Bookends – Bookreview- Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum – Chapter SeventyTwo to Chapter SeventySix

The follow blog will have Spoilers and a plot outline for the book Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum leave now if don’t want to know what has been go on.

The Book so far- Everyone is now in the same place, Harry downstairs tied to a chair, the brothers are trying get it together and their money back. But Carter has the IRS now breathing down his neck. And is losting it. Rocco sloves this by killing Carter and the brothers go to work to cover it up. 

As the rest of the brothers work Max use Lizzie to push Harry into action and move a lot more  money for him as he wants to quit the family.

Chapter SeventyTwo – Max unties Lizzie and tells her that not only did she really see Harry but he now work for him, because of what he saw. She goes along with Max to keep alive and find out what will happen next.

They have sex yet again and Max tells her that he uses people to get wants and then cut them out of his life. Max talks about his father Aldo and his deal with fate, and the one choice no one ever makes for themselves. The frist six year of your life determine what kind of person you are.

Chapter SeventyThree – Harry makes himself something to eat and Rocco follows him around, Harry has a idea on how to move the money, he ask Rocco for his address book and a phone, which Rocco has,

Harry makes a few calls, and then gives Rocco a list of the things he will need, he then talks to Vic who offers to help, and he tells Harry that he’s a idenity thief

Rocco goes off the get the things and Harry talks to Vic some more and they both give each other the same answer.

Chapter SeventyFour – The guy Harry as been talking to over the phone turns up called Travis Cornelius Atwell, Harry tells him the he’s working on one hour special about a group of middle age guys who as kids saw the Beatles play and formed a covers band and now are going to play the Cavern in Liverpool. Travis playing the role of John.

They work though a few more things like the rest of the people who will make up the band and that it will be cash-up front, Travis leaves and Harry makes a few more calls for flights and rooms.

Harry checks the cases will fit, the guys that he and Travis talked about start to show up, they all know each so Harry talks them thought the setup and together they play a few songs with help from a CD. Harry gives them each their fictitious bios and they leave meeting at Kennedy later. Harry even gets their story in the Post newspaper.

Chapter SeventyFive – Rocco calls Max and tells him that Harry has a scheme and the odds are good for it to work.

Chapter SeventySix- Harry now starts to put the money in the cases, and then sleeps a little. Soon it time to leave and Harry and Rocco with help load the van and after a quick trip meet the ‘jersey jumpers’ at the airport.

The bags and cases making though the scanner only it turns out that Travis is wearing a metal corset which almsot gives Harry a hart acttck, but he buys a newspaper and see the story. They reach the other side with no problem get the cases and bags, but are stopped by an officer. Harry shows the guys the newspaper story and off they go out from customs.

In their own van Rocco makes a call and says they have cleared customs and then Harry uses the same phone to call a number which cancels not only the gig but hotel. Throwing the phone back a Rocco Harry pulls quikly into the fast lane.

What I think – Well we are comming towards the end I think, how will Harry get back to the US will Lizzie stop being bouced around Max’s bedroom I just don’t know. What I do know this that Harry is able to do things a little to esay for my liking sure I can belive that you can get group of autors together is a short time and make the sound, look and feel like a band. But to have them gel just like that in few hours I not so sure. 

And the bit with the newspaper I think that would take a little more for customs to wave you though like that maybe fake night club flyers or something. But Mr McCallum is writing this using he own memory and mind set, so the little things are going to be a bit off.

All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October – Intro 

The votes have been counted, both this week and last, In all that time I had the sum total of two votes, on here and twitter both wanting me to read/cover Tom Clancy’s  The Hunt For Red October.

So just like The Ipcress Flie I going to give you a little background on the three incarnations I will be using. 

Frist off the book the copy I have is a paperback one a Berkley Book published by arrangement with Naval Institute Press, the cover is embosted with Tom Clancy’s name in white and in gold the title and the image of Sean Connery. Followed by three stills from the flim, then flim credits then half way down the next page we have a print history which tells the frist print was by the Naval Institute Press in 1984 and the Berkley Book edition 1985, then copyright informtion for the flim still which are 1990. The book was printed in united states of america. There are a total of 469 pages. Not counting acknowledgments and at the back of the book a small about the author section.

