Narrowboat Ezri – There will be Rain Tonight or Three o’clock rock

I wasn’t going to write today I was going to walk about a bit and maybe write my Alec book, but last night the rain came and I meant it was like being in the middle of monsoon, Ok you may think rain is rain but at 3 am at night with nothing just 10 inch thick steel between you and a down pour.
More that once I thought the rain was cascading under my door, so with lamp in hand I got out of my nice warm bed to have a look. But it was my imagination, however just under Ezri’s engine the water lever did rise a little bit,
I should explain a little there is water that comes in at the back of most water going craft as prop moves around, plus any water that runs off the back deck, all ends up just under the prop shaft in space made for that why you have a bilge pump in fact that’s whats it called bilge water.
You press a little button and it all goes away but I can’t make Ezri’s pump work I not sure if I shorted out the wires or the seel has gone, so cutting in half a coke bottle I took out a few inches and did a bad thing I dumped the mess into the canal, and watched in horror as the oil in the water left trail all the way back to Ezri.
If I had a working pump the same thing would happen so in the next days I going to have to come up something just I see want damage the pump really has.
Anyway I did get out again between rain storms and made a video which I will post tomorrow (4G and EE don’t take to kindly to 20 min video) I will talk about it all here to so you can better understand. 


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