Narrowboat Ezri – The 100 Miles Adventure – Under the Arch

As you leave the Bosley there is section of barrier which is 48 hours only, and as I have seen all the way along the Macclesfield there is lot of the bank that needs cutting down so without going any further down we decided to stop as there was a little group which is always nice to see. When we did stop everyone got talking is like a village everyone telling us about the canal and the locks or the weather mostly nice a light. 

Around there its the wind you notice the most even having come down into the valley from the locks, but a small fire soon keeps the cold away. So it was moving day once again, I always feel a little bit of disappointment when leaving a place like this, if I have left something unexplored, but unlike when me and Ezri were alone I know there is chance we will be coming back is way soon.

Dad takes his place at the front of Ezri and the head off, Ezri just gliding over the water and the sun beating down, I am getting to know when and if Ezri needs me to move her tiller, but today she needs no help in fact I was able to flim as we went under the railway arch which carries the main lines though Congleton heading to London. I wanted to try and also try and show how over grown some of the canal is in some places and how that I have to watch out for the odd bird using the plants as nesting.

I know that some people will look at how few miles, we have been doing and be upset, but the thing is that Ezri is all about exploring, In our first week a two days me and Ezri did a about 71 miles just geting to littlebrough and missed almost everything. But that for next weeks blog.

So, as always thank you reading and see you next week. 

Total Miles covered so far (Start point Bugsworth) =  32 miles 5 1/2 furlongs

Miles covered this trip =  1 miles  1/2 furlongs

Places been/Stopped- Bugsworth, Strines Road Narrows, Carr Swing Bridge, Bancroft Bridge No 8, Higher Poynton Winding Hole, Braddocks Bridge No. 19, Lane Head Winding Hole, Clark’ Change Bridge, Leadbeater’s Bridge No 40, Royal Oak Swing Bridge No. 49, Locketts Bridge No. 53. River Dane Aqueduct (12 locks) Congleton Bridge No 61 

Bookends – Bookreview- 11.22.63 by Stephen King – Part Two – The Janitor’s Father – Chapter Eight

The follwing blog has spoilers of the Stephen King Book 11.22. this your one and only warning.

STEPHEN KING -11.22.63

The day that changed the world. 

What if you could change it back ?
On November 22, 1963, Three shots rang out in Dallas,
President Kennedy died,and the world changed.
If you had the chance to change history, would you?

Would the consequesnces be worth it?

The Book so Far – Jake is able to track down Mr Dunning who turns out works in a market at a butchery and for the next few days watches him trying to work out how he can stop running from the killing. In the end take decides he will have to kill Dunning so he goes to buy himself a coat 38 police special. Following dunning into a restaurant you meet another man call Chaz, a gentleman in the same line of work that jake’s alias is involved in.He tells Jake that Dunning has been married before and has walked out on more than one family and the gentleman he he is involved in are buys and seller in land, and therefor powerful.

  1. Jake calling himself Mr George Amberson goes around Derby and the surrounding towns visiting every commercial zoned property.Along the way picking up the Lingo war meaning World War II the conflict meaning Korean. Chaz Frati becomes chummy to him Jake.finds out later that the no suspenders guy had put Chaz up to it and is named Bill Turcotte.
  2. The good times are coming back said Beverley Marsh (the dancing girl) But the more Jake sees of the town the less he believes it, The empty houses, factories and seeing a men beating a dog all make him question the whole thing
  3. So day in October Jake still playing Real estate agent decides to talk to people about the left side rec area one of these people is Doris Dunning.She says it was shut because of the budget cuts but in reality it was when the child murders were happening.Jake works out the place will make a good spot in which to see Dunning but he who see Jake too.
  4. But on Bernard consideration he finds another place,The house in directly behind Dunnings.
  5. Jake begins to feel like his rehearsing a play rather than living a life and it makes him feel very unwell
  6. As the days pass the feeling sick gets worse doesn’t care if he’s still hearing he shall be there.
  7. Jake’s nervousness is actually making physically ill so he goes to the chemist a buys several remedies in the hope that will make you feel better However he has an accident and ends up needing the bathroom but the only bathroom we can find is the one at the bar across the road and sat at one of the tables watching him is a gentleman called Bill Turcotte.
  8. The night comes and Jake makes his way to the back of the house, But as he waits someone comes up behind him with a gun its Bill Turcotte who not happy and Jakes gun. He Suffering from the same complaint Jake is, So Jake finds it easy to question him. It turns out Bill wants to kill Dunning to because Dunning killed his sister
  9. Bill tells Jake the whole history of Dunning and his sister even were he thinks the bodies are, he then tells Jake.about being in high school with Dunning and Chaz. So Jake tell Bill some kind of truth but now Bill wants it kill everyone in the house. so it would Dunning going to prison
  10. As they wait Jake starts to think Bill is a coward, And calls Bill out on it . They Fight and Jake is able to get his gun back off bill who is now lying on the ground in pain.
  11. Jake gets to the back door of the house and watchs as it plays out the same way Harry told it. then the front door opens. and Mrs Dunning screams
  12. Jake is not able to stop Dunning breaking Mrs arm and killing Tugga, But he is able put two bullets into him and. As young Harry tries to stop his father Bill hits Dunning with something and he go’s down.
  13. Jake starts to tell Bill to forget he saw his car but Bill is in fit state to ever think.
  14. Young Harry watchs Jake wash his hands and asks who he and just nobody and with police cars on there way takes off into the night.
  15. Staggering back to the car Jake begins to think what if because of the butterfly effect the Diner won’t be there when he tried to use it again what in 2011 would have changed, When he does reach his car here almost has the shock of his life when he see’s a yellow card sticking out of one of the windshield wipers but it turns out to be a flyer for the church.
  16. Reaching the drying Shed he begins to try and find the hole but has another shot when he can’t find it he begins to think that his entire life as Jake everything from his Prize winning garden in Grammar School to his abandoned novel in college and his marriage was one huge crazy hallucination and in fact he is George Amberson all along, But then out of the night Jake hears Al and he walks towards the sound and steps back into 2011

