The follwing blog has spoilers of the Stephen King Book 11.22. this your one and only warning.

STEPHEN KING -11.22.63

The day that changed the world.

What if you could change it back ?
On November 22, 1963, Three shots rang out in Dallas,
President Kennedy died,and the world changed.
If you had the chance to change history, would you?

Would the consequesnces be worth it?

The Book so Far – Jake is able to track down Mr Dunning who turns out works in a market at a butchery and for the next few days watches him trying to work out how he can stop running from the killing. In the end take decides he will have to kill Dunning so he goes to buy himself a coat 38 police special. Following dunning into a restaurant you meet another man call Chaz, a gentleman in the same line of work that jake’s alias is involved in.He tells Jake that Dunning has been married before and has walked out on more than one family and the gentleman he he is involved in are buys and seller in land, and therefor powerful.

And now the Continuation – 

  1. Jake calling himself Mr George Amberson goes around Derby and the surrounding towns visiting every commercial zoned property.Along the way picking up the Lingo war meaning World War II the conflict meaning Korean. Chaz Frati becomes chummy to him Jake.finds out later that the no suspenders guy had put Chaz up to it and is named Bill Turcotte.
  2. The good times are coming back said Beverley Marsh (the dancing girl) But the more Jake sees of the town the less he believes it, The empty houses, factories and seeing a men beating a dog all make him question the whole thing
  3. So day in October Jake still playing Real estate agent decides to talk to people about the left side rec area one of these people is Doris Dunning.She says it was shut because of the budget cuts but in reality it was when the child murders were happening.Jake works out the place will make a good spot in which to see Dunning but he who see Jake too.
  4. But on Bernard consideration he finds another place,The house in directly behind Dunnings.
  5. Jake begins to feel like his rehearsing a play rather than living a life and it makes him feel very unwell
  6. As the days pass the feeling sick gets worse doesn’t care if he’s still hearing he shall be there.
  7. Jake’s nervousness is actually making physically ill so he goes to the chemist a buys several remedies in the hope that will make you feel better However he has an accident and ends up needing the bathroom but the only bathroom we can find is the one at the bar across the road and sat at one of the tables watching him is a gentleman called Bill Turcotte.
  8. The night comes and Jake makes his way to the back of the house, But as he waits someone comes up behind him with a gun its Bill Turcotte who not happy and Jakes gun. He Suffering from the same complaint Jake is, So Jake finds it easy to question him. It turns out Bill wants to kill Dunning to because Dunning killed his sister
  9. Bill tells Jake the whole history of Dunning and his sister even were he thinks the bodies are, he then tells Jake.about being in high school with Dunning and Chaz. So Jake tell Bill some kind of truth but now Bill wants it kill everyone in the house. so it would Dunning going to prison
  10. As they wait Jake starts to think Bill is a coward, And calls Bill out on it . They Fight and Jake is able to get his gun back off bill who is now lying on the ground in pain.
  11. Jake gets to the back door of the house and watchs as it plays out the same way Harry told it. then the front door opens. and Mrs Dunning screams
  12. Jake is not able to stop Dunning breaking Mrs arm and killing Tugga, But he is able put two bullets into him and. As young Harry tries to stop his father Bill hits Dunning with something and he go’s down.
  13. Jake starts to tell Bill to forget he saw his car but Bill is in fit state to ever think.
  14. Young Harry watchs Jake wash his hands and asks who he and just nobody and with police cars on there way takes off into the night.
  15. Staggering back to the car Jake begins to think what if because of the butterfly effect the Diner won’t be there when he tried to use it again what in 2011 would have changed, When he does reach his car here almost has the shock of his life when he see’s a yellow card sticking out of one of the windshield wipers but it turns out to be a flyer for the church.
  16. Reaching the drying Shed he begins to try and find the hole but has another shot when he can’t find it he begins to think that his entire life as Jake everything from his Prize winning garden in Grammar School to his abandoned novel in college and his marriage was one huge crazy hallucination and in fact he is George Amberson all along, But then out of the night Jake hears Al and he walks towards the sound and steps back into 2011

What I Think.- So Jake has changed the past or at least tried to what awaits him when he returns to 2011 we shall see in the next few chapters it didn’t go according exactly to plan but he must have change something. There has been a lot of back history and stories from the people he has met in Darby and that’s quite interesting what I don’t like is quite a lot of the modern profanities that people seem to have been using I’m not very sure that some of the words are recent inventions like the c word for example I don’t think that was common uses in the 1950s but that’s my only gripe about the last few chapters so we shall see what we shall see.

Well that’s your lot for this week and as always if you have been thank you for reading and see you next week for the next chapter.


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