All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October By Tom Clancy – Book – The Third Day

The following blog has spoilers, for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision. The Red October is heading west. 

The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back
And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap Second Day- Captain Marko ramius has read out orders For the Red Octobers training exercises but one of the crew don’t think they are correct. On the USS Bremerton there hear the Russian sub three days late and then wait as it shuts off it engines Somewhere back in Russia there is an envelope that is failed to be delivered on time.In England, Jack Ryan sits at his computer working on the authorized biography of Fleet Admiral William Halsey a task he’s had for the last three years. And at the real rendezvous point for the Russian games the soviets sit and wait for ramius


The Red October – Their course was now two-five-zero on the west edge of the Barents Sea, Ramius hands over the watch a Lieutenant Ivanov who fresh and green, Ramius wants to test all his men so gives men chance to prove themself.

He and the other Senior officers head to their weekly political disscussion, Ramius then gets the doctor to watch two more new Lieutenants in the engineering section,  at the meeting with the demise of the zampolit Ramius is now in full control.

Each officer in this room was is a member of his conspiracy- so far there have been some minor changes which he’s not told anyone. Then he tells them about the letter, so there is no going back.

The planning had started with the death of his Natalia, the rage he had almost unknowing supperessed throughout his life. 

(We go back in time to Ramius childhood) – His father and how he ruled the Lithuanian Party Central Committee but how his Grandmother Hilda told him nighttime stories from the Bilble, even managed to have him baptized a Roman Catholic. But soon he works out that the Marxism-Leninism was jealous god, tolerating no competing loyalties, but he grows up a good boy and a good party member.

Until he’s eight years old a finds an old fisherman Sasha, who spends hours telling him tales of the sea and also the freedom of the sea, at thirteen Marko wants become a man of the sea. He works hard a falls in love not with the boats but the subs. Ramis is out standing in his own field.

And by has his own command and married to Natalia Bogdanova his career had been one uninterrupted story of achievement, for all the world to see a good party man.’

Then Natalia died and the hand of drunk surgeon- the State had robbed him of more that his wife, it had robbed him of a means to assuage his grief with prayer, it had robbed him of the hope – if only an illusion – of ever seeing her again.

Ramis could not have the doctor punished he was the son of a party chieftain so the state would be made to pay.

(Back at the table) All the men around him hi hand pick each with their own Reasons for leaving Mother Russia.

What I think – We are three days into this book and so far so good. But the only thing I would have done would have put all Ramis backstory as day one or even made it a extra start will the death frist then have on the sub.

All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October By Tom Clancy – Book – The Second Day 

The following blog has spoilers, for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision. The Red October is heading west. 

The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back
And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap Frist Day- Captain First Rank Marko Ramius has taken control the Soviet Submarine Red October as it begins sea trials, as they a pulled out to sea Ramius reflexs on his life and is not to happy about it, when they reach open water and inside the safety of his quarters he and his political officer Ivan Yurievich Putin open the orders for the sea trials. Ramius then kills Putin making it look like a accident and now has full control of the nuclear weapons aboard the vessel.


The Red October – One day has past since Ramius has killed Putin, Ramuis has let the crew settle into the ship’s routine and so now its time to disclose their orders he enters the contorl room and talking up the microphone in one hand and set file cards in the other beings

He starts be telling them about the tragic accident that killed their beloved friend and comrade Putin and how the orders do not permit them to tell fleet headquarters, but they are to dedicate their efforts and work to his memory.

The orders are to make the ultimate test of the new silent propulsion system, they are to head west though the imperialist sonar nets, skirking around the American coast evade dection from not only them but there own fleet, and then the pormised land of white sand beaches and dusky girls and socialist brothers that is Cuba for one whole week.  

Inside the aft galley a petty officer heards Ramius talking and knows that wasn’t what their orders werw supposed to be, had there been a change in plans.

Back in the control room Ramius stops talking and orders the swiching on of the new drive which has been called ‘the caterpiller’ by a young engineer who had been involved in the development. Everything is set and functioning well so they head bearing two-six-zero.

The USS Bremerton – Thirty miles to the northeast, USS Bremerton hears the screws of the Soviet sub Red Octoder shutting down two weeks early at fourteen knots but soon lose contact and think she will do a long slow drift they move closer.

