSUS Control
Is the NATO submarine early warning system used as a huge tripwire to alert those countries to the movements of the Soviet ships the barrier had never been expected to help more than half the attacking subs however those successfully slipping through would have to be handled differently. The NATO mission would be to meet in the Atlantic Bridge and continue transatlantic trade and obviously the Soviet mission would be to intercept and stop this. And the submarines would not be able to exist within the bubbles created by the control and would be hunted down and killed or merely driven off the convoys at speed,  all under the watchful eye of Commander Quentin.

A B-52
A B-52 bomber is sent on a mission to find out what Russian planes have been sent into the air they use a commercial airline flight path for the Russians into thinking they are a Pan Am air plane.Using this cover the crew lock on to the Russian missile systems

The Nikolayev
125 miles away from the Kira class cruiser a radio man is examining some blips and circles his screen is covered with 20 ghostly splotches, he sounds alarm which is then echoed by the other people within his radar station.

A B-52
The Americans switch off their attack radar system.

The Nikolayev
The Russians notice the missed some acquisition radar has ceased and the jamming has stopped they also found out that there are at least 8 and Amy aircraft circling above them The Officer asks if the Americans would be able to fire the missiles the answer is no. So the officer here’s the order to illuminate them to teach the Americans a lesson that they know where they are and fire on them when called on.

Two F14 Tomcats.
Commander Robby Jackson leads a squadron of F14 Tomcat called the Black aces, the mission is to monitor the movement of the Soviet aircraft and the Soviet planes. When the Russian plane spot them and then red warning lights on the panel begin to light up.

The Kingfisher Flight
The commercial flight operator sensor signal to the Kingfisher telling them that they have to American fighter planes flying next to them.

The Two F14 Tomcats
Both pilots advanced the engine controls and engage the after burners which dump fuel into the Pipes of the new f110 engines the fight is Leap Forward and went through to mach1

The Kingfisher Flight
The pilot of the Kingfisher receives the transmission from his ground control and believes the Americans attack he jerks back his stick and triggers his for myself at the departing American Fighters.

The Two F14 Tomcats
The missile screams through the air and both Tomcat take defensive positions and countermeasures the first missiles have blown up by the countermeasures and the second of the two Tom cats manages to get free but the second one is hit in the Starboard rudder and the impact causes the fight it to completely lose control then it is a scramble to get back into American airspace.

Hummer 1
Underground the Hummer control for the tomcats tell the second one not to engage

The Two F14 Tomcats
The second tomcat is able to visualise the first Tomcat and take account of the damage is also able to tell the pilot of the damage but not able get a response it takes another hour for them to reach the Kennedy and When the first pilot is removed from the first time that it is clear that he is not only suffering from some sort of trauma but he is severely wounded as there is blood all the way down his flight suit.

Norfolk Naval Medical Center.
Captain Randall Tait meets with the Russians, Dr Ivanov is from the embassy, Captain Smirnov and Vasily Petchkin they all head down to see a Russian seaman, who was in the water for twenty hours and now in a critical condition, with a prognosis being 50/50.

Captain Tait points out that there are giving their Man the very best cat they can it’s there is any way to give him back alive we will find it. The doctor then asks if the Russian officials actually no the gentleman’s name when he was found he had no dog tags or any identifying marks.The Russians think he may be an intelligence officer and maybe you cook there are more interested in when he will be released but Dr Tait points out that he won’t be out of here in less than a month or it will be in a box. He tells them he may be a Russian but because he is in the hospital is Doctors responsibility and if they want to sit in the room with him they are more that welcome. Also they reluctantly tell him that the Seaman was on the nuclear submarine.

Norfolk Naval Shipyard
The USS Ethan Allen is coming to an end of service she had her cruise and her country for over 20 years carrying the Polaris sea launcher ballistic missiles in endless the troll’s of the sunless Seas. The latest crew was made up of members of the last operational team melli old timers looking forward to retirement and leading the kids who needed the education in the repair skills.
Admiral Gallery visits the ship and all the old crew to a man say the old girl still has Life left in her.

She be able to do it Ballery knew she do fine it was not the end he prefer for his fighting ship when it came down to.The Ethan Allen would die for a purpose a crazy person uh maybe but was far better than being cut throat blades are used as target practice.

Two hours later a truck arrives at the dock and the quartermaster with help from the ocean graphic Naval Air Station fill the Ethan Allen with for bullet shaped objects and plastic pellets set into metal straps they look like bombs. When this was done there wasn’t home Guard set so no one could come over and see what has happened to the Ethan Allen.

The Admiral, the oldtimer crew and a few new officers take the Ethan Allen out one last time without a tug or guiding surface ship.

