Bookends – Bookreview- 11.22.63 by Stephen King – Mysterious Fives pages

The following blog has spoilers, for the Stephen King Book 11.22.63 this your one and only warning.


The day that changed the world. What if you could change it back ?
On November 22, 1963, Three shots rang out in Dallas,
President Kennedy died,and the world changed.
If you had the chance to change history, would you?

Would the consequesnces be worth it?

At the start of the book after the Publishers information and dedication pages there are five pages which don’t have a title or name. The story the starts after those pages on page nine and is  named ‘Part 1 Watershed Moment’ 

What these mysterious five pages have to do without tail I have no idea but I will read them anyway so here is a brief synopsis.

A man called Jake Epping who’s wife has just left him because she says he’s ‘unable to feel my feelings’ and is emotionally blocked but she wrong, once as a child he’s cried at the death of his dog. And twice as a adult the death of his mother and the second time making a adult student english paper. Titled ‘The Day That Changed My Life’

The paper is written by a man and he’s of the night when his father killed his mother, two brothers and sister, Jack makes the paper A+ and really wishes his exwife had been right about being emotionally blocked.

Like said I have no idea what if anything links the pages to the story yet or even if they do but here they are.

All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October By Tom Clancy – Book – The Fourth Day

The following blog has spoilers, for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision.
The Red October is heading west.
The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back

And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap Third Day- We go back into Marko Ramius childhood, as he grows up being told the difference between Good and Evil by his maternal grandmother, She reads him Bible Stories eventually being baptised in the Roman Catholic faith. And on the other hand his father telling him to be good party member. 

But finding both worlds a lie he ends up find some pace at sea joining the Soviet Navy working his way though the ranks yet the only real pace came marrying Natalia, until A drunk surgeon boches a simple standard operation and kills her. Ramius is left a broken man and the state will be made to pay.


CIA Headquarters 

Jack Ryan is now back the US, now in the CIA headquaters and heading to the office of the Deputy director of intelligence, 

Vice Admiral James Greer a man who at sixty-six has spent the best part of his life working with and for the Navy endding up as a three star flag, officer. After give Jack coffe and a pastry they get down to work, Jack has photos of the new Soviet Sub Red October from the british who are will trade for a finished gadget by a man named Barry Somers. Which Jack knows a lot about 

Greer calls a second Admiral in fact Rear Admiral Charles Davenport director of naval  intelligence, and Captain Casimir the four or them pour over the photos Jack, but Greer nor Rayn tell Davenport want the British want. 

In the photos the Red October has two doors at the bow and stren, the british think they are launch tubes, but Davenport thinks sonar array but Ryan’s not sure one door but not two. Even with a total of ninety years experience in the room and not one of them can get want the doors could. Ryan wants to run the photos by Skip Tyler and man that Casimir knows.

As he’s about to walk out the door to take Tyler the photos Davenport tell Ryan that the October has alredy in the sea, and the skipper is Marko Ramius, Rayn has only hear second hand stuff but knows he’s good.

The U.S. Naval Academy 

Skip Tyler who looks like Oliver Wendell, and fours ago lost his leg in car crash takes a look at the photos Ryan has, Tyler sees its a Typhoon class within seconds and when asked about the doors, they are part of a propulsion system called the tunnel drive.

Simply put its a modified mill wheel, you suck two impellers in the water, suck water in the bow and the impellers eject the water out the stern. The navy dropped it because of effciency and the space to house the motor. But they did fix the cavitation sound.

Tyler needs some computer time to work out the new 3D models, Tyler thinks all this will take a week Ryan give him four days and twenty thousand dollars if he can work out all the numbers.

CIA Headquarters

Ryan makes it back to the CIA by eight that evening and tells Greer want Tyler told him and the cost of the information, going the right channles would in the long run have cost more and for a lot less information Greer hopes it going to help. 

SOSUS Control

Inside The Sonar Surveillance System Senior chief oceanographer technician Deke Franklin, is working at his console, when gets data from a set of sensors off the coast of Iceland he hears a pair of Alfas, a Charlie a Tango (kinds of subs) and a few surface ships, all looking for the typhoon that was ment to have sailed the other day. But they are haeding west and not northeast.

He also hears the Dallas real faint but he tell the skipper when he can, and is told just to log everything.