    What I Think.- So Jake has changed the past or at least tried to what awaits him when he returns to 2011 we shall see in the next few chapters it didn’t go according exactly to plan but he must have change something. There has been a lot of back history and stories from the people he has met in Darby and that’s quite interesting what I don’t like is quite a lot of the modern profanities that people seem to have been using I’m not very sure that some of the words are recent inventions like the c word for example I don’t think that was common uses in the 1950s but that’s my only gripe about the last few chapters so we shall see what we shall see.

    Well that’s your lot for this week and as always if you have been thank you for reading and see you next week for the next chapter.

    All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October By Tom Clancy – Book – The Twelfth Day.

    The following blog has spoilers for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

    Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision.

    The Red October is heading west.
    The Americans want her.
    The Russians want her back
    And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

    Recap the Eleventh day – Two A 10 Thunderbolts fly over the Russian ship Kirov and fires Warning flares at, On the Kirov her Captain knows its a game of cat and mouse with the Americans so doesn’t do anything it start a war.  Thanks to Sonar operator Jones has found and lost the Russian submarine, so after moving around the sea bed Jones hears it again. Jack is still on the Invincible feeling sea sick as it keeps making loops so he reads a book called Lost Children all about the Russian defects.Dr Tait wakes up it find the floor of the hospital has been sealed off and the Russian are in fact KGB spies, he told that even they have no idea who the Sailor is, and he just in time to stop one of them trying to kill the guy.Somewhere in the North ship yard the captain of the USS Scamp watches as a deep sea Recovery vehicle is added to the Avalon but he’s more happy to see the fresh fruit they have been given too. On the Red October Melekhin is able to show the crew how why and what has been Sabotaged in engineering

    THE TWELFTH DAY TUESDAY, 14 DECEMBER pages 275 to 292 

    The Dallas
    A thousand yards ahead of the Dallas a contact has just begun to make a radical turn right known as a crazy Ivan, Under Mancuso orders they have been tailing the contact for a few hours, Avoiding a collision was the most dangerous part of this maneuver in order to avoid being coming visible sensor system of the contact. With her speed coming down the Dallas is able to remain safe. But Jones thinks the contact is in conflict with himself it’s almost like the contact is doing it out of habit changing direction like he’s in a hurry to get somewhere and really doesn’t think anybody can track him. The Dallas becomes into silence and the contact passes them on the port bow. The contact make a complete turn and a few seconds later the Dallas which is on it’s engines and begins to follow again.

    Ministry of Defence Moscow.
    Mikhail Semyonovich Filitov and minister of Defence Dimitri Ustinov are drinking together and Mikhail ask the letter Romeo’s sent to his friend and the Admiralty and it turns out the Admiral has been arrested by the KGB and died of a brain hemorrhage a 9mm hemorrhage.And they the price they will pay if things good bad for them. They both hope that Comrade Padorin can stop the Red October and keep their secrets.

    The Dallas
    Exactly 24 hours after requiring the red october Mancuso call a conference of his senior officers, they have been able to build up a picture of it and the computer has been able to classify and identify it.And the question it how big the boat it and why is it were its.

    COMSUBLANT Operations.
    Admiral Gallery picks up the telephone to Washington and tell them that the Dallas has picked up a Russian boomer with a new kind of quiet Drive system about 600 miles south west of the Grand Bank’s course 194 Speed 13 knots. Washington’s orders are the Dallas should brake contact. The guy in wants to speak to Admiral Forest.

    The Pentagon
    Between the Kiev and Kirov lieutenant general harris moves the small sub shaped wood block around the map. The people around him have to work out away not only to get the red october to change a course heading right into Norfolk also make sure the soviets ducks eat the movement of ships because they will have to give the red october back. I send a transmission to the Dallas continue tracking report any changes in course and speed help on the way. But there is still the question why the Russians are using the surface ships to find the red october because the movement above would show up the radar screens on the submarine. The purpose of the surface forces is to keep butter from interfering with their submarines is a conclusion. So with the Russians using the air forces to distract the Americans it becomes clear that they’re going to kill the people on the Red October. Lieutenant lieutenant-general Harris what’s the some hub communicate with the red october warn her off.

    The Invincible.
    Jack Ryan watches as the USS Pogy is coming East and should be rendezvousing with the Dallas in an hour or so. They have reached the same conclusion as the Pentagon but they know they cannot reach the red october with the radio and Commander Barclay no they are not trying to communicate with the submarine themselves they are trying to communicate with the man.

