Bookends – Book Review – Tie In – Richard Castle – Heat Wave – One

The following blog contains spoilers for the Richard Castle book Heat Wave is this your no and only warning, leave now if you do not want this book to be spoilt

A New York real estate tycoon plunges to his death on a Manhattan sidewalk. A trophy wife with a past survives a narrow escape from a brazen attack. Mobsters and moguls with no shortage of a reason to kill trot out there alibis. and then, in the stifling grip of a record heatwave comes another shocking murder a sharp turn in the tents journey into dirty little secrets at the wealthy, Secrets that prove to be fatal secrets that lay hidden in the dark until one NYPD detective shines a light.

Homicide Detective Nikki Heat.

To the extraordinary KB and all my friends that at the 12th

One – One West 77th Street New York, we meet Detective Nikki Heat she just pulled up to the crime scene, going though her little rituals before walking the two hundred feet to the Guilford apartment building and then to the La Chaleur Belle were Detective Raley sits with a distraught family at the service door is Detective Ochoa talking to the staff. Nikki walks over the ME Lauren Parry.
“Male Unknown, No wallet, no Identification, preliminary age around 60 65. Severe blunt force trauma to the head neck and chest…No face, so we’ll comb The area for any dental otherwise not much to ID after that impact this is where he landed.”

Lauren shows Heat were the man fell, and she walks over the to the wreckage on the sidewalk, and from behind her she hears

“It’s raining men”

She doesn’t need to turn around she knows who it’s Jameson Rook Pulitzer Prize Winning magazine journalist who been researching an article for the last month on New York’s finest. and is a little put out no one told him he’s had ring Ochoa to find out. As they stand there one of Jameson Rook’s fans wants an Autograph and it’s not his latest print edition story she wants signing,

While all this going on Detective Ochoa Find out the victim is from the building they are standing next too he’s falling from the 6th floor, Matthew Starr real estate mogul who left behind a wife Kimberly and a seven year old son.

Heat interviews Kimberly with Rook sitting in, She tells them, she and her son were at the Dino-Bites, she’s not to impressed by Rook or the fact Heat is asking questions

“Good, Because my husband wouldn’t like that. He thought all reports were assholes”

“Why are you asking stupid questions when you could be looking for his killer.”

But Heat knows that she’s venting having been the same place as a nineteen year old, Kimberly in the end is mollified in the end but kicks them both anyway. Outside Raley and Ochoa tell them it was not suicide, and just as they head back down from the sixth floor and back on the sidewalk Kimberly Starr is gripped by unknown man to the side of a van. But seeing the police the guy lets her go

Ochoa, attends to Kimberly as Heat and Raley head after the guy Rook keeping pace and in fact almost get there man but the guy heads down the subway, and Nikki Heat goes after them both.

What I think -Well in this chapter we have met what I guessing are all the main players starting with Nikki Heat and endding with Jameson Rook, I not to sure if we are in Nikki’s head or watching all this from on high because there are a few lines that don’t make sense, We The audience are asked to say Trophy Wife about Kimberly Starr halfway through the chapter and then we switch to Nikki’s feelings about Rook towards the end of the chapter.

The switch back at the end of the chapter makes you think Rook has lost the unknown man and its left a short cliffhanger as Nikki follows them both.

It’s a a fun way to start a book with a Copse on the floor and a foot chase through the streets of New York, now it will all work out in the end I am not sure but it looks like a very enjoyable read.

Yes know I said I was going to cover two chapters on each blog post but I changed my mind and it would be unfair to leave things out, And so that’s your lot for is week as always thank you for reading and I hope you can join me for the next chapter of Heat Wave but until then bye for now and see you next week.


Once In A Lifetime – Autobiographies and Biographies – Evil Spirits – Life of Oliver Reed – Prologue

In May 1999, after a 40 year career including 100 films Oliver Reed died as he had invariably lived, Drinking With Friends while making another film is well received performance in the Blockbuster gladiator and having Risen through hammer horror films to international starred up as Bill Sikes in Oliver Reed became in his own words the biggest star this country has got With his legendary off screen exploits and blue opinions especially of his co-stars he was one of the most infamous.

