Narrowboat Ezri – The 100 Miles Adventure – Two For The Price Of One.

We coming to the end of the Macclesfield canal soon as it joins the Trent and Mersey, but that’s not until next week. This weeks all about two’s. Two trips and two crew. The frist trip was small and done in the sunshine the second was a good stretch and done in the pouring rain, but will two crew members. 

We shall start with the short trip, The Macclesfield is one of the easier section of the network we have been so far, stay in the middle of the water and when you find metal barrier pull in a chain up, now most of the bigger narrow boats go to bigger safest points or the 48 hour places and sometimes only use two ropes. Ezri being only 35 foot gives her a lot more space to play with. 

The center of Congleton is once again 48 hour and being very close to Heritage Marina hire boats it get filled up quickly the rest of the bank both before and after needs the weeds cutting, so braking the trip there isn’t the best thing to do was to pick to move from aqueduct to aqueduct, which I though would have just over a mile but when, we tied up it was just 7 1/2 furlongs. The funny thing was that just before the Aqueduct stop there was/is a small cut out very much like the Littleborough quay I was in a long time ago, I didn’t see anyway of getting back to the towpath so, we picked a spot just on the end of the aqueduct.

Total Miles covered so far (Start point Bugsworth) =  33 miles 5 furlongs

Miles covered this trip =  7 1/2 furlongs

Being in such an open space, the wind and the weather does make Ezri move around a lot more her back rope undoing its self, so by Friday it was time to move. The plan was to get some fuel and then head on the Trent and Mersey and find a 14 day place but the weather wanted to play. 

Unlike most trips which are just me and my dad, my bother Joel came along this time. He parked his car we walked to Ezri me checking on the canal making sure there was nothing in the way, as we got half though the walk the rain came only a little on too heavy just enough to keep the cyclists and the dog walkers away it surprising that I did see a few boats heading the opposite way. The rain didn’t stop when we reached Ezri in fact it got worse, and want had been light shower was now becoming a torrential rainstorm, Dad took his place inside and as pushed Ezri though the rain Joel moved between us keeping look at (he’s the black hooded figure in the video)

Unlike the last time Joel was with us there was no locks, bridges or lack of water to stop Ezri in fact I think she was showing off at one point moving to the left before I had seen the on coming boat. Both Dad and Joel did get a chance to dry off a little being inside Ezri as for me we the heater in Joel’s helped a lot. Too tired to cook after such a long trip we decided to go out for a meal so with picked up Katie my sister in law and off we all went and even then the rain still can down.

So as always thank you for reading and see yo next week for the blog post

Total Miles covered so far (Start point Bugsworth) =  37 miles 2 furlongs

Miles covered this trip =  3 miles 5  1/2 furlongs.

Places been/Stopped- Bugsworth, Strines Road Narrows, Carr Swing Bridge, Bancroft Bridge No 8, Higher Poynton Winding Hole, Braddocks Bridge No. 19, Lane Head Winding Hole, Clark’ Change Bridge, Leadbeater’s Bridge No 40, Royal Oak Swing Bridge No. 49, Locketts Bridge No. 53. River Dane Aqueduct (12 locks) Congleton Bridge No 61, Buglauton Cattle Aqueduct, Biddulph Valley Aqueduct, Kent Green Pipe Bridge.


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