Narrowboat Ezri- Bugsworth Blackout.

Friday night and I have read and written for my blog ‘The Ipcress File’ post, worte about the move from Whaley Bridge to here, even took a few photo’s for Instagram. But I can’t post a single things.

You see Bugsworth is a blackout area I can’t even make a phone call, ok I can but I have walk over the A6, half way up a hill side and stand in the middle of the road way. Other people may be able to get a network signal but I on EE.

Truth be told I really don’t care, Last week I had unlimted internet could spend hours just watching You Tube, playing on twitter and reading the news. But its got to ponit were it infromation overload, your only ever a few clicks away from some crazy person or some hate filled rant.

I grew up without the internet, I was just entering college when it started to became the must have thing and then it was dial-up, and we had a house rule only a hour a day I can’t belive I have become so use to it.

I don’t think I could go back to a hour a day because of the people I watch on You Tube post hour long game play videos, and I try live post my blog (a few minutes after writting them) and twitter, but I will try and cut down my internet.

Its a mind set I guess Ezri is bed, shower, kichen all in 35 ft worth of space so having somthing like the internet is a extra. I have my books, my ebooks and podcasts, which only get used at night or bad weather.

Ezri was never sitting down she’s all about being outside seeing the world around me and trying to pass on the things I see to the rest of the world.


Narrowboat Ezri – Shipshape and City Life

I said there would a Ezri blog post so here goes, a little recap.

My dad and me moving Ezri down from the Rose of Lancashire, to New Islington just off the Rochdale. For all the pain and full story see the last Ezri Blog.

With me working five nights over the next two weeks England V. Turkey, Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay twice and then AC/DC all at the Manchester City Stadium I saw no point in moving Ezri. Which in the end was the best option in the long run.

Now that meant everything that I had planed was moved forward, Ezri’s engine needed to be looked at whatever happed so with a few calls I was able to find someone to come a check Ezri’s out. A nice guy called Andy would be here Monday morning

Sleeping in the heart of Manchester is a little strange, Ezri is my home I am surrounded by all my own things, feeling safe and happy, that never changes but what dose are the sounds and actions outside

When I was out in the middle of nowhere the only sounds were those I made myself, But here there are people walking home, the Metrolink and even the odd car making its ways up the old cobbled streets, that now used for traffic calming.

I could talk all day about the regeneration of the place but let’s get back to Ezri, Monday morning rolls around and Andy turns up, I explain things and he set to work.

The only two things I know about Ezri’s engine were the water goes and to turn the greaser screw after use, but thanks to Andy I now know quite a bit, We also discovered that who had Ezri before me had tried to do things on cheep, gluing the control panel into place being one thing, and the fact Ezri has two batteries but only one is wired into anything.


Watching Andy take bits of Ezri off all coved in black oil was both amazing and a little shocking, shocking because he said its miracle they even still worked and got us here. The amazing part was finding out what each part did.

So with Ezri now running better that ever the next thing is to move her once again, I have to put a little bit of fuel into Ezri just to make sure I have but the last time I did that was almost a year ago.

The thing of it is that I have a extra week thanks to CRT working on the first two locks of the Ashton, being in the hart of the city is fun and I meet a lot people, but Ezri and I want to get going again. Exploring the rest of the canal network.


NarrowBoat Ezri – Rails, Tape and Power

This week we (me and my Dad) spent a lot of time on Ezri pulling up a curtain on the right hand side of her, not to close to the fire. It was so want easy because it was mostly in bits, the only thing that you have be mind full of its the thickness of the wood.and the when you hang the curtain its nowhere the flue of the fire.

With all the work on the inside want must-an be forgot are to moving parts on Ezri’s outside, the first thing is the engine bay board which simply put is a wood cover which covers the engine and you stand the problem is that the one I have was even was never weather the right way so, its splitting and barking a part, Measuring tape in hand I work out a replacement. the other thing was the nice people at Blue Water Marine put a tunnel light so Ezri is no longer blind.

Working out how the flow power runs though Ezri is both easy and hard at the some time I can get the lights to work one switch and a button and there on but when it comes to the plug sockets there is still a stage I am missing, Ezri’s power comes from her engine so one of two things need to happen for the sockets to work. I need to run her engine and switch two more things. But like I said a few weeks I don’t know how much diesel I have,

NarrowBoat Ezri – The Stainforth & Keadby Canal

I wasn’t able to work on Ezri this week, but that doesn’t mean I going to miss a week, So I thought I would talk the canal system itself, Unlike a river or a sea as the canal moves around country is changes its name,

Some are named after the person who over saw its commissioning like the Bridgewater canal which connects Runcorn, Manchester and Leigh, but most are named after the places it passes though, the Trent and Mersey canal for example others are named after the river that feeds them.

The first few hours of my journey will begin on The Stainforth & Keadby Canal about three miles in at Blue water Marine and ends at Keadby Junction

The Stainforth & Keadby Canal links the Sheffield & South Yorkshire Navigation with the River Trent and was opened in 1802, its a rural canal so is very popular with the odd angler. The Stainforth and Keadby Canal runs in total for some 14 miles from the New Junction Canal at Bramwith Junction to the tidal River Trent at Keadby.

I will only be spending a short time on the Stainforth & Keadby Canal before I turn right on to the New Junction Canal I have counted two swing bridges and one pair of locks so it looks like it maybe an easy start. I did want to post a map picture but Google is being very unhelpful


Next week I should be able to do some more work on Ezri’s fit out and talk more want needs to be done

NarrowBoat Ezri – Lights, engine and sand paper

After building the bed last week today task was it test everything and work out want each of the buttons on the control panel do without starting Ezri’s engine I was able to put all the cabin lights on and see which bulbs need changing, the second job was test the power sockets, but without turning on engine don’t work I think the battery needs charging I don’t really know how long for so I didn’t switch it on, for two reasons the first being I don’t want to up set people with the noise and second I have no idea the amount of fuel I have.

