Narrowboat Ezri – The First Adventure – Day Three

The wind got up and so we didn’t go any were just stay in the same as last night before were to move, I had another talk with everyone and the pink boat make it to next lock trun around and head back but the other guy said once again he was going to Leeds which just before Wakefield it may not sound much to you but its almost four days help all have to do is just try and keep up.
After that you knows but for now I not scarred or mad with fear I just do want I am told learn.


Narrowboat Ezri – The First Adventure – Day Two

Yes I know its late I should have posted yesterday but here why I didn’t

Yesterday was a nightmare, the little skill I thought I had left me, I was scared, alone and lost,

I had left Blue Water around nine o’clock after being given more rope and a longer hose-pipe, slowly I headed to lock which was man so that was easy hand my rope over and hold on there was an other boat so I was helped even more. We head on a he turned into the other marina and that were the trouble started I couldn’t get Ezri to stay in the centre of the water.

I over steered first one way and then the next, I almost had her facing the way I had come, and then it started to rain hard and heavy so much so my shoes were sopping wet but slowly I made her true and we carried on. A narrowboat it very heavy thing to keep right

By this time I was finished I wanted dump Ezri on the bank and walk I didn’t care were just get off and go home but how could I do that that I didn’t see anywhere to tie her up I just had to carry on the rain did stop and I felt a little better two other boats had past me so moved out there way

Over steering again more panic, not knowing how far I had gone or even want time I though sod before I get even more lost stop and work out were the hell I was, the rain had stopped so I pulled over just to change my socks if nothing else I could leave Ezri here, were here was

Looking up the canal I saw a swing bridge, so paper map in one hand and wet shoes on I walked to it one of the boat I had seen before was moored up I watched as some worked the bridge, I walked back to Ezri and with want little reamed of myself got Ezri started I though if I could get just past the bridge I would be ok.

As I was doing this a narrowboat past by they gave me a wave and off they went up the bridge my heat sank I wanted to do the thing on my own so if anything want wrong then I would hurt not anyone else but by the time I got there two more boats were coming though and the two narrowboat’s I had seen were gone.

I let them go and was about move over when the bridge opened again this to let a big plastic boat thought so thought heres my chance I will go thew but come behind was a second boat panicing agian I pulled hard back and Ezri ran tail first into the mooring bank the white boat got past and I push forward hitting the both ends of bank crashing about. I know the other people on boat didn’t like want I did as they shouted somthing but I did hear want it was.

More panic set in as I carried on to the next lock. I had somehow meet up with one of the narrowboat that had past me.
At first I thought the woman working to lock was the keeper but she was the wife of the guy next to me.
They helpped me and that was that, I told him I was heading to manchester and the guy said they were going to Leeds but in my mad panic I didn’t understand want he meant.
But I tried to keep up and he pointed out the turning and I follwed him round but lost him.

Still trying to get the feel of Ezri but each somthing threw me off as was get pissed off again and huge white boat came behide so I moved over back mistake if your in the middle people move around you, so they got to swing brige before me but thankful kept it up for me and yet agian I hit Ezri all along the side.
They asked how long I had been on the boat and tell them it was my frist day, they took pity on me and help me though a few more briges until they when on they way.
Still half carzy, mad with panic I did my best to carry on until I saw I set lights showing amber the white boat was one side and two narrow boats the other they waved to me to stop so I cashed pulled Ezri to side, one of people was the married people that had helped me before and the other were people and first brige.
We were to go in lock all together me frist so I didn’t damage anyone and that’s want we did our little convey me doing my best to follow and keep up though a few more swing bridges over the river until the top of new junction were white boat left us and the two narrow boats pulled in.
We talk a bit me still not understanding half of want going on and the guy in the pink boat saying he’d seen me leave Blue Water that morning. They other man talked about all kinds of things I just told him I was heading to Manchester again.
We talked and said we would move again tomrrow (sunday) I made something to eat and my dad rang and I tried to tell want was going on but I such at mess still, I almost broke down.
I set the alrams on both phone tried to sleep.

Narrowboat Ezri – The First Adventure – Day One

Today I was meant to off, gone wave goodbye to Blue Water Marine but that’s not want happened.

We have to go back to the day before Thursday getting everything up and running all the late minute jobs hanging curtains, checking ropes putting fire covers on and getting all the paperwork in order.
That took a little longer that I had planed and a few things were missed, and put off until today.