    What I think – like I said before this book is very technical book it’s more about the people around our so-called hero Jack Ryan he seems to do a lot of working on charts and reading books to get inside the man’s head. While the other people around him execute and plan 4 or 5 steps ahead it’s a very interesting book and I am enjoying, all the little detail that Tom Clancy as put in but get in the way sometimes.

    As always thank you for reading and I hope you can join me next week for the next chapter.

    Narrowboat Ezri – The 100 Miles Adventure – Going Down Bosley Locks

    Before we set out, Dad and me had a little bit of dinner something simple just warming up hotdogs, I have made food like this before in the cold winter when Ezri was at winter moorings, but out on the water its somehow cooler.

    Any way back to the trip, as we ate another boat came past us, so we desided to follow it slowly and not take on water at the point. Giving them time to reach and use the lock, the 12 Bosley locks are single so its one boat at a time. By the time we got there they had passed through and it was our turn, I tied Ezri up and Dad started to refill the lock, in no time we were though it working our way towards the second and as we left another boat began to work the first lock behind us. 

    So with one boat in front of us working the second lock and one in the first we tied up again and waited and waited it turned out there was a boat in the third lock going down to.  Four boats all going down, It took a little bit but then it was our turn in the second lock I got in a dad worked the gates and paddles down we went, nice a simple I tied up and waited again Dad walked to the third lock and helped the boat going down so we were there a good ten minutes. 

    Still I though in is small group of four going down. Now at the third lock the road travels over the canal so there is bridge which you can’t see over or pass if your working the lock or on a boat. The boat Dad had helped was out of the lock and he’d put water in for me in enter so carefully I went in Dad was still on left hand side making sure the paddles were down when a young man came running up the towpath he started, shouting about how it was his turn and he wanted to come up and we had cost him half an hour he didn’t even have his windless and then asked Dad did he know the rules. 

    Dad said he would as quick as he could and the man went back down the hill. Dad let the water go and down Ezri went. We had been in group of four last time, I had checked one in the lock one in the pound swaping places until we reach the last lock. That was the plan but now is guy was shouting the odds.  Dad when to tell the boat behind me about the boat comming up. As Ezri and me came out of the lock  to tied to the side a small fibreglass boat half the size of Ezri if that, her crew were all female one woman in her late 30’s and three girls.

    There was no sign of the narrowboat we had let down earlier, I past the fiberglass boat and headed to lock number four which was wasn’t set for going down, Someone had let the water go so I had to wait for dad to set  now the one in one out lock system wasn’t going to work here water in the pound for the boat waiting and water in the lock.for going down, but I didn’t work that out until Dad ask me to move off Ezri was suck on rock so I had to wait until lock three started to empty so I could flot in.

    I not going talk about all 12 of the locks as there is video of a few of them and few photos as well, Like all my videos there shot live no edits just pure sound and pictures. They are hand held on old Nokia N series phone I don’t even let YouTube play with them. I may link them together at the end of the adventure but for now here is some raw narrowboating.

    When we had done all the locks we made it to a 48 hour moorring spot and got talking to the other boats and they told Dad that the fiberglass guy was blaming everyone. He had bullied is way up the locks, in fact the boat I had behind apologized to him. Now one of three things could have happened they saw him tie up and didn’t tell Dad hoping he would get to lock before us or two they pasted him in the pound and didn’t tell him there were more boats coming down and lastly he’d been there the whole time watched them and Dad work the lock and come down which would have been a good 30 minutes and done nothing.

    As always thank you reading and see you next week. –  By the way the two next blog posts are going to moving ones.

    Total Miles covered so far (Start point Bugsworth) =  31 miles 5  furlongs

    Miles covered this trip =  1 miles 2 1/2 furlongs

    Places been/Stopped- Bugsworth, Strines Road Narrows, Carr Swing Bridge, Bancroft Bridge No 8, Higher Poynton Winding Hole, Braddocks Bridge No. 19, Lane Head Winding Hole, Clark’ Change Bridge, Leadbeater’s Bridge No 40, Royal Oak Swing Bridge No. 49, Locketts Bridge No. 53. River Dane Aqueduct (12 locks)

    Bookends – Bookreview- 11.22.63 by Stephen King – Part Two – The Janitor’s Father – Chapter Seven

    The following blog has spoilers for the Stephen King Book 11.22.63 this your one and only warning.

    STEPHEN KING -11.22.63

    The day that changed the world. 

    What if you could change it back ?
    On November 22, 1963, Three shots rang out in Dallas,
    President Kennedy died,and the world changed.
    If you had the chance to change history, would you?

    Would the consequesnces be worth it?

    The Book so Far – Jake buys himself a car and heads further down the coast, he ends up in a town more industrial than rural, which is totally unlike the town he came in through. He begins to have second thoughts about the whole idea changing the time line. But in the end he realises he’s going to let Al down so keeps going. First he asks around but he’s told a better off looking in the phone book because Harry’s father’s name is very common.
    So in the evening he goes to the bar at the hotel his booked into and talks the barman the barman tells him about a few murders that have taken place. And surnames match up so in the morning Jake decides to try and look in library.
    But as he heads to library stop by two people who are dancing in the middle of the road they seem somehow more open than the people he’s already asked so over the course of an hour or two he finds out the street name of the murders and makes his way around to it and then just too he’s about to leave he finds himself face to face with a young Harry.

