The following blog has spoiler for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision.

The Red October is heading west.
The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back
And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap the Eighth day -Jack wakes up still on the invincible Only to be told he has slept 12 hours not 6 hours and watches as the British and US Navy gather their ships together, the Russian ambassador is called into the white house and the present asks him why they are all at Sea the Russian ambassador then lies and says he will find out what it will take time.

The spy who has given this CIA the information is in trouble are no longer under its protection skip Tyler on the other hand is asked to go to the CIA and meet with Admiral Greer. After he has his computer models

Back at the White House the Russian ambassador asks for the president help in locating one of the missing submarines skip Tyler runs a few more computer models and works out that the Russians are looking for something he then goes to Admiral grey and he’s told the truth about the Red October but he has worked out an idea of how to keep it

The Politovskly an old submarine in the Russian fleet is on the hunt for the Red October but suffers from a very bad look it’s a reactor core decides to break down so they are forced to the surface there reactor then goes critical and all hands I loved as the ship since this is all witnessed by the small listening post and the US ship Pogy.


The Pentagon
Skip Tyler meets General Harris who once a long time ago saw Skip playing football so lets him call him Ed. Skip then goes on to tell the General how they are going to keep the Red October. The General asks about what to with the crew. Tyler has an answer for that to. The joint chiefs Arrived a few seconds later and Tyler goes to the whole idea again listing the ships and the equipment they will need a hour later the Joint Chiefs are getting Hall of the White House.

The Red October
In the wardroom the officers are discussing why they have not found the radiation leak they now they now believe it to be sabotaged badges themselves or the instruments they are using, So Ramius has has them test both the instruments and the badges again.

Half an hour later there are all back in the wardrobe and Melekin has proved that it is in fact the instruments that are faulty and have been sabotaged and not that but they are rigged so they will not show any kind of leek. And he wrote with spa has also done the same to the radiation monitor in the engineering deck. Exposing almost all the engineering room and the workforce within.

However some of the officers still believe that it could be all of this is psychological trick played on us by the main enemy we damage our morals. Officially Ramius tells the officers not to tell the rest of the crew but as repairs are being carried out one of the bosun’s over here’s the discussion that Melekin and Borodin are having about changing half a dozen Geiger counters and other instruments and the fact that each man is now hurrying the watch a long by several minutes.

The USS New Jersey
Commodore Zachary Eaton is is on board the USS New Jersey he has positioned in such a way that he will get first shot at any Russians trying a preemptive strike, his job if the Russians are up to some sort of fishing expedition his job will be to show that they are fishing in dangerous Waters.

Naval Air Station North Island California.
A oversizedtractor trailer creeps to miles per hour into the cargo bay of the c5a Galaxy transport of the aircraft loadmaster on it back is something called a dsvr deep submersible rescue vehicle.
The Loadmaster it’s very bemused by the piece of equipment, and asks the Navy Officers loading it what exactly it is he’s told and still doesn’t really understand but then somebody points out that the Newspapers are saying the Russians have lost the submarine so we might be going down to look for her and maybe rescue survivors and all he has to say is very interesting.

The North Atlantic
Senior Lieutenant Viktor Shavrov’s mission is a simple one to shadow the American fleet and find out what they know at the Soviet Navy did not like having periods snoopers about he would have to fly low and slow 20m roughly above the Atlantic this way he could not get lost in the sea. That is until he is spotted by three American Eagle, they asked him to break off or they will consider his mission to be a hostile act. Shavrov is not happy about it but back after and heads back to base. The American Eagle pilot makes a joke about offering the lift home to his commanding officer next time the Russians try the same trick.

The Kremlin.
In subway line under the Kremlin converted into a nuclear bunker sit Admiral Yuri Liych Padorin, Admiral Sergey Gorshkov and party General Secretary and president of united Soviet Soviet republics Andre Narmonov, they are working out and discussing what the chances are of destroying is rebellious submarine. The question becomes what’s happened to the political office about the red october and the fact that all this mess can laid at Padorin door does not help the man. But he points out that it was the system of Keeping a captain with a single shift so many years this is an operational question. Political one.

Then Gorshkov points out that there is another man above the red october online two footed or captain ramius and agent of the main political administration his name is Igor Loginov hunted mission is to blend in with his pants scripted plumen and listen to conversations to identify likely place spies and Saboteurs the only person who reports to is Moscow directly bypassing their ships political officer and the rest of its crew

There is some condemnation when it is pointed out that he is in fact the ships Cook but Gorshkov but tells them that had to cut you must travel back and forth between the offices and the crew many times a day so he has ample opportunity to gauge the state of the men.

In a dire emergency the spy will scuttle the ship, with the powerful chargers that are aboard the Red October. And the people around the table hope that the young man would carry out his actions.

The White House
Arbatov is back in the Oval Office and asks the president about hopes the president has found their submarine in fact they believe they have roughly 300 miles north east of Norfolk not exact location but someone herd a underwater explosions in the area, there are not going to be any survivors and the water is 1000 feet deep so it’s going to be very hard to work out whether it in fact is the submarine. Dr Pelt aks Arbatov what in fact the submarine was doing and of course the answer is I have no idea Arbatov can only trust that the international law will be observed with respect to the vessels remains and the crews bodies.

The president shows Arbatov a memorandum confirming this fat and as he does there is a phone call and they have won survivor of the sub well a Russian sailor any chance. It will take them two hours to get to Norfolk on the president was in treated as if he was on his own son and asks the Ambassador to stay for a drink and hope they will be able to find more survivors.

What I think – It would appear that Jack Ryan isn’t the star of The Show we’ve had a whole chapter devoted to the people that move around him and all the action that goes on around the world, from the president of the Kremlin to the president of the United States of America they all have their part to play in finding this submarine the Russians are called and the Americans are calculating the British seem to be in the middle of it all and just looking after Ryan as he sleeps I have no idea exactly what will happen next or who will appear we will just have to wait and see. Which I am rather enjoying to see what goes on not just be told this and that and the other happened whilst Jack Ryan was doing x y and z

As always thank you for reading and I hope you can join me next week for the next chapter.


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