Narrowboat Ezri – The 100 Miles Adventure -Mud, Wind and Fire.

Of all the days to pick I chose Monday, because on moving day I be at work and don’t want to get in bother with CRT and one sooner is better that one day late. I have to make sure there is space of Ezri because winter moorings are still in place, so I need to makes sure I am on the right side of the signage, if not its a long run to bugsworth of two days.

Thankfully there was a space a little way out of New Mills, a lot of people without winter mooring have the same idea, so it was a walk back to Ezri. Which on a good day would a fun little (for me) trip. 

But today with last few days of rain its made the towpath a patchwork of mud and tarmac, I walk quicker that Dad so ten minutes into the walk up to Staines and Ezri I walking on my own getting wet though as the rain started up again, and losing my eyesight has my glasses became too wet to see through. It did become a bit wade when I got to the mud, so much so that I was starting to think about finding another place for Ezri to be. But in the end I wasn’t sure how far that would count as a move.

Getting to Ezri I found out that I was covered in mud, my shoes were black and my bottom end of trosuers were the same, but it didn’t really matter Ezri was dry (discounting the intake hole) a quick check and pulling up of the chains and we were off.

It doesn’t mattter if I have made the run before or Me and Ezri do a few hours sail I always try and find out how long we do, And this trip is no exception canalplan told me the trip would take 2 hours and 6 minutes a matter of 4 miles and 1/4 furlongs, Beginning at two and ending at four, As it was still raining Dad was inside Ezri facing the way we had come but as we started the wind started up.

And in no time we were at the frist bridge, Dad lifted it and I held Ezri in place, I  let her slip thought a little as I needed to tie up on the bank again so Dad could get back on, the rain was lighter than before but it was a little work, All I had to do was stay in the middle, the easy thing to do as like before there was so much water.What wasn’t so easy was the fact Ezri is back heavy so I knew that her rudder would tap a few things. Second was the intake hole I couldn’t tell if were filling with water. 

I asked my Dad to keep an eye on it just in case, and went back to pushing on, we made the second bridge, and in five minutes were off again, there are few narrow points between the second and third bridge so Ezri did bouce a little, and there was a little mud bank at one of turning areas, so when reached the last bridge I had an idea Dad worked it and I pushed the bed/couch into the center of Ezri and right up to her front did help a little I could see the top of Ezri’s rudder.

The wind had been pushing us a long as we made our trip, we even incounted a A fiberglass boat which was being blown about as her crew negotiated working one of the bridges, but was only when we had tied up  safely in place and was able to look at my phone did I see how it had helpped. Canalplan said two hours, Ezri had do it in one, at no point did I push her engine or anything like that in fact I slowed down more that once. There is something about the Peak Ezri just loves it, she knows when to slow, when to turn when to do almost everything I just turn the key.

We did take on some water so I going to have make wood plugs of the intakes, I can’t find cork or rubber ones there just to make sure I don’t fancy facing a lock just yet. As for the fire well my Dad said I would just get covred in mud trying to get to work the next day so. I had a night of central heating and television.

If you have done thank you for reading, I have no idea want next week blog is going to be about yet but I hope you can join me for it.

Total Miles covered so far (Start point Bugsworth) = 10 miles  3 1/4 furlongs

Miles covered this trip = 4 miles 1 1/4 furlongs

Places been/Stopped- Bugsworth, Strines Road Narrows, 

Bookends – Bookreview- Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum – Chapter Thirty to Chapter ThirtyOne.

The follow blog will have Spoilers and a plot outline for the book Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum leave now if don’t want to know what has been go on.

The Book so far- Harry stops Rocco from killing Colonel Villers who is holding on to a lot money, belonging to the three brothers. After the failed killing Villers thinkings that Harry is working for the three brothers so lets him take the money and run.

Back in New York Max tells Rocco to kill Eddie which he does by starting a small fire and dressing up as a doctor, Villers also rings Max, and Max tells not worry about it, he will look into it could be the other side. To his brothers he say ‘tell the guy have the money just stick to the plan’

Harry runs off the English contryside and buries the money but just as he’s about walk away safe and happy Colonel Villers catchs up with him, so Harry does the only thing he can do and tells the turth Villers rection is to kill his but just as he’s about to shot, Harry is saved by someone who been following Harry for the past few days. A policman of a kind called Ivan

Chapter Thirty- Max goes to see his brother Sal and his sister-in-law, Sal wife Furella (three pages of how her and Sal meet) She knows everything, one of her two sons lives on the west coast and has nothing to do with the family.