What I think – This is the second chapter without any mention of Jack Ryan, it’s very much the background of the CIA of the public face and the private face. We’ve almost had the outbreak of World War Three because the spy Aircraft flying into a Russian Patrol zone and the Russians trying to play no information no leak game with the Americans when one of their submariners have been picked up by the Americans. 

How each side pretends to be one step ahead of the other without knowing really what’s going on and how the Americans are even keeping secrets from their own crew members with the decommissioning of the Ethan Allen. 

Personal note as you can guess from the size of this log entry the chapters are getting longer but I intend to write everything, so I see no point in trying to split each chapter into two or three parts. That would just be more confusing

So that when we come to the DVD and the audio book I can compare each equally the only thing I have left out so far with right at the beginning was with Jack Ryan was talking about hitting his own child.

As always thank you for reading and I hope you can join me next week for the next chapter.

All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October By Tom Clancy – Book – The Ninth Day

The following blog has spoiler for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision.

The Red October is heading west.
The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back
And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap the Eighth day -Jack wakes up still on the invincible Only to be told he has slept 12 hours not 6 hours and watches as the British and US Navy gather their ships together, the Russian ambassador is called into the white house and the present asks him why they are all at Sea the Russian ambassador then lies and says he will find out what it will take time.

The spy who has given this CIA the information is in trouble are no longer under its protection skip Tyler on the other hand is asked to go to the CIA and meet with Admiral Greer. After he has his computer models

Back at the White House the Russian ambassador asks for the president help in locating one of the missing submarines skip Tyler runs a few more computer models and works out that the Russians are looking for something he then goes to Admiral grey and he’s told the truth about the Red October but he has worked out an idea of how to keep it

The Politovskly an old submarine in the Russian fleet is on the hunt for the Red October but suffers from a very bad look it’s a reactor core decides to break down so they are forced to the surface there reactor then goes critical and all hands I loved as the ship since this is all witnessed by the small listening post and the US ship Pogy.


The Pentagon
Skip Tyler meets General Harris who once a long time ago saw Skip playing football so lets him call him Ed. Skip then goes on to tell the General how they are going to keep the Red October. The General asks about what to with the crew. Tyler has an answer for that to. The joint chiefs Arrived a few seconds later and Tyler goes to the whole idea again listing the ships and the equipment they will need a hour later the Joint Chiefs are getting Hall of the White House.

The Red October
In the wardroom the officers are discussing why they have not found the radiation leak they now they now believe it to be sabotaged badges themselves or the instruments they are using, So Ramius has has them test both the instruments and the badges again.

Half an hour later there are all back in the wardrobe and Melekin has proved that it is in fact the instruments that are faulty and have been sabotaged and not that but they are rigged so they will not show any kind of leek. And he wrote with spa has also done the same to the radiation monitor in the engineering deck. Exposing almost all the engineering room and the workforce within.

However some of the officers still believe that it could be all of this is psychological trick played on us by the main enemy we damage our morals. Officially Ramius tells the officers not to tell the rest of the crew but as repairs are being carried out one of the bosun’s over here’s the discussion that Melekin and Borodin are having about changing half a dozen Geiger counters and other instruments and the fact that each man is now hurrying the watch a long by several minutes.

The USS New Jersey
Commodore Zachary Eaton is is on board the USS New Jersey he has positioned in such a way that he will get first shot at any Russians trying a preemptive strike, his job if the Russians are up to some sort of fishing expedition his job will be to show that they are fishing in dangerous Waters.

Naval Air Station North Island California.
A oversizedtractor trailer creeps to miles per hour into the cargo bay of the c5a Galaxy transport of the aircraft loadmaster on it back is something called a dsvr deep submersible rescue vehicle.
The Loadmaster it’s very bemused by the piece of equipment, and asks the Navy Officers loading it what exactly it is he’s told and still doesn’t really understand but then somebody points out that the Newspapers are saying the Russians have lost the submarine so we might be going down to look for her and maybe rescue survivors and all he has to say is very interesting.

The North Atlantic
Senior Lieutenant Viktor Shavrov’s mission is a simple one to shadow the American fleet and find out what they know at the Soviet Navy did not like having periods snoopers about he would have to fly low and slow 20m roughly above the Atlantic this way he could not get lost in the sea. That is until he is spotted by three American Eagle, they asked him to break off or they will consider his mission to be a hostile act. Shavrov is not happy about it but back after and heads back to base. The American Eagle pilot makes a joke about offering the lift home to his commanding officer next time the Russians try the same trick.

The Kremlin.
In subway line under the Kremlin converted into a nuclear bunker sit Admiral Yuri Liych Padorin, Admiral Sergey Gorshkov and party General Secretary and president of united Soviet Soviet republics Andre Narmonov, they are working out and discussing what the chances are of destroying is rebellious submarine. The question becomes what’s happened to the political office about the red october and the fact that all this mess can laid at Padorin door does not help the man. But he points out that it was the system of Keeping a captain with a single shift so many years this is an operational question. Political one.

