Narrowboat Ezri – Walking in the rain or From to bottom

Yes I know I said would post a video here on Wednesday but You tube had other ideas, the program I use to make my videos all nice is on my laptop which now lives at home and not on Ezri, I would run the video though the program get rid of the roughness a press a button and there would be my video.

Well first off the video is 30 minutes long so the laptop hated it so wasn’t able to make it all nice, second You tube kicked it out twice so I uploaded though my new EE pad using my dad’s Wifi which work a took a little over 10 minutes so You Tube was happy, so I could to write about it here today using the pad but I can’t in-bed the video, So I have to boot up my laptop and do here that’s way its late.

What you should be seeing is full 30 minute walk from West Summit Lock No 37 down into the Wharf just above Bent House Lock the whole thing is one take nothing has been added or taken out, I did try and looked into every lock to show the water level and I have also kept the real sound so you should hear my feet on the path,

When the camera moves quickly the canal side it was because there were people walking towards me I didn’t want to upset them by pointing a camera at them, for those people who care about such things I was using a old Nokia mobile phone a N8, which I find far better to use that the one I have on my Samsung.

Anyway as the title says its a walk in the rain I did my best not wipe the lens to much and keep everything in focus, I do hope you enjoying seeing the path Ezri took to get to Littleborough and you may even see her at one point.

I will be make more video soon they will get better and shorter, but I think I did Ok for the first one


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