Sal wakes up from his nap, they talk and think that Eddie is the leak and that’s how Harry knows. Sal wants Rocco to come home but if can take care of Villers do that then come home, worst case the feds try to use Carters paper work to link them but is air tight. As for Harry they still don’t know want to do.

Chapter ThirtyOne- Harry is woke up and asked to give a statement to Ivan which he dose a tells him everything, then Ivan comes back with Dectective Sergeant Elizabeth Carswell who ask Harry to go over the story agian but use the threat of violence to get him to talk.

She then tells him he’s own life story and that the woman he tired to pick in the bar one night was policewoman Susan Banks who was following Villiers. She tells Harry she thinks he’s making extra money by being a courier on the side.

Harry gets her to take him back to his hotel room were he shows her his iphone with notes he made on it a prove he’s not lieing. She belives him and Harry tells her not somke because she will smell bad, but she’s smells bad because she been on Villiers’s tail for three days.

He asks if he can buy her breakfast as he now free to go, she says yes and as he calls room service she goes and has a shower when she done she asks Harry if knows about the Real/Ture IRA as they talk Susan asks Harry to wash her hair she tells him about the work her and Ivan do trying to stop the flow of moeny to the Real/Ture IRA.

The food comes and they let it go cold as they have sex, she leaves him in bed after telling she work something out. 

Later that same day Ivan rings to tell him to go a meet Lizzie in a pub the village,they talk Lizzie has come up with a plan Harry is drive to a address droping off the money there and then go to a second and meet her again. As for Villers she gave him An ultimatum either tell her everything or they will find out themselves, but so far Villers has said nothing.

So Harry takes the car keys and leaves.

Frist off sorry its only two chapters but a lot has happend and not all of it easy and simple so that’s why only two.

So here’s what I think- I don’t mind we have female policewoman in fact its welcome change from overly aggressive men, what I do mind is that four pages in she comes off as vulgar, aggressive and down right odd, she’s ment to be a cockney so every four line is swear word or other word Mr McCallum think people still use. There are few sentences of broken english to emphasize the point she is a Cockney ‘we is’ not ‘we are’. And the fact that she actually smokes an american cigarette not an English one if he’s going to do the poverty stricken english detective it would be a cheap brand like silk cut. And the middle bit of the chapter reads like a scene out of James Bond, only with the role reversed

But I really do welcome the female characters because so far we’ve had Allinson his wife who supposedly to wrapped up in the hospital to see much of anything and his daughter who is a typical teenage child, and the Sal sister-in-law who early life read like the plot of the godfather.

I have seen that the next chapter is about Dectective Sergeant Elizabeth Carswell (Lizzie) back story so they maybe answers there. So until the next time thank you for reading.

By the way I hope the new layout works better.

All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton. 

The following  blog will have Spoilers for the ipcress files film starring Michael Caine and spoilers for the book of the same name.

Recap- Harry and Dalby go the park and does a deal with Bluejay for £25,000 for the Dr. And few hours later in a underground car park. Harry, Dalby and two other men meet two men beloging to Bluejay there is exchange, the men give Harry the Dr. and Harry gives them the case with £25,00 in it. The men drive off and then in the shadows there is movement Harry opens fire and kills and forth man who belongs to the CIA.

Chapter Eight-In his office Dalby tells Ross that the CIA should told them about their man, Togther they agree to put Harry on surveillance of the Dr. Who appears to be physically fit but doesn’t remember being kidnapped.

Harry and the Dr. Spend a few days toghter and then they make it to a lecture on high energy physics, a second man introduces the Dr and he beings his lecture about the proton-proton scanner, as Harry cleans his glasses. In few seconds in the Dr can only repeat the first two lines of his lecture. 

With his glasses back on Harry notices someone in the crowd and follows them, he pulls a gun and the man turns out to from the CIA. Harry told they are going to tail him until he’s clean, if not he’s a dead man.

