Bookends – Tie In – Richard Castle – Naked Heat –  Chapter Seven.

The following blog contains spoilers for the Richard Castle book Naked Heat is this your one and only warning, leave now if you do not want this book to be spoilt.

When New York’s most vicious gossip columnist, Cassidy Towne, is found dead Heat on covers a gallery of high-profile Suspects all with compelling Motives for killing the most feared muckraker in Manhattan. Heat’s murder investigation is complicated by her surprise reunion with superstar magazine journalist Jameson Rook in the wake of their recent break up. Nikki would rather not deal with the emotional baggage. But the handsome wisecracking Pulitzer prize-winning writer’s personal involvement in the case forces her to team up with Rook anyway.

Previously in Naked Heat

After tip off from Rook’s mafia friend, Heat and her team raid a restaurant own by Richmond Vergenne a TV celebrity chef who at first runs away from Heat and her team, But it’s only when Rook goes looking for something to cool his mouth do they find Cassidy dead body. And the fact that Cassidy and Richmond were sleeping together so she would write up a good review.
After Lauren has done the autopsy, Heat finds that Cassidy has been tortured before she was killed. Later she makes plans to visit Rook after but on her way there something or someone hits her and she blacks out.

And the Continuation

Seven – Heat uses her training assess improvise adapt and overcome she found she was bound to a chair by her arms, wrist and by each ankle. And she starts to remember the layout of Rook’s loft, if in fact were she being held. Rugs everywhere but the room she had played poker in last year. Tapping her heel this floor was slate, There was the sound of clot behind her and th smell of Old Spice aftershave. Heat guessed it was in his 40’s, he bent down and in Texans drawl spoke.
“Where is it ?”
All Heat could do was mumble with cloth in her mouth, she had no idea what the man was talking about. And tensed for another blow but the man, took a step backwards. Then there was the sound of metal moving and Heat felt something needle-like running along her arm he didn’t break the skin all he did was trace down it. until he reached the tape that was binding her wrist the thing turned out to be a small dental drill, He ran it for a few seconds, which made Heat jump a little as he moved it up to her hood. Then he switched it off and walked away, and there was the sound of boots walking away. Heat bend down as she was able trying feeling the hood inch over her head a little, There was more foot steps and the sound of a humming elevator she pictured herself in Rook’s poker room.

She bent down once again and flicked her hood came off and yes she was in Rooks apartment but in the space between the kitchen counter and a oriental rug. Heat’s heartbeat leveled out and started a new movement inching towards the counter, she began to rub he face along the counter top trying to remove the duct tape painfully she did it. Her arms and ankles were still bound, rising herself up she was able to get level with the small drill resting her chin on the button and at the fourth try did it work. Holding the drill in her mouth she cut away the tape, working fast she freed herself. But just as he was able to free her left elbow she head the sound of the elevator again she stopped the drill. But didn’t stop pulling at the tape when the Texan bounded over the counter and tackled her to the ground. Heat used the chair swinging her arm outwards as he approached and driving him off center. She didn’t wait for him to recover and spotted her jacket across the room. But she was to late the Texan had her back down on the floor. The stars cleared and she got to her feet. The Texan wasn’t going for her gun but a large manila envelope Raley has given her and then the front door.

She runs after him only getting as far as the sidewalks of Tribeca, were she loses him and is held up by a passerby, She told them who she was and they pointed her towards Varick and the subway, She wove her way though the commuters only to see Texan on the rail line by the on coming train get in her way, She did get one consolidation prize on the bottom of the step of the stairs was a single typewriter ribbon. Getting to street level she finds the place full uniform cops who take her back to Rook’s apartment were they find him face down duct tapped to a chair the same way Heat had been. The EMT check him over and he tells Heat want happened he was about to answer his phone when a pillow case was over his head and Yes he’s the same guy who tied Heat up and just in the same way he leaves Rook.

At the 1st Heat works with a sketch artist and Raley Ochoa turn up and take the ribbon from Heat, Clearly someone was trying to get their hands on whatever Cassidy was working on. Rook tells Heat he understands if she want to call a rain check on their plans but Heat invites him to her flat.

Rook, see that Heat still has the print he gave her and they start to chill with a glass of wine, Heat goes and runs herself a bath and Rook cooks them something to eat. When she comes out of the bathroom Rook has set a card table a lit few candles and after the meal and few more glasses they share a kiss.

What I Think.
In the last chapter review, I wrote that hoped that Rook didn’t come in as the white knight saving Heat. And in fact it was totally the other way around. It was Heat who saved the day. In fact it was all about her which is refreshing, there is no surprise quick fix or sudden fancy get out jailbreak, it all hard work for Heat for very little reward, depending on how to class the end of the chapter.

We still have a few questions which need answers and now a new one who is the Texan and want did Cassidy write about him that he would make him act in such and to want to kill a cop for it. I like the fact to the people that fill the world act in the same way most people would. When Heat is running after the guy on the streets people stop her and even call the cops on her and not for her.

When I first read this chapter it was a little hard to understand at first, it sounded as if Heat was being held in one place that she knew, and suddenly in a new place she didn’t. I not sure if that was the idea to become as disorientated as Heat felt at the start of the whole, if so then Mr Castle has done his homework by asked fellow friend Detective Javier Esposito who spent time in the special forces units of the US Army. Or maybe he put himself in the very same situation and work out the solution from there.
So that’s your lot for is week as always thank you for reading and I hope you can join me again next week as we read chapter eight of Richard Castle’s Naked Heat, but until then whoever you are and whether you be bye for now.


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