All quotes belong to Oliver Reed or others, and copyright belongs to Cliff Goodwin

Prologue – Its Sunday second of may 1999 Oliver Reed is on his 7th bottle of German beer in a Maltese bar, he’s been dry for a week but today. At the end of the bar is his wife Josephine showing off the gold bracelet Oliver gave her for her 25th birthday.

For five weeks they have been in Malta as Oliver works on the Ridley Scott film Gladiator and still got his long hair from the shoot, just before lunch time a party of Navy rating fill the pub.

if I went around constantly kissing babies in prams and saying I believe in the church and doing good the public wouldn’t be interested that’s not what the public expect from Oliver Reed they want him to fall off the edge of a dustbin get into fights and get drunk and do all the things you read about in the papers

By 2:30 the lunch bill is now £250, Oliver’s arms are now Aching in places from all the arm wrestling, he walks away from the bar and sits on the the floor by the door and falls asleep, But later in the half light of the afternoon Josephine notices something is badly wrong, Neriku Farrugia Is the first her side, the Maltese Seaman is the first to meet Oliver while working on a film cutthroat Island, he desperately works to help Oliver and a few minutes later the paramedics do the same but on the way to st. Luke’s Hospital Oliver Reed dies

I’m only an actor not a priest beyond reproach I’m not a villain I have never hurt anyone I’m just a tragic character who explodes now and then.

What I think – So we started at the end, the Last few hours of Oliver Reed’s life I guess that’s the best place to start with a person like this, Stripping away all the trappings of stardom all the great accolades just a gentleman in a bar with his wife enjoying the day until the end came as it must to everyone.

I’m not exactly sure the next chapter is going to be and how we enter or re-renter the life of Oliver Reed whether we start at the very beginning his birth are we start as he enters which have a situation is more interesting then just the beginning of his career.

Well that’s your lot for this week and I hope you will be back next time as always I hope you enjoy what you have read if you have done thank you.

Bookends – Book Review – Tie In – Richard Castle – Heat Wave -Introduction

RICHARD CASTLE is the author numerous bestsellers, including the critical acclaimed Derrick Storm series. His first novel, In a Hail of Bullets, published while he was still in college, received the Nom DePlume Society’s prestigious Tom Straw Award for Mystery Literature. Castle currently lives in Manhattan with his daughter and mother, both of whom infuse his life with humor and inspiration.

Or so says the authors page in the book, it’s is a bite size biography of man only exists in the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) TV show Castle created by Andrew W. Marlowe which originally ran a total of eight seasons from March 9, 2009 to May 16, 2016. in the United States Of America and shown across the world on other network Television stations, and the one in the United Kingdom called Alibi were I saw it.

Starting Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle and Stana Katic as NYPD Homicide detective Kate Beckett

Within the show Richard Castle wrote a set of books called the Nikki Heat series modeled on his complex relationship with NYPD Detective Kate Beckett. There is a lot more to the television, than that but I am taking the book on their own merits. As if Mr Castle were a real person. (and yes I know there is way to find out who really wrote the books but that takes away the fun) in total he wrote nine books.

  • Heat Wave
  • Naked Heat
  • Heat Rises
  • Frozen Heat
  • Deadly Heat
  • Reging Heat
  • Driving Heat
  • High Heat
  • Heat Storm

In the next blog post, I will be starting at the beginning with Heat Wave I only have very vague idea of want the book is about, I have three versions of the first Nikki heat book one being an American hardback copy published by Hyperion which a first edition a second paperback one first mass market edition with a interview with Mr Castle in the back and a ebook Amazon Kindle edition which at first look is Carbon copy of the hardback, To make my life simple I will be using the ebook edition.

So I hope you can join me as enter the world of Nikki Heat and her life on the streets of New York as always that’s your lot for this week thank you for reading and see you next week.

Once In A Lifetime – Autobiographies and Biographies – Evil spirits –  The life of Oliver Reed – Introduction

In May 1999, after a 40 year career including 100 films Oliver Reed died as he had invariably lived, Drinking With Friends while making another film is well received performance in the Blockbuster gladiator and having Risen through hammer horror films to international starred up as Bill Sikes in Oliver Reed became in his own words the biggest star this country has got With his legendary off screen exploits and blue opinions especially of his co-stars he was one of the most infamous.