Ross and Dalby in a park they talk about the Dr who is suffering from some kind of amnesia he can function as a human being but not as a scientist anymore, they send Harry to talk to Bluejay and the CIA man see the meeting.

Back in the office Jock has something to show Harry, Jock has a book which when take the frist letters of word in the title the spell out Ipcress, Jock goes off to see the Dr. But at a set of traffic lights is killed shot dead. 

What I think – Here is the best example of all the right words but not necessarily in the right order, in the book the killing of the CIA man happens in Gibraltar. In the flim it happens in a car park, Dalby backs up Harry up over Ross and Ross in turn tries to con Harry. Then the CIA tell Harry they will kill him if he’s not clean.

We have a few minor characters in the Book which are not even mentioned and one seems to be totally forgotten to be replaced by Jock, who I am taking to be Chio the odd thing is why kill him. Maybe its a swap out for the CIA man that Harry is supposed to know.

Narrowboat Ezri – The 100 Miles Adventure -TowPath, Trainline, Turing.

Even though Me and Ezri didn’t move this week, this blog is a long one so make a brew, sit down and relax, and I shall begin.

Ezri is letting in water, Now that sounds bad and, 48 hours ago it was a nightmare I had no idea why or how, but in the small shower room cupboard there was about three inches of water, the wood making up the cupboard socking wet too 

Like most narrowboat there three water outlets for the brown water, two sink and one shower and used brown water is pumped out though those hole, well one of these hole is just touches the waterline so any movement the hole gets dunked into the canal and lets water into Ezri. Because the pipe line is not air tight seal around the outlet, 

So with my Dad’s help there was a bit of mad dash to turn Ezri around so the water outlets were facing towpath side so if and when other boat came past she wouldn’t fill with more water, just tap the side of the bank and the anchor barrier. 

Once I had worked out how stop the water comming in and cleaned up, I went around Ezri making sure there no other holes, I tapped all the way around her using both my hands and the push pole feeling for any breaks and watching for bubbles, finding nothing, I then went to the engine bay were I clean out all the water, leaves and another mess. The coollet in the engine is a anti-freeze water mix and is blue but the water I got out the cupboard was black brown so it comes in from outside.

Happy with the job I went back in only to find Ezri once again full of water my wieght when sitting to the bay had dunked the outlet in the water so I proved a theory without meaning to. All also tested a second theory by just sitting Erzi’s very center still and calm listening for running water or dirps and hearing nothing that prove to me that it has to be one of the outlets. And as such I do have a solution make Ezri water tight again so I will keep you posted.

Now for something completely differenet, a trip on a train from Marple to Manchester. Its a trip I done before but this time with no fixed time scale be anywere or any real goal, just a bit of a ramble. I waited until 10 am so the rush hour would be over a walked around the mile and bit into Marple, the round trip ticket cost me £5.10 which was classed as off peak.

The trainline out of Marple follows the canal so as you leave you can look down not only on the Marple Aqueduct (which is also under reconstruction) but down the hill to were Ezri was many mouths ago, and were we hope to go back soon. Seeing the canal like that though trees or just by quick flashes makes me see as my home, a place of safety. I just wonder want other people see it as.

The trian I got out of Marple was what is called pacer train, simply a bus body on wheels run by the Northern Rail company. The train starts at New Mills Central calling at Strines, Marple Romiley, Bredbury, Brinnington, Reddish North, Ryder Brow, Ashburys and then endding at Manchester Piccadilly. And ghost station Belle Vue.

Not having to go to work when I got into Manchester was kind of cool, like said at the start of this bit I had bit of a ramble around updating the map of Manchester I have in my head starting outside Piccadilly station and just walking around. Hither and yon until my feet got heavy and my bag full of shiny new DVDs

If I passing though Sackville Street I always walk though the small park and take time and stop next to (Sir) Alan Turing OBE FRS who for the last 16 years has sat watching the world, a world he helped save when he worked at Bletchley Park during the Second World War pioneering the science of computers. In fact he’s the father of computer scince. I am not going to list the man life story because I want people to find out for themselves how this great man lived.