I didn’t mean to over sleep I didn’t mean to forget. But I did. We had planed to buy a few days worth of fresh food before we set off (which was right I didn’t want to get Ezri and have throw stuff out) We did the shopping as planed but have way around my Dad ask me if I anything to open the tins with or if in fact
I had anything off with,

To which my reply was No. the plates were simple outdoor BBQ plastic ones as for a tin opener
Que, the mad run to Aladdin’s Cave (no really that want the shop is called) were I was able not only to buy an opener but knifes spoons and cookware.

So when got to Ezri it was 2:30 so after putting the food and a few other things away it was getting on for 3 and what put in more of a mess was when one the guys here pointed out I didn’t have a middle line (a rope which ties to centre of the boat for when your in a lock)

I didn’t buy boat rope I have car tow rope only because they have hooks on the end (I’m not to good with knots) but are only four meters long, I was scarred I didn’t want took more of a fool that I did, But he came back a few minutes later with a rope tied it on Ezri and said there now you have a middle line I asked want I own him and he said forget it.

The next job was the fuel, yesterday Dad got the cap off and with out fuel gage we couldn’t tell (Narrowboat’s don’t have them) so with the same man help we found out and took Ezri over to the pump.

I was a little over welded at first and I forgot everything I had worked out made all kinds of mistakes but I didn’t hit anything or fall in so that’s something, when we had done that we even drove up to the lock and he talked me thought it. (In Ezri the same lock takes half an hour to get it) so it would been 5 by the time I got there and dark before I found somewhere to stop.

So I have had free rope and lock lessons and I little more calm that I was the up shot being I am leaving tomorrow, spending the night on Ezri still at Blue Water is a little sad but I am better sorted and settled now.

I have tested my internet I can get online but not upload video as it takes to long so I will post photos and the video at the end of week I will write something every night.

Narrowboat Ezri – Softy softy

This is the last progress report on how far along Ezri is, because next Friday the 19th I will be leaving Blue water Marine under my own power. You may think I should have left a long time ago but work really has only taken 10 days as I have only doing one day week,

And in that time We (me and dad) have made Ezri fell more like a home that just the shell she was, I have two jobs on Ezri to do hanging curtains and fixing on the cap for chimney then, pay my mooring fee one or three extras and pay the licence fee to the Canal and River Trust and go

I haven’t written much about how Ezri runs or how everything works yet because for the simple reason I don’t know myself I have one or two ideas I have even run a few tests which work all I have do is up scale them, So here’s to next Friday the shake down cruse of Narrowboat Ezri

NarrowBoat Ezri – The last of the Hard work

All done, full stop. No more wood, no more cutting, no more banging and no more making things fit. Everything that needed fixing and glueing has been done.

We have put edging strip a long the steps down into Ezri so I don’t end up kicking them out over time, glued up a cup tree so they don’t get broken when I start to move around the canals Work out a way having extra power for my phone and few other toys (I will talk more about that when I start to us them) and last but no least bought a hose pipe so I can fit Ezri’s water tank

Ezri is now looking almost like my home, the only things need putting in are curtains, bedding, things for the kitchen and food so really all the soft things.

After I have paid for my boat licence, a small mooring fee and fuel I should be able leave before the end of the month I did want to go sooner but one or two things a broken lock gate being one of them,

I think that just about wraps everything for this post the next one I write should be for the start adventurer

NarrowBoat Ezri – Making Room

The list of jobs gets smaller and smaller as we reach the time to be off. It just a lot of buying a last minute fixing and making room.

The best example of this are to small cupboards when we started last week they were just a big empty space so everything would have smashed around, but will a bit cutting sawing and no-more nails I now have a shelve over the sink, the next problem was were to put the things like knifes, forks and plates you can’t have them kicking about all over so I a spent a little more money on a plate rack which my dad put together and stuck to the wall.

With the wood that was left over I made cover for the power lines, they were sitting out in the open and look very scary. I have worked out want each do and were they go around Ezri and I have even seen how they do want but just to be safe I am hiding them away.

The last little job before I start putting in all the soft things like rugs, curtains and all the rest are the steps they are made up soft wood cuts which leave little gaps which over time will split and break so I have come up with a idea, if I put square  edging over the gap that will stop the splitting.

NarrowBoat Ezri- Making things fit, and other worries

Just like last week we put up a rail of curtains but this time for the smaller window, The rail when up easy I looks as if it had been there all this time.

