Bookends – Bookreview- 11.22.63 by Stephen King – Citizen of the Century (2012)

The following blog has spoilers for the Stephen King book 11.22.6 this is your one and only warning.


The day that chnged the world. 

What if you could change it back ?
On November 22, 1963, Three shots rang out in Dallas,
President Kennedy died,and the world changed.
If you had the chance to change history, would you?

Would the consequesnces be worth it?

The Book so far – Jake ran away back to the motel room and wrote page after page of the whole adventure he’s had but knows in the end no matter want he tries time will try and stop so he buries the pages and goes back to the time hole and Zack

And now the Conclusion

  1. Jake is now back in 2011 packs his car and all he has in the world and ends out Lisbon on the way he checks the Morning Star newspaper for Sadie but he can’t find anything in 1963  but for April 30
  2. 77 year old saves Sadie Dunhill from ex husband in just same way they he the first time
  3. Jake crys himself to sleep
  4. So he walks away from the internet 
  5. But now in April of 2012 when Erin Tolliver moves from Kileen Texas and has The Weekly Gazette
  6. So he looks it up on line and finds Jodie picks Citizen of the Century and its a eighty year old Sadie So off Jake goes
  7. Jodie has changed a little bit different shops but Sadie is still there having served as it mayor and in the state legislature she know by everyone and she knows them
  8. After the speakers and the dancing Jake gets his change to talk to her and calls himself George once again. Sadie looks at him she knows him but from were she not sure and then he asks her who was the chaperone at the Sadie Hawkins dance. The song around then changes to Glenn Miller’s in the Mood and they dance and she asks Jake/George who he really is.

What I think – So that’s the end of the story that’s the end of the book Jake goes back to Jodie and tries to convince a very old lady that he knows everything about her. In the end I knew they would have been together Sadie lived the almost same life she once did with Jake. It does leave a question in my head well to questions really did Jake Accelerate things by being there in the first place she still got slashed with the razor by her ex-husband only it happened later on and The depression and The Failed suicide attempt who was there to rescue her this time around.

But those are questions that will never be answered they don’t really need to be we have our happy ending of a kind two people have their happiness. And that all you can really ask of a book my Stephen King the people die the first time around still die but its no one fault just time.

Did I enjoy this book yes, yes I did would I read it again maybe and if they made it into a movie or TV show would I watch it no I don’t think so the endding here leaves to may unanswered questions and I don’t think people want to see an old woman as the Heroine of the peace. So they would change the ending and have Jake live in the 1950s so fundamentally then changing the whole reason he can’t stay 

The last few pages of the book has taken up by something called afterwards which is Mr Kings way of showing us the technical detail that went into creating this book I will not write about it because it does take you out of the world somewhat

This is normally the part of the blog where I say see you next week but this the last entry for 11.22.63 I do hope you have enjoyed the witness taking each chapter and the previous one analysing it a little bit and giving you a really bad bones version the book in the hopes that you will seek it out yourself as it would be completely unfair of me to word for word transcribe the work of Mr Stephen King and others.

In two weeks time I will be returning with another book but this time we are going to change the format ever so slightly it’s not going to be a straight out stand-alone story they’re going to be what are called tie in books, They will tie into a television show, This first one will be a book from a man who doesn’t really exist and hopefully you will join me for that.

And if you don’t that’s fine I hope you like what you read and you enjoyed the journey I took you on, but do come back you’re more than welcome. But for now whoever you are and whoever you be. Thank you sharing your time with me.


Narrowboat Ezri- So What Are We Going To Now.

First off sorry for not having something out last week but over the holidays I very unwell and work also played its part.

And to be totally truthful I don’t really have anything set in stone, Towards the end of last year a few things happened on the way back to our winter/home mooring which means Ezri needs a mimi rebuild and later in September we will have her BSS Boat safety scheme certificate, so I thought it maybe a good time to lift her out water and have Ezri re blacked which is going to be a adventure in its self.

