The following blog has spoilers for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision.

The Red October is heading west.
The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back
And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap The Sixth Day -Jack Ryan and Greer are given information by the CIA director himself about a spy they have working in the Soviet shipyards.

On the Red October Ramius thinks may be sending the letter could have been a mistake but Quickly changes his mind, as it Prevents second thoughts.

Jack, Greer and the  CIA director go to the white house and Ryan has to breathe the president all about Red October and it’s new engine then the facts about Ramius and his defection and about want action if any they should take plan they come up with is that someone should try and find the Red October with thw help of the British and that someone should be Jack


The North Atlantic
Jack is well on his way in one of the bucket seats of Grumman Greyhound ot COD flying through a storm at 5000 feet, Jack hates it but the two pilots were enjoying it, Jack dislikes flying. He his head he Thinks about his previous life as a marine second lieutenant and it only 3 months earlier when you put two helicopter classed on Crete during NATO exercises nearly crippling him for life.

The land but ohly just on the deck of the Kennedy, Jack makes a bolt for the Kennedy’s control tower but that has to wait for Admiral Davenport who just like pilots enjoyed the trip.The whole Kennedy is a mass of steel gun metal grey boxes on top of boxes, Which has Ryan totally confused but not the admiral who leads them to the flag officer quarters.

The Admiral introduces Ryan to add rear Admiral Joshua Painter Ryan and then apologises for dressing as a naval officer because it was a CIA idea and then after Painter calls for food Ryan tells them everything. Painter is not to happy and even less so when Davenport says he would the Kennedy to Locate the Red October and somehow make communication contact with is skipper.

And now somehow keep the thing, Jack is on his way again this time on a Harrier Jump Jet.

The Dallas
The soanar man Jones has been working aways on the unknown contact they made a few days ago and he thinks he knows what it could be so him and his senior officer go talk to Captain Mancuso, Jones has been working on his down time with his own charts, and tapes he’s made the sound is man made not only that but The same acoustical signature as a Russian submarine..

Mancuso lets Jones talk and it all makes Makes sense so Mancuso decides that they will track this Russian submarine and he contacts Norfolk come on base to tell him of what they have found out.

Atlantic Fleet Communications
In Norfolk they get the message the Dallas is requesting to Leave the area of Patrol and investigate the unusual sounding characteristics of the submarine. They are given leave and they set off.

The K. V. Konovalov
200 miles Northeast of the Dallas in the Norwegian sea on the Konovalov Captain Tupolev has tow day old dispatch telling him of Ramius actions, He knows he will have kill Ramius no matter that he was family.

The North Atlantic 
The British Sea Harrier FRS 4 hovered briefly off Kennedy’s port saide as the pilot sized up at landing target. A few minutes later its down and  Tony Parker is helping Ryan into the spare seat. In less that a minute they are back in the air. All the time Ryan is watching the read outs which helps.

They both talk a bit and it turns out they know each other but Ryan says not to tell anyone. They land and Ryan is taken to see Vice Admiral John White, Yet again Ryan the Vice Admiral the mission which is to Locate the Red October And for the British help and assistance they will get access to the same intelligence the Americans have on the ship if and when they are able to stop and locate it.

The Red October
Every two days all the radiation badges of all the crew are checked by Borodin and handed over to Doctor Petrov, he had the whole action down to a science. But today something has gone wrong something very wrong a few of the badgers are contaminated but not by anything in the ship. But in fact two days before they sailed borodin himself contaminated the badges using the doctors own x-ray machine. The doctor calls Ramius Borodin and they go through the motions of finding a leak and reassuring the doctor.

The Pentagon
Deep within one of the officers of the Pentagon lieutenant general Edwin Harris is playing Peacemaker between Admiral Blackburn and Rear Admiral Pete Stafford as all three of them tried to work out the movement of Soviet British and American fleets.

The Red October
Chief engineer Melekhin cleaned the reactor components before the starting to check for the leak watched by Ramius, Petrov, the engineering officer and one of the young the tenants three of the officers are carrying Geiger counters. All the readings are in the normal range but the chief engineer makes them do it again from the beginning.An hour later that second check has been completed. still nothing Just the contaminated badges.

What I think – Well its haavy going there is a lot to take in and lot you can miss if your not careful, The whole Jones checking the acoustical signature was simple and easy to follow but then you get bogged down by the background on the harrier pilot and the fact that he knows Ryan and there is whole bit about shooting trip. So how each person works out want and why the people around are doing something.

If you have been thank you for reading and as always see you next week for the next chapter.


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