Narrowboat Ezri- The 100 Miles Adventure -The Voyage ‘Home’ 

Unlike the other story I know, this one doesn’t have any humpback whales, clocked starship or swing around the sun time travel, but what it does have is four swing bridges, low laying fog and one almost fall. But really in all  seriousness, Ezri is once again back at her home mooring and in a few weeks time I will start to draw up a list of jobs and projects that will need doing before we can set out once again.

But I am getting ahead of myself, I left you as Ezri was moored on just a little way onto the Peak Forest canal, and it had taken quite a bit braking ice to get there. So retruning after a days work it was time to set off again but evne when with Ezri’s engine kicking in a the first time at asking we only got about 200 yards thanks to the now re frozen ice being 4 inches thick, she was going nowhere.

The ice melted after the rain around 48 hours laters thanks to the rain and we tried again, now the new way we have been working is that Dad helps me start Ezri and then heads off to the end point and Me and Ezri in simple words try the catch him up, as he walks back down towards us, Now so far that’s been easy but today we had four swing bridges to deal with.

Double checking I had the right things to open and shut the bridges was the easy part, the not so easy is to single handed do the bridges, the way I did it was to moor on the left with the red center rope check what tool was needed return to Ezri and using the huge front rope I walked her to the right hand side of the canal and tired her off on the small tie point I know there was another way to do this but Ezri’s center rope doesn’t reach, after opening the bridge I pulled Ezri’s though slowly then closing it I jumped back on Ezri and off we go.

I use this way twice because the middle bridge is powered and on the left handside is control panel, and for the last bridge I was able catch up with Dad so he was able to do it for me, The trip was much slower than it was, as their was very low laying fog ahead which meant I couldn’t see very far which did make it hard to see not only the towpath but the moored boats but being slow didn’t cause any trouble.

And once Ezri was in her ‘home’ mooring it marked the end of the 100 adventure for this year, a year which saw Me and Dad travel the full length of the Macclesfield canal, about 5% of the Trent and Mersey run up and down on the Anderton Boat Lift. Then back again meeting lot of amazing people along the way. 

I have no idea what next year will bring and want will happen for our next big adventure yet, but its not going to be the end of the Ezri Narrowboat blogs as I have a few more things hopefully happening next which I hope you can all join me for that I promise there will be more photos and even more videos

So thank you for joining us on this adventure and I hope you can join us next year, until then have wonderful winter time and a happy new year.


Narrowboat Ezri – The 100 Miles Adventure -Mud, Wind and Fire.

Of all the days to pick I chose Monday, because on moving day I be at work and don’t want to get in bother with CRT and one sooner is better that one day late. I have to make sure there is space of Ezri because winter moorings are still in place, so I need to makes sure I am on the right side of the signage, if not its a long run to bugsworth of two days.

Thankfully there was a space a little way out of New Mills, a lot of people without winter mooring have the same idea, so it was a walk back to Ezri. Which on a good day would a fun little (for me) trip. 

But today with last few days of rain its made the towpath a patchwork of mud and tarmac, I walk quicker that Dad so ten minutes into the walk up to Staines and Ezri I walking on my own getting wet though as the rain started up again, and losing my eyesight has my glasses became too wet to see through. It did become a bit wade when I got to the mud, so much so that I was starting to think about finding another place for Ezri to be. But in the end I wasn’t sure how far that would count as a move.

Getting to Ezri I found out that I was covered in mud, my shoes were black and my bottom end of trosuers were the same, but it didn’t really matter Ezri was dry (discounting the intake hole) a quick check and pulling up of the chains and we were off.

It doesn’t mattter if I have made the run before or Me and Ezri do a few hours sail I always try and find out how long we do, And this trip is no exception canalplan told me the trip would take 2 hours and 6 minutes a matter of 4 miles and 1/4 furlongs, Beginning at two and ending at four, As it was still raining Dad was inside Ezri facing the way we had come but as we started the wind started up.

