The last time we moved was a bit rubbish so this time I wanted to make up for it and get Bosley number One which is 3 miles 6 furlongs. But in the end we only did about 2 miles of that for two reasons the frist being that were I want moor Ezri the side barrier was all rusted up quite a bit of it was coming away, falling into the water and the second was that with all the over grown grass it would be very unsafe to put mooring pins in.

As its become our custom, We (dad and me) walk from were Dad parks the car back up to Ezri which gives us an idea on what I will face on the way back, as like almost every time since joining the Macclesfield there have been boats traveling past us on the walk. Which makes me think “Well if a big boat like that can Ezri will have no trouble”

Anyway back to the trip taking the chains off Ezri was a simple thing well the front and the middle were but with the back one still on Ezri started to move out so Dad got off and held her in place and I undid the chain Dad got back on and with a little back and forth we were off.

I have been told by a few people that the Macclesfield is shallow and yes in some places from were I stand on Ezri it does look like it but so far so good, now we had past an open swing bridge on the way down and seeing the other boat I though the bridge was going to shut but when we got there it was still open in fact there was no way shutting it unless you’re on the other side of the bank I found out later that the bridge always stays open.

After that it was about another good stretch until there was on bridge, which needs the BW key as the whole thing is automatic key push the button and it opens, push the button again and it shut nice simple, well it would every time Dad starts doing something like there’s always someone who needs to cross the canal last time it was ambulance but this time just a small car and a cyclist.

A few meters away from the other bridge ties there was some new barrier and a small boat so want better place to stop, not may people would use this a stopping point there because it being close to the road but the only problem I can see is the trees, Ezri will need a wash at some point.

As always thank you reading and see you next week.

Total Miles covered so far (Start point Bugsworth) =  28 miles 5 1/4 furlongs

Miles covered this trip =  2 miles 1 1/4 furlongs

Places been/Stopped- Bugsworth, Strines Road Narrows, Carr Swing Bridge, Bancroft Bridge No 8, Higher Poynton Winding Hole, Braddocks Bridge No. 19, Lane Head Winding Hole, Clark’ Change Bridge, Leadbeater’s Bridge No 40, Royal Oak Swing Bridge No. 49


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