This a weekend and the last I swapped the tranquility of Ezri and the Macclesfield Canal for 44,000 hysterical fans screaming and that make up the Robbie Williams and Take That fan bases respectfully at the City of Manchester Football Stadium

I am going to do something that don’t normally do which talk about my day job, I am not going to huge detail because of the way are now. The whole idea is to try and show you the contrast of my life on Ezri and work. 

The first thing is that Ezri is only 35 feet long and if I not on her all, she does is sit in the water chained the bank, but the stadium is a hive of activity, not only with the crew of stage hands, staff from four/five companies, food and beverage staff and finally the fans themselves. Each member of staff working out the best method to help the fans enjoy the nights.

The second this the sound the only sound Ezri makes come from her engine and then only when she’s moving. But as you may have guessed the stadium is full of sound and I not talking about the music the band played its, the sound of the crowd its a sound that you don’t really get over I have been doing this job for 11 years and still something that takes me a little by Surprise it some travels though you like water, 44,000 people all singing and dancing as one.

The last thing this kind of the same that’s what happens when it to end and move on to the next place, In Ezri’s case it just a simple matter of pulling up our chains and setting off, but when it’s time for the event to move on it takes the same stage hands and riggers a good few hours to take down all the steel, lights and Speaker systems all to be put back together again at  the other end of their journey.

Thank you for this weeks little side step As always thank you reading and see you next week. Which will have a lot more narrowboats in it.


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