I had bought some more door blots for the front door and the hatch on the side to go length ways I even got some wood the mount them with, But this didn’t work the blots didn’t fit even with mounts, so I took off the down blots and replaced it works a lot better, As for the wood my dad was a little disappointed spending money and we couldn’t make things work, so I thought about want we could use it for.

First to block up the space around the small port holes but that didn’t work second use a as handles on the two bathroom doors (doors if I had my way I would take out) but didn’t work right, But the I thought about the two small cupboards I have one by the front door the second over by the sink.

If we were cut the strips and use them for mounts for a shelve then we would solve a problem and not waste money and so that’s want we did.

Had also made up a letter stencil to paint Ezri name down one side, but the letter was just a bit to small, a problem which I can work out later, any way I wanted to try a least to see want the yellow would look like so I painted Ezri’s hinges on the cover for gas, OK its rough and I used a bigger brush but I think it looks good,

I not going to repaint her all over just the hinges and her name and that’s it just highlight thing.

The other worry I keep coming back to is power I have it all set out in my head which button to press at want time which switch does want, then I walk away and get all turned around, I spent the last few hours scarring myself by pricing up solar power packs and other things I know I don’t need but just in case.

The bottom line is I need to get out a try it not just plan

NarrowBoat Ezri – Rails, Tape and Power

This week we (me and my Dad) spent a lot of time on Ezri pulling up a curtain on the right hand side of her, not to close to the fire. It was so want easy because it was mostly in bits, the only thing that you have be mind full of its the thickness of the wood.and the when you hang the curtain its nowhere the flue of the fire.

With all the work on the inside want must-an be forgot are to moving parts on Ezri’s outside, the first thing is the engine bay board which simply put is a wood cover which covers the engine and you stand the problem is that the one I have was even was never weather the right way so, its splitting and barking a part, Measuring tape in hand I work out a replacement. the other thing was the nice people at Blue Water Marine put a tunnel light so Ezri is no longer blind.

Working out how the flow power runs though Ezri is both easy and hard at the some time I can get the lights to work one switch and a button and there on but when it comes to the plug sockets there is still a stage I am missing, Ezri’s power comes from her engine so one of two things need to happen for the sockets to work. I need to run her engine and switch two more things. But like I said a few weeks I don’t know how much diesel I have,

NarrowBoat Ezri – The Stainforth & Keadby Canal

I wasn’t able to work on Ezri this week, but that doesn’t mean I going to miss a week, So I thought I would talk the canal system itself, Unlike a river or a sea as the canal moves around country is changes its name,

Some are named after the person who over saw its commissioning like the Bridgewater canal which connects Runcorn, Manchester and Leigh, but most are named after the places it passes though, the Trent and Mersey canal for example others are named after the river that feeds them.

The first few hours of my journey will begin on The Stainforth & Keadby Canal about three miles in at Blue water Marine and ends at Keadby Junction

The Stainforth & Keadby Canal links the Sheffield & South Yorkshire Navigation with the River Trent and was opened in 1802, its a rural canal so is very popular with the odd angler. The Stainforth and Keadby Canal runs in total for some 14 miles from the New Junction Canal at Bramwith Junction to the tidal River Trent at Keadby.

I will only be spending a short time on the Stainforth & Keadby Canal before I turn right on to the New Junction Canal I have counted two swing bridges and one pair of locks so it looks like it maybe an easy start. I did want to post a map picture but Google is being very unhelpful


Next week I should be able to do some more work on Ezri’s fit out and talk more want needs to be done

NarrowBoat Ezri – Lights, engine and sand paper

After building the bed last week today task was it test everything and work out want each of the buttons on the control panel do without starting Ezri’s engine I was able to put all the cabin lights on and see which bulbs need changing, the second job was test the power sockets, but without turning on engine don’t work I think the battery needs charging I don’t really know how long for so I didn’t switch it on, for two reasons the first being I don’t want to up set people with the noise and second I have no idea the amount of fuel I have.

I know that sound like a cop-out but to switch on the engine and bunt all my fuel just to test I can charge my phone does sound waste full, the lights came on so I know the power is working,

Ezri is covered in ply wood which is a good and bad thing, the good that she feel warm, homely and bright the bad thing is that leaves a lot of places were you find splinters and rough ends rubbing, I have sand paper to clear a lot of this but takes age to find, I guess I only find them when I stop looking.

Just like last week I did take some video, I had planed to add a voice over but I can’t find a way of recoding my audio so I don’t sound like I am in wind tunnel, So for now here is the video with live sound.