Second the flim, its a single DVD copyright 1989 by Paramount Pictures and from their Widescreen Collection, just as the book cover it shows Sean Connery in red, and had his name above the title under this is the name Alec Baldwin. On the back of the case there is small a synopsis and the list of special features, then more words naming the directer, producer and the main cast, it also says the flim run time is 130 minutes.

The last incarnation of the story I have is a Harper Collins Audio Book which is two abridged cassette tapes approximately three hours listening, read by Richard Crenna, copyright 1986 unlike the book and  flim case Sean Connery doesn’t feature instead Tom Clancy’s name and the title is printed in purple with a red outline, I have chose to use this incarnation of the audio book as quick serach around the internet has the uncut reading at 12 hours long and reader is unkown. And there for can not be credited as a reliable and credibile soucre.

Now it may look as if I only doing half the work on the audio side of things but the whole point is to see want gets left in and what gets taken out in each form of media and why.

Going into this I know the main characters name is Jack Ryan but that is all. And that The Hunt For Red October was Mr Clancy’s debut novel and that is it.

As always thanks for reading and see you next week when we start All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October – beginging with the book

Narrowboat Ezri – The 100 Miles Adventure – Bollington Easter Floating Market

Me and Ezri didn’t move this week, so I when for a little explore on my own, and found out that running from Friday 14th April to Monday 17th 2017 there was a floating market between bridges 26A & 27 (next to Clarence Mill in Bollington) It was organised by the Roving Canal Traders Organisation. Some of the boat/traders that I saw when I got there were. 
The Art Boat, Crafts by Morgana, Vinyl Cut and Cakes on the Cut more information on them all can be found here 

It was a little like stepping back time, the whole towpath was live again, even the mill on the other side of the canal was open for business. I guess at the high of the industrial revolution that   all the mills along every canal would have been like this only this time swaping coal, cloth and cotton for paintings, wool hats and chocolate cakes.

I did find out that the Roving Canal Traders Organisation, have web page of its own and have a list up coming makets on the canal network, so if you want vist one and buy from a boat or what to become part of the Roving Canal Traders Organisation you can.

As always thank you for reading and see you next week

Bookends – Bookreview- Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum – Chapter SixtySeven to Chapter SeventyOne

The follow blog will have Spoilers and a plot outline for the book Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum leave now if don’t want to know what has been go on.

The Book so far-  On the otherside of the world Chariles and his wife Rhonda start to plan a escape route but not before asking the boys for money, After Harry drills holes in the boat he follows Enzo who ends up at wearhouse and after having a look around it Harry sets it on fire.

Carter has the IRS call at his door asking about the Bruschetti he gets to is office and is able to link the boat, so he calls for a meeting.

As all is going on Max gets Rocco to bring Lizzie to the club, they talk Lizzie and after making her dinner they end up in bed together, and are found by Carter and the other two Bruschetti brothers, the meeting starts and Harry takes a look around,

Just as he’s about to call of back-up a few people decamp out the doors of the club and one of the men has a hartattck and the other hits Harry on the back of the head.

Chapter SixtySeven – Harry regains consciousness and leans that Max, Enzo, Sal, Benny, Rocco and Carter are all waiting for someone named Furella, When she turns up Carter recaps the fact the IRS man called and the mistake of boys being linked to the boat.

Carter is well out of his depth and starts to rant about his lies to family, Furella tells him to can it and face it like a man. Then they all join in on Carter, as things get more heated Carter pulls his gun and the room freezs  Carter rants a little more and then boom a bullet hits him through one of his eyes and lays dead on the floor.

Benny the driver did it and now the there is mad dash to get the body out, they work as team and clean up, watching all this is Harry who now knows when his time comes it will be quick, then he sees that in all the panic, Max has quietly slipped away.

Chapter SixtyEight – Upstairs Lizzie is tied to the bed, upset at herself all her training the years of schooling all gone in a flash, she has no idea who she is now, then Max comes into the room, he unties her and gives her back her clothes.

He tells her about Carter and Villiers without using their names and that he want her to help him, hide away from everyone which will take cash, she says it a pity Harry jumped off the boat as he could have help. Then Max tells her to take off her clothes again.

Chapter SixtyNine – Still tied to the chair Harry watchs as Benny comes and pours himself a dink when Max walk down stairs, Benny tells him were everyon went, Enzo and Rocco are stll here just in the office. Max tells Benny to go there to.

