Help For The Haunted by Tim Prasil – Ghosts and Other Immigrants

The ninth story for the book begins with Vera and Lida still in New York, Vera wants her to meet a very old friend Mr Wou Sankwei who work for Harry Escott to.
Before they meet Mr Wou there is a little talk about Rick Bergson who Lida grown very fond of over time.
Mr Wou now runs a fish shop in Chinatown, but his accent rang more Canton, Ohio then Canton Provence China.
Over the course of a meal Vera and Mr Wou tell the tail of Mr Clancy a Irish man from Enniskillen and when they both worked for Harry Escott.
The year is 1885 and we are in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, I’m not going to say much more about the main story only two rivers merging into one.
As this tail is flash back we get see how Vera became the woman is now, Mr Wou is a welcome addition and they share some kind very close bound, how close is unclear but Mr Wou immigrated to the US twice.
Mr Prasil writing as always gives you a feel for the times and places without being bogged down in description so the story moves along very well.

If you would like to read this story for yourself Mr Prasil is giving it away for free her so please check it out



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