    And now the Continuation – Part Two – The Janitor’s Father – Chapter Seven.

    1. Jake has spent 7 weeks in Derby which she comes to hate and fear it because of the sense of impending failure around the place.And he knows he can’t leave because he’s seen Harry before he becomes hop along Harry and not only that his sister is no longer just a name in a painstakingly written essay.
    2. On second day in Derby Jake goes to the market and tries to fit in trying to find Mr Dunning who turns up to have a butchery shop and look remarkably like the young janitorA very nice man always joking a very nice man with very cold as ice eyes.
    3. At a 7:15 when the market is closed for the day, Jake waits outside the market and what is Mr curry and Dunning walk to the bus stop. Jakes on the bus and few stops down feeling like an alien in science fiction flim. Dunning gets off the bus and Jake follow him,Two stops later having having seen him walk into a 3 Storey new England Victorian house with a sign hanging from the porch best price rooms by the week of the month.In America where surface had always passed the substance people always believes like Frank Dunning.
    4. Are the following Tuesday Jake rent an apartment advertised in the Derby News and considers his options.1 tell the police 2. Anonymously call the Butcher and tell him he is being watched  3.Frame the Butcher for something 4. Implicate the butchers somehow.5 Kill the butcher. Having written this down Jake tried to go to sleep.
    5. Laying in the bed Jake thinks about the list telling the police might work but as well but who would believe him if he told them about Dunning. Calling him being answer yet maybe that would change him totally make him move his plan ahead. And as for framing him Jake is a school teacher not an CIA agent. The only show where was to follow him wait until he was a long and then killing keep it nice and simple. But there was a problem with that too the biggest was just didn’t know if he could go through with it what is he went through with it and then got caught before he could escape to the future where he was Jake and not George. A new idea popped into his head one crazy Leah attractive he could station himself across the road on the Halloween night and just watch make sure it really happened and then drive back to Lisbon Falls go through the rabbit hole in the middle return to September 9th in the morning but the whole purpose of this chick had to be to find out what effect saving the janitors family would have on the future and if he let Frank goes through with the murders he wouldn’t know.
    6. Jake go and buys himself.Colt.38 police revolver special he told the clerk it was because he needed protection being a real estate man as he walk back down the street with his gun in briefcase he’s sure sees the guy who should be at work and thinks he’s being watched.
    7. That evening Jake watches Dunning and looks for the guy with no suspenders he sees running and knows he’s going home and convince himself that the guy watching him was a coincidence the following evening however done in travels down the three-way intersection of centre Kansas and witcham heading for a bar called the lamplighters Dunning goes inside. Jake thinks it’s time that he started to belong here so sad to go inside himself.
    8. Sitting down he’s accosted by a gentleman called Charles Frati who Notices that he looking back at the table they shake hands and Jake introduces himself as George.The table Dunning sat at belongs to the Tony Tracker and his brother Phil who run a freight haulage company. Chaz knows that Jake George his new and guess he’s that eating the Business of real estate.Chaz thinks that George is here to buy site from mall. Chaz goes on to say that he owns the land underneath the Kitchener Ironworks and the trackers all the rest he also knows that Frank has a drinking problem because he used to stay out late to All Hours playing poker with the guys now all he does is one drink and out the door Chaz says that him and Frank went to the same school together and he was supposed to go to University of men or you got a girl pregnant and ended up married And.2 years later she decided to leave him.Frank is the kind of guy fighting the Germans in the Jap’s would probably done him some good get it out of his system but he came up 4F. So the guy who owns the meat store before him makes him on and says if you don’t wise up I’m going to drop you so frankly seasides to Wise Up and straighten up. He divorces the first wife and settled for Doris McKinney three kids the whole bit. But Doris turns up to church with bruises on her face and three weeks later he’s out the door living in a rooming house classed as he could to the old homestead.
    9. So Jake realises is keeping notes in a small notebook is not going to work so he goes to buy a typewriter and then checks on his friend Charles.
    10. At the days slip Jake has settle into life, reading and Al’s notes he visits the library and reads about the murders and disappearances in the 1957 and 1958 looking for stories as well I Frank Dunning but found nothing. However Jake follows Dunning agian once to the Brewers market and again when picks up his kids for a day at the cinema. the following Saturday they go back to the cinema and to a football game this time Mrs Dunning makes a brief appearance when he drops the children at home, The next Jake follows Dunning to a cemetery and what is him place a basket of flowers on two graves.

    What I think – Jake obviously has become running stalker so he can find the movements and stop the guy before the killings but I do think it’s a very quick fix to meet the gentleman at the lamplight who knows all about Dunning. Like I said before I have no real history of America so I’ve not sure whether some of the history lessons are correct or not and there also seems to be Mr King poking fun at himself because there is a certain prison mentioned by Jake which he doesn’t want to end up in if everything goes wrong.

    well that’s your lot for this week and as always if you have been thank you for reading and see you next week for the next chapter.

    All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October By Tom Clancy – Book – The Eleventh Day.

    The following blog has spoiler for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

    Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision.