What I Think – Day four and British what a new toy and the Americans are trying to find out about the new boat at sea, Ryan is on a mission with a little help both the british have a bit of informtion and is calling in friend to help with the rest, he cuts a few corners to get the whole story on the sub/boat.

There is a lot about the iner works of both the CIA and MI5 here which goes on a little to long but, like I side before Mr Clancy is a man for the details right down to the colour and size of shoes people are wearing. Which is ok if your in the mind set to read about it.

Narrowboat Ezri – The 100 Miles Adventure – Radio Days

With the few days of work taking place in the middle week, Saturdays and Sundays are once again becoming some what of a rest/maintenance/clean up days, and with my dad help we get all the little things done. I have started to call them radio days. 

When am on Ezri I have my own I have my collection of mp3s/radio dramas/ radio Documentanies/downloaded TV/ebooks and video files but there own so many times you can hear or watch the same thing and plus I only have so much room on my phone and table computer. 

This were my small hand held radio and the BBC radio app come into there own

My dad is a football fan so its only fair to find a radio station which carries the match reports of all the football going on that saturday afternoon, we share the same kind of music taste so on sunday I don’t even have to change the station.

Both the football and the music are on BBC Radio Manchester the shows being Manchester Sports (saturday/sunday if there are extra matches) and Mike Sweeney ‘Sweeney’s Sixties Classics which is full three hour show. 

And even when is just me once again the music carries on the iplayer playing the download of the BBC Radio 2 Sounds Of The 60’s which now on at 06:00 am and now after the death of the wonderful Brian Matthew its fronted by Tony Blackburn.

And all that show even without a TV, I don’t feel like I am missing out on everything.

So if you have been thank you for read and see you next week

Bookends – Bookreview- 11.22.63 by Stephen King – Introduction.


The day that changed the world. What if you could change it back ?
On November 22, 1963, Three shots rang out in Dallas,
President Kennedy died,and the world changed.

If you had the chance to change history, would you?
Would the consequesnces be worth it?

The copy of the book I have is a hardback with a picutre of both President Kennedy and Jacqueline bouvier Kennedy riding in a motorcade its a frist editition printed in Great Britain in 2011 by Hodder and Stoughton and there are 740 pages, 31 chapters, there several more pages relating to the story the book is dedicated “For Zelda Hey, honey, welcome to the party”

The review will be posted every saturday afternoon 3 o’clock am GMT staring from the 20 May 2017 and every saturday until the book is done.

I will tell you how many chapters, (titles and numbers) I have read and want if anythings as happened then an over all outline and what I think will happen next. 

As you may have guess there will be spoilers, I mark this fact at the top of the blog and only once. 

Hope you can join me for this review, So thank you for reading and see you next week 

All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October By Tom Clancy – Book – The Third Day

The following blog has spoilers, for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision. The Red October is heading west. 

The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back
And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap Second Day- Captain Marko ramius has read out orders For the Red Octobers training exercises but one of the crew don’t think they are correct. On the USS Bremerton there hear the Russian sub three days late and then wait as it shuts off it engines Somewhere back in Russia there is an envelope that is failed to be delivered on time.In England, Jack Ryan sits at his computer working on the authorized biography of Fleet Admiral William Halsey a task he’s had for the last three years. And at the real rendezvous point for the Russian games the soviets sit and wait for ramius


The Red October – Their course was now two-five-zero on the west edge of the Barents Sea, Ramius hands over the watch a Lieutenant Ivanov who fresh and green, Ramius wants to test all his men so gives men chance to prove themself.

He and the other Senior officers head to their weekly political disscussion, Ramius then gets the doctor to watch two more new Lieutenants in the engineering section,  at the meeting with the demise of the zampolit Ramius is now in full control.

Each officer in this room was is a member of his conspiracy- so far there have been some minor changes which he’s not told anyone. Then he tells them about the letter, so there is no going back.

The planning had started with the death of his Natalia, the rage he had almost unknowing supperessed throughout his life. 

(We go back in time to Ramius childhood) – His father and how he ruled the Lithuanian Party Central Committee but how his Grandmother Hilda told him nighttime stories from the Bilble, even managed to have him baptized a Roman Catholic. But soon he works out that the Marxism-Leninism was jealous god, tolerating no competing loyalties, but he grows up a good boy and a good party member.

