The question I get asked the most when people find out I live on a narrowboat is, how do you get the internet? Well until last week I would just point at my phone or the little tablet, that the nice people at EE setup. Which simply put was two sim cards one for the phone with text, calls and data and the other for the tablet some calls and texts but mostly data about 2GB in all.

But all that changed a few days ago not only do I have a new Phone and tablet but new something called mifi box which I am told works like the wifi my dad has, I set everything up so that the data is about 6GB split between the box thing and my tablet. The phone is just the phone text, calls and little data.

All are able to make emergency calls if needed and give my location too, I may be out in the middle of no where but I not totally out of communication range, when I frist started living on Ezri all I had was nine year old laptop which I would only have two hours use with a day, a simple phone, a road atlas and printed out paper plans of the route from Blue Water Marina to Littleborough

But now almost two a bit years down the line I can not only plan and plot my whole 100 miles Adventure, work out within two or three meters were Ezri is and were she will end up. And all of this I wanted can be broadcast and shared with the world. 

As always if you have done thanks for reading, and see you next week.


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