And in no time we were at the frist bridge, Dad lifted it and I held Ezri in place, I  let her slip thought a little as I needed to tie up on the bank again so Dad could get back on, the rain was lighter than before but it was a little work, All I had to do was stay in the middle, the easy thing to do as like before there was so much water.What wasn’t so easy was the fact Ezri is back heavy so I knew that her rudder would tap a few things. Second was the intake hole I couldn’t tell if were filling with water. 

I asked my Dad to keep an eye on it just in case, and went back to pushing on, we made the second bridge, and in five minutes were off again, there are few narrow points between the second and third bridge so Ezri did bouce a little, and there was a little mud bank at one of turning areas, so when reached the last bridge I had an idea Dad worked it and I pushed the bed/couch into the center of Ezri and right up to her front did help a little I could see the top of Ezri’s rudder.

The wind had been pushing us a long as we made our trip, we even incounted a A fiberglass boat which was being blown about as her crew negotiated working one of the bridges, but was only when we had tied up  safely in place and was able to look at my phone did I see how it had helpped. Canalplan said two hours, Ezri had do it in one, at no point did I push her engine or anything like that in fact I slowed down more that once. There is something about the Peak Ezri just loves it, she knows when to slow, when to turn when to do almost everything I just turn the key.

We did take on some water so I going to have make wood plugs of the intakes, I can’t find cork or rubber ones there just to make sure I don’t fancy facing a lock just yet. As for the fire well my Dad said I would just get covred in mud trying to get to work the next day so. I had a night of central heating and television.

If you have done thank you for reading, I have no idea want next week blog is going to be about yet but I hope you can join me for it.

Total Miles covered so far (Start point Bugsworth) = 10 miles  3 1/4 furlongs

Miles covered this trip = 4 miles 1 1/4 furlongs

Places been/Stopped- Bugsworth, Strines Road Narrows, 

Narrowboat Ezri – The 100 Miles Adventure -TowPath, Trainline, Turing.

Even though Me and Ezri didn’t move this week, this blog is a long one so make a brew, sit down and relax, and I shall begin.

Ezri is letting in water, Now that sounds bad and, 48 hours ago it was a nightmare I had no idea why or how, but in the small shower room cupboard there was about three inches of water, the wood making up the cupboard socking wet too 

Like most narrowboat there three water outlets for the brown water, two sink and one shower and used brown water is pumped out though those hole, well one of these hole is just touches the waterline so any movement the hole gets dunked into the canal and lets water into Ezri. Because the pipe line is not air tight seal around the outlet, 

So with my Dad’s help there was a bit of mad dash to turn Ezri around so the water outlets were facing towpath side so if and when other boat came past she wouldn’t fill with more water, just tap the side of the bank and the anchor barrier. 

Once I had worked out how stop the water comming in and cleaned up, I went around Ezri making sure there no other holes, I tapped all the way around her using both my hands and the push pole feeling for any breaks and watching for bubbles, finding nothing, I then went to the engine bay were I clean out all the water, leaves and another mess. The coollet in the engine is a anti-freeze water mix and is blue but the water I got out the cupboard was black brown so it comes in from outside.

Happy with the job I went back in only to find Ezri once again full of water my wieght when sitting to the bay had dunked the outlet in the water so I proved a theory without meaning to. All also tested a second theory by just sitting Erzi’s very center still and calm listening for running water or dirps and hearing nothing that prove to me that it has to be one of the outlets. And as such I do have a solution make Ezri water tight again so I will keep you posted.

Now for something completely differenet, a trip on a train from Marple to Manchester. Its a trip I done before but this time with no fixed time scale be anywere or any real goal, just a bit of a ramble. I waited until 10 am so the rush hour would be over a walked around the mile and bit into Marple, the round trip ticket cost me £5.10 which was classed as off peak.

The trainline out of Marple follows the canal so as you leave you can look down not only on the Marple Aqueduct (which is also under reconstruction) but down the hill to were Ezri was many mouths ago, and were we hope to go back soon. Seeing the canal like that though trees or just by quick flashes makes me see as my home, a place of safety. I just wonder want other people see it as.

