The following blog has spoilers of the Stephen King Book 11. 22. 63 this your one and only warning.

STEPHEN KING -11.22.63

The day that changed the world. 

What if you could change it back ?
On November 22, 1963, Three shots rang out in Dallas,
President Kennedy died,and the world changed.
If you had the chance to change history, would you?

Would the consequesnces be worth it?

The Book So Far – Jake returns to 2011 to find out that out is still there just as the same as he left, And they both try and find out what happened to Harry but I’m not able to see him on the custodial pictures of the high school Jake later finds out with all the changes that have been made to Harry’s life they didn’t work out very well in that Harry died fighting in Vietnam he, finds this out by talking to Harry’s sister, Extremely upset Jake manages to pull himself back together to go and see Al one last time before he steps though the hole again, but Al has taken sleeping pills to end his pain so Jake has no other option but to go in once again on his own when he gets to the 1950s it turns out that the yellow card man has taken his own life too.

And now the continuation –

  1. Jake walks through the town this time, the only stop he makes is to touch the car on On the forecourt for good luck you then heads across to get a bus at the bus station and once aboard as the bus goes along route 196, he start thinking about the yellow card man and the fact that the card he now carries is not cardboard or plastic pot even say love it feels like dead skin. How Al idea the man was somehow caught Between Worlds because of the rabbit hole doesn’t add up but sooner forget and move on and realises it’s good to be back.
  2. Jake buys himself a suitcase, and is told about the suicide of the dunk and then buys the same shirt he’s wearing.
  3. Jake goes back to his old/new apartment at Harris Avenue, He makes a habit of droping into the Lamplighter. he even makes friends with Jeff the bartender betting with him on Yankees baseball team
  4. The day after he goes under ground bookies and puts down a bet.
  5. Over the following months Jake builds a life for himself just had before but keeps one eye on the baseball game, waiting for Frank Dunning.
  6. Jake wants to keep the timeline Protected more this time he knows were Frank will be he doesn’t have to ask he just knows on the 5th of October 1958.
  7. He knows he’s done his best and even if God doesn’t 
  8. On the day there was no flu this time but Jake wakes up with a migraine falls down stairs and his car won’t start so he calls a mechanic.
  9. Mechanic comes.and fixings the car also has some advice for Jake to go back to bed.
  10. Because of the headache Jake drives the car quite slowly down route 7 checking each intersection as he does and is lucky not to be hit by the gravel truck on old Derby Road, Jake find a place to rest and weights for Dunning eventually headache disappears
  11. As Dunning walks through the graveyard Jake makes him turn and shoots twice
  12. Jake put Dunning into the mausoleum and walks away.
  13. Jake goes to collect his winnings to the baseball games and is told Dunning wasn’t the Saint the papers making out to be.
  14. Jake’s Drive wants to push him to go and see the Dunning family not Harry this time but his kids sister to tell her to talk her brother out of putting uniform on one day.
  15. Jake has one last thing to do before leaving Darby he writes a letter to give to Bill Turcotte
  16. Then he leaves.

What I think – Well Jake’s second life in 1950s America has started again and thankfully it wasn’t like Groundhog Day repeating over and over again the same things, But what I do have a problem with is every time Jake tries to change something that is a life and death situation obstacle put in the way each time they get Dumber and Dumber like the last of the keys and the fact that he has two flat tires I do hope that it doesn’t turn out to be that Jake was the yellow card man all along.

Aa always thank you for reading, and I hope you can join me for the next chapter. 


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