That’s not to say Ezri is going sit and do nothing until September, I still a new lighting reel to add and a few other things like a multi coloured bathroom floor plus I do want to head back towards Manchester in the summer then maybe to the Huddersfield narrow canal or a trip down back to Bosley locks now and again.

Its a odd feeling Ezri is my home but when you start talking about this like pulling her out of the water and BSS certification it does make me feel a bit uneasy, that she becomes just steal and glass once again. 

If you want to look back at the hundred miles adventure, from last year you can start here with the photos I took

and if want to watch few of the videos over on YouTube they can be found here

I do hope that when I have worked out a new plan that you will join us for our new adventures, and for now thank you for reading and see all soon.

Bookends – Bookreview- 11.22.63 by Stephen King – Final Notes 

The following blog has  spoilers for the Stephen King book 11.22.6 this is your one and only warning.


The day that chnged the world. 

What if you could change it back ?
On November 22, 1963, Three shots rang out in Dallas,
President Kennedy died,and the world changed.
If you had the chance to change history, would you?

Would the consequesnces be worth it?

The Book so far – Jake has been to the 2011 to the future of a living JFK and the North Vietnam had a bomb drop on it and lot of earthquakes and race riots, but he comes back and before Zack can send him back to the unchanged 2011 Jake runs away.

And now the continuation (It written as diary entrys)

Jake is hold up in the motel using the money the FBI gave him wirting filling note pads I knows he can’t save Kennedy, Harry or the girl from the starry shooter but can he have Sadie or will cost to much 

Still living in the motel Jake try to think, but want if he just stopped Clayton, So he starts to write to Deke Simmons but no that’s not going to he has to go back even though he’s a man out of time and in love

What I think – I guess will all the hate, violence and death we needed this chapter Jake sitting down taking stock of want to do next, raging and railing against time or whatever. Finally accepting you cannot change time he literally buried the whole adventure and walks back to 2011

I know is a short blog post for this week but it was a small section, but That’s your lot for is week So as always thank you for reading and I hope you can join me for the next few pages and until then bye for now and see you next week.

Bookends – Bookreview- 11.22.63 by Stephen King – Part Six – The Green Card Man- Chapter ThirtyOne

nthe following blog has  spoilers for the Stephen King book 11.22.6 this is your one and only warning.


The day that chnged the world. 

What if you could change it back ?
On November 22, 1963, Three shots rang out in Dallas,
President Kennedy died,and the world changed.
If you had the chance to change history, would you?

Would the consequesnces be worth it?

The Book so far – Jake makes it back to time hole to Be greeted by a person calling himself Zack Lang he and the yellow card man are watches who feel the changes in the time lines, He tells Jake to go see for himself the mess that now is the future and to come back so things can reset.

Jake finds the world a war zone, but also Harry in a wheelchair

And now the Continuation

  1. Harry takes Jack to him home, and has no idea who Jake is
  2. The earth is taring itself apart there Earthquakes are most daily and a nuclear reactor and a bombs have been falling the past number of years But Kennedy lived and won re-election
  3. There has been no war in North Vietnam and no civil rights act just race riots and the North over running the south, Kennedy is voted out and George Wallace is President and drops an a bomb on Saigon. Jake starts to lose the thread a little but it becomes clear the world is at war 
  4. Jake looks at Harry’s family and talk a little then Harry asks did he kill his father and Jake says no
  5. Jake takes his leave of Harry and heads back though the time hole
  6. Once on the other side Jake see Zack who starting to become the yellow card man, Zack tells Jake to go back to the real 2011 but Jake running in the other direction as fast as he can

What I Think – So there we have it, the world went to hell not only just to the people who live in it, but the world itself filled with earthquakes plus the atomic have been dropped once again, We don’t get to see or hear from Al one last time which is a little bit of a shame because I would have been nice to see how his life worked out and he was the whole reason for Jake to take over.

We do get a little about Harry and his family, he ever asks Jake out right if he kiled his father but Jake says no yet with the way they have been talking it becomes clear he had something to do with.