He then questions Harry who tells him about the boat, the warehouse and wanting to keep the money but changing his mind. Max ask about smugging the cash and Harry tells him that to. Max unties Harry and they head to the end of the corridor to door marked Berlin. The catch is that if Harry can’t do it a second time Lizzie will be killed and him also. And this time its Three million.

Chapter Seventy – Max heads up to the office to talk to Enzo, Cora and Rocco he tells them to shut down Mazaras saying it a sanitation violations give eveyone a month wage, He tells Cora to go on vacation, Ezno to get a bunch of cases and then take them to stash house, Max is going to pay Villiers off and use Harry for the transfer.

Enzo just wants to send Rocco but Max says sending Harry and the money will make Villiers feel safe then bang Rocco steps in, Harry will play along as they have Lizzie

Chapter SeventyOne – In the vault Harry is laying down thinking about how to move the money, when Rocco comes in, Harry asks for a bottle of red wine, razor, soap and clean clean clothes.

What I Think – So we got Carter the guy that was lead into the book, for all of five minutes and bang his now dead, I have the feeling that Mr McCallum was to sure who to start his book with so that’s why we have both Carter and Harry. 

Now Lizzie who started out as strong powerful female cop has become somewhat of a football being kicked into bed frist by Harry, so she could get to do the fatching and carrying and now Max for what I not to sure, it did give him a hart attrak but Lizzie counld’nt have know that.

All The Right Words – The Results So Far 

Well no-one left a vote or a comment under my last All The Right Words post, and I put a poll over on my twitter page and only two people voted. Which I am little disappointed with, as I know there a few people who have liked the post, so I am going to exend the voting for another week. 

The list will remaind the same

James Ellroy – La Confidential

Tom Clancy – The Hunt For Red October

Ray Bradbury – Fahrenheit 451

Robert Harris – The Ghost

Pierre Boulle – Planet Of the Apes.

And all you have do is comment on the original post

or even this one, I do have two and if no one votes or comments again those will be counted and action will taken. I want to be fare to eveyone to give them time to vote.

Narrowboat Ezri – The 100 Miles Adventure – Sunshiny Sail 

Once again its time to move, being yards away from Victoria Pit Marina has been a little like being on sholder of the M25. Nothing bad but a lot other boats have been past so every few days I have had tighten up the ropes. I am just used to being out in the sticks, I guess.

At frist Ezri didn’t want move off her morring chain locked up, and took both me, Dad and a small screwdriver and plier set to undo it, ropes untied and we were off. Dad be look out and Ezri’s engine humming away, the sun above us as the adventure continues.

I always get a odd feeling when Ezri and I me have been stood still for a few days, moving her feels like a impossible task 35 feets worth of steel and glass, and everything inside it. Its like she comes alive again. 

You may think I mad and sometimes I do to. But ever since we have join the Peak and now the Mac is Ezri that does most of the work, all I do is turn the key and point her in a vage direction and she just takes over.

Not like when we first set out there were days when all did was push and pull her around, amd her getting her own back by bashing hands at lock or trying to run away, all that just to get to Littleborugh and then though to evil Rochdale. But now like I said Ezri just potters about from one place to the next.

The following video proves my point we’ve never been here and its Ezri doing all the work. 

As always thank you for read and see you next week.
Total Miles covered so far (Start point Bugsworth) =  21 miles 1 furlong

Miles covered this trip = 1 miles 4 3/4 furlongs

Places been/Stopped- Bugsworth, Strines Road Narrows, Carr Swing Bridge, Bancroft Bridge No 8, Higher Poynton Winding Hole.

Bookends – Bookreview- Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum – Chapter FiftyNine to Chapter SixtySix

The follow blog will have Spoilers and a plot outline for the book Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum leave now if don’t want to know what has been go on.

The Book so far- Charles Villiers goes home to find Rhonda planning to run, but not before asking the boys for money, Max tells Enzo to question Harry’s girl so they take her from one place to another and she knows her end is near. Harry follows Enzo and learns the family so rings the nice policeman who then links the boys to Mr Carter Allinson, who when the cops leave tells his wife all about his past.

Chapter FiftyNine – Harry follows Enzo to a big warehouse were he has two choices, keep following Ezno or take a look around to find the place were they have Lizzie. Using his drill bits he able to lift a glass pane out of a window, but is falls and shatters to the floor but thank fully no one comes to investigate.

He finds three men walking around and one by one the each head into a office were Harry is able to wedge the door shut and move around the rest of the place.

