The following blog has spoilers, for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision.

The Red October is heading west.
The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back
And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap The Fourth Day – Jack Ryan has some photographs of the Red October from British Intelligence who are willing to share them only if they can have a new toy the CIA have developed themselves, The deal is struck and three other CIA Offices,  Are shown the photographs including Jack immediate superior James Greer.

Although the men can come up with solutions for the doors on the Red October shown in pictures, None of them really give a definitive answer so Jack wants to take the pictures to show a fellow they all know called Skip Tyler. 

Skip Tyler Saved the doors could represent the inlet and outlet pipes of a new prive system for the submarine, But he will have to work on computer models to find out. So Jack tells him that there is twenty thousand dollars If he can find infinity of proof.

At one of the many naval research And listening posts the US have They pick up the track Of the Russian submarines heading the wrong way Away from thea signed WarGames Maneuvers.


Admiral Yuri llych Padorin chief political officer of the Soviet Navy turn up for work, he’s given tea anc his mail for the day. Near the bottom of the pile was anOfficial looking envelope from the northern fleet the card number in the upper left corner shown came from the Red October.

Ramis letter starts with a small joke calling Padorin uncle, but half way thought Padorin knows something is worng very worng, so he reads the whole thing again, his hands start to shake so picks up the direct line to Admiral Gorshkov.

The USS Dallas
Fresh from there NATO war games (NIFIY DOLPHIN) the Dallas is now reporting on the traffic in and out of Red Route one, with Sonarman Second Class Ronald Jones on the soner table. 

As they move around the route Jones picks up something and tells Lieutenant Thompson its not screw sounds, not whales or fish. More like water going through a pipe. They put the sound though a new computer system, that could Identify ships by name from the individual acoustic signatures much as one could identify fingerprints of a human. But the system thinks the sound is just magma displacemet.

But Jones know the system can be wrong so sets about making sure, because the frequency is all wrong. And so with blessing of the Captain works to find out, but then outside ‘someone stomps on the gas’  A Victor class sub doing thirty knots.

The a second sub this one a Charile, they track them both moving forward trying to work out wants really going on now there is a Alfa Captain Mancuso gives the order opening the distant for the sonar convergence zone. Moancuso and his crew are ready, whatever the game might be.

CIA Headquarters.
4:45 in the moring when Greer calls Ryan back in, there is telex from the NSA and the Dallas ever sub/ship the Russians have is now at sea . Ryan wants to know if its the army too, but no just the fleet subs.

Greer calls Vice Admiral Davenport who like Ryan is not so happy but Greer we have work out want they are up heading into the North Atlantic, it could just be a drill left over from Crimson Storm war games, 

Rayn and Greer eat soon Davenport rings back yes everything is out but no sign of the Red October. Could they have lost a sub maybe or maybe not. In the photos they now it shows only the new subs heading out. Greer wants Ryan to stay a extra day now.

What I think- It’s a very detailed book so far, We have back stories for almost every character and every character has a reason for acting in a certain way, this means that is lot it get though even if just finding out infromation, we are give the full step and sequence this takes. At few points I have had re-read the odd line or two. But I am enjoying it so far. Although this chapter has been very US heavry.


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