Jake reaction when Zack asks him to reset the wold is I guess want would happen in the real word just run away, Knowing Sadie is once again living and can be saved Zack is no shape to chase him down, I have no idea want Jake will do next knowing that wantever he changes little or big will dange the world and maybe Zack will come after him

And quick scan of the rest of the book tells me there are three sections left but they not numbered chapters how they fit into the story I am not sure. And so that’s your lot for is week as always thank you for reading and I hope you can join me for those pages and until then bye for now and see you next week.

Bookends – Bookreview- 11.22.63 by Stephen King – Part Six – The Green Card Man- Chapter Thirty

The following blog has spoilers for the Stephen King book 11.22.6 this is your one and only warning.


The day that chnged the world. 

What if you could change it back ?
On November 22, 1963, Three shots rang out in Dallas,
President Kennedy died,and the world changed.
If you had the chance to change history, would you?

Would the consequesnces be worth it?

The Book so far – Jake is now living in a world were JFK lives and doesn’t want to play the hero much to the delight of the FBI so after talking things though to he’s FBI handler they come to a mutually agreed plan George/Jake will disappear and go and live life quietly somewhere else. Jake is given the means to walk away and takes it, On the way he hears on the radio that Sadie is to be given a Estate Heroes funeral and be buried in Arlington Cemetery with a guard of honour.

And now the continuation.

  1. Jake makes to Maine and buys himself a coat after seeing his photo in the newspaper
  2. He gets the same room in the same motel, and sleeps in the morning he calls a taxi and thinks about going home but home is not 2011 its Jodie or it will be soon
  3. Getting in the taxi the driver tells him about a earthquake in which JFK has been killed in time making sure Kennedy is dead
  4. Paying for the taxi with FBI money Jake heads over to the time hole only to find a young man with the same kind of fedora as the yellow card man only this time the card is green.
  5. The man and the one who came before are watches people who keep an eye out for time holes But Al made the last one go mad with all the buying of food, The trips hurt the watcher and the end up killing themselves not only that time has its ways and if Jake doesn’t come back after seeing the new future the whole of Reality will end
  6. Jake walks through the hole leaving 1963 
  7. Something is very wrong, the world is a war zone the building that once stood are long gone replaced by shell covered in Graffiti, groups of lad are running wild and Jake/George is some what scared and after saving a guy in wheelchair bumps into Harry

    What I Think – Well we have our answers, some of them, time is something you can’t mess with or not only will it try and kill you it will kill everyone on the earth. And we have people called watches who be first people to feel the changes first.

    It wasn’t totally expected that the world Jake sees when he goes back though the time hole would be bad, its just a question of how bad it will become. And if we will see anymore of Al I do feel as though the watcher Zack has been ticked on Ok he tries to explain that Jake has to come back but already know he wants to and needs to if he’s any hope of saving Sadie. And the thing with card could have been done another way.

    That’s your lot for is week So as always thank you for reading and I hope you can join me for the next chapter and until then bye for now and see you next week.

    Narrowboat Ezri- The 100 Miles Adventure -The Voyage ‘Home’ 

    Unlike the other story I know, this one doesn’t have any humpback whales, clocked starship or swing around the sun time travel, but what it does have is four swing bridges, low laying fog and one almost fall. But really in all  seriousness, Ezri is once again back at her home mooring and in a few weeks time I will start to draw up a list of jobs and projects that will need doing before we can set out once again.

    But I am getting ahead of myself, I left you as Ezri was moored on just a little way onto the Peak Forest canal, and it had taken quite a bit braking ice to get there. So retruning after a days work it was time to set off again but evne when with Ezri’s engine kicking in a the first time at asking we only got about 200 yards thanks to the now re frozen ice being 4 inches thick, she was going nowhere.

    The ice melted after the rain around 48 hours laters thanks to the rain and we tried again, now the new way we have been working is that Dad helps me start Ezri and then heads off to the end point and Me and Ezri in simple words try the catch him up, as he walks back down towards us, Now so far that’s been easy but today we had four swing bridges to deal with.