    The Red October is heading west.
    The Americans want her.
    The Russians want her back
    And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

    Recap the Tenth day – Commander Quentin what is the Russians Booth there submarines through international sea and hopes he can stop them, as they’re a massering their forces around an area, a B-52 bomber is sent into Russian airspace to find out whether or not it has started to move its a force, also two Tom cats have been sent they are following the trail of a commercial PamAm an airplane as it flies through the Russian airspace, the Russians get wise to the fact and when the Pan Am plane has disappeared, mistakenly one of the Russian ground forces fires a missile at one of the tomcats the missile strikes it’s on the carriage and has to limp home with help from its second.

    Underground at the naval hospital at the Norfolk Medical Centre one of the Russian submariners has been under sedation for quite some time he’s the only survivor of The wreck the Americans have found and they know little if nothing about him.

    The Russian doctor and one of the communication officers from the embassy come to find out, they asked how the sailor is he told that he is suffering from dehydration and pneumonia having been in the water for more than 48 hours the Russians want to take you home without even waking him what the American doctors does not believe that will help anybody so he then tells the Russians that the man will not leave the hospital under any circumstances.

    On the other side of the Norfolk naval base the decommissioned Ethan Allen is pressed into service once again all the trainee cruise are removed and several pieces of equipment are taking a board her many of the Old Time crew know that she may be scuttled at some point and believe this is what is going on but when the Admiral who’s command it once was takes over they have other ideas she is then taken out to sea and the trainee crew I left alone at the dock.

    THE ELEVENTH DAY MONDAY, 13 DECEMBER pages 251 to 274 

    An A 10 Thunderbolt
    Major Andy Richardson likes flying A10’s better than DC-9s, his 175th Tactical Fighter Group are flying over the North Atlantic having refuel mid-air. 100 miles behind the four Fighters were ninety craft were following at 30000 ft in what would look very much to the Soviet alpha strike teams as a weighted attack mission. But the real mission belong to the low-level team of four. Richardson and his crew are pay a visit to the Soviet Navy. So he guessed that his mission would be the first act of a deliberate deprivation dash under the radar cover as the Soviet eyes were locked on the alpha strike team hovering just on the edge of the sea to air missiles. His Hood display system paints the care of their mission is to pass within 300 yards of the ship no more no less. At 500000 yards he released a switch which deployed half a dozen high intensity using parachute flares. And the rest of the squad and does exactly the same thing then he does couple of barrel rolls and returns to base.

    The Kirov
    On the bridge Admiral Stralbo sees the aftermath of the flare at the back of his ship, his political officer thinks it might be pilot error but the Admiral knows better the arrogance of these Americans is fantastic. The Americans were sent just sending them a message telling us stay West 1500 kilometres from their shows without any useful air cover and it will have 500 Fighters waiting for US to pounds in the meantime the mKennedy will be stopping us to the east back a rabid wolf.
    The Admiral take it back to his room and explains their mission is far more important than playing Cat and Mouse with the Americans but it’s political officer still fails to see the Admirals reasoning. Yet he knows if they find the Renegade submarine they will be heroes regardless of what has happened.

    The Dallas
    Jones has found the Russian submarine and for that he was allowed a Hollywood shower unfortunately now he’s lost it and he hopes he can find it again. Thinking back you remembered how he heard the humpback whales mating off the Bermuda daydreaming will not find the Russians sell off he Goes Again running programmes he asks if the boat and make a turn for Easterly and one knocked down I’m finally at Mark 350 another sound just like the last it is a Russian submarine but which one.

    HMS Invincible
    Jack now dressed as British seaman, thanks everyone has forgotten about him the Invincible has been going round and round in circles off the Massachusetts Coast waiting for the Russians to surface making him feel sick. So he started to read the book that had no Ritter has given him of lost children all about Russian defectors Ryan finds it interesting is cynical the admiral of the flagship walks in and ask him if he’s ok which Jack just a little, he asks the Admiral when will they be making contact with the Russians and the Answer comes late this evening.

    Norfolk Naval Medical Center
    Thanks to Dr Jamieson, Tait has been able to sleep for 5 hours the seller they have found is better and it’s not a high exposure of radiation. Tait asks after the Russian and he’s told that they are KGB and now they have a reporter crying to Prowler holes so to Marines have been put on the floor and the entire floor has been sealed off.
    He goes to to see the sailor and his shocked to discover that Petchkin is trying to reach in his cot for a smoke only when the other Russian explain to him does it seem to have an effect and he is very apologetic to the doctor. Tait tells the medical staff that the patient is never to be left alone at all. The Russians wanna sell it to talk so they have to have him at least survive for now.

    Norfolk Shipyard
    The captain of the USS cab what is impatiently have the DSRV it’s great about the Avila the only thing that makes you happy about this is the fresh fruit and vegetables that his crew and now enjoying.

    Red October
    Melekhin shows Svyadov how he thinks savitar is thinking by pointing to the inspection valve in the main Fusion Reactor before touching anything he calls the captain and he request the generator shut down. With help from a huge rent it shows the young office at the smart pressure leak from small hole drilled in the side of the Screw Melekhin knows it was a very clever crew member and a very clever man in need to have done such a thing so he will keep his eye on the watch for the next few hours.

    What I think – the last two chapters all been about the set up for whatever skip Tyler’s plan is to keep the Red October and the Americans rush to carry out under the noses of the Russians, leaving Jack Ryan or let’s see how that will play a part in this and how they will be able to keep the red october I’m not too sure as the book has diverted quite considerably from the film and the audio book ending that I know so we will just have to see how everything works out.

