The following blog has spoilers for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision.

The Red October is heading west.
The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back
And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap the thirteenth day – The Dallas have been keeping up with the red october and invincible watches as they move around the see it then sends two helicopters and the red october breaches the surface. Ramius then it’s taking a back when the Invincible signals to him though Morse code a personal message telling him that most of his Navy or after him and he needs to head to a new grid reference. Jack Ryan then tells the CIA.

In Washington the CIA have to deal with their own problems not only a senator who is questioning their actions about why the US Navy out playing around with the British fleet but the aid to the Senator who turns out to be a spy and is arrested by a member of the CIA.

When the red october reaches given to them by invincible the reactor engine starts to play up and the red october is forced once again to breach the surface.


A Super Stallion
The helicopters mission was to fly specifically to the HMS Invincible from there they would fly to the HMS pigeon, but I’m no to both pilots there is a fracture in the transmission casing.

Harrier 2-0
The harrier flown by lieutenant Parker is the escort for the super Stallion helicopter as a search in the water for a contact.

Super Stallion
In the middle of a transmission to the harrier the super stallion in begins instantly dispute lubricant oil behind the rotor hub and suddenly everything freezes the rotary blades twist and the stallion savagely drops and rotates in midair jerking the two pilots out there seats commander Marcks begins and Mayday call but it’s too late

Harrier 2-0
Lieutenant Parker radios control, and tells them what has happened he is then giving instructions to stay in the area as they Mount sea rescue for What Remains of the crew.

The Invincible
Jack watches from the Bridge as a Medics carry the structure of a Crewman from the stallion is then given what The Truman was carrying a small metal Briefcase, Admiral white quarters they open the Briefcase and mine reads a very heavy sigh, the mission it’s been set out in black and white round then gets a call the president and he’s told that you can order him to do this but he knows what is extinct Ryan then asks for some help and he told he can only bring one British officer this up with him.
Admiral white gathers together for Lieutenant’s under the age of 30 and it’s planes Ryan needs an officer to accompany on a voluntary basis of a mission of the upmost importance and secretive. The man the volunteers is Mr Owen Williams.

33n 75w
The Scamp rendezvous with the Ethan Allen a few minutes after midnight and then later joined by the power diesel vessel USS pigeon.

The Red October
Melekhin tells both Ramius and the rest of the crew they have no other option they must continue to work on the diesel engine allowed ramius begins to question whether the Sabotage is part of somebody’s plan and not an accident and out loud he begins to shake his we cannot risk the Americans getting their hands on our submarine.

Judge Moore calls senator Donaldson into the office and the FBI and CIA know that Donaldson told his aide about the fake mission, and that a spy in Russia has already been killed, they are going to turn his aide Mr Henderson in spy and the senator himself will retire.

The Pigeon
Ryan and William uneventfully reach the destination.

The Dallas
Mancuso received a lengthy Eyes Only transmission which takes him a few minutes to decrypt when he has done so he is smiling from ear to ear.

The Pigeon
Ryan explained to the captain of pigeon as much of the plan as he can and the fact a pigeon will have to use a blinker light to signal to the Red October. They’re going to get all the crew of and those who may want to return to Russia can do then pretend to blow the ship up with one of the powerful scuttling charges the Russian ships are known to carry. The remaining crew will be taken through their butts northwest Pimlico sounds to watch and wait the soviets navy return home.

The Red October.
On board the red october Ramus the transmission from the Pigeon and understands the plan.

Norfolk Naval Medical Center.
The Russian soldier has now woken up and his name is Andre Katystin from Leningrad and the name of the ship he was on was called the Politovskiy, Dr Tait are happy but the Russians not so much and it means that there could be another missing submarine.

They put a plan into action to get cardinal out of Russia.

The Red October
Over the submarine Ramius ” the efforts to repair engines have failed A batteries and nearly flat we are too far from Cuba for help and we can expect help from the Rodina, we do not have enough electrical power to evaporate are environmental control systems for more than a few hours we had no choice we must have banned in the ship…” ” we have lost comrades we have made the signals to Moscow to tell and to the American ships we then we’ll dive 200 m and we have we will take no chance and they will cease our ship I take full responsibility for this disgrace, read the fault is mine alone.”