    Double checking I had the right things to open and shut the bridges was the easy part, the not so easy is to single handed do the bridges, the way I did it was to moor on the left with the red center rope check what tool was needed return to Ezri and using the huge front rope I walked her to the right hand side of the canal and tired her off on the small tie point I know there was another way to do this but Ezri’s center rope doesn’t reach, after opening the bridge I pulled Ezri’s though slowly then closing it I jumped back on Ezri and off we go.

    I use this way twice because the middle bridge is powered and on the left handside is control panel, and for the last bridge I was able catch up with Dad so he was able to do it for me, The trip was much slower than it was, as their was very low laying fog ahead which meant I couldn’t see very far which did make it hard to see not only the towpath but the moored boats but being slow didn’t cause any trouble.

    And once Ezri was in her ‘home’ mooring it marked the end of the 100 adventure for this year, a year which saw Me and Dad travel the full length of the Macclesfield canal, about 5% of the Trent and Mersey run up and down on the Anderton Boat Lift. Then back again meeting lot of amazing people along the way. 

    I have no idea what next year will bring and want will happen for our next big adventure yet, but its not going to be the end of the Ezri Narrowboat blogs as I have a few more things hopefully happening next which I hope you can all join me for that I promise there will be more photos and even more videos

    So thank you for joining us on this adventure and I hope you can join us next year, until then have wonderful winter time and a happy new year.

    Bookends – Bookreview- 11.22.63 by Stephen King – Part Six – The Green Card Man- Chapter Twentynine

    The following blog has spoilers for the Stephen King book 11.22.6 this your one and only warning.

    STEPHEN KING 11.22.63

    The day that chnged the world. 

    What if you could change it back ?
    On November 22, 1963, Three shots rang out in Dallas,
    President Kennedy died,and the world changed.
    If you had the chance to change history, would you?

    Would the consequesnces be worth it?

    The Book so far – Jake and Sadie Do their best to make it to the Dallas Plaza Lee Harvey Oswald, but everytime they go somewhere or make a turn down the street something or someone stops them first their car gets into an accident second the bus drives into a lamppost and nearly fractures Sadie’s face and III when they eventually find someone to take them he runs off with the money they gave them in the end they half drag themselves up the stairs of the Book Depository Jake is able maybe to stop Lee Harvey Oswald but only at the cost of Sadie’s is life.

    And now the continuation

    1. Jake is picked up and taken into custody
    2. They take the shirt with Sadie’s blood on it 
    3. The doctor who would have tried to save JFK is now here So Kennedy lives and Jake/George is in pain
    4. The FBI come next 
    5. Jake plays with the FBI man telling him things that he should have done and things LHO has done even the fact that Lee had contact the FBI in the end Jake tells some truth
    6. Jake fills in the rest of the story and get a phone call from JFK
    7. Kennedy thanks Jake/George for saving his life
    8. Jake calls Deke from the same hotel room he rented the first time in Dallas now the FBI foot the bills
    9. The next day the FBI come back and after a long talk Jake and they think its best he just disappears 
    10. Jake is told to write a letter play the hero who wants to be left alone, and as he does Jackie Kennedy calls
    11. With the clothes ride and a bus ticket the FBI gives him Jake makes it to little rock with Sadie’s memory in his head
    12. The following day making his way to the rabbit hole Jake hears on the radio Sadie will get a heroes funeral.

    What I think – The time line has been beat, the President is save and Sadie is a hero all a nice neat story, But the book was never about that in the end sure it may look like that in first few chapters but since Sadie became a full player in this tail. Its the real story Jake/George helping her and the old caretaker and that is a wonderful thing you don’t need and huge time travel Separation of Alternate realities just a simple man trying to change two lives the rest of the book I’m guessing will be about him trying to change everything back again and get Sadie once again by his side without losing sight of saving the caretaker and try and then to explain to the owner of the Diner what he really did.

    It was a an interesting touch to have Kennedy and Jackie ring Jake/George still even better when the FBI agent gave him the political leaning of the people he worked and why they would simply let him walk away, Hope that we get to see want world has come to now that Kennedy has lived. If only for a few seconds and we don’t fall under the old cliché of the world being better if it had remain the same.

