Help For The Haunted By Tim Prasil – King Midas Exhumed

The eleventh story in the book its July 9th 1907 Vera Van Slyke birthday, and a Mr Adrastos needs the use of Vera’s special knowledge to help him attract customers to his new tavern,
Vera calls in the her old friend Mr. Vitellius Berry the historical researcher from Pittsburgh, but it turns out that Mr Adrastos hadn’t asked Lida and Vera to summon a ghost but to just create a sensation by their investigation, so that his tavern will take off, which with the help of Mr. Berry they carry, only to have a real ghost show up.
What starts out as lighthearted story with a lot of comic relief provided both by Mr Berry and Mr Adrastos soon turns into very deep heartbreaking tale.
Once again Mr. Prasil covers a lot of history in very few pages and always makes you want more



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