The trian I got out of Marple was what is called pacer train, simply a bus body on wheels run by the Northern Rail company. The train starts at New Mills Central calling at Strines, Marple Romiley, Bredbury, Brinnington, Reddish North, Ryder Brow, Ashburys and then endding at Manchester Piccadilly. And ghost station Belle Vue.

Not having to go to work when I got into Manchester was kind of cool, like said at the start of this bit I had bit of a ramble around updating the map of Manchester I have in my head starting outside Piccadilly station and just walking around. Hither and yon until my feet got heavy and my bag full of shiny new DVDs

If I passing though Sackville Street I always walk though the small park and take time and stop next to (Sir) Alan Turing OBE FRS who for the last 16 years has sat watching the world, a world he helped save when he worked at Bletchley Park during the Second World War pioneering the science of computers. In fact he’s the father of computer scince. I am not going to list the man life story because I want people to find out for themselves how this great man lived.

I say (Sir) like this because you can’t kinght dead people, and anyone who worked at Bletchley Park or who puts there life infront of others should be given a title

 There is a second memorial to this man in the city, one which I pass everytime I work its the A6010 or Alan Turing way. Which passes Ashburys station and that brings us back to train and heading home back to Ezri. 

If you have done thank you for reading, I have no idea want next week blog is going to be about yet but I hope you can join me for it.

Miles covered so far = 6 miles 2 1/4 furlongs

Places been/Stopped- Strines

Narrowboat Ezri – The 100 Miles Adventure – Many Bridges to Cross 

Its lazy start to moving day here in Bugsworth the trip only going to be 3 hours long, no rush. My Dad is even here to help with the four bridges. Ezri is a little upset we have to move, we have to slip out backwards from quay a simple thing put her engine into reverse and hold her tiller in place. No she keeps move to the right, I try again, still backwards to the right, so I let her going and she taps the side and we end up in the center of the turning point.

I have to do a three point turn to face the right way, like I said before we’re the boat here so there’s no to hear me turn the air a little blue. My Dad will meet us at the frist bridge until then its just me and Ezri.

Out of Bugsworth turing turing right Ezri finds her feet we are the only boat moving and I am working out were Ezri should be in the water when she makes the move herself is a little flick on the tiller and we’re thought the narrow part without any fuss. I said I would try documet everything I see so start fishing around in my coat for phone so I can take a photo of the abandoned sunken boat which is still there, but Ezri makes clear to keep my hands on her tiller.

We pass the boat so sad, and ten minutes Ezri relents and let me reach for my phone I take three photos one of the perfect water reflection of the bridge and then two of Ezri as we are just about to pass under it. The frist one doesn’t work but the others do.

I always forget want order the bridges are in two use the anti-vandal key one uses the BW key and the other uses the winless, but I had given Dad everything but the heavy winless so when we reched him it was a matter minutes and Ezri was the other side. He got on and off we set again. It was a little odd passing Ezri ‘home’ morring and seeing she could had ever fit in the small space.

Anyway back to the trip and the second bridge, I pull Ezri into the side tie her up as Dad works the bridge is this one of the anti.vandal key, we are though in minutes and dad’s back on, it was raining a few days ago and now its helping Ezri she’s really flying I can feel her slip over all the things under the water.

There are few narrow parts which Ezri likes playing with, she will always end up on the wrong side and tapping the side just for fun.  She even almost knocked Dad down when he was standing at the bow. As we carried on we saw a few boats all warm with their fires on there just somthing amazing about traveling like this.

Third bridge and Ezri doesn’t want to stop, I pull into the side rope in hand and she still keeps going forward. Her engine is in idle but no she’s moving, a pull on the rope and she’s rain in. The bridge done and we are off now this bridge is a bit of blind bend and you have to careful. As we made the bend there was another boat right in the center of the water heading towards me, I moved to the left so that there would be room to pass but he came closer, which only gave us inches to pass each other.

