The following blog has spoilers for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision.

The Red October is heading west.
The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back
And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap the Seventh day -Jack and Admiral Davenport meet Admiral centre on the USS Kennedy and Jack kalson that somehow they need to stop and locate the Red October,

Jonesy the submarine sonar man on the Dallas has worked out the sound he heard a few days before is not only man-made but it’s moving around the Ocean Floor he then asked his captain for permission to ask the fleet if they can go and find it.

Jack is then flown by harrier Jump Jet to the British ship and they’re also asks the British the same help in finding and locating and hopefully stopping the red october before the Russians can.

On the red october the doctor sees the radiation badges are showing low level walks around the ship which have him very concerned he then asked for permission from the captain to take action.But in truth the badgers have been tampered with by Ramius second in command using the x-ray machine.

Back in the Pentagon the British and us ships are moved around the world by two feuding Admirals.

Deep within the bowels of the engine room of the red october a radiation leak test is carried out by members of the crew who are becoming very very uneasy about the idea of a radiation  but the crew finds nothing so the captain decides to do the test again.


HMS Invincible.
Jack wakes up and makes himself presentable believing he is being sleep for 6 hours but when Admiral white comes into the room he is informed that he has been asleep for 18 hours and the sun in the sky he believed was setting was in fact Rising the Invincible rendezvous with two Knox class frigates in two hours to have already been on their radar they will also be joined by two more Perry class vessels a total of nine warships the Kennedy is racing for the exhaust so that leaves the invisible guarding the American coast in Simple Words the mission is well underway.

The White House.
Ambassador Alexei Arbatov goes to the White House and the president asked him why the Soviet Navy are in the North Atlantic the Ambassador try to say he has no idea but the president calls him a liar and if if it should happen they should have given prior notification again the Ambassador says he has no knowledge of this and they may be more games which is a lie the president says he will reply the American ships and aircraft to observe what is going on the Ambassador will transmit a message and tell his superiors what the president has said what but with the different time zones the president will have to wait for a reply when the Ambassador leaves the president comment that it’s like dealing with the mafia bosses he was prosecuted.

The spy codename CARDINAL is in trouble he has been sent to hospital with pneumonia but the information that he has been sending has not gone though the proper channels and the Russians are on to him judge Moore tells the station chief to lay off and no more enquiries as it is time that the CARDINAL to leave the company.

The U.S.Naval Academy
Skip Tyler gets a message from the Admiral for an appointment at the Pentagon for 19:30 hours that evening.

The White House
The Russian ambassador goes back to the white house and tells the president what are there submarines is now missing the president then tells the Ambassador he hoped they can help improve relations with their two countries by offering assistance of the US Navy in search of the missing some playing on the fact that the US owe the Russians a debt after helping them in a similar crisis. But the Russian ambassador is very reluctant to take Help from The Americans.

The Pentagon
Skip Tyler was sat at the Air Force control centre in the sub basement of the Pentagon he was proud of his programmability and what would have taken some people and months work he had done in 4 days. On a trip to the bathroom for a much needed rest skip learns from an old friend captain Johnny Coleman that the Russians have put a major exercise using the whole northern Sea Fleet.
So he goes back to the computer and with the print outs he makes a phone call he dead heads up a small ramp and eventually fancies where to Vice Admiral Dodge’s corner office and questions his former boss on the movements of the Russian subs so the Admiral take SIM into a second room showing the movement of both the Soviet ships in red and the American allied ships in blue. Skip notices the movements of the Russian submarine do not work as a search and rescue because they are blocking a couple of the ports he can’t tell Dodge exactly so he then tried to ring Dr Ryan but obviously no one knows where Ryan is so then he rings Admiral Greer who then asked him to come to the CIA headquarters

Tyler makes into Admiral Greer’s office and asked where Jack is only to be told that he’s away he lock unlock his briefcase and gives grey the information but grey what’s the short version not reams and reams of paper. Showing the computer model he’s been working on.
Admiral Greer then let Tyler ask a few questions. The name of the ship and if she’s at sea then Tyler explains he thinks the red october is going to defect so great else in the truth yes the Russian submarine Red October he’s going to defect but they have no way yet and being able to track her he also tells Tyler that at some point they must give the submarine back but Tyler has a solution that may let them keep the Red October.

The USS Pogy
The USS poguy was 200 miles northwest of Norfolk awaiting the arrival of two Soviet class Alfa submarines the assign mission was to track and Shadow.

The ES Politovskiy
The Politovskiy acoustical signature had been labelled alpha 3 by the Americans although she was really the first alpha a small spindle shaped attack submarine which was capable of reaching 43 knots but her sea trials have come at a cost of several mishaps so ever since that ship has been marked as a bad luck.
And now they are suffering from bad luck as there is a catastrophic loss of coolant in the reactor which forces them to the surface just in front of the US listening posts.

The USS Pogy
On the Pogy here the Politovskiy break the surface of the water.

The ES Politovskiy
On surface the reactor of the Politovskiy still critical begins to rip through spicy texts and finally Falls back below the water sinking to the bottom of the sea.

The Pogy
The men of the American sub a helpless to help their Russian counterparts.

The ES Politovskiy
It takes a full 9 minutes for the Russian sub to fall the Ocean Floor she impact savagely on the hard bottom of the continental shelf and there aircrew ass bed the slow death of asphyxiation.

What I think – It’s a very interesting story line so far it’s not just the normal spy story of one man against the world or one man against whoever this chapter has been all about what goes on in the background. Tyler example of still going through simulation and being told what has happened, and then the Russians and then the unfortunate accidents on the Russian submarine and the Americans been unable to help.

If you have been thank you for reading and as always see you next week for the next chapter.


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