So states the back of the paperback book, first published in 2001 by Virgin Books and then re printed in 2001 and 2002 and consisting of 20 chapters two indexes and an epilogue. All Researched and written by Cliff Goodwin

Being that it is a biography and not autobiography I will be quoting Mr Goodwin and I am guessing Mr Reed himself a lot and whoever else there maybe in this book. Just for clarification I have read this book before and I know there are certain passages and certain situations people may find offensive. But You cannot pick and choose what is left out of a man’s life so I will try and give you prior warning of certain situations but I will not leave them out as that would be unfair.

The way it’s going to work it’s going to be slightly different I’m not going to give a blow by blow account of each chapter I’m going to read the Chapter and give a summary and any huge details I will try and keep in the best I can so it will make linear sense.

All this will start next week so I hope you’ll be able to join me for that and as always if you have been thank you for reading and see you as we begin to dive deep into the book and into the life of Oliver Reed.

Bookends – Book Review – Tie In’s – Introduction

When a book becomes very popular in mainstream culture the odds are there will be a movie adaptation in the works very soon after publication and then you get the inevitable debate about the book and the movie being one better than the other in exactly the same way I did the all the right words not necessarily in the right order blogs, last year I took two books that I read and compared then with two films that had have been made from the source material of the book.

You also get the simplified version of the movie written into a novelization now I could dig out novelizations of several films, But that would that would be somewhat too easy this time I’m going to look at books that have been written because of television series. Two television series one thing science fiction and the other being a police procedural set on the streets of New York.

I have been a very big fan of Star Trek and all is incarnations from is original series of the 1960s to the 2017 Discovery Netflix series now I could take a novelization from each of those incarnations but that would be far too simple and far too easy, the series I am going to look at is a series of novels based in the Star Trek universe called Star Trek New Frontier, written/created by John J. Ordover and Peter David, which have links into the trek universe but does carve out its own place. and so far has run to 19 books not counting series within series

For those who like their world’s to be a lot more grounded in reality I will also be covering the tie in books for the ABC : American Broadcast Company TV show Castle starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. Here the premise is a lot more simple a character within the television show is an author and some bright spark at ABC as a marketing ploy decided that they would release a book as if the character had written it, in the real world and by the end of the shows run there were nine books all written by “Richard Castle”. All based on the characters experiences within the show itself

So this how its going to work I am going to start first with the Richard Castle book Heat Wave and do two chapters each blog post until the book is finished and then switch to first Star Trek New Frontier House Of Cards and keep doing so until all the books in each world has been finished. I know I will run out of Castle books before the Trek ones ends so I going something when that happens. what that is yet I am not sure but I work something.

I do hope you can join me each week for this new journey, so that’s your lot for this week as always thank you for reading.

Once In A Lifetime – Autobiographies and Biographies – Introduction.

It’s been said that without our memories we are just empty glass figures. and by sharing our memories we can live forever.

So that’s want I will be doing in this set of blog posts, I will be sharing the lives of people who had put pen to paper and told us of their lives. or have had the lives written about by others. Some will be worldwide famous stars, and some will be people who only know in the country of birth. But regardless of their fame and their influence in this world their stories will be retold without judgement in the hope that they can live forever,

Unlike the other reviews I have do for other books I am not going to do a blow by blow, chapter by chapter style I be reading three chapters pre blog posts and giving just a outline of the events that have taken place, using their words and their mind set. So if there is something that upset you well I sorry for that but people think in different ways that you,

I am going to start next week with movie star Oliver Reed a biography called Evil Spirits by Cliff Goodwin for many people Mr Reed will always be seen as Hollywood hellraiser and the first person to be CGI after his death into the Ridley Scott Gladiator film but I hope there will be more to find out.

And hope that you can join me on this journey though each of these lives and that we can together keep the memories of them live just a little longer.

As always thank you for reading and see you in a week.

Bookends – Bookreview- 11.22.63 by Stephen King – Citizen of the Century (2012)

The following blog has spoilers for the Stephen King book 11.22.6 this is your one and only warning.