One more bridge and we would done, and then something really odd happend, It may sound crazy but from then on Ezri took over all I did was lightly touch her tiller, she sit in the middle of the water, slipped around the floting trees, didn’t make the scraping sound when I asked to slow down for a few other morred boats she just was.

The last bridge is the one were you use the windless, Ezri by this time really wanted to keep going as I push out her bow she almost sailed thought gap on her own, half a hour later we were moored up, we have two weeks here until we make the a shorter trip back the way we came just so don’t get trapped in the works that are still going on at the locks.

Miles covered so far = 6 miles 2 1/4 furlongs

Places been/Stopped- Bugsworth Basin.

Narrowboat Ezri – The 100 Miles Adventure -Bugsworth Begins

We leave our winter mooring at Furness Vale Marina and go backwards to Bugsworth, I know that sounds worng but starting here makes it easy to work out miles travled and with the changes to Ezri is a can act as a test bed, plus I not touching the works at the other end

The whole trip is 1 mile and 7 1/4 furlongs (I have no idea want a furlong is I work in metric) 45 minutres in total.

Now Ezri has been sat for three months facing into the bank, with another boat behind, So go out backwards is not an option but  with a little bit of fidding, Ezri is out of the space and facing the right way. The one thing people forget is that boat in an instant thing you have to plan two or three minutes ahead and let Ezri do the work.

I had time walk the route from Bugsworth to Furness Vale so I had rough idea of want Ezri would be facing on her way, along the Peak there many boats 99% of them are looking after and lived in but there some which don’t fall in any other two categories such as the boat pictures here,

 When I first came passed it a few months ago tt was up lright and was locked up but abandoned as you can see the winter most have got to it and the ice cracked the bottom of it so here it sits. What will happned to now that it become a danger to boaters and the environment in general who knows.

The trip was easy one Ezri glided her way round the boat and ticked over nicely, I could feel her wanted to push on a keep going, I sure she was showing off a little went did head into Bugsworth and when we had a boat turn around in front of her back off even before I told her. 

Anyway back to Bugswoth, I worte about it being there a internet black hole (well for me anyway) and I love it the way it works is like this you get 48 hours if want to stay long you talk to the nice Warden/Custodian of the suite (he has he’s own at the end of the lower basin) and for a small donation to the Bugsworth Basin Heritage Trust you can stay longer and that’s want I have chose to do.

It’s still regarded as winter time on the canal so Bugsworth Basin is a lot more deserted from the last time we came here and I was able to pick anywere along three basin on the right hand side, the last Ezri was in the Middle basin, this time she picked the arm just off it in the quay.

The mooring rings are meant of much larger boats than her, but Ezri likes quays we have until tuesday 7th when its back out as we slowly make our way the junction where the Macclesfield Canal meets the Peak Forest. 

I will miss the paceful nights and do nothing days but work calls on sunday (Manchester City v. Swansea) and that’s what life is all about contrast.

Miles covered so far= – 1 mile 7 1/4 furlongs.

Places Been -Furness Vale Marina.

Narrowboat Ezri – The 100 Miles Adventure – Introduction

So our winter mooring has come to an end, and its time for the new adventure to begin. 

The rough plan of action I’ve drawn up, is to do want is called the Cheshire Ring  which is 97 miles (or as much as we can) which takes in six canal around the Manchester and Pennine area, I say rough because the Bridgewater canal in not run by the CRT and there could be a myriad of factors stopping us doing the complete round trip

We will cover all the of Peak Forest once again starting at its very end, Bugsworth. I call it the end because here there is no link or junction to anything other that the Peak itself.

The end (Bugsworth) marks the begining of the 100 miles from there its a trip to the junction were the Peak meets the Macclesfield, this will be the shake down run working all the bugs Ezri may have picked up over winter time, taking on fuel, the new light setup and all little bits and bobs.