    As always thank you for reading and I hope you can join me next week for the next chapter.

    Narrowboat Ezri – The 100 Miles Adventure – Top of The Locks

    Well we made it, the top of locks at Bosley well as close as I can well away from the lock landing, waterpoint and the two sections of permanent moored boats, but we made it. 

    After our time next to the main road, its like being in another world. The road does still follow the canal not as closely, so there is no danger of a car crashing through the tree line. With Dad sat up front and me taking the helm we set off. I wrote before about how I opened Ezri’s weed hatch a few days ago so before setting off I opened the engine bay again and pushed down on the weed hatch with my foot, it didn’t really need doing as it was fully sealed but it makes me feel better.

    The one thing I have started to do is slow down, from the quarter speed we have been doing to almost one click down from stopping really. Ezri takes over more these days all do is switch on her engine and sit her in the middle of the canal. The other thing I have been is the running the bilge pump just to make sure.

    So with Ezri puring away off we went, the Macclesfield has bit of habit of having broken banking so the weeds and the tree roots floating around so the best thing to do is stay in the middle which all very well but for two things boats moored on the left hand side and when you have 60foot narrowboat coming towards. 

    Which happened to us as we past between bridge 51 and 52 I had to slip Ezri backwards all that really did made Ezri kind of stand still, it gave me about two inches of room at the left side by the moored boat a few more inches on the other side, so no one touch anyone I was even able to move to make more room, Its a move I don’t think I could have made if Ezri had been any bigger.

    As we moved down canal the over grown grass on the towpath did make it hard to find a place to close to permanently moored boats which would wrong and to far CRT would be upset as it would be on the water point, so we did the best we could, I think next time I will have carry something to cut the grass.

    As always thank you reading and see you next week. –  By the way the next two blog post are going to be moving ones both with videos 

    Total Miles covered so far (Start point Bugsworth) =  30 miles 2 furlongs

    Miles covered this trip =  1 miles 5 1/2 furlongs

    Places been/Stopped- Bugsworth, Strines Road Narrows, Carr Swing Bridge, Bancroft Bridge No 8, Higher Poynton Winding Hole, Braddocks Bridge No. 19, Lane Head Winding Hole, Clark’ Change Bridge, Leadbeater’s Bridge No 40, Royal Oak Swing Bridge No. 49, Locketts Bridge No. 53.

    Bookends – Bookreview- 11.22.63 by Stephen King – Part Two – The Janitor’s Father – Chapter Six

    The following blog has spoilers for the Stephen King Book 11.22.63 this your one and only warning.

    STEPHEN KING -11.22.63

    The day that changed the world. 

    What if you could change it back ?
    On November 22, 1963, Three shots rang out in Dallas,
    President Kennedy died,and the world changed.
    If you had the chance to change history, would you?

    Would the consequesnces be worth it?

    The Book so Far – Jake leaves the drying Shed and has violent encounter with the yellow card man, but just as before he gives him the sliver dollar, Jake gets himself a root beer and has a very similar conversation with both Junior and senior.

    But there are things that are not the same a few beats are missed he then goes to the bank and deposit the money that Al has given him from find out that he still has his cell phone and a few coins from 2007 in his pockets.

    He then calls a cab and travel out of town to the Countryside of Maine where he finds a hotel room for the evening but unable to sleep he goes for a walk he then throws his phone and the remain coins into a pond and return to the hotel room goes to sleep.

    And now the Continuation – Part Two – The Janitor’s Father – Chapter Six

    1. Jake goes back to the Chevron dealer and by himself the 1954 convertible that was sitting in the parking lot a heads to a place called Derry happy that is until he gets there
    2. There is a cloud of pollution hanging over the whole place thanks to the many paper and textile Mills operating at full run. The car Jake’s driving is the only shade of colour in the entire place. Having forgot to buy a hat the previous day Jake goes into a haberdashery shop which like the rest of the town is very unfriendly and not very welcoming. He buys it has information about Harry running but the salesman has no information to give he then asked about a hotel. He then heads to the local bar and there were two guys looking at his convertible he asks them as well about Harry but they’re telling him looking a phone book. He feels he might as well turn the car around and got back through the rabbit hole, and leave Al High and Dry, He knows he can’t so heads up the hill and booked himself in to the hotel.
    3. Jake looks in the phone book and finds guys at the bar right Harry’s second name is extremely common in this part of town so he goes for something to eat and then tries to talk to the barman in the hotel.It turns out the folks around town are to family murders all kids round up and down The Swan patches that runs through the centre of town.But there has been one of the murder and it wasn’t some guy dressed as a funny clown that was a boy’s father so Jake ask you questions and it turns out the fire that has alibi out. It turns out there is a kid brother in his family as well he also has a hammer. Call Eddie but he disappeared last June.
    4. As Jake’s back to his room maybe he’s already changed the things by Simply being here.
    5. In the morning she goes to the restaurant and eat his breakfast and see the local paper he tries to look through the local paper trying to find the Diamonds are we can find is a pee wee football league team he then he then takes about perhaps just plug in the name into a search engine and letting Big Brother the rest but then remembered that the most up-to-date computers were the size of a small housing development so he goes to the library instead
    6. Jake begins to walk around town not really looking and not really seeing being aware of things but not really interacting with them until he hears a song, He gets to the library and is told that the census are now held at city hall and to speak to a Marcia grey and she will help him find out who is looking for.He does get to town hall and it stole all the records were wiped or destroyed in a flood so he can’t find who is looking for you are so besides it’s not good to start hanging around places as he leaves the town hall he hears the tune again and he’s correct it is a Glenn Miller tune so he walks towards the sound of the song
    7. There in a park area he watches to teenagers as they dance to the record he’s reminded to have his wife ex-wife and their six month both before and after they got married dancing in competitions he is also scared as if he is see a clockwork of the universe.They talked for awhile and Jake notices the something slightly is skew with them not like the grown ups.They seem to want to talk not shy away from him so he asks them slowly about Harry’s family I’m gets a few answers he’s even told what street they live on.After the questions he slows down the record player teachers the girl have to slow down A few of the steps.
    8. Jake leaves the children dancing down to where they told him the street while it’s a white head Lang Street old fashioned New England saltbox houses sprinklers and Lawns, the street dead ends recreational Hall which is deserted and for sale. Outside one of the houses there is a small little girl has Jake notes down the number of the house he sees the mother come out call the child in next to her is a young boy this young boy is a younger version of Harry.