Severomorsk, USSR – In the Cental Post Office a mail sorter pulls out an offical-looking envelop addressed to the Main Political Administration of Navy, What did the letter say ? He plays out ideas in he’s head but at sixty-two he know that it will just be is some pampered prima donna submariners writing home. The letter falls to the floor tomorrow it will someone else job to pick it up.

Morrow England –  Jack Ryan sits at his computer working on the authorized biography of Fleet Admiral William Halsey a task he’s had for the last three years, when his daugter come to ask if Santa will know where they are this year. And yes he will. So Sally goes off the play happy Jack however save the work he’s been doing and prints out the christmas list so as not to forget something. When he’s back in Washington next week (There is a little bit here I am leaving out as its to do with spanking a child)

The V.K. Konovalov – In grid square 54-90 waits the VK Konovalov, Captain Second Rank Viktor Alexievich Tupolev paces the periscope pedestal, waiting for his old mentor and the start of the October Frost exercise. Hoping to beat the old man by mimicing the American tactic of drifing. No-one as yet to embarrass the schoolmaster Tupolev wants to be the frist.

What I Think – The deeper we get into the book more smaller the world gets Mr Clancy makes you feel the cold, the mind set of the good and the bad party members. As they come to terms with life on the subs plus there everyday lives at the post office.

And the Americans as they watch and wait.

Then there is Jack Ryan who for three years has been writting a book, and is stop by his little to ask about Santa, which has happend more that once.

So what will happen next, How will Jack Ryan play role in want Ramius has planned, what is the letter at the post office. And will Tupolev become the new schoolmaster. Only time will tell

As always thanks for reading and see you next week when we cover All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October day three

All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October By Tom Clancy – Book- The First Day

The following blog has spoilers, for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision. The Red October is heading west. 

The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back
And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Or so says the paper back book I have, over the following blog I cover the whole book and its 469 pages outlining each chapter and then what I think will happen next. A quick look at the book shows there are no chapter numbers, and it would apper that they are titles spanning eighteen days. So that people can read along or keep I will be writing how long each chapter is by page number this will also work for the flim and audio later.


The Soviet Navy submarine Red October leaves the base at Polyarnyy, after two months, her Captain Frist Rank Marko Ramius stands watch as with help from the icebreaker Purga they head to the open sea.

Captain Second Rank Ivan Yurievich Putin – political officer joins him and they talk, Ramius dislike the man and does his best not to let it show, as Putin questions Ramius about his need to be out at sea.

Inside his head Ramius relives his childhood his father rise in the party and the fact he’s half Lithuanian, then about the death of his wife a crime committed not by god but the State, that demanded punishment.

The water around the October rises and Putin heads back inside but Ramius stands watch for another hour until they reach the open sea and leave the Purga, this will be the last time Ramius  will see all this one way or another he’ll never come back.

Ramius gives the dive order and the October is filled noise a the ballast tanks go to work, using the periscope Ramius watchs the black water change briefly to foam, they level off at one hunderd meters. Ramius gives the sub over to Comrade Lieutenant Gregoriy Kamarov and heads aft.

Putin and Ramius are in the wardroom, here there is a safe with October’s orders in side. Ramius has one combination and Putin the other they have fifteen minutes until Ramius can open the safe.

They spend the time talking about how Ramius trians the men, and that his just a sea and not a schoolmaster despite want people say the chronometer chims four. Each in turn they dial in their combination.

The orders are for war games with the attack sub V.K Konovalov and her captian Viktor Tupolev, Ramius knows the captain and will not let Tupolev. As for Putin he knew the orders even before opening the safe.

Putin is about walk out of the door when Ramius kicks his legs from under him and quickly, skillfuly and simply brakes the man’ neck in his strong fisherman’s hands. He uses the tea they have been drinking and makes it look like Putin fell over.

He calls for the medical office who checks Putin yes the man is dead, Ramius act sorry for the man and is sad for him,  Petrov asks if he should report to fleet headquarters, but Ramius shows him orders that are explicit and say maintain strict radio silence, so its with huge sadness Putin body is put in the freezer but not before taking control for the missile control key from around his neck.

Ramius takes the conn once again and he orders the sub to a course of two-nine-zero degrees, west-northwest, the war games are to the east.