But not only that, with the work on Lock gates at Marple not endding until the 23 of March I not sure I can cross the junction just yet, so Ezri get to find her feet a little before the full 97 miles adding in the extra it should a nice round 100 miles

Now I will documenting the whole hundred miles, I will be writing, takinig photos and filming. The writing and the photos will be the simple part and will be one week behind. Posting a blog post here, marking on my map were I have been, But the fliming will maybe two or three weeks uploading to Youtube from the middle of nowhere is little hard. But I will work somthing.

I am not really a showman or as talented as many of the YouTube Stars (or should that be  BoatTube Stars) so the flim will be raw single shots, the only thing that will happen is that I may add public domain music to take out the sound of the wind sometimes or my own voice 

The videos will be linked here and play here to so don’t need to have logged into YouTube to watch them, I will write about anything you need to look out for. The same goes for the photos which should only days behind, I have a flickr page so the photos will be there, I am not to sure how I will spilt them up yet but I will try and keep them in some order. 

I will posting hopefully every Wednesday around six o’clock GMT. Under the title 100 miles Adventure so I hope you will able to join me for that, and if you follow any of my other post (All The Right Words/Bookends) they will carry on, same day they are now Friday and Saturday and at the same time 7:00 pm and 3:00 pm. So if have done thank you for reading.

Narrowaboat Ezri – What is Past. And What is Come

As this year comes to its end its now the time to reflex on the last 365 days, What its ment to happen is that I recap the year but I not going to do that, a lot of things have happend only the bad has out wighted the good this time around, and even in the last few hours the year is still twisting the knife. All I will say is what is past is past we learn and move on from it.

As for what is to come, that is another story. 

Ezri’s winter morring will come to an end on the 31 of Jan. So I will be heading out back on the network, And we (me, my dad, Ezri and whatever crew/other family want join) are planing a big trip the idea is to cover the whole of the Cheshire Ring, passing/using the Anderton Boat and before heading back to home morring we are going head for Standedge Tunnel. That will cross off three huge milestones having done Tuel Lane Lock on the frist trip.

There is no time scale for the trip, the ring trip itself is 97 miles and 92 locks I have been told it can be done in 2 weeks but having missed out on so much when I was ‘comming home’ I am goimg to take my time.

I have been on three of six sytems which make up the route before. But the rest will be all new and that’s want Ezri is all about find the new and traveling around the cournty. I am going blog about the whole thing and I may try/restart videoing a few things for youtube and maybe maybe make a few into real vlogs.

Before that all starts however there will be more about Ezri and her rebuilt front door and then hopefully a exrta blog as I take a indepth look at one of the locks at Marple as CRT are having an open day. I hope that you will stick around for all the action and stories so if you have done thank for reading

NarrowBoat Ezri – Week Six/Seven Of Winter or The Review Log Part Two.

Strines Road/narrows its what I call a halfway ponit what I mean by that is, Strines is just outside both New Mills and Marple so just like being down at Romiley the only other people you see are mostly other boats and dog walkers, the center of both town is good 10/15 minute walk.

There are a lot tress around there so every morring it was cleaning leaves off Ezri. I had to go to work twice when I was there and when I came back she was almost burned in them. Unlike being at Romiley there was night light comming from a few homes, so just take care if you don’t have blackout blinds. But having said that there is nothing in the world that beats being on Ezri and the fire light playing on the roof at night.

All too soon it was moving day again, this small trip we were heading to New Mills / Carr Lane Swing Bridge I wrote about the journy in the blog post called ‘Moving Monday’  ( ) So I not going to cover old ground. But I will add that the train is a lot closer than being in Marple, and on the right side of the canal, which may cause few problems when the night comes and people want to sleep.

Walking around I found out that the area is bookended by three railway stations one at New Mills Newtown and the other New Mills Central and the last at Furness Vale so it not hard to get into Manchester for work. But its not all mad rushing hour life there are some nice walks over the hill and though the parks.

But just as I get into swing of things its time to move once more, now I had coming to two days free from work which I wanted to spend at Buxworth (Narrowboat Ezri- Bugsworth Blackout and NarrowBoat Ezri – Whaley Bridge and Bugsworth Basin along the way there were a few problems, But the nice surprise was the steam rally that went on when I was at bugsworth.

