The following blog has spoilers for the Stephen King Book 11.22.63 this your one and only warning.

STEPHEN KING -11.22.63

The day that changed the world. 

What if you could change it back ?
On November 22, 1963, Three shots rang out in Dallas,
President Kennedy died,and the world changed.
If you had the chance to change history, would you?

Would the consequesnces be worth it?

The Book so Far – Jake buys himself a car and heads further down the coast, he ends up in a town more industrial than rural, which is totally unlike the town he came in through. He begins to have second thoughts about the whole idea changing the time line. But in the end he realises he’s going to let Al down so keeps going. First he asks around but he’s told a better off looking in the phone book because Harry’s father’s name is very common.
So in the evening he goes to the bar at the hotel his booked into and talks the barman the barman tells him about a few murders that have taken place. And surnames match up so in the morning Jake decides to try and look in library.
But as he heads to library stop by two people who are dancing in the middle of the road they seem somehow more open than the people he’s already asked so over the course of an hour or two he finds out the street name of the murders and makes his way around to it and then just too he’s about to leave he finds himself face to face with a young Harry.

And now the Continuation – Part Two – The Janitor’s Father – Chapter Seven.

  1. Jake has spent 7 weeks in Derby which she comes to hate and fear it because of the sense of impending failure around the place.And he knows he can’t leave because he’s seen Harry before he becomes hop along Harry and not only that his sister is no longer just a name in a painstakingly written essay.
  2. On second day in Derby Jake goes to the market and tries to fit in trying to find Mr Dunning who turns up to have a butchery shop and look remarkably like the young janitorA very nice man always joking a very nice man with very cold as ice eyes.
  3. At a 7:15 when the market is closed for the day, Jake waits outside the market and what is Mr curry and Dunning walk to the bus stop. Jakes on the bus and few stops down feeling like an alien in science fiction flim. Dunning gets off the bus and Jake follow him,Two stops later having having seen him walk into a 3 Storey new England Victorian house with a sign hanging from the porch best price rooms by the week of the month.In America where surface had always passed the substance people always believes like Frank Dunning.
  4. Are the following Tuesday Jake rent an apartment advertised in the Derby News and considers his options.1 tell the police 2. Anonymously call the Butcher and tell him he is being watched  3.Frame the Butcher for something 4. Implicate the butchers somehow.5 Kill the butcher. Having written this down Jake tried to go to sleep.
  5. Laying in the bed Jake thinks about the list telling the police might work but as well but who would believe him if he told them about Dunning. Calling him being answer yet maybe that would change him totally make him move his plan ahead. And as for framing him Jake is a school teacher not an CIA agent. The only show where was to follow him wait until he was a long and then killing keep it nice and simple. But there was a problem with that too the biggest was just didn’t know if he could go through with it what is he went through with it and then got caught before he could escape to the future where he was Jake and not George. A new idea popped into his head one crazy Leah attractive he could station himself across the road on the Halloween night and just watch make sure it really happened and then drive back to Lisbon Falls go through the rabbit hole in the middle return to September 9th in the morning but the whole purpose of this chick had to be to find out what effect saving the janitors family would have on the future and if he let Frank goes through with the murders he wouldn’t know.
  6. Jake go and buys himself.Colt.38 police revolver special he told the clerk it was because he needed protection being a real estate man as he walk back down the street with his gun in briefcase he’s sure sees the guy who should be at work and thinks he’s being watched.
  7. That evening Jake watches Dunning and looks for the guy with no suspenders he sees running and knows he’s going home and convince himself that the guy watching him was a coincidence the following evening however done in travels down the three-way intersection of centre Kansas and witcham heading for a bar called the lamplighters Dunning goes inside. Jake thinks it’s time that he started to belong here so sad to go inside himself.
  8. Sitting down he’s accosted by a gentleman called Charles Frati who Notices that he looking back at the table they shake hands and Jake introduces himself as George.The table Dunning sat at belongs to the Tony Tracker and his brother Phil who run a freight haulage company. Chaz knows that Jake George his new and guess he’s that eating the Business of real estate.Chaz thinks that George is here to buy site from mall. Chaz goes on to say that he owns the land underneath the Kitchener Ironworks and the trackers all the rest he also knows that Frank has a drinking problem because he used to stay out late to All Hours playing poker with the guys now all he does is one drink and out the door Chaz says that him and Frank went to the same school together and he was supposed to go to University of men or you got a girl pregnant and ended up married And.2 years later she decided to leave him.Frank is the kind of guy fighting the Germans in the Jap’s would probably done him some good get it out of his system but he came up 4F. So the guy who owns the meat store before him makes him on and says if you don’t wise up I’m going to drop you so frankly seasides to Wise Up and straighten up. He divorces the first wife and settled for Doris McKinney three kids the whole bit. But Doris turns up to church with bruises on her face and three weeks later he’s out the door living in a rooming house classed as he could to the old homestead.
  9. So Jake realises is keeping notes in a small notebook is not going to work so he goes to buy a typewriter and then checks on his friend Charles.
  10. At the days slip Jake has settle into life, reading and Al’s notes he visits the library and reads about the murders and disappearances in the 1957 and 1958 looking for stories as well I Frank Dunning but found nothing. However Jake follows Dunning agian once to the Brewers market and again when picks up his kids for a day at the cinema. the following Saturday they go back to the cinema and to a football game this time Mrs Dunning makes a brief appearance when he drops the children at home, The next Jake follows Dunning to a cemetery and what is him place a basket of flowers on two graves.

What I think – Jake obviously has become running stalker so he can find the movements and stop the guy before the killings but I do think it’s a very quick fix to meet the gentleman at the lamplight who knows all about Dunning. Like I said before I have no real history of America so I’ve not sure whether some of the history lessons are correct or not and there also seems to be Mr King poking fun at himself because there is a certain prison mentioned by Jake which he doesn’t want to end up in if everything goes wrong.

well that’s your lot for this week and as always if you have been thank you for reading and see you next week for the next chapter.


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