What I Think – So that was only the frist chapter/day, I knew that Mr Clancy put a lot into his writing, and it only fair I do the same of this review, each blog post will just be one chapter/day how every long that will be.

And want I have read so far is very enjoy able, we have been given the feeling of being on a Russian sub not only by description of the weather and the sub itseld but the fact that Mr Clancy uses Russian words like zampolit, Rodina and michman with english not to far away so you don’t get to lost.

We have meet the Russian, heard them speak and got inside Captain Frist Rank Marko Ramius head were we go from here is anyones guess.

As always thanks for reading and see you next week when we cover All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October day two

All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October – Intro 

The votes have been counted, both this week and last, In all that time I had the sum total of two votes, on here and twitter both wanting me to read/cover Tom Clancy’s  The Hunt For Red October.

So just like The Ipcress Flie I going to give you a little background on the three incarnations I will be using. 

Frist off the book the copy I have is a paperback one a Berkley Book published by arrangement with Naval Institute Press, the cover is embosted with Tom Clancy’s name in white and in gold the title and the image of Sean Connery. Followed by three stills from the flim, then flim credits then half way down the next page we have a print history which tells the frist print was by the Naval Institute Press in 1984 and the Berkley Book edition 1985, then copyright informtion for the flim still which are 1990. The book was printed in united states of america. There are a total of 469 pages. Not counting acknowledgments and at the back of the book a small about the author section.

Second the flim, its a single DVD copyright 1989 by Paramount Pictures and from their Widescreen Collection, just as the book cover it shows Sean Connery in red, and had his name above the title under this is the name Alec Baldwin. On the back of the case there is small a synopsis and the list of special features, then more words naming the directer, producer and the main cast, it also says the flim run time is 130 minutes.

The last incarnation of the story I have is a Harper Collins Audio Book which is two abridged cassette tapes approximately three hours listening, read by Richard Crenna, copyright 1986 unlike the book and  flim case Sean Connery doesn’t feature instead Tom Clancy’s name and the title is printed in purple with a red outline, I have chose to use this incarnation of the audio book as quick serach around the internet has the uncut reading at 12 hours long and reader is unkown. And there for can not be credited as a reliable and credibile soucre.

Now it may look as if I only doing half the work on the audio side of things but the whole point is to see want gets left in and what gets taken out in each form of media and why.

Going into this I know the main characters name is Jack Ryan but that is all. And that The Hunt For Red October was Mr Clancy’s debut novel and that is it.

As always thanks for reading and see you next week when we start All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October – beginging with the book

All The Right Words – The Results So Far 

Well no-one left a vote or a comment under my last All The Right Words post, and I put a poll over on my twitter page and only two people voted. Which I am little disappointed with, as I know there a few people who have liked the post, so I am going to exend the voting for another week. 

The list will remaind the same

James Ellroy – La Confidential

Tom Clancy – The Hunt For Red October

Ray Bradbury – Fahrenheit 451

Robert Harris – The Ghost

Pierre Boulle – Planet Of the Apes.

And all you have do is comment on the original post

or even this one, I do have two and if no one votes or comments again those will be counted and action will taken. I want to be fare to eveyone to give them time to vote.

All The Right Words – Which One Next ? 

We have reached the end of The Ipcrress File blog posts last week, we have covered the book, flim and even a audio drama by the BBC. Which show us three different worlds using the same base characters. And even if the those differences were very small it was fun finding them and working why they were needed. In the case of the flim it was mostly about cost and the audio drama was bulding on the flim soundtrack and knowing it place in the world with few in jokes.

So the question becomes want do I read next, well that’s were you come in dear reader, I have a list of five authors, and I am going to let pick who it will be. Just like the last time we start with the original book, then move on to any film adaptation that was made and if there is a free audio drama or a cheap audio book I will review that to

So in no real order here are the authors and their books

James Ellroy – La Confidential

Tom Clancy – The Hunt For Red October

Ray Bradbury – Fahrenheit 451

Robert Harris – The Ghost

Pierre Boulle – Planet Of the Apes.

To pick which one I read all you have to do is write the authors name comment section under this post.  And one week later when I have counted to votes the blog will start, if there are no votes or no clear winner I draw one at random. But were is the fun in that. 