Until he’s eight years old a finds an old fisherman Sasha, who spends hours telling him tales of the sea and also the freedom of the sea, at thirteen Marko wants become a man of the sea. He works hard a falls in love not with the boats but the subs. Ramis is out standing in his own field.

And by has his own command and married to Natalia Bogdanova his career had been one uninterrupted story of achievement, for all the world to see a good party man.’

Then Natalia died and the hand of drunk surgeon- the State had robbed him of more that his wife, it had robbed him of a means to assuage his grief with prayer, it had robbed him of the hope – if only an illusion – of ever seeing her again.

Ramis could not have the doctor punished he was the son of a party chieftain so the state would be made to pay.

(Back at the table) All the men around him hi hand pick each with their own Reasons for leaving Mother Russia.

What I think – We are three days into this book and so far so good. But the only thing I would have done would have put all Ramis backstory as day one or even made it a extra start will the death frist then have on the sub.

Narrowboat Ezri – The 100 Miles Adventure – Through a Camera Lens

So this week post is going to be a little bit different, I not going talk about the trip I going to show you it, The follow are five short videos shot live by from the back of Ezri, as we travel along the Macclesfield Canal to Bollington and out the other side. There’s no edits or fancy music just me, Dad and Ezri. I hope you enjoy them.

As always thank you reading and see you next week.
Total Miles covered so far (Start point Bugsworth) =  24 miles 1 furlongs

Miles covered this trip = 1 mile 6 1/2 furlongs

Places been/Stopped- Bugsworth, Strines Road Narrows, Carr Swing Bridge, Bancroft Bridge No 8, Higher Poynton Winding Hole, Braddocks Bridge No. 19, Lane Head Winding Hole

Bookends – Bookreview- Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum – Chapter SeventyNine to Chapter EightyOne

The follow blog will have Spoilers and a plot outline for the book Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum leave now if don’t want to know what has been go on.

The Book so far- Harry is witness to yet another killing this time it Rocco who is killes at the hands of Charles Villers, the Villers then use Harry to help get rid of Rocco’s body,  Harry uses  this a change to get away, but things don’t go to plan and Charles ends up dead shot by Rhonda who goes totally off her head. 

Harry try’s his best to get away but ends almsot drowning in the river this time in a car, he wakes up to find himself in a hosptial bed, recoving from a gun shot. Slowly the world comes back to him and frist his mother and father come to see him are tell him they are here to take him home.

The second person to apper is Lizzie boss you tell Harry that Lizzie may or not be still alive and as far the police on both sides of the pond are concerned the case is over three people are dead, their no links to the anyone, anymore now the Villers are out of the picutre and the bag man is dead. Case Closed end of the line and no-one wins.

Chaptet SeventyNine- Five months later in a big empty room a world away from New York and London Max now calling himslelf Fernando Perez and Lizzie are talk Max is sick of doing nothing, Whatever is going to happen Lizzie want it run within the law this time.

Furella wrote them a said the FED’s took a look around Mazaras but drew a blank and Sal is doing good to. Under the Lizzie Perez they buy the big empty space and Lizzie call Max her husband, which after she explans it to him Max is happy with.

And then she tells him who she really is that she was a cop working with a cybercrime unit the whole thing and that she know they will think she now dead, and how she used Harry. Max doesn’t care in the end he knew something wasn’t right but now he free ans they are together so that’s that.

Chapter Eighty- Fiona Allinson is alone her mother advised her to file for a divorce, her father missing persons report, the childen think they father will come some day but when is the question and Fiona moves on.

Chapter EightyOne – Harry get back to New York and puts not only his flat back together but his life, the half million in cash is still were he put but to spend one note would a disaster until one frosty morning a note comes though the door 

Lizzie tells him her and Max are happy and the spend the money, he takes a cab ride out to Mazaras and finds all change on the outside and inside to, he’s accpted as one of the guys by Benny and Cora.

They are the last two everyone scattered like pigeons the place is now Cora’s in name and in fact, Max had is all work out from the start Harry setup the Villiers but Rocco got killed and he just took the money. Harry tells Cora Lizzie is a cop and in the end is the survival of the smartest not the fittest so who knows.

Harry gets a call for a new role at frist he says no then after a few minues call back call back a said sure why not.

End Of The Book the End of Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum.

What I think – And there is was done, Mr David McCallum’s frist novel and for want it was I enjoyed it, good old fashioned caper story, which would make a good moive for a very smart audience willing to see the first guy they meet disappear halfway through the book only then to return and be shot.

