Narrowboat Ezri – The 100 Miles Adventure -The Undiscovered County.

Soon it will be time for us to leave the Peak Forest Canal and head into the unknown, the undiscovered County of Cheshire. By crossing the Marple junction and joining the Macclesfield Canal and heading south from were we are now its trip of 6 miles and 3 3/4 furlongs.

But I will get back to the trip in a second, I talked before about water geting into Ezri so to solve this, she now has three small pegs in her side were the outlets are and on the inside four metal ties on the pipe work, so that should stop the water comming in, And yes the pegs in the holes will come out if and when they need to. But with water level being so high in the canal and Ezri being back heavy she will end up filling again soon. So the pegs will have do for now and at the very least want Ezri to be dry so I can see what wood or bits will needed replacing. 

Now back to the trip, here on the map I have marked out the area that Ezri and Me have covered so far on this 100 Miles Adventure in purple, The map was desinged and illustrationed by Bek Cruddce (search Bek Cruddce or read my Mapped Out blog post) I will be marking the map every 20 miles or each time we past though a town or city in purple but I will be adding a little gold dot which will be a photo or video place. All this not were we are is were we have been. Just to be on the safe side.

But before that can all start Ezri is facing the worng way and needs to to turned around, the best way I worked out was to move forward open the swing bridge and use the fact Furness Vale Marina begins just after it, the Marina is a very wide area and Ezri very small. So with help from my Dad, opening the bridge and watching out for me, we were able to turn and head the right way. 

The only thing was when past though the bridge Ezri tapped the left side and bent one of the pegs and lost the other two. So I am going to see if I can find end caps for the inside them and make sire there are shut for next time. We did carry on and made it all the way to our stopping place but that’s for next week, I have video so I want add that in. 

Total Miles covered so far (Start point Bugsworth) = 14 miles  

Miles covered this trip = 500 yards

Places been/Stopped- Bugsworth, Strines Road Narrows, Carr Swing Bridge
So if you have done thank you for reading, and until next time.


NarrowBoat Ezri – Winter Mooring Maybe ?

As summer draws to its close and the leaves on the trees turn brown, I have to start once again to think about winter morrings. Last I waited to the frist week in November to get my mooring in the middle of Littleborough, as was the only boater there for whole five months but not this year. For one thing I am no anywere near Littleborough and second the morring is not on this years list.

Of the ten places that were on last years list there are only now three, and two of them are twice the price, which is only unfair but unsafe for more that a few people.

The best example of this, is to take my winter mooring at Littleborough last year it was the only place on whole of the Rochdale canal that did not flood, When we had the boxing day storm the only place that is available on this years list are the Todmorden visitor moorings which did flood and were damged.

That cused a whole lot of issues for me, when it came to the end of my winter mooring. But that all in past now. If can’t get the winter mooring fine I will keep my momey in my pocket. Being on the Peak Forest canal and the Macclesfield should aford me the ability to move around the network without get stuck. I will just have to see when moorings go on sale at the start of October.