Yes I know there no woman authors on my list but that is because the many books I have by woman authors are mostly crime fiction, Agatha Christie, Ruth Rendell, Ellis Peters, P. D. James and Val McDermid, and their book end up as episodic TV shows or mini hour long one offs which are hard to find on DVD or the story is in the middle of a run of 24 and some how inerlinks with everthing else. But that’s a blog for another time.

So if you have done thank you reading and don’t forget to vote

All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton. 

The following blog will have Spoilers for The Ipcress File BBC Radio Four Extra audio drama starring Ian Hart and spoilers for the book and the flim of the same name.

The story -The CIA man wakes the spy and tells him that he’s now full of drugs to help with his memory and then beats him up as he asks questions, the beating gets wose the CIA man ask the spy about Stev Marsh, the man dead on the tower, but all the spy can think is were Dalby could and why is he not helping.

They even call the spys father into question, the CIA man hands over the spy to the Hungarians so that the US can have two of their pilots back, the spy is Knocked unconscious and then we hear the sound of the soundtrack for the Ipcress Tape.

Despite slowly regain consciousness and he tells us that two days maybe 3 days have passed Then later food Is push to the opening of the door Something like porridge and water, the water contains more drugs. A few more days passed and then walks a small man, who says 

“Sky is blue earth is black”

“So what” Our spy says and is hit 

The spy gets hit every time he gets something wrong, There is a lot of pain and  until he gets everything right, There is just the food with the drugs nothing more, then one day a british fella comes into the cell and tells our spy that in simple trems he’s on his own.

More of the little man and his funny questions, but the spy now has a paperclip from the british fellas paper work.He uses the paperclip on the soft lock of the cell and runs he fuses the light with sliver paper from a cigarette box he finds he runs some more And is faced with a  wall which he climbs, he falls off the othe side into what he thinks is a trip wire but is really some guy runner bean frame. He back in england east London, in hides in a hotel room and works out what to do next.

Happy he got out he realises how close he came to being brainwashed and believing everything he was told, He then calls the office almost to see Dalby and the others Using a fall back position, He sees Jean and tell her all he knows, And she said that she wanted to sell him back to Dalby the spy asked to be taken to Guildford.

At Dalby’s home the spy see the three men, Dalby, Jay and the little man with the funny question but before he can get inside, Chio turns up with a gun at the spy back tells hi that he’s MI5 and to do as he asks but Jean knocks out Chio just Jay is leaving .

The spy and Jean follow Jay to his own house, leaving Chio the spy get Jean to call Ross and the others and goes inside, Just like thw book Jay is cooking a meal, Jay goes on to explain that he controls people, And thier loyalty to whoever or whatever he is paid to make them believe in.

Dalby setup the spy up so that they could have something to give the CIA, Ross and the other walks and take away Jay. Toghter he and the spy eat the cooked food.

Back in the office, Ross now running things and the IBM computer, the spy asks how he knew Ross could trust him, well you didn’t buy the file. A few seconds later Jay walks in the door now working for the good guys.

End of Audio End of Story.

What I think- So we reach the end of all the incarnations of the ipcress files I have. And yes they are the same story and tell the same basic story of a working class spy being brianwashed by the up class old boys network. 

But they do it in a different style the book drives home the point every two or three pages. And the spy is quick witted and knows a few tricks to help himself out.

The flim well the spy is still working class and quick witted but makes up a lot of want he does not know on the spot working and following others like Jock. But dumps others like Chio and half the office staff, and they give the spy a name

Now the audio is a mix of both it sticks closer to the book as they do leave england, the spy is able to make jokes about James Bond and George Smiley so they know its position within the existing universe If you’re interested in the world of Harry Palmer I would watch the flims but if want know about the spy or the Len Deighton world I would just read the books.

All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton. 

The following blog will have Spoilers for The Ipcress File BBC Radio Four Extra audio drama starring Ian Hart and spoilers for the book and the flim of the same name.

The story -They make a list of all the houses and bulidings that the man could have just left, big places away from the street and the roads, The spy asks Chio to bang on a few doors take a look around but Chio has no coat so the spy takes on the job himself. Something the flim never did. In the end they find a house and the spy and Chio break in, the police wait outside only to find Ross inside, the whole place is empty.

Whoever owned the house has cut off the second floor all the walls have been taken away there is a ladder which use to get upstirs and find a water tank just like the book there is a bit of tape inside.

