All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October By Tom Clancy – Book – The Fifteen Day.

The blog following blog has spoilers for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision.

The Red October is heading west.
The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back
And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap the fourteenth day – Two Russian speaking officers who will help Jack Ryan when he makes contact with the red october crash into the sea leaving a question mark or whether the mission can continue.So Jack has to pick a British officers can speak Russian,The USS pigeon in the Ethan Allen meet at the set location and Jack and office at Williams at transferred to the pigeon

The pigeon manages to dock with the red october and they begin to evacuate the crew members who wish to leave and return to Russia Ramuis and his officers remain a board but one of the crew members has secreted himself away between the reactor core and the bulkhead.

Back in the CIA headquarters the Americans are trying to pull up the Russian officer spy from the hospital he is in. As the American officers try to do exactly the same for the Russian officer of the Russian submarine they found.

The crew member of board the red october begins to threaten Jack Ryan and the remaining Russian officers but Rami a steps forward and shoots the gentleman.

As the red october removed itself from the area the Ethan Allen is blown to kingdom come.

THE FIFTEENTH DAY 17th DECEMBER pages 361- 388

Ocracoke Inlet
After 18 hours inside the Red October the three ships the Porgy, the dalles and the October itself through a moonless dark Sky make their way through to Ocracoke inlet as they make their way into the inlet the zodiac type rubber dinghy with an outboard motor zooms towards them and asks if they need anything to which Ryan replies they need a doctor.

The Dallas.
Mancuso gives the order for ten men including a medic to make their way to the Red October.

Cherry Point, North Carolina
Commander Ed Noyes is air lifted to the sea stallion

Pamlico Sound
The Dallas pulls next to the Red October, both the medical team and the captain Mancuso are giving permission to come aboard. Mancuso even brings sonar operator jones with him. He Bugayev and Captain Borodin talk about how they were able track the Red October and to get the ship to ship working again.
The zodiac then delivered food of the men, and a few minutes late Jones went back to the Dallas. Manion then ask Borodin if he can take the depth gauge from the October what reason he is not exactly sure.
Doctor Noyes is a little shocked to find out he’s being dropped to a russian submarine, Ryan explains the best he can and tells him about the gunshot wounds to the captain and William’s. Noyes goes to work.
Josie comes back with a video tape machine and the television as well as some food, After Jones fixtures up a sonar communication. Mancuso asks Borodin for permission to dive and is given it. But borodin begins to feel as if she’s lost control

The White House
Dr. Pelt is on the phone to the Russian ambassador and tells him that the USS pigeon and rescue the crewmen of the Red October, as it blew up because of the reactor problems but unfortunately was not able to rescue the officers the crew are now on their way directly to Washington.

The Pentagon
Skip Tyler is told that the plan has gone well, and if he wants he can become part of the navy again. Even with his missing leg. But turns them down.

The Red October
With crew working away at the controls of the Red October, Ryan finds a bottle of vodka takes mouthful and ends up sleeping on a bunk.

The Sea Cliff
The Sea Cliff was a small rugged research submarine used mainly for oceanographic tasks, its job is the help and locate what is left of the Red October on board the seacliffe is Russian captain Kaganovich he tells the crew that the submarine they find is not be touched and tells the the crew that it is an expiration vehicle not a missile boat, So the crew find out they are very annoyed with a captain and make a break straight for the surface without him being able to see much more.

The USS Austin
Captain Kaganovich is it able to signal to Moscow they have found the Red October

The Red October
Six hours later on the real red october Ryan wakes up to the end credits of the ET film, the Russians think that all children in the film behave like that in America free is there a term for it Mancuso explains that some do and some don’t.
Ryan asks the doctor how William’s is and is told he will make it, and so will Captain Ramius. The Doctor them asks what the real story is and Borodin tells him that they are all become American citizens.

Narmonov and comrade general secretary Gorshkov are briefed about want has happened to the Red October but Gorshkov thinks its very clever piece of this information. So they begin a KGB investigation into the same as business along 2 lines one group will investigate information from the agent in Washington and the other will proceed in the assumption that the letter from a captain ramius was in fact fake.

What I think -So the plan worked the red October is now under the control of the Americans and a great Russian officers will become American citizens very shortly, deep in darkest Moscow the people who didn’t act or did act for the greater good of the political party are under investigation and Jack Ryan has been bounced about from boat to ship to plane to Submarine and now is semi drunk in the bottom of a bunk on the Red October, 

It’s not your usual spy story that’s for sure because most of the action is not focused on one character is spread around from the CIA to the KGB to the characters on the 3rd October and the Dallas in to Malvern by leaps from each point to British ships and two planes it’s quiet a read nice but only in small chunks, I wouldn’t spend days or weeks trying to read it all at once it is one chapter at a time so of a book. I think there are three more chapters left what exactly happens in these two chapters I’m not exactly am not sure but it will be fun finding out.

So that’s you lot for this week, and as always thank you for reading and I hope you can join me next week for the next chapter.


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