Let Me Take You Down Hiatus

Of those people hoping to read the next page of my book for free, I am very sorry but there is not going to be one this week or next week, I am going to write about why and want will replace the pages, this same time next but; at this point I don’t want to tempt fate too much. Alec, Kyra and Charlie will be back very soon. As the investigation continues into life and death of Jenny Blake. So as they say on TV normal service will be resumed soon so stay tuned


My book for free – Let me take you down

For the past few months I have been giving a book away for free which is something nice to do, but I have found myslef rewriting page 26 and for the frist time I am finding it hard. You see I worte this story a long time ago before my life changed and now as I rework the words in my head I find it touches on a few things I find hard to think about. I am not going to stop post the book its just going to take a little more time to write that’s all.