Working his way quickly though a few room he finds the MENS room which has a small pile of cigarette butts a few with traces of mauve lipstick so Lizzie has been here, but for how long. Best thing to was to use the same tatics as the boat, he rigs up something so he can cut the power and not be eletrocuted, but is goes badly wrong is starts a huge fire so he runs and fast on the car radio he’s told the fire is now the entire block but there are no fatalities or injuries but Harry’s not sure that ture.

Chapter Sixty – Carter is back in his office his family life is over, divorce is inevitable. Professionally he doubted anything would happen thanks to the IRS man. Opening his safe he takes out several boxes that can maybe link him to the Bruschettis, How did the IRS man link him to the boat. But the link is not in the box. Where else could he look. His assistants office and after looking he finds it – Martinson Metal Recycling Company own a boat and the directors are the Bruschetti brothers.

He needed to talk to them, he takes out a Olympus voice recorder and from a small tin box a Beretta 3032 Tomcat.

Chapter SixtyOne – Inside the basement of Mazaras Max starts to question Lizzie who keeps to her story about Harry having spare ticket, and her working for Honeybee Travel Max even calls them and sure Elizabeth Carswell work there. More questions about Harry all little things

Then Max asks why she doesn’t have a regular boyfriend, and if all she’s after is a good time he can help her out with that. Max tells her want he does and does it bother her and she says no as it all kind of unreal it being in America.

They talk a bit more in the end Max takes Lizzie upstairs, Upstairs Max plays Chef and cooks steaks for both of them, they eat and talk Lizzie role playing the good time girl, Max showing off a little. At the of the meal Max takes Lizzie on a little tour and they end up in bed.

Chapter SixtyTwo – Enzo gets a call from Carter they work out a meeting place Mazara and we find out that he bought Gazelle.

Chapter SixtyThree – Enzo calls Sal and now he makes he way to Mazaras

Chapter SixityFour – Harry still reeling from the warehouse stands vigil outside the apartment were Enzo is and is taken by surprise when he comes flying out the door.

Chapter SixityFive – Carter, Sal and Enzo walk in a find Max in bed with a girl, he’s get dress and the meeting starts a phone calls stops everything Furella tells them the warehouse burnt down Vic and Toshi are safe but Blackthorn is dead. Who are now on their way here.

Sal works out that Harry maybe following one of the but who and if he is he wants him in one piece.

Chapter SixitySix -Outside its time for Harry to call the FED for help but as he’s about do so two guy come out to look around Harry knows they will see him so runs the first ends up falling to the ground with chest pains the second hits on the side of the head kncoking him senseless.

What I think – So everything is getting linked together, all nice simple with Harry boucing from one point to another. But I do have trouble with Lizzie and Max I guess that the sex was used as lead up for his hart attck in the later chapters but I sure there could have been a better way that Lizzie being on her back again.

All The Right Words – Which One Next ? 

We have reached the end of The Ipcrress File blog posts last week, we have covered the book, flim and even a audio drama by the BBC. Which show us three different worlds using the same base characters. And even if the those differences were very small it was fun finding them and working why they were needed. In the case of the flim it was mostly about cost and the audio drama was bulding on the flim soundtrack and knowing it place in the world with few in jokes.

So the question becomes want do I read next, well that’s were you come in dear reader, I have a list of five authors, and I am going to let pick who it will be. Just like the last time we start with the original book, then move on to any film adaptation that was made and if there is a free audio drama or a cheap audio book I will review that to

So in no real order here are the authors and their books

James Ellroy – La Confidential

Tom Clancy – The Hunt For Red October

Ray Bradbury – Fahrenheit 451

Robert Harris – The Ghost

Pierre Boulle – Planet Of the Apes.

To pick which one I read all you have to do is write the authors name comment section under this post.  And one week later when I have counted to votes the blog will start, if there are no votes or no clear winner I draw one at random. But were is the fun in that. 

Yes I know there no woman authors on my list but that is because the many books I have by woman authors are mostly crime fiction, Agatha Christie, Ruth Rendell, Ellis Peters, P. D. James and Val McDermid, and their book end up as episodic TV shows or mini hour long one offs which are hard to find on DVD or the story is in the middle of a run of 24 and some how inerlinks with everthing else. But that’s a blog for another time.

