Narrowboat Ezri – The 100 Miles Adventure –  Third time Lucky

Even when I was getting wet week last week, even when I bailing out the water from the leak. I try and make things sound fun, as me and Ezri make our way around the canal network. But I don’t think with this one, the task for the day was simple one, turn around get some fuel and moor up back in the same place as I have a few days left here.

Things started out Easy, I turned Ezri’s key counted to 20 and her engine came kicking into life, we untied her ropes and Decided to leave the change as we were coming back to the morning, I worked out there was space a few feet head so we could use that to turn around in, I was able to come in and Dad got off rope in hand all we needed to do was move backwards Dad would then pull Ezri around I would then head to the fuel pump at the Marina.

Well first Ezri didn’t want to go backwards despite having about a foot of spare space behind her and when dad tried to push her back that didn’t work. We tried a second time only to get stuck and Ezri’s tiller arm smacking me in the stomach so there was nothing for it but to head up the network and find bigger space.

The second one we found was a lot wider so we tried again but once again Ezri didn’t want to go backwards despite my best efforts, and Dad holding her front rope telling me which way to move Ezri’s tiller but it didn’t work I got a second whack for my trouble and Ezri started making odd sounds. Which is never a good sign so the there was nothing for it but to go deeper.

Now by this point I was in a little of pain and Dad was getting tried of walking and pulling, So right in the center of the bend we tried again slowly and only just making it this time,facing the right way heading back to the Marina Dad got on and off we went Ezri was not happy one bit. She kept fighting me, it was if I was running thought sand we did make it to the Marina and got some fuel want we got in total I can’t really remember as I was still too focused on the fact that he was being a bit of a pain in the backside.

I thought that after all that messing about was over when headed out but no, Ezri had one last trick to keep us on our toes she decided to almost hit the boat to her left as we came down the canal back to the mooring and then overshoot the mooring place and we had to drag back quite a few feet. Not only that but the mooring chains for decided to lodge themselves within the steel work of the barrier.

We move again on Friday I just Ezri is a better frame of mind, as I don’t want have start fighting her again.


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