All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton. 

The follow blog will have Spoilers for the ipcress files film starring Michael Caine and spoilers for the book of the same name.

Recap- At the start of the flim we see a Dr. disappearing off a train and the man who was looking after him killed We follow a man called Harry Palmer as he goes about his daily life, First watching a house . And then been summoned to his boss’s office or he transferred from one department spies to another and then lead into a briefing room.

Chapter Three- Harry sit in a briefing room with six other people, Dalby makes him stand and point to each one in turn, Dalby then Shows them to films of a man codename ‘BlueJay’ who is it belive had taken the Dr. from the railway station.

When the flims end Dalby gives all but two people The assignment of a check Where ‘BlueJay’ maybe. The two people he doesn’t give us an answer to our Alice and woman called Courtney he asks Courtney to follow him and Alice goes back desk at fake Employment Bureau.

Harry makes friends with a Scotsman called jock and they work together to a very large office Alice assigns Harry desk and he’s giving a ream of paperwork to fill in,  also access to Blue zodiac car, Harry dumps all the paper work in one the desk draws and heads out.

He drives Scotland Yard where he meets an old friend who gives you access to the file there holding On BlueJay.In the file there are three parking tickets All for a place called Thurlow Gardens and Harry goes there and waits.

As he waits there is man Who comes to feed the parking metre Harry then follows this man to the British Library where he then meets BlueJay.

End Of Chapter

Differences between-Once again the differences in the film and the book are quite substantial in the book The Brief it is only between Dalby and our unname spy.Hear the briefing takes place in a very large room with several members of the Dalby network, We also are giving brief glimpses of Chico and several other people. Meat goes to a police station and we meet another long time friend And this is the catalyst for him to meet BlueJay in But however Our own name spy is told where to go and what to say when he gets there.

All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton. 

The follow blog will have Spoilers for the ipcress files film starring Michael Caine and spoilers for the book of the same name.

Recap- A Dr. is killed on his way out of London, and we watch as middle age wakes up has breckfast then walks to derelict house and kicks in a door.

Chapter Two- The man we are watching is fact part of surveillance team watching the house across the road, He is releaving at the guy who was working the night shift, the man that has woke is not happy one bit, Our man then spends the day noting the comming and goings of the house, until someone releavs him and is told go to see his boss. A man called Ross who tells him he being Transferred to another department out of the British Army all together, Into the Department of a Mr Dalby We learn the man’s name is Harry Palmer.

Ross and Palmer head across London to a building marked as The Dalby Domestic employment Bureau, Ross tells Palmer wait downstairs in small office were a old woman is trying to find a job for younger woman. 

Ross heads along the passage and up the stairs Dalby’s office were both men talk about how there 16 missing scientists And how there is no reasonable explanation of why they are missing or have disappeared, Dalby does not want to investigate these disappearances but says he said the department up so therefore he will do as he’s told and hands over The b104 documentation for Harry Palmer.

Ross leaves Palmer, and Palmer is told go and see Dalby who tell him That he is replacing the gentleman we saw killed at the railway station Together they walk through the building Which is in fact several fronts one selling fireworks is really Arsenal of Weapons And one a cutting room The film is in fact the briefing Area for several members of dobbies network.

End Of Chapter

Differences between- The differences here are quite varied We are shown Harry Palmer Being transferred from one department to another With both men looking down their noses at him, but at this time in the book Dalby Has already given the unnamed spy The task of talking to Jay.

All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton. 

Having read the book of The Ipcress File it now time take a look at the file starting Sir Michael Caine, the copy of the film I have runs for 1 hour 43 minutes and 11 seconds the DVD has been split into 11 chapters.

Unlike when I read and reviwed the book I will just be covering one chapter at a time frist what the film shows and then how that is different to the book if there are any differences.

Chapter One – We follow two men as they get into a car and taken to a railway station, one of the then is called Dr. Radcliffe the other is called Henderson. The Dr. is heading out on hoilday, Henderson helps the Dr find his place on the train and walks away, Then he see that the Dr.has forgot his camera so he takes it to him but the Dr is gone and another man is sat in his place. Then we are show the Dr dead in the luggage trolley.

Cut to a man being woke up by an alarm clock he reachs around in the bed for someone but not finding them he reachs for his glasses and then gets out see him make coffee using a coffee grinder and percolator. He drinks the coffee and makes makes on a racing form in a newspaper, the next time we see him he’s fully dress once again seaching in the bed. He removes a sliver charm bracelet and gun.

He walks down a street and lets himself into derelict house and then walks to the top floor when he reachs a door he kicks into open in the room there is a sleeping man who wakes at the sound.

“Good Morring” 

End of DVD Chapter One.

Differences between – So chapter one of the book show and tells us about un-named man telling some one about how his last mission when, and how he resigned out of Army intelligence into a secret organisation.

But here we have a Dr.being killed on his way to his hoilday and a un-named man waking up and then heading to a derelict building armed with a gun.