So if you have done thank you reading and don’t forget to vote

Narrowboat Ezri – The 100 Miles Adventure – By the Numbers

The whole point of this adventure is a that Ezri and me do a 100 miles, I have been doing my best to keep up with how many miles we have done so far, but the thing is that the numbers don’t add up. 

The last time we moved from Bancroft Pipe Bridge to Higher Poynton Winding Hole that makes 2 miles and so I though it would add to 22 miles but want it really is 19 miles 5 furlong. I will walk you though the maths and the miles.

Bugsworth = 0 miles

Stains Road Narrows = 6 miles 2 1/4 furlongs

Carr Swing Bridge  = 4 miles 1 furlongs

Leaving  Peak Forest Canal – Macclesfield Canal

Bancroft Pipe Bridge = 6 miles 2 1/4 furlongs 

Higher Poynton Winding Hole = 2 miles 4 furlongs

So we take the big simple numbers 6+4+6+2= 18 miles 

Now for the furlongs 2+1+2+4+4= 13 furlongs 

But there is 1 mile to every 8 furlongs so 8 – 13 = 5 furlongs and we have 1 new big number to add to the over all miles and that’s were get 19 miles and 5 furlongs. That means thats I was out by 3 miles, which can be made up over the adventure anyway.

Using the map was desinged and illustrationed by Bek Cruddce (search Bek Cruddce or read my Mapped Out blog post) I have marked once again in purple our trip but also marked the miles we have coverd.

The other odd thing is, that if you do the whole trip without stops it only 10 miles, 7 1/4 furlongs which I not sure understand because its all the same trip. 

So if you have been thank you for reading and see you next week.

Bookends – Bookreview- Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum – Chapter FiftyThree to Chapter FiftyEight

The follow blog will have Spoilers and a plot outline for the book Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum leave now if don’t want to know what has been go on.

The Book so far- Max tells Cora that he want to shut down the club and she’s Ok with it, As for Harry well the cops don’t really know want to do next, its all dead ends and want to put him witness protection so he makes another break for it this time he takes on the role of a homeless men to hide.

 Rhonda Villiers gets a call from Harry who tells her to go to the police, but she has other ideas which she had going on for years.

Harry then works on a plan to get hold of EB blow up the boat he was on, but a better idea would be to sink it so he buys a drill and wet suit, he drills a few holes and in a few hours later EB turns up.

Chapter FiftyThree – Charles Villiers goes home to find Rhonda she’s planing a little trip, She tells Charles to go for a bath, as they eat Charles tells her want has been going on. He tells her that he gave the police the number he has for the Bruschetti the whole thing was off the books so they let me go.

Rhonda thinks Charles should ask Max for some retirement momey but Charles doesn’t think its a good idea but Rhonda says he’s no other choice.

Chapter FiftyFour – After the call Villiers made Max is no a happy man, its time call Enzo and put a stop to the mess. But Enzo calls him and tells him the boat is now under water and he’s going to see Rocco who will make Murphy’s girl talk.

Chapter FiftyFive – Rocco takes Lizzie out her cell and drives her silently to a new place, the new place is dark basement with a WC, Lizzie knows her life is over and so is Harry’s but she know no one will save her but she will get out.

Chapter FiftySix – Harry follows Enzo to an apatment building but is stopped from following him any more by a doorman, he plays a new york sicilian and gets out of the way, now he needs information so he rings Rienzi who going to look up Enzo Bruschetti and Harry will call back.

Chapter FiftySeven – Rienzi rings MacAvoy and gives him the good news that Harry is still around but will not come in.

Luigi gets hold of some information which leads him to the offices of Walker, Martin, Pomeranz and Fisher, but the guy in charge has gone home for the day and that man would one Mr Carter Allinson.  And a few questions Luigi is sure that Mr Allinson is quilty of something. And with that Luigi leaves

Chapter FiftyEight – Fiona then asks Carter the same question Luigi just did 

‘Who’s Bruschetti?’

So Carter tells her the turth about selling drugs in collage, and the blackmail, Fiona blows her top and tells Carter to do whatever he needs to do to save his rotten, filthy skin.

What I think – Well everything is linking together Harry sinks the boat which brings Enzo down which then gets the cops and the IRS and then back to the guy back the start of this book Mr Allinson, I still think that we have seen to little of Mr Allinson to really care what happens to him in the end. But as for Harry and Lizzie only time will tell