    We Know Jake is going to change the past once again he’s going to take a few steps into his alternate future and then returned down the rabbit hole once again but I don’t want the reason to be the Kennedy living made the world a worse place in Kennedy dead we know the reason is for Sadie and anything more would laying it on thick.

    That’s your lot for is week So as always thank you for reading and I hope you can join me for the next chapter and until then bye for now and see you next week.

    Narrowboat Ezri- The 100 Miles Adventure – All for the want of a key

    One of the major Milestoness on the trip back to the Peak Forest Canal is the 12 locks of Bosley. And this blog post was going to be all about, me and my Dad passing though them in less than two hours and getting to he royal oak lift bridge before half four in the afternoon. 

    But I am going to take a giant leap forward both in time and space, I am writing this on the day its ment to go out the 13 Dec, Bosley locks was the 5 and Ezri is no longer on the Macclesfield she safe few miles from ‘home’ Because between then and now something happened something that could and should have ended the whole trip.

    This all happened as I was making my way towards Macclesfield and then through it getting to Bollington Wharf.

    Inside most if not all narrowboats there are two keys which act as links with both the engine and the battery, well one of Ezri’s key links broke so the battery wouldn’t throw the power all the housing had come away and the cable fell out.

    Now without power Ezri can’t move. All of this I was yet to find out

    You see there is a second Swing Bridge just as you come away from Bosley locks which is been open for the last two years but today for some strange peculiar odd reason someone has come along and shut it now the way things have been working dad has dropped me off at Ezri and then proceeded to a place several miles, further on where I would meet him and we would work out our next course of action if I had to come off Ezri for work. So he had my BW key. I passed one narrowboat and was informed of the fact the bridge was shot but I believed I would be able to open it using my windlass as most of the bridges on the peak Forest at windles control no such luck so.

    And my phone didn’t have a signal so there’s no way of informing dad to turn around and come back the key, So my work mind kicked in so I tied up Ezri turn off the engine and went back down the towpath to the gentleman that inform me of the locked Swing Bridge and asked if I could borrow his key which was thankfully a yes and so we walked back to Ezri. He open the bridge and I tried to turn Ezri’s engine back on but she’s stubbornly refused to tick over so there was nothing for it but lift the engine lid. Where we both saw the broken key,

    For the next half an hour the gentleman worked to get Ezri’s engine running again, I watching on trying to take in a understand want he was doing. And after few false starts she was running again. I thanked him over and over and we said goodbye and I was off. I did forget one vital thing which was to ask him his name. But I will be forever grateful to him. It a running repair but it will see us home and safe

    I did make to meeting my Dad and I even made to Bollington Wharf, Ezri did have one last punch to throw but I just think that was temper.

    Next weeks post will be the last of 100 miles Adventure ones as I hope Ezri will be in her winter mooring by next week I am sorry that the last few have rushed and Condensed but the trip it has been just that I will go in more detail soon So as always if you have been thank you for reading and I hope to see you next week as we end the 2017 travel blogs.

    Bookends – Bookreview- 11.22.63 by Stephen King – Part Five – 11.22.63- Chapter Twentyeight

    The following blog has spoilers for the Stephen King book 11.22.6 this your one and only warning.

    STEPHEN KING 11.22.63

    The day that chnged the world. 

    What if you could change it back ?
    On November 22, 1963, Three shots rang out in Dallas,
    President Kennedy died,and the world changed.
    If you had the chance to change history, would you?

    Would the consequesnces be worth it?

    The Book so far – Jake slowly works out That the key on his key chain opens the safe deposit box in a bank, he tracked down the back opposite safe deposit box finding hours notes his memory Returns in a flash and he knows he has to get back to Dallas and find Mr Lee Harvey Oswald. All of this he has yet to tell Sadie who is now covering a lesson for one of the sick teachers,

    He pays off his old/new landlord for access to the old house and makes himself at home and gets settled in for the night having a few nightmares along the way of the yellow card man when he opens his eyes Sadie has managed to track him down and is standing by his bedside.