As for what I ended up doing for winter mooring in the end, Well CRT didn’t let me have one despite the fact that in total this year I’ve done 50 miles, from Littlebough – Romiley- Marple – Stains Road – Whaley Bridge – Bugsworth – Stains Road – New Mills/Carr Lane and that I am still only being given a 6 Months licence. 

I did the the best thing I could on the Peak there are three Marinas one at Marple, one at New Mills and the last Furness Vale being at Carr Lane rang the nice people at Furness Vale who let me buy a winter mooring from them, which also may be the answer to the CRT next year.

There is still a few things to do on Ezri before the end of the year so this only a mini review of how things are cruisin wise and in the next week or two I should have all the little things done and dusted.

NarrowBoat Ezri – Whaley Bridge and Bugsworth Basin

When you reach the end of the Peak there is a small jucation both of which lead to dead ends making the end of the Peak the frist is Whaley Bridge, were mooring signs are very missleading, all privte moorings or sometimes not, and the water point in at the very end of the canal.

As for the other turning that leans into Bugsworth Basin, a huge set of branches and old stone quays which don’t lead to anywhere but were once the links of old tram-way which carried line rock, The moorings here are a little less messed up than Whaley Bridge you have 48 hours no more. Unless once again you have privrte mooring. Shown by a small little signs you don’t see untill you pass it.

I found all this out after my 14 days came to a end just outside Furness Vale, the Bugsworth Basin bit I knew having been down in the car, (could had walked but dad wanted to see to) I looked up Whaley Bridge on two web sites one te CRT the other Canal Plan and both said nothing about privtir moorings. But on my trip down I also asked around and was told that signs were not right as the makings didn’t make it clear were the privit mooring started and stopped.

I also got told how bad it was around there but it would be for three days then into Bugsworth, I then had it pointed out to me that there are rings just at the start of the Bugsworth arm, now there Ok if you planing to bash your boat along the side of the wall or just be there for two or three hours but not days.

In the end we used Whaley Bridge, dispite being near a Tecos and the main road wasn’t to bad I even had someone pull up infornt of Ezri.

On to Bugsworth a matter of 10 to 15 mins sail, like I said before now its just a lot old quays, and the odd set of rings which makes it easy for Ezri to move around and turn. But mooring a little hard. I don’t want knock holes everywere for her pins so I working on two ropes one front, one back.

Now that’s Ok or it would but she now in the middle of two boats who turn up about ten minutes after Ezri, Dad and Me so am just a little jumpy about Ezri sliding about as the boats comming in now have to pass Ezri to turn around. They all want there spots I guess.

Narrowboat Ezri- Bugsworth Blackout.

Friday night and I have read and written for my blog ‘The Ipcress File’ post, worte about the move from Whaley Bridge to here, even took a few photo’s for Instagram. But I can’t post a single things.

You see Bugsworth is a blackout area I can’t even make a phone call, ok I can but I have walk over the A6, half way up a hill side and stand in the middle of the road way. Other people may be able to get a network signal but I on EE.

Truth be told I really don’t care, Last week I had unlimted internet could spend hours just watching You Tube, playing on twitter and reading the news. But its got to ponit were it infromation overload, your only ever a few clicks away from some crazy person or some hate filled rant.

I grew up without the internet, I was just entering college when it started to became the must have thing and then it was dial-up, and we had a house rule only a hour a day I can’t belive I have become so use to it.

I don’t think I could go back to a hour a day because of the people I watch on You Tube post hour long game play videos, and I try live post my blog (a few minutes after writting them) and twitter, but I will try and cut down my internet.

Its a mind set I guess Ezri is bed, shower, kichen all in 35 ft worth of space so having somthing like the internet is a extra. I have my books, my ebooks and podcasts, which only get used at night or bad weather.

Ezri was never sitting down she’s all about being outside seeing the world around me and trying to pass on the things I see to the rest of the world.