I know that sound like a cop-out but to switch on the engine and bunt all my fuel just to test I can charge my phone does sound waste full, the lights came on so I know the power is working,

Ezri is covered in ply wood which is a good and bad thing, the good that she feel warm, homely and bright the bad thing is that leaves a lot of places were you find splinters and rough ends rubbing, I have sand paper to clear a lot of this but takes age to find, I guess I only find them when I stop looking.

Just like last week I did take some video, I had planed to add a voice over but I can’t find a way of recoding my audio so I don’t sound like I am in wind tunnel, So for now here is the video with live sound.

NarrowBoat Ezri – Beds, bolts and Switches

This Friday has been all about working things out. First working out want I need inside Ezri so I can live on her and second which switches do want and why.

The first bit of that very simple, You look around and make a list bed, chair desk etc, etc then you look at how much space you have and rip up the a start over. On a narrowboat things like furniture has be multi use, so that room is not taken up and wasted, This were a shop such as IKEA comes they sell cheap-ish furniture, the cost of getting some hand made would far out strip my budget.

The thing have is called a Lycksele Lovas which doubles both as my sofa and my bed, it fits nicely look ok in the space, it was a bolts and bits but with help from Dad we were able to put it together.

The next job was to switch on the engine, I saw it done before and I had even printed out the right page in the engine hand book, and it looked and sounded simple turn key wait turn key again engine running.

And yes that’s how it works when you want to move but when you don’t want to move that’s were I fell down, you have to take the engine out gear, which I didn’t but thankfully one of the guys who lives at the marina show me how, He also told me about two other switches which control the flow of power from the engine to the lights and how there work so no-one just me can move Ezri.

As promised I have a video for you but not the one I have planned, this a very rough look around Ezri and at the sofa both in bit and together, and when I have worked out how edit and do a little voice they getting better. But for now here is you first look inside Narrowboat Ezri

NarrowBoat Ezri – PaperWork, maps and photos

The last two days have been all about the paperwork and maps, After filling in the insurance form with a little help from the nice lady at Blue Water Marina, I was told how about much it will cost cover Ezri its a small three figure sum a lot less then a for a car, a bike or house so I am happy. I just need to pay for it.

I when that’s done I will be able to get my waterways license, and really that will be the last two set of official bits of paper I need, With that done I could just move Ezri whenever I wanted but I have to finish the work I am booked in for until the end of may.

Which would mean I would have made a few stop – start trip and keep coming back, My plan is to leave from Blue Water Marina to journey as close as I can to Manchester, (the canal doesn’t come into the town I live in) the whole trip is seven days long, a total distance of 75 miles 5 furlongs and 86 locks and many other things I will have to work out how to use them.

Working out a trip like this is not that easy Google is not your friend there is no button you can press which will work out everything in a split second, Google can’t even tell a river from a stream, What you need to do is use a place like, or the both of which give a full working map of the system,

Canalplan lets you pick a start or finish point any were on the system and gives you a full itinerary and even lets you see it on Google maps but don’t just print out the map or you will end up on dry land.

The canal and river trust maps is just that a map you can follow some on the system see all the live information but there are one or two networks missing or ones that don’t link to anywhere,

So the best thing to do is use both maps or go to places before hand work out the best thing for yourself

As I have said before Ezri is a total blank canvas, I and will blogging/ vlogging everything I do which starts next Friday but for I have posted a few photos of Ezri over on my Flickr page

If all goes well the adventure should start on the 25th of may, but they will be more post here and videos over on you tube will before that. So that all for now see you next time and if have done thank you for reading Featured image

NarrowBoat Ezri

As of 3 o’clock this afternoon I now own Narrowboat Ezri, she is a 35ft Cruiser Stern (open back deck, with room for a number of people to stand) She was built by Calder Boats in 1997 and has a  Beta Marine 3 cylinder diesel engine

The plan is to make her my home, But before I do there are two bit of paper that I need in order to move her from were she is now (Blue Water Marina) to were I would like to go.

First being a waterways License and the second Narrowboat Insurance,

The license will let me stay on most of the in land waterway of the UK, the money goes to the up keep of the system so its just like road tax but cheaper and you see really see how the money is spent.

Everything man made on the waterways needs insurance which is just the same as your house, your car and even yourself. So if anything goes wrong you will have the money to recover.

Ezri a total blank canvas, for now she only has a cooker, a fridge, a shower and a Multi fuel stove, Oh yes and a toilet. over next few Fridays with a little help I will be spending my time putting in the things that I will need, Now you may think that having so few things to start with is going to be hard or you’ve seen huge boats with all kinds of crazy things,

But all that stuff cost money the bigger the boat the more license you pay, the more stuff you have bigger insurance bill and the end of the year I didn’t buy Ezri to be a floating money pit, She will be my home and if you brake down most homes what really are they a place to eat, sleep,be clean and feel safe

And that’s want Ezri will become for me.

Now the journey will take me seven days, I have it all planed out but I not going to tell you all just yet as like I said I still need a few things so the next blogs are going to be all about that,

The idea is to post a written blog everyday I do something and a video blog over on youtube at the end of the week which really be a recap in voice over about what has been done and want I will be next week, and I will be posting photos on Flickr and Instagram So I hope you can join me as I start this new adventure