The following blog has spoiler for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision.

The Red October is heading west.
The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back
And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap the Tenth day – Commander Quentin what is the Russians Booth there submarines through international sea and hopes he can stop them, as they’re a massering their forces around an area, a B-52 bomber is sent into Russian airspace to find out whether or not it has started to move its a force, also two Tom cats have been sent they are following the trail of a commercial PamAm an airplane as it flies through the Russian airspace, the Russians get wise to the fact and when the Pan Am plane has disappeared, mistakenly one of the Russian ground forces fires a missile at one of the tomcats the missile strikes it’s on the carriage and has to limp home with help from its second.

Underground at the naval hospital at the Norfolk Medical Centre one of the Russian submariners has been under sedation for quite some time he’s the only survivor of The wreck the Americans have found and they know little if nothing about him.

The Russian doctor and one of the communication officers from the embassy come to find out, they asked how the sailor is he told that he is suffering from dehydration and pneumonia having been in the water for more than 48 hours the Russians want to take you home without even waking him what the American doctors does not believe that will help anybody so he then tells the Russians that the man will not leave the hospital under any circumstances.

On the other side of the Norfolk naval base the decommissioned Ethan Allen is pressed into service once again all the trainee cruise are removed and several pieces of equipment are taking a board her many of the Old Time crew know that she may be scuttled at some point and believe this is what is going on but when the Admiral who’s command it once was takes over they have other ideas she is then taken out to sea and the trainee crew I left alone at the dock.


An A 10 Thunderbolt
Major Andy Richardson likes flying A10’s better than DC-9s, his 175th Tactical Fighter Group are flying over the North Atlantic having refuel mid-air. 100 miles behind the four Fighters were ninety craft were following at 30000 ft in what would look very much to the Soviet alpha strike teams as a weighted attack mission. But the real mission belong to the low-level team of four. Richardson and his crew are pay a visit to the Soviet Navy. So he guessed that his mission would be the first act of a deliberate deprivation dash under the radar cover as the Soviet eyes were locked on the alpha strike team hovering just on the edge of the sea to air missiles. His Hood display system paints the care of their mission is to pass within 300 yards of the ship no more no less. At 500000 yards he released a switch which deployed half a dozen high intensity using parachute flares. And the rest of the squad and does exactly the same thing then he does couple of barrel rolls and returns to base.

The Kirov
On the bridge Admiral Stralbo sees the aftermath of the flare at the back of his ship, his political officer thinks it might be pilot error but the Admiral knows better the arrogance of these Americans is fantastic. The Americans were sent just sending them a message telling us stay West 1500 kilometres from their shows without any useful air cover and it will have 500 Fighters waiting for US to pounds in the meantime the mKennedy will be stopping us to the east back a rabid wolf.
The Admiral take it back to his room and explains their mission is far more important than playing Cat and Mouse with the Americans but it’s political officer still fails to see the Admirals reasoning. Yet he knows if they find the Renegade submarine they will be heroes regardless of what has happened.

The Dallas
Jones has found the Russian submarine and for that he was allowed a Hollywood shower unfortunately now he’s lost it and he hopes he can find it again. Thinking back you remembered how he heard the humpback whales mating off the Bermuda daydreaming will not find the Russians sell off he Goes Again running programmes he asks if the boat and make a turn for Easterly and one knocked down I’m finally at Mark 350 another sound just like the last it is a Russian submarine but which one.

HMS Invincible
Jack now dressed as British seaman, thanks everyone has forgotten about him the Invincible has been going round and round in circles off the Massachusetts Coast waiting for the Russians to surface making him feel sick. So he started to read the book that had no Ritter has given him of lost children all about Russian defectors Ryan finds it interesting is cynical the admiral of the flagship walks in and ask him if he’s ok which Jack just a little, he asks the Admiral when will they be making contact with the Russians and the Answer comes late this evening.

Norfolk Naval Medical Center
Thanks to Dr Jamieson, Tait has been able to sleep for 5 hours the seller they have found is better and it’s not a high exposure of radiation. Tait asks after the Russian and he’s told that they are KGB and now they have a reporter crying to Prowler holes so to Marines have been put on the floor and the entire floor has been sealed off.
He goes to to see the sailor and his shocked to discover that Petchkin is trying to reach in his cot for a smoke only when the other Russian explain to him does it seem to have an effect and he is very apologetic to the doctor. Tait tells the medical staff that the patient is never to be left alone at all. The Russians wanna sell it to talk so they have to have him at least survive for now.

Norfolk Shipyard
The captain of the USS cab what is impatiently have the DSRV it’s great about the Avila the only thing that makes you happy about this is the fresh fruit and vegetables that his crew and now enjoying.

Red October
Melekhin shows Svyadov how he thinks savitar is thinking by pointing to the inspection valve in the main Fusion Reactor before touching anything he calls the captain and he request the generator shut down. With help from a huge rent it shows the young office at the smart pressure leak from small hole drilled in the side of the Screw Melekhin knows it was a very clever crew member and a very clever man in need to have done such a thing so he will keep his eye on the watch for the next few hours.

What I think – the last two chapters all been about the set up for whatever skip Tyler’s plan is to keep the Red October and the Americans rush to carry out under the noses of the Russians, leaving Jack Ryan or let’s see how that will play a part in this and how they will be able to keep the red october I’m not too sure as the book has diverted quite considerably from the film and the audio book ending that I know so we will just have to see how everything works out.

As always thank you for reading and I hope you can join me next week for the next chapter.


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