I say (Sir) like this because you can’t kinght dead people, and anyone who worked at Bletchley Park or who puts there life infront of others should be given a title

 There is a second memorial to this man in the city, one which I pass everytime I work its the A6010 or Alan Turing way. Which passes Ashburys station and that brings us back to train and heading home back to Ezri. 

If you have done thank you for reading, I have no idea want next week blog is going to be about yet but I hope you can join me for it.

Miles covered so far = 6 miles 2 1/4 furlongs

Places been/Stopped- Strines

New Layout…

As you can tell I have had a layout change, I was trying to make it so that each blog post would one colour – Ezri’s post blue, Bookends’s red and All the right words’ brown but that didn’t work out. But want I did find was a word cloud and links to set up twitter, flickr and Youtube. Thery should on the right hand side of this post.

A word cloud is really just a list you can click and that fillers all the post which have that word in them like pressing David McCallum should just show all the Bookend post and same if you clicked Ezri just her post would show.

I wanted to make thing easy for people so that they could get the right place, some people just want the book stuff or others just want the narrowboat things. And I didn’t want you to have dig thought pages you didn’t want.

Plus having the links to Youtube and Flickr will save me a bit of room here, I can just post one photo here from flickr and the rest you see over there by pressing the link, and if miss a video the link will take you to the Ezri playlist.

All The Right Words will have five more posts and will end with audio drama after that, I am not sure what to cover next, another Michael Caine film (Alfie) but that two flims and one book mybe a John le Carre (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) one book, two flims and audiobook, or crime author R D Wingfield (Inspector Frost) four books, ITV Television series And a handful of audiobooks but I am not sure really.

As for Bookends we still have the rest of Once A Crooked Man to get thought and then Mr Stephen King so I hope you stick around, if the new layout doesn’t work for you let me know and I will try and change it. 

If you have done thank you for reading.

Bookends – Bookreview- Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum – Chapter TwentyFive to Chapter TwentyNine.

The follow blog will have Spoilers and a plot outline for the book Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum leave now if don’t want to know what has been go on.

The book so far – The Bruschetti brothers have put there plan into action, and the frist killing goes to plan. Carter however is still unsure that they have everything covered. Max meets with the other end of the pipeline and explains that he and brothers want out. Harry our actor friend using money from a Ad heads to London, and tries to meet with Colonel Villiers but the frist ends up talking to his wife. But the second time just as Rocco and co. Try to shoot the Colonel. Harry ends up stopping the killing and both he and the Colonel end up driving away.

Chapter TwentyFive- Harry and the Colonel drive into a car park, were the Colonel asks about how Harry knew what was going on. And Harry him a half turth, the Colonel wants the ring Max and tell him but Harry says that he will do that and to just carry on with way things are.

The Colonel has a back-up van waiting for him so they change from the jag to a old ford escort taking a old suitcase with them, the colonel even has a gun which scarrs the crap out of Harry when the Colonel cracks the safety of it.Then he tells Harry were to park the car and leaves him.

In need of change of pants Harry drives the car to a street a few yards away from his hotel, pays for parking and then heads to room, but Harry takes the case the Colonel had left. In his room he changes showers and then opens the case. Its full of money US dollars about half a million he just about put all back when the door of his room opens and in walks a maid to clean his room.

Chapter TwentySix- A mad Rocco watches as an ambulance takes away Eddie, Rocco rings Max who tells him ‘no loose ends this time’. Rocco quickly looks around the hospital puts a plan in action, Eddie is under police guard so Rocco needs some tools.

He buys a professional cook’s knive, surrgical gloves, a white telescoped cane and a blank ID holder. Once back inside the hospital he buys a bunch of flowers and heads to the A&E were he asks about the guy with the fractured legs.

Helpfuly he’s told that guy is stilp wating to been seen so throwing the flowers away and stealing a white coat head up stairs and waits but just as he about act they start to move Eddie so Rocco follows. 

Rocco then starts a small fire in a supplie room, and the guy pushing Eddie around heads in to see if they are really it see Eddie, Rocco get rid of the policeman by telling to go a wait in the Doctor but the copper is distracted by the fire.

Rocco makes his makes his move and with one quick action pushies the knive into Eddie then heads back down stairs using the white cane and fooling people his blind. When clear of both the hospital and the helpful people he throws away all the tools.

