When I was on the Rochdale canal I did try and write a little about it history and were it links to but I couldn’t find the right information at the right so it was half done. 

But last week when walking about here on the Macclesfield I saw a small box marked The Macclesfield Canal Society use BW key inside the box was small donation tin and a few leaflets by the society, giving the readier the history of the whole  and its place in the whole network system, I am going use bits of information from this  to give you bite size idea of the Macclesfield Canal.

The route was laid out by Thomas Telford and engineered by William Crosley, it was one of the last to built in fact, it was very nearly a railway. and after the act of parliament in 1826, the canal was open on 9 November 1831.

The canal begins at the junction of the Peak Forest Canal at Marple and then travels 26 1/4 miles to Harding’s Wood Junction joining with the Trent and Mersey and half way traveling down from Marple there are 12 locks at Bosley. Like many canals it travels through several villages and one town Macclesfield.

During the late 1980 the Macclesfield Canal Society restored the unique milestones along the whole course. And since then have so much more to keep the canal open.

Formed in November 1984 the society’s objective is to see to the best interest of the canal, keeping it open and useable for the generations to come.   More information can be found at Macclesfieldcanal.org.uk

If you have been thank you for reading and see you next week.


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