The next day Ross calls our spy into his office he has a can of flim for the spy to watch just men talking in a room with no sound and asks if he what’s to buy a file, The spy says no this replaces the suppermakret secen in the flim and the club one in the book, but it still adds the fact that Chio is working for/with Ross. The spy then goes to the poilce and they give him a tape which could people talking or strange sounds.

Confussed and upset the spy goes to get coffee and trys to work out want it all means, when his new assistant walks in Jean (Fenella Woolgar). Back at the office Chio rings and tells the spy he thinks he’s seen Dalby, and follows without filling in all the right paperwork but Jean steps in and does it all.

Everyone knows something he doesn’t and later that night Dalby brakes into his own office he tells the spy about an A-bomb test, Dalby says bring Chio because he has no idea that Chio is away so the spy covers for him, Jean comes insted

The movie soundtack kicks in as travel music, just like the book the whole place is run by the Americans and they put on a good show for Dalby, Jean and our spy He even runs into his old friend Skip Henderson (Kerry Shale), They talk about a leak that the Americans are having and Skip Henderson talks about man they don’t know and who doesn’t exist. 

Jean is about tell the spy want she thinks about Skip when Dalby comes along he now actting the part of brit abroad sampling the American culture and even wearing an Hawaiian shirt, So Jean still tell the spy want she thinks that Skip is Afraid but not for himself for somebody very close to him.

The morning after the spy goes for a walk at one of the Towers he runs into skip only this time skip has a gun and he says the whole world and everybody in it is against the spy and the thinking is that  he’s working for the Russians So he goes to Jean to find out the truth. Who tells him that she Easily switch alliances to whatever the spy is trying to do, But she has something to show him.

They drive out to a place on the island and the Spy just as in the book findParts of a radio and a Russian high frequency Note, She asked him what he’s going to do and the spy says he’s going destroy the pieces of equipment and burn the note. And see want fate will bring.

They go back to the other side of the island and in the night the spy gets a call from Dalby saying that Skip is in trouble and needs the spys help, with more help from the soundtrack the spy follows the Dalby’s car and then just like the book ends up in somekind of cell.

60 minutes end point.

What I think- The Audio drama is pretty much sticking to what it can In the book beat for beat majority of it is still there If not it is slightly altered for example The spy  never asks For an assistant, But Jean shows up anyway And the running gag with the coffee is only done to a certain extent. There are even nods to the other two Spy’s of the silver screen on being John le Carre and the second one being Ian Fleming. 

As I have said throughout the soundtrack from the film is used to drive home certain points and even used it Alternate versions for travel music. And just as Michael Caine’s Walk and gate is used to demonstrate the Spy is working class Ian Hart does the same thing. And we every have real American actors. 

All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton. 

The following blog will have Spoilers for The Ipcress File BBC Radio Four Extra audio drama starring Ian Hart and spoilers for the book and the flim of the same name.

Before we start a little background on the audio drama itself frist broadcast on Sunday 23 Oct 2011 at 1:30 pm in the afternoon on the BBC Four Extra station its 1 hour 30 minutes long and uses the same opening song as the flim written by John Barry. Unlike the book and DVD flim its not split into chapters just one continuous story. But I am going to split into three blogs each at the 30 min point in the audio file so as not over welm you. This one will end 32 mins in the second at 62 mins and the last to end of the flim 

The Story- It opens with Ian Hart,  The agent/spy waking up and talking about the bad London weather, and if he only listened to his mother a lot of people would be alive today. The flim song kicks in and the cast it read out. He tells us about the cab ride to the war office then his meeting with the Major Ross just like the book and the flim talk about his army file, Ross here is played by James Laurenson it plays out a little flim but Ross gives the agent a little more background on Dalby little band of men.Ross doesn’t go with him but ask him how he feels about bass bands.

The Agent gives us a run down of the Dalby bulding even the names on the door plate match the flim, the frist person he meets is Chico (Jamie Bamber) in the background there is sound of a brass band. The brass band is a childhood memory for the spy his father was a coal miner, he makes a joke about hin now brending wipits but really runs a second hand book shop.