Chapter TwentySeven- Harry now has three cases, two which are his and one full of money. With little help get them all in the Escort and then drives for a bit trying to think, he could one of three things return to No. 4 and give the cash back, tell the police everything or more thinking time.

He picks the last one, makes way to Paddington station and then buys a ticket to a place called Taunton, on the train he sits back and watches the world go by, he even asks a man about hotels and is told about one called ‘The Waterside’ he takes a room but is a little worried when they ask for a way to settling his acount but uses he American Express card anyway. His room he gazes at the money and the limitless possibities.

Chapter TwentyEight-New York and Max’s life is very complicated now, who hell saved the Colonel, he wants to walk think but Nino takes him to the club, were Rhonda Villiers calls him telling him about the attempt, then the Colnel himself who tells Max what went down and the fact that he gave Murphy the pick up money and Murphy is heading to Heathrow.

Plus that fact he thinks that telecoms van is a surveillance one and thanks Max for sending Murphy. Max just telling he will look into it.

Max gets Enzo and tells him anout the failed hit and the fact they out by a good bit of cash but not of that matters, Villiers thinks it the other side and when come out hidding will be taken down, Rocco has plugged the leak and the guy who’s taken the money if his smart will quickly and quiely spent it. All Enzo need do is get eveything set up and show the colombians they are efficient and reliable.

Chapter TwentyNine- Harry wakes up the following morroing and after reading the newspaper finds out the the police have a suspect in custody he now has a little breathing room.

But still needes hide the money so he thinks about a bank no, a funeral gives him an idea about a burial he’s buys two new Tumi cases, then a small black shovel, bin lines, roll of duct tape and a trouch. After rentting a car and quick look at map he drives to a hollow around Buckland St. Mary marks the place on his map and then heads back to town.

At one in morning he heads back out carrying the case as he digges the night silence is broken by a bracking dog but its let inside a house a Harry can start digging again

But then as covers the case behind him someone quote “alas, poor Yorick ..” It Colonel Villiers, the Colonel knew that Harry didn’t really know Max or really what was going on so did a bit digging of his own and because Harry used his American Express to buy the train ticket he was able find him.

Villiers makes him dig up the case, so Harry tells him the whole truth, he even tells him that he’s an actor Villiers takes out his gun and tells Harry to shut his eyes, but when he opens them again Villiers has collaped after being hit on the head.

The man who did this is called Ivan and has been infact three people that Harry has seen before one the worker on roof at the Mews, then the van driver and fially the man on the train who told him about the Waterside.

Ivan handcuffs Villiers and two more men turn up one a uniformed policeman up who takes Villiers away, as for Harry Ivan and he end up in Taunton police station and then Harry is put in a cell not sure if he’s been saved or arrested.

What I think – Hopefuly the english end of the story will end soon, because it like reading two book one set in the 21th cenurty the other in a twilight world of an england in the 1950’s. Once again Mr McCallum is let down by the little things For example when the ambulance comes to pick up the guy with the fractured legs he says the sound of bells clanking, As far as I’m aware ambulances have sirens, 

And when we’re in the hospital it sounds like something out of a very old bbc drama. Yet the worst thing is when Harry is moving the cases from the hotel to the van he’s stolen or being given. There is a gentleman of Indian descent who helps Harry and it sounds very much like a bad Peter Sellers impression. But there is a odd thing to on the train, he uses the line ‘the roll with the sausage’ not ‘the roll with sausages in it’ I think this comes from Mr McCallum scottish roots as the scottish would say ‘roll ‘n’ sausage’ 
As for the story is getting a bit odd the guy that open the story has hardly been in it and Harry is now getting very luckly.

All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton. 

The following  blog will have Spoilers for the ipcress files film starring Michael Caine and spoilers for the book of the same name.

Recap-The office are still working on the tape Harry found, trying to work out want it means. When Ross meets Harry in supermaket asking him steal a copy of the Ipcress file but Harry says no. And Ross tell him he may end up severing time. Back at the flat Courtney and Harry try to work out who is working for who but in the end they don’t much care.Her for Dalby and him for Ross or maybe the other way. Dalby asks Harry to come and see brass band with him.

