The following blog has Spoilers for the Tom Clanitsbook The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision.

The Red October is heading west.
The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back
And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap The Fifth Day – In Moscow Admiral Yuri Ihch Padorin get the letter from the Red October which sets all of Ramis plans, So Padorin calls Admiral Govshkow.

The Dallas after the war games with the british, is now reporting the traffic moving in and out of Red Route One, Jones the sonar tec hears something he knows is not right he tells both the first officer and the captian, it sounds like ‘water being pushed though a pipe’ they tell him to run it though the computer which tells him the sound its just magama displacemet.

Back in the CIA Greer and Ryan now have information the Russians now have all their ships/subs at they have no idea why but know is not a sea trairs. Rayn now has to stay a extra day trying to work out why.


CIA Headquarters
Ryan and Greer are in the officer of the director of Central Intelligence Arthur Moore, They each have a copy of the WILLOW docment from an angent called CARDINAL is Jack is not to sure about (what this infromation is we are never told we just get the history of CARDINAL.

Reykjanes Ridge
As the Red October head southwest Ramius thinks about his crew perhaps the letter has been a mistake, No it prevented second thoughts

The White House
Judge Moore takes Jack to the White House and the Situation Room a hand of people Jack has talked with before,everyone tells Jack not be nervous and to relax and the president walks in the door everyone stands.

And then they turn to Jack his briefing is about the recent Soviet navel activity in the North Atlantic sea.

Ryan then goes on to give them detailed specifications and the history of the Red October and her captain then telling about seeking a second opinion on the bow doors from Mr Oliver W. Tyler and now thanks to extra intelligence they know that Ramius has sent a letter and that as the whole Soviet Navy move out.

In simple words the Russians are trying to locate Red October and if necessary to sink her, So what happens when they reach our coast is the question. Ryan believes that Ramius wants to defect. It not about a Preemptive strike on anybody because around me is could have released his missiles five days ago a still hit 

The question now becomes why and is just him or the whole 110 men, so after a lot of back and forth its worked that its just the officers how many who knows but the rest of the crew wouldn’t know and just be following along.

So what do we do The president asks Ryan his simple answer is we grab her, and is back up the judge Whether the whole thing is some kind of elaborate hoax by the soviets or it is true ramius is trying to defect action must be taken.

it comes down to action they can take they will want the sub back her people to, they could call it a quarantine inspection, check her for seaworthiness, but they are getting a head of thereselves frist they need to find her and for that they need help.

The British have a carrier out there to help, Admiral Greer will go to England and ask nicely as for telling their people they needed to be told just in case. And some needs to talk to the Soviets once they get into open water.

The meeting ends and Ryan is about to leave when Moore ask him to step to one side the President wants Jack to fly out to the British carrier so he can be a civilian point of view. Ryan is not happy about put as the President points out Jack knows the history of the thing.

Moore and Jack head back to CIA,Jack is given naval Commander uniform as cover with all the usual ribbons, the whole thing is given the codename, MANDOLIN Jack thinks Halloween would be better.

What I Think – And we’re off Jack on his way to sea and the CIA are asking for help from the british, nice and simple what I didn’t need was the whole history and life story of the spy the CIA had in Russia, and then only finding out about the information four or five pages later. I had read to same page three times just to make sure I hadn’t miss something. We know Ramuis Motivation and we don’t need him second guessing himself for two pages.

If you have been thank you for reading and as always see you next week for the next chapter.


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