Chico takes him see Alice (Rachel Atins) who in turn gives him a mug of coffe for Dalby (Jonathan Coy) he gives Dalby the mug who says “I am sure you’ll love it here” the spy says “I have a pure heart and a clean mind…I will a  loyal, dilgent employee I will endeavor each day to be worthy of the trust my employer puts in me” Dalby’s anwer is “I make the jokes”

Outside the band play ‘Abide with Me’ and Dalby’s reaction is well they do, Dalby tells the spy all about his job which is to find a biochemist code name Raven. The Home Office will be Dalby’s det if they can find him, the spy comes up with a story of what could happening.

But in truth a man called Jay (Peter Marinker) had Raven and the simple job is to buy Raven back, no questions asked, Jay is in the coffee house down the street. So off the spy goes. Jay is there after tea and apple strudel the spy walks over to Jay and gives him a made up name. Jay to gives a made up name they both know its a game, they go a strip club and the spy is told to wait and as he does he gives each of the dances new names pointing out the real personalty. Three girls later he’s still waiting so he goes and takes a look around, he finds himself up stairs though a mirror he sees Raven laying on a table.

Just like the book he throws a typewirter though the mirror and ripps his trousers, Police raid the happenes to, and the spy calls HQ Dalby has another job for him, the spy tries to tell him about ripped trousers (this becomes a running gag) but Dalby cuts the call, Now with new papers Alice drops him off at the airport.

To Beirut he goes flying frist class, he sees Ross walking around the airport. Dalby has given him a few grenades and at 3:30 am he’s sat looking down at a road wating for Raven in the on comming car, it stops being a game when Dalby what’s him to stop the ‘backup’ car, yes it the CIA they brough Raven from Jay. Raven is fine so Dalby takes him to a safe house and to a man called Adem (Raad Rawi) Here they cut out the four pages of history to a simple timeline for Adem and conrol behaviour.

The spy ends up talking in a funny voice, Adem then takes Dalby and Raven away in helicopter, when the spy gets back to London there is nothing just footprints in the sand as they still look for Jay, just as the book Dalby gives the spy conrol of the office and the IBM computer.

Chio has an idea about what’s going on when there is call from the police at Shoredich they have picked up a man on the office watchlist, the spy and Chio head to the station, the man is dead and just like the flim the same music kicks in.

30 min end at ponit

What I think- This is a lot more of a living experience with the Spy, telling you what has happened, Then living it all over again when he interact with each member of this very small cast, There are few quick shorthand sequences to make you aware that spy is a working class exarmy officer and the music from the flim is used to drive home the same points. But also sound is used to which makes the whole a less passive experience.

All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton. 

The following  blog will have Spoilers for the ipcress files film starring Michael Caine and spoilers for the book of the same name.

Recap- On his way to Paris trying to understand who’s framing him of killing a man form the CIA Harry is taken prisoner by a unknow group and put in a Prison cell, Over the course of many days he is brainwashed by bluejay using the Ipcress file tape, he escapes to find he’s been in London all this time he rings Dalby who tells him then to ring Ross.Dalby and Bluejay have been working together this whole time

Chapter Eleven- Dalby get the to wherhouse and calls Harry by name, Harry holds a fun to his back all the things Bluejay has used have been taken away Ross then turn up Harry takes his gun to.

Harry put both on each side of him one left one right, he tells them one of them is a double agent. Dalby says its Ross because he ask Harry to copy the file, Ross says it was a test.

Who killed Jock ? Ross did because Courtney told him that Jock had read the file. Yes Courtney was working for Ross because Ross dosen’t like Dalby.

Ross killed the CIA man to but why no anwer for that, So Dalby uses the trigger and Harry gun moves over to Ross then Dalby, Ross then Dalby. Harry’s in pain he hits his hand on the something there pain a lot more pain he pulls the trigger and shoots Dalby.

Dalby is dead, broken Harry walk over to Ross, Ross has been using Harry as a decoy Harry points out he could have been killed or become stark raving mad but Ross says well that’s what you get paid for.

End of Flim.

What I think- Yes its a good flim, yes it a broad retelling of the same story as the book. It miss a lot out but add a few things to, it dosen’t need to keep pointing out the spy is working class the way Michael Caine walks and talk does that. It cuts down the cast to around four people. It not a flash story but the book was never that it was a simple man trying to work out a problem, both are very Entertaining And if you have a spare hour and 45 minutes I would watch the film, But I would also if you have a spare week and a half read the book.