The Pigeon
The signal has been received and the driver of the Pigeon takes Ryan and Williams down to the mystic.

The Mystic
The mystic is winched into the water by the Pigeon and slowly beneath the depths of the ocean carrying both Ryan and William’s it makes its way to the Red October and then careful attaches itself to the Octobers hull, Ryan and pick up a wrench and knocks on the hull.

The Red October
Ramius opens that hatch and Ryan introduces himself he then tells them there is a major radiation leak in the reactor system Ryan believes him and together they begin the evacuation, Under The Captain’s orders Dr Petrov is to take the first group to be evacuated of 25 men at a time,

The Scamp
Is halted two miles away from the Ethan Allen as both submarines exchange messages the scan sonar man noticed the passage of the three submarines an hour earlier the pogy the Dallas now between the Red October and two American subs.

The Red October
When the third group of Crewman I cook at the end of the line breaks away explaining he wants to retrieve his cassette tape machine something has been saving monster no one notices when he doesn’t return not even ramius.

The pigeon
On the pitch in the Soviet crewed I take it to the curse of the American soldiers observe the Russian counterparts closely Without A Word being said the Russian pine table set with Amy love coffee bacon and eggs with a junior officer acting as interpreter they ask for and get plenty of additional bacon.

The Red October
When the last group of crew have left the red october ramius turns to Jack Ryan and asks for asylum, he then goes on to explain that he’s told his crew that he would scuttle the ship and Ryan then explains a missile submarine will explode two miles from here to persuade his crew that this is what indeed has happened.
The offices above the red october will be able to pilot to safe Harbour with the Jack Ryan help they will be able to steer the ship but Jack has to explain once again to ramius the teachers CIA officer and not navy man.
In fact Ramius has read parts of Jack’s books.

The Avalon
The crew of the Avalon finished planting the bombs.

The Red October
Ordering both sets of men in English and Russian ramius gets the crew to take to their posts and asked Ryan when are they going to leave the area, Ryan says whenever you’re ready.Williams and Kamarov work together on securing the hatches and missile silo.
Then Jack Ryan his something something that shouldn’t be but ramius dismisses him thinking it’s the first time he heard of the Caterpillar drive, he then takes out Pistols pop goes to investigate but does not want any doors about his vessel. Williams and Kamarov are now missing, still extremely upset Ryan has a gun ramius gives him permission to go and investigate they find on the floor Kamarov.
Rammus and Ryan take opposite ends but the missile room. There the cook with his own gun trying to keep of Ramius and Ryan away from the missiles which tense to use blow ship up, the Cook and Ryan exchange a few shots each trying to convince the other that they are right. In the end ramius puts himself in harms way getting shot twice and the Cook killed outright. it is then decided the red october will release remains of armaments into the water.

The Dallas
The crew hear the missiles being released.

The Red October.
The missiles you’re not float to the surface in fact they fall on to the sea bed and I crushed by the weight of the sea

The Ethan Allen
The four bombs with the equivalent of 25 tons of TNT evenly distributed throughout the whole the hull the squids fired almost simultaneously and results with catastrophic Ethan Allen Strong Steel full burst like it was a balloon he only item not totally destroyed was the ships reactor which health 3 of the shredded wreckage and drop rapidly to the Ocean Floor.

The Dallas
Jonesy hears the explosion and curses out loud, The captain of the boat tells the whole what they heard was nothing to worry about.

The White House.
The president is now getting nervous and hopes that the sacrifices of the men he has sent to die though in fact mean something and the rest of the Russian military will believe what has happened to the Red October.

What I Think – The book has become somewhat a rush to the finish with most of the action taking place in this last chapter bouncing from the Red October, to the Ethan Allen, the white house and The Dallas, and everywhere else in between how we have a few more chapters rent the book is almost over I have absolutely no idea but we do so we have to see how it all plays out. It nice touch that even when someone boards his own vessel ramius is able to maintain superiority over not only what remains of these offices but Ryan and his tiny party.

So that’s you lot for this week, and as always thank you for reading and I hope you can join me next week for the next chapter.


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