And then a second guy come along, a middle age actor, whos switchs roles from James Bond to John McClane and back again in blink on an eye

Mr McCallum can write, yes he really he can, but there are three things that don’t work, his writting from memory so some of his British references sound like a 50s and 60s Black and white film and his leading lady spend a little to much time sleeping her way out of trouble, and one part which was not only pointless but morally wrong on so many levels.

And lastly his day job is leaking though a few pages I have the feeling that he may have ask one of the NCIS writers to give the proof book a quick red pen work.

If you want a good book to read on and off at bedtime or on winters day afternoon sure I encourage you to seek out this book, It good caper story and like all good books it enjoyable so all power to Mr McCallum and when NCIS is over he should write some more.

All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October By Tom Clancy – Book – The Second Day 

The following blog has spoilers, for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision. The Red October is heading west. 

The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back
And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap Frist Day- Captain First Rank Marko Ramius has taken control the Soviet Submarine Red October as it begins sea trials, as they a pulled out to sea Ramius reflexs on his life and is not to happy about it, when they reach open water and inside the safety of his quarters he and his political officer Ivan Yurievich Putin open the orders for the sea trials. Ramius then kills Putin making it look like a accident and now has full control of the nuclear weapons aboard the vessel.


The Red October – One day has past since Ramius has killed Putin, Ramuis has let the crew settle into the ship’s routine and so now its time to disclose their orders he enters the contorl room and talking up the microphone in one hand and set file cards in the other beings

He starts be telling them about the tragic accident that killed their beloved friend and comrade Putin and how the orders do not permit them to tell fleet headquarters, but they are to dedicate their efforts and work to his memory.

The orders are to make the ultimate test of the new silent propulsion system, they are to head west though the imperialist sonar nets, skirking around the American coast evade dection from not only them but there own fleet, and then the pormised land of white sand beaches and dusky girls and socialist brothers that is Cuba for one whole week.  

Inside the aft galley a petty officer heards Ramius talking and knows that wasn’t what their orders werw supposed to be, had there been a change in plans.

Back in the control room Ramius stops talking and orders the swiching on of the new drive which has been called ‘the caterpiller’ by a young engineer who had been involved in the development. Everything is set and functioning well so they head bearing two-six-zero.

The USS Bremerton – Thirty miles to the northeast, USS Bremerton hears the screws of the Soviet sub Red Octoder shutting down two weeks early at fourteen knots but soon lose contact and think she will do a long slow drift they move closer.

Severomorsk, USSR – In the Cental Post Office a mail sorter pulls out an offical-looking envelop addressed to the Main Political Administration of Navy, What did the letter say ? He plays out ideas in he’s head but at sixty-two he know that it will just be is some pampered prima donna submariners writing home. The letter falls to the floor tomorrow it will someone else job to pick it up.

Morrow England –  Jack Ryan sits at his computer working on the authorized biography of Fleet Admiral William Halsey a task he’s had for the last three years, when his daugter come to ask if Santa will know where they are this year. And yes he will. So Sally goes off the play happy Jack however save the work he’s been doing and prints out the christmas list so as not to forget something. When he’s back in Washington next week (There is a little bit here I am leaving out as its to do with spanking a child)

The V.K. Konovalov – In grid square 54-90 waits the VK Konovalov, Captain Second Rank Viktor Alexievich Tupolev paces the periscope pedestal, waiting for his old mentor and the start of the October Frost exercise. Hoping to beat the old man by mimicing the American tactic of drifing. No-one as yet to embarrass the schoolmaster Tupolev wants to be the frist.

What I Think – The deeper we get into the book more smaller the world gets Mr Clancy makes you feel the cold, the mind set of the good and the bad party members. As they come to terms with life on the subs plus there everyday lives at the post office.

And the Americans as they watch and wait.

Then there is Jack Ryan who for three years has been writting a book, and is stop by his little to ask about Santa, which has happend more that once.

So what will happen next, How will Jack Ryan play role in want Ramius has planned, what is the letter at the post office. And will Tupolev become the new schoolmaster. Only time will tell

As always thanks for reading and see you next week when we cover All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October day three

Narrowboat Ezri – The 100 Miles Adventure – Maintenance Day

As me and Ezri work our way down the Macclesfield canal and deeper towards the unknow, its time make sure she’s still ship shape and happy to carry on, but not only that but little bit of painting to be done. 