Then Gorshkov points out that there is another man above the red october online two footed or captain ramius and agent of the main political administration his name is Igor Loginov hunted mission is to blend in with his pants scripted plumen and listen to conversations to identify likely place spies and Saboteurs the only person who reports to is Moscow directly bypassing their ships political officer and the rest of its crew

There is some condemnation when it is pointed out that he is in fact the ships Cook but Gorshkov but tells them that had to cut you must travel back and forth between the offices and the crew many times a day so he has ample opportunity to gauge the state of the men.

In a dire emergency the spy will scuttle the ship, with the powerful chargers that are aboard the Red October. And the people around the table hope that the young man would carry out his actions.

The White House
Arbatov is back in the Oval Office and asks the president about hopes the president has found their submarine in fact they believe they have roughly 300 miles north east of Norfolk not exact location but someone herd a underwater explosions in the area, there are not going to be any survivors and the water is 1000 feet deep so it’s going to be very hard to work out whether it in fact is the submarine. Dr Pelt aks Arbatov what in fact the submarine was doing and of course the answer is I have no idea Arbatov can only trust that the international law will be observed with respect to the vessels remains and the crews bodies.

The president shows Arbatov a memorandum confirming this fat and as he does there is a phone call and they have won survivor of the sub well a Russian sailor any chance. It will take them two hours to get to Norfolk on the president was in treated as if he was on his own son and asks the Ambassador to stay for a drink and hope they will be able to find more survivors.

What I think – It would appear that Jack Ryan isn’t the star of The Show we’ve had a whole chapter devoted to the people that move around him and all the action that goes on around the world, from the president of the Kremlin to the president of the United States of America they all have their part to play in finding this submarine the Russians are called and the Americans are calculating the British seem to be in the middle of it all and just looking after Ryan as he sleeps I have no idea exactly what will happen next or who will appear we will just have to wait and see. Which I am rather enjoying to see what goes on not just be told this and that and the other happened whilst Jack Ryan was doing x y and z

As always thank you for reading and I hope you can join me next week for the next chapter.

All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October By Tom Clancy – Book – The Eighth Day

The following blog has spoilers for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision.

The Red October is heading west.
The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back
And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap the Seventh day -Jack and Admiral Davenport meet Admiral centre on the USS Kennedy and Jack kalson that somehow they need to stop and locate the Red October,

Jonesy the submarine sonar man on the Dallas has worked out the sound he heard a few days before is not only man-made but it’s moving around the Ocean Floor he then asked his captain for permission to ask the fleet if they can go and find it.

Jack is then flown by harrier Jump Jet to the British ship and they’re also asks the British the same help in finding and locating and hopefully stopping the red october before the Russians can.

On the red october the doctor sees the radiation badges are showing low level walks around the ship which have him very concerned he then asked for permission from the captain to take action.But in truth the badgers have been tampered with by Ramius second in command using the x-ray machine.

Back in the Pentagon the British and us ships are moved around the world by two feuding Admirals.

Deep within the bowels of the engine room of the red october a radiation leak test is carried out by members of the crew who are becoming very very uneasy about the idea of a radiation  but the crew finds nothing so the captain decides to do the test again.


HMS Invincible.
Jack wakes up and makes himself presentable believing he is being sleep for 6 hours but when Admiral white comes into the room he is informed that he has been asleep for 18 hours and the sun in the sky he believed was setting was in fact Rising the Invincible rendezvous with two Knox class frigates in two hours to have already been on their radar they will also be joined by two more Perry class vessels a total of nine warships the Kennedy is racing for the exhaust so that leaves the invisible guarding the American coast in Simple Words the mission is well underway.

The White House.
Ambassador Alexei Arbatov goes to the White House and the president asked him why the Soviet Navy are in the North Atlantic the Ambassador try to say he has no idea but the president calls him a liar and if if it should happen they should have given prior notification again the Ambassador says he has no knowledge of this and they may be more games which is a lie the president says he will reply the American ships and aircraft to observe what is going on the Ambassador will transmit a message and tell his superiors what the president has said what but with the different time zones the president will have to wait for a reply when the Ambassador leaves the president comment that it’s like dealing with the mafia bosses he was prosecuted.

The spy codename CARDINAL is in trouble he has been sent to hospital with pneumonia but the information that he has been sending has not gone though the proper channels and the Russians are on to him judge Moore tells the station chief to lay off and no more enquiries as it is time that the CARDINAL to leave the company.

The U.S.Naval Academy
Skip Tyler gets a message from the Admiral for an appointment at the Pentagon for 19:30 hours that evening.