    And now the Continuation

    1. Sadie is really there and Jake wants her to go but in the end, they make a plan to work together
    2. As they leave one of the little girls ask Jake about Sadie and then he asks her about buses
    3. Jake waits for a bus to come down the street then follows it as Sadie tells him how she found him, as they make their way the car blows a tire
    4. They make it to the side of the road and get someone to go for help
    5. They get on the bus and even get a seat Jake works out they have two hours until LHO makes it to
    6. Now the past is trying it’s best not be changed as the bus suddenly gets into a crash Jake gets Sadie out of the way and they carry on
    7. They try to pay for a ride to Dallas, but the guy tries to run off, So they car Jack him and Sadie starts to believe Jake about time 
    8. They take the car as far as they can
    9. Sadie pays a beggar for one of his crutches
    10. Jake finds a key in his coat for a car and maybe there will be a car somewhere that it fits and yes there is
    11. They are blocked once again and this time they have to walk
    12. Together they make it to the book depositary and Jake Suddenly remembers the gentleman that works there I missed a Bonnie Ray and bangs on the door he lets them in and head for the stairs
    13. Now fighting just to breathe Jake runs crawls and falls up the stairs
    14. Jake reaches the floor first he tries to stop Lee but the first try fails Lee then turns his gun just as Sadie reaches the floor he hit her square in the chest and down she falls dead, Jake shoots again but miss even more but JFK is pass and safe now

    What I Think -And so it happened the chapter that I was waiting for, Where everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Where no matter want Jake did time, fate or whatever you call it kicked him in the face both first physically and then mentally. Sadie and Jake get into a car which ends up in a crash they then get a bus which ends up in a road traffic accident and they are both physically injured, they tried to buy a lift off a gentlemen and tries to run away with the money Sadie gets assaulted when she tries to buy a crutch for Jake so we can walk, and finally when they do make she gets shot straight to the heart falls down dead.

    So all in all not a very nice chapter I knew it was coming I Knew that Mr Stephen King would twist the knife ever so slightly even though he hinted throughout the book that Jake and Sadie were still together. It would have been a lot better I think if they hasn’t succeeded if they hadn’t made it to the end it would have made a better truer picture to the whole time travel story now we have a mentally scarred Jake as he has to not only deal with the fact that he may have failed to save John F Kennedy but the fact that Sadie is dead and there is no coming back from death.

    I’m guessing the rest of the book will be about how he deals with this he is still got to get himself either back through the time hole and restart this hole then which would be an idea he goes back through everything resets, Meets Sadie again with or without saving the janitors family the end of story he tried history with let him be. Nice a simple.
    Or He can live out the rest of his life beginning in 1963 in a world where Kennedy lived, and having to deal with the fallout from that.

    The honest truth I think he should take the first option reset everything how many lives has he screwed up how many lives has he touched and changed just simply by being there if he goes back to the 21st century and then enters the time whole Again everything reset everything is just as it was he may be able to rectify the fact that Sadie gets killed by her husband and save the janitor but that would be it he wouldn’t do any major changes to the timeline because the time wouldn’t let him.

    That’s your lot for is week So as always thank you for reading and I hope you can join me for the next chapter and until then bye for now and see you next week.

    All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October By Tom Clancy – DVD – Chapter Thirteen – Home Free. The End Of The Film

    The following blog has spoilers for the Tom Clancy flim The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

    Based on Tom Clancy’s bestseller directed by John McTiernan starring Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin, The Hunt for Red October seethes with high tech excitement and sweats with the tension of the men who holds doomsday in their hands.

    A new technologically superior Soviet nuclear sub the red october he’s heading for the US Coast under the command of Captain Marko Ramius, the American government thinks Ramius is planning to attack a long CIA analyst has a different idea he thinks Ramius is planning to defect, but he has only a few hours to find him and prove it because the entire Russian Navy and Air commands are trying to find him too the hunt is on ! 

