Narrowaboat Ezri – What No Post ?

I am sorry that there has not been Ezri post this week, but I wanted the next to be the rest of Locked Out blog and the walk down into lock 16 of the Peak Canal takes place like I said on the 21 Jan also the day I working (Manchester City are at home) so there will be a lot of running around being done.

So it will hopefully be posted late sunday afternoon, as for Ezri herself she has few days on winter mooring, she ready and will to go were the wind (and CRT) let me, I said in other post that I have been (with help) working on her front door and as that job draws to it close I am in two minds about writing a post one beacuse I don’t want to tell world how exactly how the doors are secured that’s just inviting trouble but I don’t want leave people with the impression that it’s a half finished job and I got lazy and didn’t write a blog post.

But I will work something out and even if I only tell you have half of want has happend or just art work I plan to put on the door I hope you will understand.

As I said at the top of this post ‘Locked Out’ part two will be posted sometime this sunday 22 Jan and hopefully I will have some video to go a long with it. Which I will post on youtube  and link to here.If there is any It will be raw unedited, as I am more comfortable with writing blogs than with presenting a mini TV show.

That’s your lot for this post, amd if you have done thanks for reading and see you nexf time.


Narrowboat Ezri – Tales from the Towpath – The first and last man.

A few days ago I was at work surrounded by thousands of people, as they past by my gate position and took their seats for the football match at the city of Manchester stadium,. The living breathing sea of the cold night, as they cheered, booed and hissed their way though the 90 minutes of football.
But today the only sound that there is are the rain drops on Ezri’s roof and the odd bird, the only sight the brown autumn leaves falling from the trees on the far bank and the ripples on the canal.
The contrast is something that gets me every time I have to leave Ezri to work, swapping Ezri’s simple 35 foot living space for the multi million pound football stadium, they are both made out for the same kind of steel a few bits glass.
But the stadium is only a living thing when people are there people are needed to switch on the lights, prepare the food, sell the tickets and the programs, to play the game and  finally to watch.
Yet Ezri is alive all the time even when I not here, I don’t mean she is a human being she just feels alive the water sit flows on makes her move about the weather and nature around her makes her act and react as if she was.
As for me its like being the first and last man on earth, the first man because I am going out and discovering the world and last because when I come home to Ezri,
its just me here in this 35 foot space, but its a good feeling the world around me is not dead or dying but its comming alive after being a sleep.