The White House
The Russian ambassador goes back to the white house and tells the president what are there submarines is now missing the president then tells the Ambassador he hoped they can help improve relations with their two countries by offering assistance of the US Navy in search of the missing some playing on the fact that the US owe the Russians a debt after helping them in a similar crisis. But the Russian ambassador is very reluctant to take Help from The Americans.

The Pentagon
Skip Tyler was sat at the Air Force control centre in the sub basement of the Pentagon he was proud of his programmability and what would have taken some people and months work he had done in 4 days. On a trip to the bathroom for a much needed rest skip learns from an old friend captain Johnny Coleman that the Russians have put a major exercise using the whole northern Sea Fleet.
So he goes back to the computer and with the print outs he makes a phone call he dead heads up a small ramp and eventually fancies where to Vice Admiral Dodge’s corner office and questions his former boss on the movements of the Russian subs so the Admiral take SIM into a second room showing the movement of both the Soviet ships in red and the American allied ships in blue. Skip notices the movements of the Russian submarine do not work as a search and rescue because they are blocking a couple of the ports he can’t tell Dodge exactly so he then tried to ring Dr Ryan but obviously no one knows where Ryan is so then he rings Admiral Greer who then asked him to come to the CIA headquarters

Tyler makes into Admiral Greer’s office and asked where Jack is only to be told that he’s away he lock unlock his briefcase and gives grey the information but grey what’s the short version not reams and reams of paper. Showing the computer model he’s been working on.
Admiral Greer then let Tyler ask a few questions. The name of the ship and if she’s at sea then Tyler explains he thinks the red october is going to defect so great else in the truth yes the Russian submarine Red October he’s going to defect but they have no way yet and being able to track her he also tells Tyler that at some point they must give the submarine back but Tyler has a solution that may let them keep the Red October.

The USS Pogy
The USS poguy was 200 miles northwest of Norfolk awaiting the arrival of two Soviet class Alfa submarines the assign mission was to track and Shadow.

The ES Politovskiy
The Politovskiy acoustical signature had been labelled alpha 3 by the Americans although she was really the first alpha a small spindle shaped attack submarine which was capable of reaching 43 knots but her sea trials have come at a cost of several mishaps so ever since that ship has been marked as a bad luck.
And now they are suffering from bad luck as there is a catastrophic loss of coolant in the reactor which forces them to the surface just in front of the US listening posts.

The USS Pogy
On the Pogy here the Politovskiy break the surface of the water.

The ES Politovskiy
On surface the reactor of the Politovskiy still critical begins to rip through spicy texts and finally Falls back below the water sinking to the bottom of the sea.

The Pogy
The men of the American sub a helpless to help their Russian counterparts.

The ES Politovskiy
It takes a full 9 minutes for the Russian sub to fall the Ocean Floor she impact savagely on the hard bottom of the continental shelf and there aircrew ass bed the slow death of asphyxiation.

What I think – It’s a very interesting story line so far it’s not just the normal spy story of one man against the world or one man against whoever this chapter has been all about what goes on in the background. Tyler example of still going through simulation and being told what has happened, and then the Russians and then the unfortunate accidents on the Russian submarine and the Americans been unable to help.

If you have been thank you for reading and as always see you next week for the next chapter.

All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October By Tom Clancy – Book – The Seventh Day

The following blog has spoilers for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision.

The Red October is heading west.
The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back
And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap The Sixth Day -Jack Ryan and Greer are given information by the CIA director himself about a spy they have working in the Soviet shipyards.

On the Red October Ramius thinks may be sending the letter could have been a mistake but Quickly changes his mind, as it Prevents second thoughts.

Jack, Greer and the  CIA director go to the white house and Ryan has to breathe the president all about Red October and it’s new engine then the facts about Ramius and his defection and about want action if any they should take plan they come up with is that someone should try and find the Red October with thw help of the British and that someone should be Jack


The North Atlantic
Jack is well on his way in one of the bucket seats of Grumman Greyhound ot COD flying through a storm at 5000 feet, Jack hates it but the two pilots were enjoying it, Jack dislikes flying. He his head he Thinks about his previous life as a marine second lieutenant and it only 3 months earlier when you put two helicopter classed on Crete during NATO exercises nearly crippling him for life.

The land but ohly just on the deck of the Kennedy, Jack makes a bolt for the Kennedy’s control tower but that has to wait for Admiral Davenport who just like pilots enjoyed the trip.The whole Kennedy is a mass of steel gun metal grey boxes on top of boxes, Which has Ryan totally confused but not the admiral who leads them to the flag officer quarters.

The Admiral introduces Ryan to add rear Admiral Joshua Painter Ryan and then apologises for dressing as a naval officer because it was a CIA idea and then after Painter calls for food Ryan tells them everything. Painter is not to happy and even less so when Davenport says he would the Kennedy to Locate the Red October and somehow make communication contact with is skipper.