    Chapter Thirteen -2:03:49 – 2:09:36

    We are back in the office of the head of the board meeting and he’s explaining to the Russian ambassador that given the death of the ocean were the Red October is and the The fat the wreckage is spread along a wide area it would be quite some time before any divers or equipment would be salvageable, However the surviving crew of the red october will be repatriated back to Russian soil, and he also point out that if he was told before the Americans would have been able to prevent this tragedy the Russian Ambassadors answer is that he hopes one day that technology will exist so they will be able to salvage the Red October. The Ambassador then asks if they could have help in locating an Alfa class submarine that was last seen at the location of the Grand Bank’s, to which our man on the other side of the table looks down at his M and M’s bowl and asks they’ve lost another submarine.

    On the screen in green letters were are told the red October is in the Penobsoct River North of seaport maine, we see she on the Surface of the water with two people walking around her communications Tower, Ryan, Ramius and Mancuso are on top of the tower Ramius is impressed By the fact they have made it all this way to hide the submarine in a river Ryan explains they are miles away from any Naval Shipyard and it is the last place anybody will look he then says he grew up around the area, telling Ramius about fishing with grandfather.

    Ramius then points out that Ryan has not asked him why, Ryan says that he figured that he would tell him when ramius was ready. Ramius then tells him…
    That’s some people believe that Russia should strike 1st and that’s the principal of the red october was built on Ryan then points out that there will be hell to pay when people figure out what they’ve done and Rami a says well a little Revolution might be a good thing.

    Ryan says welcome to the new world sir

    The screen that melts and the inside of a plane, and air stewardess walking up and aisle way she get to a set of seats the camera moves around her and see Ryan now sleeping next to him is a brown teddy bear.

    Roll credits end of film they move superimposed over the scene and it eventually becomes black.


    The differences between the book and the film. What difference there are can be written off here as time saving. In the book were are still dealing with the fact Ramius is lying on the hospital bed and Borodin is being told about the west. There is a whole thing about Borodin learning how a supermarket and been told even in the winter time you can get fresh vegetables, and that Jones shows the officers a TV playing the flim ET. then the slow trip back Under escort to the navy station and CIA debriefing. 

    As for the CIA we are given an almost word for word Conversation between the Russian ambassador and the head of the CIA obviously without the president of the United States. And the repatriation of the Russian crew of the Red October

    What I think.

    Out of most of the books I’ve read that been made into films I must admit this the most faithful, adaptation as it hits 99 percent of the beats that are set out in the book we have Jack Ryan who begins to book as a very small cock in the very large military machine which is this CIA and ends the book almost exactly in the same place sitting on a airplane having gone through a quiet life changing set of days, Unlike most of the films of that era it is a blockbuster film yet it has its nice pathos and nice plot points. Most of the changes take place because budget restrictions as in we get to see one American ship and one British ship in the book there are fleet of maybe four on each side.

    I do think however that we were shown both sides of the Western military war machine and Eastern military war machine but as I said before there was a scene where Jones he tries to explain the differences between the east and the west outside of the military to Borodin I can understand them not getting clearance for a film to be shown within a film but I don’t understand why you couldn’t just on the last few seconds of the trip up the river we could have had the remaining Group share a meal of a hamburger on some such thing instead what we got was Borodin killed off and Ryan telling Ramius about his grandfather almost mirroring each others history.

    In conclusion

     I would say if you have time enough to read the book and I mean you will need a lot of time to read the book it took me about a month just to get halfway through as it’s an extremely detailed and complex story I would seek it out. But if you are looking for a late-night film to sit in front of with a interesting plot and a few explosions I would recommend actually sitting down and watching a film.

    It’s at this point in the blog I normally say that’s your lot for this week and thank you for reading, but we have come to the end of this particular all the right words, I may have said you were going to do audio book at the start but for two things, one The audio I was going to use is rather expensive to find and two the free one is not legal to download so we will pass it over. I try to cover a book/flim that is cheap to find and available everywhere.

    For those few people who follow this blog I still have the Stephen King book 11:22:62 in bookends blog to complete so I hope you take a look at that.

    I will returning in the new year with two new blogs they will still about books but In a slightly different style, from All the right words and bookends, Which I hope you will join me for.

    So as I always say thank for reading and see you soon.