Chapter Seven-Dalby takes Harry to hear the bass band and as the watch Bluejay turns up and Dalby gives him the same offer Harry did only a few days before, but they end up at the price of £25,000 Dalby says yes and few hours later, in a car park they meet agian.

The hand over is made the money in cash for the Dr. Bluejay goes and then Harry fires his gun into the dark killing someone.

Differences between – This whole chapter is not in the book or if it I am not sure want its meant to be by this point Harry is the head of the department and has been given two officres. The Harry here is still kept on a very short leash, And has to be led about by Dalby and the fact Bluejay will only deal with Dalby is bit odd.

Narrowboat Ezri – The 100 Miles Adventure – Many Bridges to Cross 

Its lazy start to moving day here in Bugsworth the trip only going to be 3 hours long, no rush. My Dad is even here to help with the four bridges. Ezri is a little upset we have to move, we have to slip out backwards from quay a simple thing put her engine into reverse and hold her tiller in place. No she keeps move to the right, I try again, still backwards to the right, so I let her going and she taps the side and we end up in the center of the turning point.

I have to do a three point turn to face the right way, like I said before we’re the boat here so there’s no to hear me turn the air a little blue. My Dad will meet us at the frist bridge until then its just me and Ezri.

Out of Bugsworth turing turing right Ezri finds her feet we are the only boat moving and I am working out were Ezri should be in the water when she makes the move herself is a little flick on the tiller and we’re thought the narrow part without any fuss. I said I would try documet everything I see so start fishing around in my coat for phone so I can take a photo of the abandoned sunken boat which is still there, but Ezri makes clear to keep my hands on her tiller.

We pass the boat so sad, and ten minutes Ezri relents and let me reach for my phone I take three photos one of the perfect water reflection of the bridge and then two of Ezri as we are just about to pass under it. The frist one doesn’t work but the others do.

I always forget want order the bridges are in two use the anti-vandal key one uses the BW key and the other uses the winless, but I had given Dad everything but the heavy winless so when we reched him it was a matter minutes and Ezri was the other side. He got on and off we set again. It was a little odd passing Ezri ‘home’ morring and seeing she could had ever fit in the small space.

Anyway back to the trip and the second bridge, I pull Ezri into the side tie her up as Dad works the bridge is this one of the anti.vandal key, we are though in minutes and dad’s back on, it was raining a few days ago and now its helping Ezri she’s really flying I can feel her slip over all the things under the water.

There are few narrow parts which Ezri likes playing with, she will always end up on the wrong side and tapping the side just for fun.  She even almost knocked Dad down when he was standing at the bow. As we carried on we saw a few boats all warm with their fires on there just somthing amazing about traveling like this.

Third bridge and Ezri doesn’t want to stop, I pull into the side rope in hand and she still keeps going forward. Her engine is in idle but no she’s moving, a pull on the rope and she’s rain in. The bridge done and we are off now this bridge is a bit of blind bend and you have to careful. As we made the bend there was another boat right in the center of the water heading towards me, I moved to the left so that there would be room to pass but he came closer, which only gave us inches to pass each other.

One more bridge and we would done, and then something really odd happend, It may sound crazy but from then on Ezri took over all I did was lightly touch her tiller, she sit in the middle of the water, slipped around the floting trees, didn’t make the scraping sound when I asked to slow down for a few other morred boats she just was.

The last bridge is the one were you use the windless, Ezri by this time really wanted to keep going as I push out her bow she almost sailed thought gap on her own, half a hour later we were moored up, we have two weeks here until we make the a shorter trip back the way we came just so don’t get trapped in the works that are still going on at the locks.

Miles covered so far = 6 miles 2 1/4 furlongs

Places been/Stopped- Bugsworth Basin.

Bookends – Bookreview- Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum – Chapter Twenty to Chapter Twenty-Four

The follow blog will have Spoilers and a plot outline for the book Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum leave now if don’t want to know what has been go on.

The book so far- We have meet Carter Allinson one time pot pusher for the Bruschetti borthers, but now their money man for almsot 16 years. The brothers want out now and put in action a plan that will keep the feds off everyones back. So its working the killing of Santiago and a meeting with start of the pipe line. But it could all could come crashing down because of a actor called Harry Patrick Murphy who over herd bits of the brothers planing meeting.