And now somehow keep the thing, Jack is on his way again this time on a Harrier Jump Jet.

The Dallas
The soanar man Jones has been working aways on the unknown contact they made a few days ago and he thinks he knows what it could be so him and his senior officer go talk to Captain Mancuso, Jones has been working on his down time with his own charts, and tapes he’s made the sound is man made not only that but The same acoustical signature as a Russian submarine..

Mancuso lets Jones talk and it all makes Makes sense so Mancuso decides that they will track this Russian submarine and he contacts Norfolk come on base to tell him of what they have found out.

Atlantic Fleet Communications
In Norfolk they get the message the Dallas is requesting to Leave the area of Patrol and investigate the unusual sounding characteristics of the submarine. They are given leave and they set off.

The K. V. Konovalov
200 miles Northeast of the Dallas in the Norwegian sea on the Konovalov Captain Tupolev has tow day old dispatch telling him of Ramius actions, He knows he will have kill Ramius no matter that he was family.

The North Atlantic 
The British Sea Harrier FRS 4 hovered briefly off Kennedy’s port saide as the pilot sized up at landing target. A few minutes later its down and  Tony Parker is helping Ryan into the spare seat. In less that a minute they are back in the air. All the time Ryan is watching the read outs which helps.

They both talk a bit and it turns out they know each other but Ryan says not to tell anyone. They land and Ryan is taken to see Vice Admiral John White, Yet again Ryan the Vice Admiral the mission which is to Locate the Red October And for the British help and assistance they will get access to the same intelligence the Americans have on the ship if and when they are able to stop and locate it.

The Red October
Every two days all the radiation badges of all the crew are checked by Borodin and handed over to Doctor Petrov, he had the whole action down to a science. But today something has gone wrong something very wrong a few of the badgers are contaminated but not by anything in the ship. But in fact two days before they sailed borodin himself contaminated the badges using the doctors own x-ray machine. The doctor calls Ramius Borodin and they go through the motions of finding a leak and reassuring the doctor.

The Pentagon
Deep within one of the officers of the Pentagon lieutenant general Edwin Harris is playing Peacemaker between Admiral Blackburn and Rear Admiral Pete Stafford as all three of them tried to work out the movement of Soviet British and American fleets.

The Red October
Chief engineer Melekhin cleaned the reactor components before the starting to check for the leak watched by Ramius, Petrov, the engineering officer and one of the young the tenants three of the officers are carrying Geiger counters. All the readings are in the normal range but the chief engineer makes them do it again from the beginning.An hour later that second check has been completed. still nothing Just the contaminated badges.

What I think – Well its haavy going there is a lot to take in and lot you can miss if your not careful, The whole Jones checking the acoustical signature was simple and easy to follow but then you get bogged down by the background on the harrier pilot and the fact that he knows Ryan and there is whole bit about shooting trip. So how each person works out want and why the people around are doing something.

If you have been thank you for reading and as always see you next week for the next chapter.

All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October By Tom Clancy – Book – The Sixth Day

The following blog has Spoilers for the Tom Clanitsbook The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision.

The Red October is heading west.
The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back
And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap The Fifth Day – In Moscow Admiral Yuri Ihch Padorin get the letter from the Red October which sets all of Ramis plans, So Padorin calls Admiral Govshkow.

The Dallas after the war games with the british, is now reporting the traffic moving in and out of Red Route One, Jones the sonar tec hears something he knows is not right he tells both the first officer and the captian, it sounds like ‘water being pushed though a pipe’ they tell him to run it though the computer which tells him the sound its just magama displacemet.

Back in the CIA Greer and Ryan now have information the Russians now have all their ships/subs at they have no idea why but know is not a sea trairs. Rayn now has to stay a extra day trying to work out why.


CIA Headquarters
Ryan and Greer are in the officer of the director of Central Intelligence Arthur Moore, They each have a copy of the WILLOW docment from an angent called CARDINAL is Jack is not to sure about (what this infromation is we are never told we just get the history of CARDINAL.

Reykjanes Ridge
As the Red October head southwest Ramius thinks about his crew perhaps the letter has been a mistake, No it prevented second thoughts

The White House
Judge Moore takes Jack to the White House and the Situation Room a hand of people Jack has talked with before,everyone tells Jack not be nervous and to relax and the president walks in the door everyone stands.

And then they turn to Jack his briefing is about the recent Soviet navel activity in the North Atlantic sea.

Ryan then goes on to give them detailed specifications and the history of the Red October and her captain then telling about seeking a second opinion on the bow doors from Mr Oliver W. Tyler and now thanks to extra intelligence they know that Ramius has sent a letter and that as the whole Soviet Navy move out.

