The following blog has spoilers for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision.

The Red October is heading west.
The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back
And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap the Twelfth day -The Dallas fans out the red october is in fact that Marina bin tracking for last 24 hours thanks to John zee and his computer technology then decide to switch off all engines and float for the red october will not pick them up. In Moscow the minister of Defence and his chief of staff talk about the spy they have a board the Red October and believe he will be able to stop ramius in his tracks and return the red october home to Mother Russia. As the red october move out of the patrol zone, the Dallas has to ask permission follow it and almost 24 hours later the Dallas has its permission from the men at the Pentagon and now the invisible carry Jack Ryan has started trying to transmit to the Dallas.


The Dallas
On the Dallas they monitor the red october making more crazy Ivan moves and this time they have been found out and they know the red october has seen them

The Red October
Yes the red october has seen them and works out they’ve been trailing them for the last two hours.

The Dallas
As the Dallas is now running silent Mancuso gives the order to actively search sonar things for the red october giving a target range.

The Red October
Everybody on the red october knows there is no hope now

The Dallas
Suddenly on the surface Jonesy hears there is very huge contact above them.

The Invincible.
The Invincible signals to the Bristol and Fife to stay with them, And the sends two helicopters to hover over the surface at fifty feet.

The Dallas.
Jones is able to hear the helicopters and work out the location of the The Invincible

The Invincible
Finds two submarines and the Admiral picks up his binoculars and starts to look around.

The Red October
Ramius has run the Red October into task force both British and American, he needs to see want up against so he gives the order to bring the ship to periscope depth.

The Invincible
Jack and the Admiral hold there breath as one of the helicopters report back that the Red October is heading up slowly.

The Red October
Borodin is slowly helping pump water as the Red October heads directly towards the invincible.

The Invincible
The Admiral calls a guy Hunter to comm to ask how well his morse code is as Jack stands there still feeling very sick.

The Dallas
Jones hears the sounds of the hull popping as the Red October heads up. Mannion thinks it’s dumb move but keeps that to himself Mancuco gives order to follow.

The Invincible
Admiral white now has everything trained on the depth and position for the red october they all have agreed that the best method of Passing a message would be used a blinker light, only someone placed in the Direct Line of Sight would be able to read the signal until moved the light holding the sheet of paper, Ryan had given him and the Yeoman begins to signal

The Red October
30 metres from the surface Captain ramius or is the periscope to be raised he looks out and see the three imperialist ships HMS Invincible and two Scouts.

The Invincible
And the Invincible they noticed the periscope and within seconds the caption is now controlling the light.

The Red October
At first Ramirez does not see this signal checking the Horizon from our ships and aircrafts when he’s finally made a circuit the second time he sees the flashing light quickly interpret signal Red October Red October if you can read this please pingos one time on active sonar the message keeps repeating and Orders Borodin to signal on active sonar.

The Invincible
With the ping received the invisible captain begins to send his message Red October Red October your fleet is chasing after you your path is blocked by numerous vessels in numerous is tax summary there waiting to attack you repeat proceed to rendezvous point 33 North 75 West we have ships there waiting for you repeat repeat Ping once again if you understand this message

The Red October
Ramius asks once again for the distance to target and borodin in replies 2000m, ramius doesn’t know why they know how long they have been training them he has to decide he asks once again for them to ping the target.

The Invincible
The Admiral the captain and Jack are very pleased and how it’s done Jack for the moment against he has sickness and disappears off to arrange things.

The Dallas
On the Dallas Mancuso shakes his head after reading the message that the English have sent for the red october Mannion brings the Dallas back into pursuit Of The Red October and still Mancuso has no idea what is going on.

The Invincible
In the radio room Ryan send an encrypted message to the CIA

The White House
The president is happy with the process of the mission so far but those things can go wrong.

The Invincible
Jack finishes sending his message as Admiral Wight walks into the room Jack has no idea what the next past the plan is but the Admiral says they have to move back to impose themselves between the Red October and the Soviet Fleet.