Just a side note- as the chapters aren’t the same size (some being a page others being ten pages) and lot happens, and so that everyone can still keep up this and the next post will five chapters review I will hopefully return to ten soon.

Chapter Twenty- Harry makes ups his mind to go a tell this real Colonel Villiers that someome is going to kill him. With the money from mayonnaise ad he books himslef of a flight to London. If its a hoax well so be it he would have a memorable vacation and maybe head to Copenhagen.

When he gets to the airport he’s upgraded to business class as he takes his seat a woman takes the seat next to his called Marisa Vargas, she asks him what line of work he’s and Harry tells he’s in law enforcement Interpol then acting a role tells her about his ficttions job.

When he leaves the plane his case springs open in full view of the customs who still makes him open it but when asked by customs Harry says he’s on vacation.Using the telephone book Harry walks out were Colonel lives and takes a taxi there.

He walks around the mews and as he looks in the window Mrs Villiers comes a long, Harry tells her who he is and she thinks that Enzo sent him, and for a hour they chat about the royal family, the british weather and the stars

Chapter TwentyOne- Back in his hotel room Harry, thinks should he call Mrs Villiers and tell her all but if something happens to the Colonel they will trace the call and then want, so he desides to try again tomrrow and goes out for the night to Soho

Chapter TwentyTwo-Carter Allinson wakes from a bad dream, still troubled by the Bruschetti brothers, he checks on the flies more than a little paranoid. Just before the party his daugher ask if she can leave at eight he says nine and she takes it.

At the party the hospital head name a new faciliy the ‘Walker Pediatric Suite’

Chapter TwentyThree-At 8:25 am Harry heads back to the Mews and catchs up with Colonel Villiers, Harry tells him is name and the Colonel asks about Rocco. Harry doesn’t know about that all tells him the about the attempt on his life. Then a man on a bike pulls gun Villiers acts quickly and knocks over the guy and with Harry drive away in a Jaguar followed by a British Telecom.

Chapter TwentyFour- Rocco and Eddie watches as Villiers get into his car and Eddie heads into the Mews on his BMW motorbike, then a guy in a raincoat comes into the Mews too, seconds later Eddie pinned to the wall and Villiers is gone. Rocco rings Max telling him what went down, Max tells him to find were Eddie been taken and call back.

What I think so far- Like I said before it’s an easy read this book and you don’t get too lost in the plot even though it keeps switching from New York back to London, it a little jaring when he makes London sound like a 1950/60 flim but I will forgive him that. The chapters are getting a little better Harry’s trip to London is eight pages and when the shooting takes place is quick shape shock of a page and a bit works very well.

All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton. 

The following  blog will have Spoilers for the ipcress files film starring Michael Caine and spoilers for the book of the same name.

Recap- The police ring Harry to tell him abour someone they have picked up, but when him and Jock get there the man has been killed. So there are no leads to finding the Doctor but on the change sheet there is the name of the street were the man was picked. Harry works out that there is a Warehouse around that area, And using Dalby clearance here at the place only to find it empty. But in the still warm stove there is a tape with the word Ipcress wrote on it 

Chapter Six -Harry is shopping (a supermaket in the 1960 was new things) when his old boss Ross stop him from paying over price tin mushrooms what his really doing is trying to micro flim copy of the ‘Ipcress’ flie. Harry tells him forget it. Back at his flat him and Courtney work out who’s working for who in the end they don’t really care.

Back to the tape they found after running it though all manner of things on-one has a clue what its meant to be, Harry has weekend plans for him and Courtney but Dalby stops them and tells him to come and watch the band of the scottish gards.

End of Chapter.

Differences between-There are quite a lot of differences between the book and the film now For example the fact Harry’s old boss Ross has come out straight and ask/told him to steal the appropriate file Rather then try to sell him a file as in the book in drunken night in a club,’Courtney obviously is Jean, So the development of her character is rather quick and she is working either for Ross Or Dolby, But Harry really doesn’t care.

The cast of characters is rather small than the book we’ve had mentioned of two But not any real appearance Jock is I guess the two army officers and Chicco here is just an office boy rather than General factotum.