In simple words the Russians are trying to locate Red October and if necessary to sink her, So what happens when they reach our coast is the question. Ryan believes that Ramius wants to defect. It not about a Preemptive strike on anybody because around me is could have released his missiles five days ago a still hit 

The question now becomes why and is just him or the whole 110 men, so after a lot of back and forth its worked that its just the officers how many who knows but the rest of the crew wouldn’t know and just be following along.

So what do we do The president asks Ryan his simple answer is we grab her, and is back up the judge Whether the whole thing is some kind of elaborate hoax by the soviets or it is true ramius is trying to defect action must be taken.

it comes down to action they can take they will want the sub back her people to, they could call it a quarantine inspection, check her for seaworthiness, but they are getting a head of thereselves frist they need to find her and for that they need help.

The British have a carrier out there to help, Admiral Greer will go to England and ask nicely as for telling their people they needed to be told just in case. And some needs to talk to the Soviets once they get into open water.

The meeting ends and Ryan is about to leave when Moore ask him to step to one side the President wants Jack to fly out to the British carrier so he can be a civilian point of view. Ryan is not happy about put as the President points out Jack knows the history of the thing.

Moore and Jack head back to CIA,Jack is given naval Commander uniform as cover with all the usual ribbons, the whole thing is given the codename, MANDOLIN Jack thinks Halloween would be better.

What I Think – And we’re off Jack on his way to sea and the CIA are asking for help from the british, nice and simple what I didn’t need was the whole history and life story of the spy the CIA had in Russia, and then only finding out about the information four or five pages later. I had read to same page three times just to make sure I hadn’t miss something. We know Ramuis Motivation and we don’t need him second guessing himself for two pages.

If you have been thank you for reading and as always see you next week for the next chapter.

All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October By Tom Clancy – Book – The Fifth Day

The following blog has spoilers, for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision.

The Red October is heading west.
The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back
And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap The Fourth Day – Jack Ryan has some photographs of the Red October from British Intelligence who are willing to share them only if they can have a new toy the CIA have developed themselves, The deal is struck and three other CIA Offices,  Are shown the photographs including Jack immediate superior James Greer.

Although the men can come up with solutions for the doors on the Red October shown in pictures, None of them really give a definitive answer so Jack wants to take the pictures to show a fellow they all know called Skip Tyler. 

Skip Tyler Saved the doors could represent the inlet and outlet pipes of a new prive system for the submarine, But he will have to work on computer models to find out. So Jack tells him that there is twenty thousand dollars If he can find infinity of proof.

At one of the many naval research And listening posts the US have They pick up the track Of the Russian submarines heading the wrong way Away from thea signed WarGames Maneuvers.


Admiral Yuri llych Padorin chief political officer of the Soviet Navy turn up for work, he’s given tea anc his mail for the day. Near the bottom of the pile was anOfficial looking envelope from the northern fleet the card number in the upper left corner shown came from the Red October.

Ramis letter starts with a small joke calling Padorin uncle, but half way thought Padorin knows something is worng very worng, so he reads the whole thing again, his hands start to shake so picks up the direct line to Admiral Gorshkov.

The USS Dallas
Fresh from there NATO war games (NIFIY DOLPHIN) the Dallas is now reporting on the traffic in and out of Red Route one, with Sonarman Second Class Ronald Jones on the soner table. 

As they move around the route Jones picks up something and tells Lieutenant Thompson its not screw sounds, not whales or fish. More like water going through a pipe. They put the sound though a new computer system, that could Identify ships by name from the individual acoustic signatures much as one could identify fingerprints of a human. But the system thinks the sound is just magma displacemet.

But Jones know the system can be wrong so sets about making sure, because the frequency is all wrong. And so with blessing of the Captain works to find out, but then outside ‘someone stomps on the gas’  A Victor class sub doing thirty knots.

The a second sub this one a Charile, they track them both moving forward trying to work out wants really going on now there is a Alfa Captain Mancuso gives the order opening the distant for the sonar convergence zone. Moancuso and his crew are ready, whatever the game might be.

CIA Headquarters.
4:45 in the moring when Greer calls Ryan back in, there is telex from the NSA and the Dallas ever sub/ship the Russians have is now at sea . Ryan wants to know if its the army too, but no just the fleet subs.

Greer calls Vice Admiral Davenport who like Ryan is not so happy but Greer we have work out want they are up heading into the North Atlantic, it could just be a drill left over from Crimson Storm war games, 

Rayn and Greer eat soon Davenport rings back yes everything is out but no sign of the Red October. Could they have lost a sub maybe or maybe not. In the photos they now it shows only the new subs heading out. Greer wants Ryan to stay a extra day now.

What I think- It’s a very detailed book so far, We have back stories for almost every character and every character has a reason for acting in a certain way, this means that is lot it get though even if just finding out infromation, we are give the full step and sequence this takes. At few points I have had re-read the odd line or two. But I am enjoying it so far. Although this chapter has been very US heavry.