The day that chnged the world. 

What if you could change it back ?
On November 22, 1963, Three shots rang out in Dallas,
President Kennedy died,and the world changed.
If you had the chance to change history, would you?

Would the consequesnces be worth it?

The Book so far – Jake ran away back to the motel room and wrote page after page of the whole adventure he’s had but knows in the end no matter want he tries time will try and stop so he buries the pages and goes back to the time hole and Zack

And now the Conclusion

  1. Jake is now back in 2011 packs his car and all he has in the world and ends out Lisbon on the way he checks the Morning Star newspaper for Sadie but he can’t find anything in 1963  but for April 30
  2. 77 year old saves Sadie Dunhill from ex husband in just same way they he the first time
  3. Jake crys himself to sleep
  4. So he walks away from the internet 
  5. But now in April of 2012 when Erin Tolliver moves from Kileen Texas and has The Weekly Gazette
  6. So he looks it up on line and finds Jodie picks Citizen of the Century and its a eighty year old Sadie So off Jake goes
  7. Jodie has changed a little bit different shops but Sadie is still there having served as it mayor and in the state legislature she know by everyone and she knows them
  8. After the speakers and the dancing Jake gets his change to talk to her and calls himself George once again. Sadie looks at him she knows him but from were she not sure and then he asks her who was the chaperone at the Sadie Hawkins dance. The song around then changes to Glenn Miller’s in the Mood and they dance and she asks Jake/George who he really is.

What I think – So that’s the end of the story that’s the end of the book Jake goes back to Jodie and tries to convince a very old lady that he knows everything about her. In the end I knew they would have been together Sadie lived the almost same life she once did with Jake. It does leave a question in my head well to questions really did Jake Accelerate things by being there in the first place she still got slashed with the razor by her ex-husband only it happened later on and The depression and The Failed suicide attempt who was there to rescue her this time around.

But those are questions that will never be answered they don’t really need to be we have our happy ending of a kind two people have their happiness. And that all you can really ask of a book my Stephen King the people die the first time around still die but its no one fault just time.

Did I enjoy this book yes, yes I did would I read it again maybe and if they made it into a movie or TV show would I watch it no I don’t think so the endding here leaves to may unanswered questions and I don’t think people want to see an old woman as the Heroine of the peace. So they would change the ending and have Jake live in the 1950s so fundamentally then changing the whole reason he can’t stay 

The last few pages of the book has taken up by something called afterwards which is Mr Kings way of showing us the technical detail that went into creating this book I will not write about it because it does take you out of the world somewhat

This is normally the part of the blog where I say see you next week but this the last entry for 11.22.63 I do hope you have enjoyed the witness taking each chapter and the previous one analysing it a little bit and giving you a really bad bones version the book in the hopes that you will seek it out yourself as it would be completely unfair of me to word for word transcribe the work of Mr Stephen King and others.

In two weeks time I will be returning with another book but this time we are going to change the format ever so slightly it’s not going to be a straight out stand-alone story they’re going to be what are called tie in books, They will tie into a television show, This first one will be a book from a man who doesn’t really exist and hopefully you will join me for that.

And if you don’t that’s fine I hope you like what you read and you enjoyed the journey I took you on, but do come back you’re more than welcome. But for now whoever you are and whoever you be. Thank you sharing your time with me.

Narrowboat Ezri- So What Are We Going To Now.

First off sorry for not having something out last week but over the holidays I very unwell and work also played its part.

And to be totally truthful I don’t really have anything set in stone, Towards the end of last year a few things happened on the way back to our winter/home mooring which means Ezri needs a mimi rebuild and later in September we will have her BSS Boat safety scheme certificate, so I thought it maybe a good time to lift her out water and have Ezri re blacked which is going to be a adventure in its self.

That’s not to say Ezri is going sit and do nothing until September, I still a new lighting reel to add and a few other things like a multi coloured bathroom floor plus I do want to head back towards Manchester in the summer then maybe to the Huddersfield narrow canal or a trip down back to Bosley locks now and again.

Its a odd feeling Ezri is my home but when you start talking about this like pulling her out of the water and BSS certification it does make me feel a bit uneasy, that she becomes just steal and glass once again.

