Bookends – Book Review – Tie In – Richard Castle – Heat Wave – Fourteen

The following blog contains spoilers for the Richard Castle book Heat Wave is this your one and only warning, leave now if you do not want this book to be spoilt

A New York real estate tycoon plunges to his death on a Manhattan sidewalk. A trophy wife with a past survives a narrow escape from a brazen attack. Mobsters and moguls with no shortage of a reason to kill trot out there alibis. and then, in the stifling grip of a record heatwave comes another shocking murder a sharp turn in the tents journey into dirty little secrets at the wealthy, Secrets that prove to be fatal secrets that lay hidden in the dark until one NYPD detective shines a light.

Homicide Detective Nikki Heat.

Previously in Heat Wave – After arresting the van driver and getting nowhere. Heat pulls in the young doorman of Starr building and makes the van driver believe he working with the police, In the end she finds out that yes him and the van driver broke into the apartment but all the pictures were already gone. Additionally the woman who was found in Volvo is in in fact working as an art appraisal at Sotheby’s auction house.

And now the continuation.

Fourteen – Raley has been to Sotheby’s and has a copy of Barbara Deerfield calendar on they see that she had an appointment at Matthew Starr’s apartment day he was killed, which turned out her date of death as well, Barbara Deerfield colleagues were extremely and shocked by the news Raley tells Heat and that she was a very happy person. Also that the forensics have found the fibres on the balcon match the pair of jeans that Pochenko was wearing, plus his prints were on the outside of the window. Heat puts Raley back on the surveillance videos,

So she goes and checks up if there is anymore new information on Pocheko Rook makes a joke about maybe he on one of the reality TV shows where they get stranded on an island.

A few hours later she takes Raley a coffee, They watch as Miric and Pocheko walk up to the building and then zooming out the ID close up match his ring with one that left the marks on Barbara Deerfield, Rook still doesn’t really understand a few things Yes Pocheko had the ring on when first talking to Starr and then again when they saw Deerfield but the bruise on Starr came later without the ring, so he lost it when killing Deerfield. But why did Pocheko kill Deerfield first. Before Heat can answer Ochoa comes into the bullpen with a warrant.

Heat and Rook make their way up the brownstone apartment block, Rook asks Heat is she sure that whoever they are after is home, yes they she’s positive taking her stand in front of the door she moves Rook to the other side so he’s out of the way she knocks on the door and Buckley opens the door but quickly tries to close it on her and heads to the apartment window, But Ochoa is sat on the fire escape outside. Heat turns to see Rook is behind her.

So now under arrest Buckley calls for a lawyer, which Heat will get for him but first she wants information on Doc. Who put the crew together but is one man short so that’s why Buckley was called in And as she tell him all this Ochoa searchs the apartment, and finds a digital camera with the words property of Sotheby’s written on it.

What I think – It all starting to link into each other, Pocheko, his mate and now Buckley are all now one huge chain of action. But yet the question still remains who has the paintings and how did they take them. Rook and Heat have so far been able to keep their night together to themselves and not let it interfere with the investigation in fact Rook has some what claimed down a little but still puts himself in unnecessary dangerous situations much to the displeasure of Heat.

So that’s your lot for is week as always thank you for reading and I hope you can join me for the next chapter of Heat Wave but until then whoever you are and whether you be bye for now and see you next week.


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