All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October By Tom Clancy – Book – The Fourth Day

The following blog has spoilers, for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision.
The Red October is heading west.
The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back

And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap Third Day- We go back into Marko Ramius childhood, as he grows up being told the difference between Good and Evil by his maternal grandmother, She reads him Bible Stories eventually being baptised in the Roman Catholic faith. And on the other hand his father telling him to be good party member. 

But finding both worlds a lie he ends up find some pace at sea joining the Soviet Navy working his way though the ranks yet the only real pace came marrying Natalia, until A drunk surgeon boches a simple standard operation and kills her. Ramius is left a broken man and the state will be made to pay.


CIA Headquarters 

Jack Ryan is now back the US, now in the CIA headquaters and heading to the office of the Deputy director of intelligence, 

Vice Admiral James Greer a man who at sixty-six has spent the best part of his life working with and for the Navy endding up as a three star flag, officer. After give Jack coffe and a pastry they get down to work, Jack has photos of the new Soviet Sub Red October from the british who are will trade for a finished gadget by a man named Barry Somers. Which Jack knows a lot about 

Greer calls a second Admiral in fact Rear Admiral Charles Davenport director of naval  intelligence, and Captain Casimir the four or them pour over the photos Jack, but Greer nor Rayn tell Davenport want the British want. 

In the photos the Red October has two doors at the bow and stren, the british think they are launch tubes, but Davenport thinks sonar array but Ryan’s not sure one door but not two. Even with a total of ninety years experience in the room and not one of them can get want the doors could. Ryan wants to run the photos by Skip Tyler and man that Casimir knows.

As he’s about to walk out the door to take Tyler the photos Davenport tell Ryan that the October has alredy in the sea, and the skipper is Marko Ramius, Rayn has only hear second hand stuff but knows he’s good.

The U.S. Naval Academy 

Skip Tyler who looks like Oliver Wendell, and fours ago lost his leg in car crash takes a look at the photos Ryan has, Tyler sees its a Typhoon class within seconds and when asked about the doors, they are part of a propulsion system called the tunnel drive.

Simply put its a modified mill wheel, you suck two impellers in the water, suck water in the bow and the impellers eject the water out the stern. The navy dropped it because of effciency and the space to house the motor. But they did fix the cavitation sound.

Tyler needs some computer time to work out the new 3D models, Tyler thinks all this will take a week Ryan give him four days and twenty thousand dollars if he can work out all the numbers.

CIA Headquarters

Ryan makes it back to the CIA by eight that evening and tells Greer want Tyler told him and the cost of the information, going the right channles would in the long run have cost more and for a lot less information Greer hopes it going to help. 

SOSUS Control

Inside The Sonar Surveillance System Senior chief oceanographer technician Deke Franklin, is working at his console, when gets data from a set of sensors off the coast of Iceland he hears a pair of Alfas, a Charlie a Tango (kinds of subs) and a few surface ships, all looking for the typhoon that was ment to have sailed the other day. But they are haeding west and not northeast.

He also hears the Dallas real faint but he tell the skipper when he can, and is told just to log everything.

What I Think – Day four and British what a new toy and the Americans are trying to find out about the new boat at sea, Ryan is on a mission with a little help both the british have a bit of informtion and is calling in friend to help with the rest, he cuts a few corners to get the whole story on the sub/boat.

There is a lot about the iner works of both the CIA and MI5 here which goes on a little to long but, like I side before Mr Clancy is a man for the details right down to the colour and size of shoes people are wearing. Which is ok if your in the mind set to read about it.

All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October By Tom Clancy – Book – The Third Day

The following blog has spoilers, for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision. The Red October is heading west. 

The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back
And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap Second Day- Captain Marko ramius has read out orders For the Red Octobers training exercises but one of the crew don’t think they are correct. On the USS Bremerton there hear the Russian sub three days late and then wait as it shuts off it engines Somewhere back in Russia there is an envelope that is failed to be delivered on time.In England, Jack Ryan sits at his computer working on the authorized biography of Fleet Admiral William Halsey a task he’s had for the last three years. And at the real rendezvous point for the Russian games the soviets sit and wait for ramius


The Red October – Their course was now two-five-zero on the west edge of the Barents Sea, Ramius hands over the watch a Lieutenant Ivanov who fresh and green, Ramius wants to test all his men so gives men chance to prove themself.

He and the other Senior officers head to their weekly political disscussion, Ramius then gets the doctor to watch two more new Lieutenants in the engineering section,  at the meeting with the demise of the zampolit Ramius is now in full control.

Each officer in this room was is a member of his conspiracy- so far there have been some minor changes which he’s not told anyone. Then he tells them about the letter, so there is no going back.

The planning had started with the death of his Natalia, the rage he had almost unknowing supperessed throughout his life. 