If you want to look back at the hundred miles adventure, from last year you can start here with the photos I took

and if want to watch few of the videos over on YouTube they can be found here

I do hope that when I have worked out a new plan that you will join us for our new adventures, and for now thank you for reading and see all soon.

Bookends – Bookreview- 11.22.63 by Stephen King – Final Notes 

The following blog has  spoilers for the Stephen King book 11.22.6 this is your one and only warning.


The day that chnged the world. 

What if you could change it back ?
On November 22, 1963, Three shots rang out in Dallas,
President Kennedy died,and the world changed.
If you had the chance to change history, would you?

Would the consequesnces be worth it?

The Book so far – Jake has been to the 2011 to the future of a living JFK and the North Vietnam had a bomb drop on it and lot of earthquakes and race riots, but he comes back and before Zack can send him back to the unchanged 2011 Jake runs away.

And now the continuation (It written as diary entrys)

Jake is hold up in the motel using the money the FBI gave him wirting filling note pads I knows he can’t save Kennedy, Harry or the girl from the starry shooter but can he have Sadie or will cost to much 

Still living in the motel Jake try to think, but want if he just stopped Clayton, So he starts to write to Deke Simmons but no that’s not going to he has to go back even though he’s a man out of time and in love

What I think – I guess will all the hate, violence and death we needed this chapter Jake sitting down taking stock of want to do next, raging and railing against time or whatever. Finally accepting you cannot change time he literally buried the whole adventure and walks back to 2011

I know is a short blog post for this week but it was a small section, but That’s your lot for is week So as always thank you for reading and I hope you can join me for the next few pages and until then bye for now and see you next week.

Bookends – Bookreview- 11.22.63 by Stephen King – Part Six – The Green Card Man- Chapter ThirtyOne

nthe following blog has  spoilers for the Stephen King book 11.22.6 this is your one and only warning.


The day that chnged the world. 

What if you could change it back ?
On November 22, 1963, Three shots rang out in Dallas,
President Kennedy died,and the world changed.
If you had the chance to change history, would you?

Would the consequesnces be worth it?

The Book so far – Jake makes it back to time hole to Be greeted by a person calling himself Zack Lang he and the yellow card man are watches who feel the changes in the time lines, He tells Jake to go see for himself the mess that now is the future and to come back so things can reset.

Jake finds the world a war zone, but also Harry in a wheelchair

And now the Continuation

  1. Harry takes Jack to him home, and has no idea who Jake is
  2. The earth is taring itself apart there Earthquakes are most daily and a nuclear reactor and a bombs have been falling the past number of years But Kennedy lived and won re-election
  3. There has been no war in North Vietnam and no civil rights act just race riots and the North over running the south, Kennedy is voted out and George Wallace is President and drops an a bomb on Saigon. Jake starts to lose the thread a little but it becomes clear the world is at war 
  4. Jake looks at Harry’s family and talk a little then Harry asks did he kill his father and Jake says no
  5. Jake takes his leave of Harry and heads back though the time hole
  6. Once on the other side Jake see Zack who starting to become the yellow card man, Zack tells Jake to go back to the real 2011 but Jake running in the other direction as fast as he can

What I Think – So there we have it, the world went to hell not only just to the people who live in it, but the world itself filled with earthquakes plus the atomic have been dropped once again, We don’t get to see or hear from Al one last time which is a little bit of a shame because I would have been nice to see how his life worked out and he was the whole reason for Jake to take over.

We do get a little about Harry and his family, he ever asks Jake out right if he kiled his father but Jake says no yet with the way they have been talking it becomes clear he had something to do with.

Jake reaction when Zack asks him to reset the wold is I guess want would happen in the real word just run away, Knowing Sadie is once again living and can be saved Zack is no shape to chase him down, I have no idea want Jake will do next knowing that wantever he changes little or big will dange the world and maybe Zack will come after him

And quick scan of the rest of the book tells me there are three sections left but they not numbered chapters how they fit into the story I am not sure. And so that’s your lot for is week as always thank you for reading and I hope you can join me for those pages and until then bye for now and see you next week.