The following blog has spoilers for the Stephen King Book 11.22.63 this your one and only warning.

STEPHEN KING -11.22.63

The day that changed the world. 

What if you could change it back ?
On November 22, 1963, Three shots rang out in Dallas,
President Kennedy died,and the world changed.
If you had the chance to change history, would you?

Would the consequesnces be worth it?

The Book so Far – Jake leaves the drying Shed and has violent encounter with the yellow card man, but just as before he gives him the sliver dollar, Jake gets himself a root beer and has a very similar conversation with both Junior and senior.

But there are things that are not the same a few beats are missed he then goes to the bank and deposit the money that Al has given him from find out that he still has his cell phone and a few coins from 2007 in his pockets.

He then calls a cab and travel out of town to the Countryside of Maine where he finds a hotel room for the evening but unable to sleep he goes for a walk he then throws his phone and the remain coins into a pond and return to the hotel room goes to sleep.

And now the Continuation – Part Two – The Janitor’s Father – Chapter Six

  1. Jake goes back to the Chevron dealer and by himself the 1954 convertible that was sitting in the parking lot a heads to a place called Derry happy that is until he gets there
  2. There is a cloud of pollution hanging over the whole place thanks to the many paper and textile Mills operating at full run. The car Jake’s driving is the only shade of colour in the entire place. Having forgot to buy a hat the previous day Jake goes into a haberdashery shop which like the rest of the town is very unfriendly and not very welcoming. He buys it has information about Harry running but the salesman has no information to give he then asked about a hotel. He then heads to the local bar and there were two guys looking at his convertible he asks them as well about Harry but they’re telling him looking a phone book. He feels he might as well turn the car around and got back through the rabbit hole, and leave Al High and Dry, He knows he can’t so heads up the hill and booked himself in to the hotel.
  3. Jake looks in the phone book and finds guys at the bar right Harry’s second name is extremely common in this part of town so he goes for something to eat and then tries to talk to the barman in the hotel.It turns out the folks around town are to family murders all kids round up and down The Swan patches that runs through the centre of town.But there has been one of the murder and it wasn’t some guy dressed as a funny clown that was a boy’s father so Jake ask you questions and it turns out the fire that has alibi out. It turns out there is a kid brother in his family as well he also has a hammer. Call Eddie but he disappeared last June.
  4. As Jake’s back to his room maybe he’s already changed the things by Simply being here.
  5. In the morning she goes to the restaurant and eat his breakfast and see the local paper he tries to look through the local paper trying to find the Diamonds are we can find is a pee wee football league team he then he then takes about perhaps just plug in the name into a search engine and letting Big Brother the rest but then remembered that the most up-to-date computers were the size of a small housing development so he goes to the library instead
  6. Jake begins to walk around town not really looking and not really seeing being aware of things but not really interacting with them until he hears a song, He gets to the library and is told that the census are now held at city hall and to speak to a Marcia grey and she will help him find out who is looking for.He does get to town hall and it stole all the records were wiped or destroyed in a flood so he can’t find who is looking for you are so besides it’s not good to start hanging around places as he leaves the town hall he hears the tune again and he’s correct it is a Glenn Miller tune so he walks towards the sound of the song
  7. There in a park area he watches to teenagers as they dance to the record he’s reminded to have his wife ex-wife and their six month both before and after they got married dancing in competitions he is also scared as if he is see a clockwork of the universe.They talked for awhile and Jake notices the something slightly is skew with them not like the grown ups.They seem to want to talk not shy away from him so he asks them slowly about Harry’s family I’m gets a few answers he’s even told what street they live on.After the questions he slows down the record player teachers the girl have to slow down A few of the steps.
  8. Jake leaves the children dancing down to where they told him the street while it’s a white head Lang Street old fashioned New England saltbox houses sprinklers and Lawns, the street dead ends recreational Hall which is deserted and for sale. Outside one of the houses there is a small little girl has Jake notes down the number of the house he sees the mother come out call the child in next to her is a young boy this young boy is a younger version of Harry.

What I think – As we move through the world with Jake we are getting a bit of reflected history, some things I know about something’s I don’t not being American the interesting thing is the talk with the barman which does Strike me as a bit strange we have had a bit of exposition and we know about the killings that have gone on but the guy behind the bar seems to know slightly more than he’s telling in fact it does sound like he is quoting Mr King’s previous books by mentioning a gentleman dressed as a clown killing people and other people finding a body in the river.
There is a very underlying thing in this story is if someone’s going to come out a point and beat the living out of Jake just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he sees the children Dancing In The Park some how otherworldly, I have no idea what job does has any bearing on the eventual outcome of the story or any eventual timeline but I just hope that we don’t fall into the some old trap of if he starts to change history history will make sure that he suffers.

well that’s your lot for this week and as always if you have been thank you for reading and see you next week for the next chapter.


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