(We go back in time to Ramius childhood) – His father and how he ruled the Lithuanian Party Central Committee but how his Grandmother Hilda told him nighttime stories from the Bilble, even managed to have him baptized a Roman Catholic. But soon he works out that the Marxism-Leninism was jealous god, tolerating no competing loyalties, but he grows up a good boy and a good party member.

Until he’s eight years old a finds an old fisherman Sasha, who spends hours telling him tales of the sea and also the freedom of the sea, at thirteen Marko wants become a man of the sea. He works hard a falls in love not with the boats but the subs. Ramis is out standing in his own field.

And by has his own command and married to Natalia Bogdanova his career had been one uninterrupted story of achievement, for all the world to see a good party man.’

Then Natalia died and the hand of drunk surgeon- the State had robbed him of more that his wife, it had robbed him of a means to assuage his grief with prayer, it had robbed him of the hope – if only an illusion – of ever seeing her again.

Ramis could not have the doctor punished he was the son of a party chieftain so the state would be made to pay.

(Back at the table) All the men around him hi hand pick each with their own Reasons for leaving Mother Russia.

What I think – We are three days into this book and so far so good. But the only thing I would have done would have put all Ramis backstory as day one or even made it a extra start will the death frist then have on the sub.

Bookends – Bookreview- Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum – Chapter SeventyNine to Chapter EightyOne

The follow blog will have Spoilers and a plot outline for the book Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum leave now if don’t want to know what has been go on.

The Book so far- Harry is witness to yet another killing this time it Rocco who is killes at the hands of Charles Villers, the Villers then use Harry to help get rid of Rocco’s body,  Harry uses  this a change to get away, but things don’t go to plan and Charles ends up dead shot by Rhonda who goes totally off her head. 

Harry try’s his best to get away but ends almsot drowning in the river this time in a car, he wakes up to find himself in a hosptial bed, recoving from a gun shot. Slowly the world comes back to him and frist his mother and father come to see him are tell him they are here to take him home.

The second person to apper is Lizzie boss you tell Harry that Lizzie may or not be still alive and as far the police on both sides of the pond are concerned the case is over three people are dead, their no links to the anyone, anymore now the Villers are out of the picutre and the bag man is dead. Case Closed end of the line and no-one wins.

Chaptet SeventyNine- Five months later in a big empty room a world away from New York and London Max now calling himslelf Fernando Perez and Lizzie are talk Max is sick of doing nothing, Whatever is going to happen Lizzie want it run within the law this time.

Furella wrote them a said the FED’s took a look around Mazaras but drew a blank and Sal is doing good to. Under the Lizzie Perez they buy the big empty space and Lizzie call Max her husband, which after she explans it to him Max is happy with.

And then she tells him who she really is that she was a cop working with a cybercrime unit the whole thing and that she know they will think she now dead, and how she used Harry. Max doesn’t care in the end he knew something wasn’t right but now he free ans they are together so that’s that.

Chapter Eighty- Fiona Allinson is alone her mother advised her to file for a divorce, her father missing persons report, the childen think they father will come some day but when is the question and Fiona moves on.

Chapter EightyOne – Harry get back to New York and puts not only his flat back together but his life, the half million in cash is still were he put but to spend one note would a disaster until one frosty morning a note comes though the door 

Lizzie tells him her and Max are happy and the spend the money, he takes a cab ride out to Mazaras and finds all change on the outside and inside to, he’s accpted as one of the guys by Benny and Cora.

They are the last two everyone scattered like pigeons the place is now Cora’s in name and in fact, Max had is all work out from the start Harry setup the Villiers but Rocco got killed and he just took the money. Harry tells Cora Lizzie is a cop and in the end is the survival of the smartest not the fittest so who knows.

Harry gets a call for a new role at frist he says no then after a few minues call back call back a said sure why not.

End Of The Book the End of Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum.

What I think – And there is was done, Mr David McCallum’s frist novel and for want it was I enjoyed it, good old fashioned caper story, which would make a good moive for a very smart audience willing to see the first guy they meet disappear halfway through the book only then to return and be shot.

And then a second guy come along, a middle age actor, whos switchs roles from James Bond to John McClane and back again in blink on an eye

Mr McCallum can write, yes he really he can, but there are three things that don’t work, his writting from memory so some of his British references sound like a 50s and 60s Black and white film and his leading lady spend a little to much time sleeping her way out of trouble, and one part which was not only pointless but morally wrong on so many levels.

And lastly his day job is leaking though a few pages I have the feeling that he may have ask one of the NCIS writers to give the proof book a quick red pen work.

If you want a good book to read on and off at bedtime or on winters day afternoon sure I encourage you to seek out this book, It good caper story and like all good books it enjoyable so all power to Mr McCallum and when NCIS is over he should write some more.