    What I think – As we move through the world with Jake we are getting a bit of reflected history, some things I know about something’s I don’t not being American the interesting thing is the talk with the barman which does Strike me as a bit strange we have had a bit of exposition and we know about the killings that have gone on but the guy behind the bar seems to know slightly more than he’s telling in fact it does sound like he is quoting Mr King’s previous books by mentioning a gentleman dressed as a clown killing people and other people finding a body in the river.
    There is a very underlying thing in this story is if someone’s going to come out a point and beat the living out of Jake just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he sees the children Dancing In The Park some how otherworldly, I have no idea what job does has any bearing on the eventual outcome of the story or any eventual timeline but I just hope that we don’t fall into the some old trap of if he starts to change history history will make sure that he suffers.

    well that’s your lot for this week and as always if you have been thank you for reading and see you next week for the next chapter.

    All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October By Tom Clancy – Book – The Tenth Day.

    The following blog has spoiler for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

    Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision.

    The Red October is heading west.
    The Americans want her.
    The Russians want her back
    And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

    Recap the Ninth day – Anyway to skip Tyler tells general Parris and two other generals how he thinks he can keep the Red October and the crew and then he has to tell the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the president of the United States.

    On the Red October at the office is in the wardroom are disgusting why they cannot find a radiation and how they believe it could be sabotaged badges are the instruments so Ramius is begins the check all over again and then checked the equipment itself

    Later on it’s proved that the instruments are faulty and so they will not show any kind of radiation are in fact any kind leak, also the radiation monitors on the engineering deck are rigged in such a way to do the same thing. Some of the officershowever still believe that it could be a psychological trick plan by the enemies of the Soviet Union as repairs are carried out members of the crew begin to rush watch a long lie several minutes.

    Commodore Zachary Eaton moves his boat around the North Atlantic, so he can get a preemptive strike on the Russians if they begin to try anything

    A cargo plane is loaded with a deep sea submersible rescue vehicle and the load master has a few questions for the navy crew but all I can suggest is it may have something to do with the Americans finding a submarine.

    In an old nuclear bunker somewhere in Russia the president of the Soviet Republic talked about how ramius was able to control the Red October and now they are about to lose it but then is informed that the red october has a second spy of and who will be able to stop Ramius.

    In the White House the ambassador of the Soviet Republic it’s all about us finding the submarine that is roughly 300 miles Northeast of Norfolk it is believed to be the red october much to the dismay of the Ambassador but it is pointed out to him that because of their predecessors disposition in preventing a war the Americans have to help the Russians in recovery of the submarine.

    THE TENTH DAY 12 DECEMBER – pages 227 to 250

    SOSUS Control
    Is the NATO submarine early warning system used as a huge tripwire to alert those countries to the movements of the Soviet ships the barrier had never been expected to help more than half the attacking subs however those successfully slipping through would have to be handled differently. The NATO mission would be to meet in the Atlantic Bridge and continue transatlantic trade and obviously the Soviet mission would be to intercept and stop this. And the submarines would not be able to exist within the bubbles created by the control and would be hunted down and killed or merely driven off the convoys at speed,  all under the watchful eye of Commander Quentin.

    A B-52
    A B-52 bomber is sent on a mission to find out what Russian planes have been sent into the air they use a commercial airline flight path for the Russians into thinking they are a Pan Am air plane.Using this cover the crew lock on to the Russian missile systems

    The Nikolayev
    125 miles away from the Kira class cruiser a radio man is examining some blips and circles his screen is covered with 20 ghostly splotches, he sounds alarm which is then echoed by the other people within his radar station.

    A B-52
    The Americans switch off their attack radar system.

    The Nikolayev
    The Russians notice the missed some acquisition radar has ceased and the jamming has stopped they also found out that there are at least 8 and Amy aircraft circling above them The Officer asks if the Americans would be able to fire the missiles the answer is no. So the officer here’s the order to illuminate them to teach the Americans a lesson that they know where they are and fire on them when called on.

    Two F14 Tomcats.
    Commander Robby Jackson leads a squadron of F14 Tomcat called the Black aces, the mission is to monitor the movement of the Soviet aircraft and the Soviet planes. When the Russian plane spot them and then red warning lights on the panel begin to light up.

