Bookends – Tie In – Richard Castle – Naked Heat –  Chapter Six.

The following blog contains spoilers for the Richard Castle book Naked Heat is this your one and only warning, leave now if you do not want this book to be spoilt.

When New York’s most vicious gossip columnist, Cassidy Towne, is found dead Heat on covers a gallery of high-profile Suspects all with compelling Motives for killing the most feared muckraker in Manhattan. Heat’s murder investigation is complicated by her surprise reunion with superstar magazine journalist Jameson Rook in the wake of their recent break up. Nikki would rather not deal with the emotional baggage. But the handsome wisecracking Pulitzer prize-winning writer’s personal involvement in the case forces her to team up with Rook anyway.

Previously in Naked Heat After talking to Molly, Rook’s Mother calls letting him know about one her friends called Elizabeth Essex, who Heat and Rook how she tried to kill Cassidy with plant food. Only to have it fail. Heat then finds out were the SUV used in the thief of Cassidy body, they raid there cell phone shop and get their men. One in the hospital and two in the integration room. Heat works her magic and get the name and place for the man who asked carry out the job.

And now the continuation

Heat and her team are getting ready for their second raid of the day, hoping it will lead to Cassidy’s corpse. They are outside the restaurant of Richmond Vergenne a TV celebrity chef. Rook has been here before with Cassidy and witnessed them shouting be doesn’t think it’s a real motive.

Heat and her team pour into the restaurant and even before Heat can introduce herself, Richmond makes a break for it, almost wrecking his kitchen in the process, he eventually tracks him down what he has no idea what he’s talking about. An hour later Richmond is still saying he has no idea what they’re doing in his restaurant and what they’re talking about. Heat’s team find nothing, but Rook really only cares about finding recipe for the jalapeno corn stick the restaurant is famous for he finds if you start eating them. Ochoa finds the door to the wine closet and after asking for the door code finds there is nothing inside. Rook is now morning that his mouth is on fire after eating 4 of a and is now looking for milk

Heat is talking to Richmond she tells him she has three witnesses that gave him this address. But Richmond still denies any involvement in anything rock finds a fridge about half way across the room and is about to pull open the door when Richmond calls out that is broken but it’s too late and Cassidy’s body Falls flat to the floor.

Richmond is now a totally different man, finding himself in Heat’s interrogation room. He’s first words are he didn’t kill her. He does have his lawyer sat next to him who wants some kind of deal. Richmond was at home with his wife a few minutes after midnight, but Heat is still not sure about him just yet. Business was light that night so Richmond knocked off early. But it took him two hours to get home. Slowly Richmond tells Heat he went to see Cassidy at her home, not to kill her but to sleep with her. No it wasn’t an affair in fact was they first time together. It was just sex. Sex for ink, a good review in her column. And the day after he found out she was dead he knew his DNA would end not only his marriage his wife being the money. So he found three guys to carry Cassidy away, but not having the 50 grand they were asking they dumped the body on him.

Even when Richmond is taken away to a holding cell, his lawyer is trying to make a deal with Heat Cassidy was trading sex for print she wasn’t the first women to do that. But Heat tells him no. Back in the car heading to see Lauren Parry, Rook tells Heat he’s going to use her words in a new article he’s going to write, She not interested in being in any article ever again. She’s a bit sharp with him but softens towards him as they carry On the road.

Once they reach Lauren she tells them Cassidy time of death which is 3 am so that rules out Richmond and not only that but she was tortured before death, small wounds but painful, and her fingernails had dirt in them as if from gardening.

Leaving Lauren, and taking the lift Heat apologizes once again for being sharp with Rook about the article and Rook just wants to clear the air by inviting you out for a drink, When the lift stops Ochoa and Raley are waiting for them, They have Cassidy typewriter ribbons but just four. Rook goes home and Heat sends Ochoa to see Lauren about the Padilla case. And taking the ribbons from Raley she heads uptown to forensics calling Rook on the way. She tells him there on for that drink. But on the way to Rook block she meets a man with a dog and they walk together, they reach the building and ride the lift together. But as she presses the buzzer on Rook door the sound someone walking towards her is coming from behind her and not from the apartment. And she blacks out the next she knows is she tied down and there is the sound of dental equipment being moved about on a tray.

What I Think Now we have gone from a simple find the body, find the killer. To kidnapping of one NYC cops. But still we are no closer to any kind of answers, all the motives have fallen though thanks to Lauren and her work. We still need find out want if anything there could be on the ribbons.
Disperse the darker tone to the end of this chapter, there has been a lot of back and forth between Rook and Heat even having her crack a little, by saying sorry twice for the same thing so do think Mr Castle getting deep and deep into add more into his world. What happens next to Heat, who or what has her and the links to Cassidy are yet unknown. I just hope she doesn’t become the little girl lost and need a big strong man to save her. So that’s your lot for is week as always thank you for reading and I hope you can join me again next week as we read chapter seven of Richard Castle’s Naked Heat, but until then whoever you are and whether you be bye for now.


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