The Avalon
The Avalon is it DSV are creeping forward a long one of these houses port side, and from what the lieutenant can see something went wrong with her reactor burnt right through one of her sides. The job of the Avalon was to search and rescue and try to find out if anyone was still alive. But they receive a message to proceed at the best speed to 33 North 75 West the message didn’t say why they.

The spy cardinal is still with the CIA and Ritter quite happy about that but the Admiral what’s cardinal to come out of Russia. But only that be ther now a senator wants to know what is really going on as he doesn’t by the cover story about the rescue mission and thinks we know something different.

Washington D.C.
Ritter heads to Senator Donaldson office were he’s kept waiting. After Ritter tells the Senator that the information he has comes from the President himself and if the Senator tells anyone things will be very bad. He tells him that the Russians have at least one submarine unaccounted for and someone we think it’s playing a trick on the operations director at the Soviet Northfleet, and about forged letters. The objective is to raise hell in the Soviet Union military channels and embarrass Moscow so the British and the French and the israelis have decided to come together try and stop them. There is also a man called Henderson who seems to be aware of the meeting going on between Ritter and the Senator, he walked out of the building after the meeting and it’s followed by special agent Hazel Lommis

The Pentagon
Admiral Davenport walks into a room full CIA intelligence officers and asks for volunteers none of the men leave and as he hands out of Manila envelope with the audience in he says they will have a chance to look inside a Soviet missile submarine.

33N 75W
On the Ethan Allen the chief quartermaster is becoming bored with waiting he wishes they had brought a proper cook with them. and giving him the job, as he talks to a second crew member he is asked what their mission is and he has no idea himself.

The New Jersey
Commander Eaton was perplexed, his battle group was holding twenty miles south of the Russians after the Mark battle with soviets Eaton is glad there is nothing more to be gained from harassment and anyway if it has to be his Battle group good switch from peace to war in about 2 minutes.

The Watergate Apartments
Hazel Loomis knocks on Hendersons door and asks to use his phone, he let’s her use it then try’s to pick her. With tour of his apartment, what halfway through there is a knock at his door and she arrested on suspicion of espionage and then lets in three gentlemen from the CIA rip the apartment apart.

The Red October
Discipline on the red october is being maintained as daily life continues but down in the engine room there is an alarm, there another malfunction, there has been a minor malfunction in the reactor system alarm everybody heard was not a major radiation late but rather a fault in the reactor rod control system. So ramius orders the submarine to go to snorkeling depth and to standby to activate the diesel.

The Dallas
With the Dallas still trailing behind the Red October, Jonesy worked out that they must have some kind of exotic fuel and not simply electrical to be able to drop and raise in such a short time there is then a whole cracking sound as if the red october is now once again heading up towards the surface.

The Red October
App snorkeling death ramius look around and see they have left the American escorts far behind them he then ordered them to open the main valves and vent the engine space and start diesel. The engine continues to crack throughout the whole and the men wait for the rumble of the engine to begin and catch after another try the engine does not kick in. ramius then finds his crew members that has feelings with diesel engines and hope they will be able to find out what is wrong with it.

What I Think – this chapter has a lot of good points with the back and forth of the Dallas and the red october being split into sections so you can find out their reactions without reading three or four pages, of not storyline. But the problem I have is all the new stuff with the Senator and the Spy at the Watergate it seems somehow added in just for effect no if they’re gone to the hospital with a Russian spy was and Mr Clancy had written how they intend to get him out of Russia that may have been something but to bring in two characters one who is a bumbling senator and is told a complete pack of lies and a spy, Who suddenly appears and is caught by a most honey trap that just becomes more filler. 

There are four Chapters left in the book and I’m trying to find out exactly what time will be executed by the end of the story with both the Admirals and captions of several shapes not knowing what’s going on and it only person that seems to have any idea stuck in the bowels of the CIA headquarters playing with a computer.

As always thank you for reading and I hope you can join me next week for the next chapter.


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