Thankfully the rain held off so with the paint left over the coal and wood boxes Dad got a brush and paint the inside as I took the other end of Ezri’s engine bay, with the small leak a thing of the past now, it was time to make sure that there no more water getting in.

And what water there was I could easly pummped out, it was a simple case of reaching down with a small bottle end and making sure the blige can lift it out, and moved want water there was but not only that I made sure that Ezri’s engine didn’t need oil or coolat. A mistake I have made only once and never again.

I wanted to work out a place to put Ezri so I could go to work the following day, So I locked up Ezri and walked the radio station mill (yes I know there is a real/better made for it but I like it) then past morring for the market and into Bollington itself, which like most towns are 24 hours which is a whole other thing. 

But anyway as you leave there is a swich over bridge once you cross it, the towpath is on the other side from my right to my left as I heading away down which has a few spaces around it, After that the canal backs onto AstraZeneca and Tessco so I think leave that alone thank you.

On the way back to Ezri, Dad got talking to another boater who has been on the water for around 40 years. When dad’s with me people mostly talk to him and some are a little surprised to be told I own Ezri, but whatever they are always friendly and welcoming. Well this boater has small butty boat with he’s been doing up and some spare paint which he gave to Dad for Erzi its real boat paint so we need to take care in using it but I know just want to do with it.

As always thank you reading and see you next week.

Bookends – Bookreview- Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum – Chapter SeventySeven to Chapter SeventyEight

The follow blog will have Spoilers and a plot outline for the book Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum leave now if don’t want to know what has been go on.

The Book so far- Harry has put his plan to move all of Max’s money, into action calling on a few old friends, all taking the role in a bealtes cover band, not knowing the real plan and who really is there roaddie.

As for Lizzie she’s looking for her own way out, not only from the club but from Max’s bedroom as the rest of the family still dealing with then now dead, Carter.

Chapter SeventySeven – Harry drives them to the Villers were, all four of them take a few of the cases apart, Charles is very happy and Rhonda plays the good host until there almost done and Charles simplely kills Rocco in one quick movement.

The Villers get Harry to help them move the body into ford and make him drive, as they drive Harry asks about the retirement plan, Rhonda tell him about her obsession but all Charles want to do is hide in Italy.

There end up god knows were Rhonda and Charles get out, taking the car keys with them but Harry works out that its the same coat he had many days before so now he has his own keys he act quickly

Rhonda pull her beretta and shoots missing with frist eight but hitting her husband with the ninth killing him and the tenth Harry left arm, the car plungges into a muddy pond, and he losse consciousness images of the cavarly comming to his rescue playing in his head.

Chapter SeventyEight- Harry wakes up to find himself in neither Heaven or Hell but in fact still in england and in a hospital, were surgeons have been rebuilding his left upper arm, and if he dose want he’s told he will be fully mobile soon.

Sometime later his mother and father come to see him, have read about the car sinking in a newspaper he will be going home with thwm once he can move.

Lizzie boss turns up 24 hours later and asks if Harry knows want has become of her, they have flagged her passport at Heathrow and even have security cameras showing a female of similar height and build but their not sure. Everyone and now Harry thinks she’s dead. 

There is now no one on this end that could help work out what is really going on Villiers is dead, Rocco is dead, Mrs Villiers has gone mad and Lizzie missing. The police have been to the Mews and all they found were several metal cases with their linings ripped out.

Harry tell Lizzie boss everything, and in turn is told tha Lizzie is part of a task force that works with MI5, MI6 and GCHQ and go after cyberterrorism they were really using Harry to make the link between London and New York though Villiers. But in the end it all came to nothing.

What I think- Just as I though Harry was done for in comes the police to save him once more, So it turns out that Lizzie is some kind of super cop and maybe dead. Which may have upset Harry but not me. Mr McCallum turned her into a bit of a doormat.

Harry has his skills as a actor to fall back. Your leading man was in frist few chapters then got shoot and Lizzie well broken home kid, hard working woman police officer then beds men to make them do things for her. Sure it meant to be the real world and a lot of women do that but after the backstory Mr McCallum gave her she sure as hell be able to think of something better that laying on her back.

I have three more chapter left, which I think will warp things up. What will happen to Harry now, is Lizzie really dead and who now has the money. I think know the anwers the last two question without reading ahead, but you never know.