The following blog has spoiler for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision.

The Red October is heading west.
The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back
And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap the Ninth day – Anyway to skip Tyler tells general Parris and two other generals how he thinks he can keep the Red October and the crew and then he has to tell the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the president of the United States.

On the Red October at the office is in the wardroom are disgusting why they cannot find a radiation and how they believe it could be sabotaged badges are the instruments so Ramius is begins the check all over again and then checked the equipment itself

Later on it’s proved that the instruments are faulty and so they will not show any kind of radiation are in fact any kind leak, also the radiation monitors on the engineering deck are rigged in such a way to do the same thing. Some of the officershowever still believe that it could be a psychological trick plan by the enemies of the Soviet Union as repairs are carried out members of the crew begin to rush watch a long lie several minutes.

Commodore Zachary Eaton moves his boat around the North Atlantic, so he can get a preemptive strike on the Russians if they begin to try anything

A cargo plane is loaded with a deep sea submersible rescue vehicle and the load master has a few questions for the navy crew but all I can suggest is it may have something to do with the Americans finding a submarine.

In an old nuclear bunker somewhere in Russia the president of the Soviet Republic talked about how ramius was able to control the Red October and now they are about to lose it but then is informed that the red october has a second spy of and who will be able to stop Ramius.

In the White House the ambassador of the Soviet Republic it’s all about us finding the submarine that is roughly 300 miles Northeast of Norfolk it is believed to be the red october much to the dismay of the Ambassador but it is pointed out to him that because of their predecessors disposition in preventing a war the Americans have to help the Russians in recovery of the submarine.

THE TENTH DAY 12 DECEMBER – pages 227 to 250

SOSUS Control
Is the NATO submarine early warning system used as a huge tripwire to alert those countries to the movements of the Soviet ships the barrier had never been expected to help more than half the attacking subs however those successfully slipping through would have to be handled differently. The NATO mission would be to meet in the Atlantic Bridge and continue transatlantic trade and obviously the Soviet mission would be to intercept and stop this. And the submarines would not be able to exist within the bubbles created by the control and would be hunted down and killed or merely driven off the convoys at speed,  all under the watchful eye of Commander Quentin.

A B-52
A B-52 bomber is sent on a mission to find out what Russian planes have been sent into the air they use a commercial airline flight path for the Russians into thinking they are a Pan Am air plane.Using this cover the crew lock on to the Russian missile systems

The Nikolayev
125 miles away from the Kira class cruiser a radio man is examining some blips and circles his screen is covered with 20 ghostly splotches, he sounds alarm which is then echoed by the other people within his radar station.

A B-52
The Americans switch off their attack radar system.

The Nikolayev
The Russians notice the missed some acquisition radar has ceased and the jamming has stopped they also found out that there are at least 8 and Amy aircraft circling above them The Officer asks if the Americans would be able to fire the missiles the answer is no. So the officer here’s the order to illuminate them to teach the Americans a lesson that they know where they are and fire on them when called on.

Two F14 Tomcats.
Commander Robby Jackson leads a squadron of F14 Tomcat called the Black aces, the mission is to monitor the movement of the Soviet aircraft and the Soviet planes. When the Russian plane spot them and then red warning lights on the panel begin to light up.

The Kingfisher Flight
The commercial flight operator sensor signal to the Kingfisher telling them that they have to American fighter planes flying next to them.

The Two F14 Tomcats
Both pilots advanced the engine controls and engage the after burners which dump fuel into the Pipes of the new f110 engines the fight is Leap Forward and went through to mach1

The Kingfisher Flight
The pilot of the Kingfisher receives the transmission from his ground control and believes the Americans attack he jerks back his stick and triggers his for myself at the departing American Fighters.

The Two F14 Tomcats
The missile screams through the air and both Tomcat take defensive positions and countermeasures the first missiles have blown up by the countermeasures and the second of the two Tom cats manages to get free but the second one is hit in the Starboard rudder and the impact causes the fight it to completely lose control then it is a scramble to get back into American airspace.

Hummer 1
Underground the Hummer control for the tomcats tell the second one not to engage

The Two F14 Tomcats
The second tomcat is able to visualise the first Tomcat and take account of the damage is also able to tell the pilot of the damage but not able get a response it takes another hour for them to reach the Kennedy and When the first pilot is removed from the first time that it is clear that he is not only suffering from some sort of trauma but he is severely wounded as there is blood all the way down his flight suit.

Norfolk Naval Medical Center.
Captain Randall Tait meets with the Russians, Dr Ivanov is from the embassy, Captain Smirnov and Vasily Petchkin they all head down to see a Russian seaman, who was in the water for twenty hours and now in a critical condition, with a prognosis being 50/50.

Captain Tait points out that there are giving their Man the very best cat they can it’s there is any way to give him back alive we will find it. The doctor then asks if the Russian officials actually no the gentleman’s name when he was found he had no dog tags or any identifying marks.The Russians think he may be an intelligence officer and maybe you cook there are more interested in when he will be released but Dr Tait points out that he won’t be out of here in less than a month or it will be in a box. He tells them he may be a Russian but because he is in the hospital is Doctors responsibility and if they want to sit in the room with him they are more that welcome. Also they reluctantly tell him that the Seaman was on the nuclear submarine.

Norfolk Naval Shipyard
The USS Ethan Allen is coming to an end of service she had her cruise and her country for over 20 years carrying the Polaris sea launcher ballistic missiles in endless the troll’s of the sunless Seas. The latest crew was made up of members of the last operational team melli old timers looking forward to retirement and leading the kids who needed the education in the repair skills.
Admiral Gallery visits the ship and all the old crew to a man say the old girl still has Life left in her.

She be able to do it Ballery knew she do fine it was not the end he prefer for his fighting ship when it came down to.The Ethan Allen would die for a purpose a crazy person uh maybe but was far better than being cut throat blades are used as target practice.

Two hours later a truck arrives at the dock and the quartermaster with help from the ocean graphic Naval Air Station fill the Ethan Allen with for bullet shaped objects and plastic pellets set into metal straps they look like bombs. When this was done there wasn’t home Guard set so no one could come over and see what has happened to the Ethan Allen.

The Admiral, the oldtimer crew and a few new officers take the Ethan Allen out one last time without a tug or guiding surface ship.

What I think – This is the second chapter without any mention of Jack Ryan, it’s very much the background of the CIA of the public face and the private face. We’ve almost had the outbreak of World War Three because the spy Aircraft flying into a Russian Patrol zone and the Russians trying to play no information no leak game with the Americans when one of their submariners have been picked up by the Americans. 

How each side pretends to be one step ahead of the other without knowing really what’s going on and how the Americans are even keeping secrets from their own crew members with the decommissioning of the Ethan Allen. 

Personal note as you can guess from the size of this log entry the chapters are getting longer but I intend to write everything, so I see no point in trying to split each chapter into two or three parts. That would just be more confusing

So that when we come to the DVD and the audio book I can compare each equally the only thing I have left out so far with right at the beginning was with Jack Ryan was talking about hitting his own child.

As always thank you for reading and I hope you can join me next week for the next chapter.


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