    The Kingfisher Flight
    The commercial flight operator sensor signal to the Kingfisher telling them that they have to American fighter planes flying next to them.

    The Two F14 Tomcats
    Both pilots advanced the engine controls and engage the after burners which dump fuel into the Pipes of the new f110 engines the fight is Leap Forward and went through to mach1

    The Kingfisher Flight
    The pilot of the Kingfisher receives the transmission from his ground control and believes the Americans attack he jerks back his stick and triggers his for myself at the departing American Fighters.

    The Two F14 Tomcats
    The missile screams through the air and both Tomcat take defensive positions and countermeasures the first missiles have blown up by the countermeasures and the second of the two Tom cats manages to get free but the second one is hit in the Starboard rudder and the impact causes the fight it to completely lose control then it is a scramble to get back into American airspace.

    Hummer 1
    Underground the Hummer control for the tomcats tell the second one not to engage

    The Two F14 Tomcats
    The second tomcat is able to visualise the first Tomcat and take account of the damage is also able to tell the pilot of the damage but not able get a response it takes another hour for them to reach the Kennedy and When the first pilot is removed from the first time that it is clear that he is not only suffering from some sort of trauma but he is severely wounded as there is blood all the way down his flight suit.

    Norfolk Naval Medical Center.
    Captain Randall Tait meets with the Russians, Dr Ivanov is from the embassy, Captain Smirnov and Vasily Petchkin they all head down to see a Russian seaman, who was in the water for twenty hours and now in a critical condition, with a prognosis being 50/50.

    Captain Tait points out that there are giving their Man the very best cat they can it’s there is any way to give him back alive we will find it. The doctor then asks if the Russian officials actually no the gentleman’s name when he was found he had no dog tags or any identifying marks.The Russians think he may be an intelligence officer and maybe you cook there are more interested in when he will be released but Dr Tait points out that he won’t be out of here in less than a month or it will be in a box. He tells them he may be a Russian but because he is in the hospital is Doctors responsibility and if they want to sit in the room with him they are more that welcome. Also they reluctantly tell him that the Seaman was on the nuclear submarine.

    Norfolk Naval Shipyard
    The USS Ethan Allen is coming to an end of service she had her cruise and her country for over 20 years carrying the Polaris sea launcher ballistic missiles in endless the troll’s of the sunless Seas. The latest crew was made up of members of the last operational team melli old timers looking forward to retirement and leading the kids who needed the education in the repair skills.
    Admiral Gallery visits the ship and all the old crew to a man say the old girl still has Life left in her.

    She be able to do it Ballery knew she do fine it was not the end he prefer for his fighting ship when it came down to.The Ethan Allen would die for a purpose a crazy person uh maybe but was far better than being cut throat blades are used as target practice.

    Two hours later a truck arrives at the dock and the quartermaster with help from the ocean graphic Naval Air Station fill the Ethan Allen with for bullet shaped objects and plastic pellets set into metal straps they look like bombs. When this was done there wasn’t home Guard set so no one could come over and see what has happened to the Ethan Allen.

    The Admiral, the oldtimer crew and a few new officers take the Ethan Allen out one last time without a tug or guiding surface ship.

    What I think – This is the second chapter without any mention of Jack Ryan, it’s very much the background of the CIA of the public face and the private face. We’ve almost had the outbreak of World War Three because the spy Aircraft flying into a Russian Patrol zone and the Russians trying to play no information no leak game with the Americans when one of their submariners have been picked up by the Americans. 

    How each side pretends to be one step ahead of the other without knowing really what’s going on and how the Americans are even keeping secrets from their own crew members with the decommissioning of the Ethan Allen. 

    Personal note as you can guess from the size of this log entry the chapters are getting longer but I intend to write everything, so I see no point in trying to split each chapter into two or three parts. That would just be more confusing

    So that when we come to the DVD and the audio book I can compare each equally the only thing I have left out so far with right at the beginning was with Jack Ryan was talking about hitting his own child.

    As always thank you for reading and I hope you can join me next week for the next chapter.

    Narrowboat Ezri – The 100 Miles Adventure –  Network Connection

    When I was on the Rochdale canal I did try and write a little about it history and were it links to but I couldn’t find the right information at the right so it was half done. 

    But last week when walking about here on the Macclesfield I saw a small box marked The Macclesfield Canal Society use BW key inside the box was small donation tin and a few leaflets by the society, giving the readier the history of the whole  and its place in the whole network system, I am going use bits of information from this  to give you bite size idea of the Macclesfield Canal.

    The route was laid out by Thomas Telford and engineered by William Crosley, it was one of the last to built in fact, it was very nearly a railway. and after the act of parliament in 1826, the canal was open on 9 November 1831.

    The canal begins at the junction of the Peak Forest Canal at Marple and then travels 26 1/4 miles to Harding’s Wood Junction joining with the Trent and Mersey and half way traveling down from Marple there are 12 locks at Bosley. Like many canals it travels through several villages and one town Macclesfield.

    During the late 1980 the Macclesfield Canal Society restored the unique milestones along the whole course. And since then have so much more to keep the canal open.

    Formed in November 1984 the society’s objective is to see to the best interest of the canal, keeping it open and useable for the generations to come.   More information can be found at

    If you have been thank you for reading and see you next week.