The following blog has spoilers, for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision.
The Red October is heading west.
The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back

And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap Third Day- We go back into Marko Ramius childhood, as he grows up being told the difference between Good and Evil by his maternal grandmother, She reads him Bible Stories eventually being baptised in the Roman Catholic faith. And on the other hand his father telling him to be good party member. 

But finding both worlds a lie he ends up find some pace at sea joining the Soviet Navy working his way though the ranks yet the only real pace came marrying Natalia, until A drunk surgeon boches a simple standard operation and kills her. Ramius is left a broken man and the state will be made to pay.


CIA Headquarters 

Jack Ryan is now back the US, now in the CIA headquaters and heading to the office of the Deputy director of intelligence, 

Vice Admiral James Greer a man who at sixty-six has spent the best part of his life working with and for the Navy endding up as a three star flag, officer. After give Jack coffe and a pastry they get down to work, Jack has photos of the new Soviet Sub Red October from the british who are will trade for a finished gadget by a man named Barry Somers. Which Jack knows a lot about 

Greer calls a second Admiral in fact Rear Admiral Charles Davenport director of naval  intelligence, and Captain Casimir the four or them pour over the photos Jack, but Greer nor Rayn tell Davenport want the British want. 

In the photos the Red October has two doors at the bow and stren, the british think they are launch tubes, but Davenport thinks sonar array but Ryan’s not sure one door but not two. Even with a total of ninety years experience in the room and not one of them can get want the doors could. Ryan wants to run the photos by Skip Tyler and man that Casimir knows.

As he’s about to walk out the door to take Tyler the photos Davenport tell Ryan that the October has alredy in the sea, and the skipper is Marko Ramius, Rayn has only hear second hand stuff but knows he’s good.

The U.S. Naval Academy 

Skip Tyler who looks like Oliver Wendell, and fours ago lost his leg in car crash takes a look at the photos Ryan has, Tyler sees its a Typhoon class within seconds and when asked about the doors, they are part of a propulsion system called the tunnel drive.

Simply put its a modified mill wheel, you suck two impellers in the water, suck water in the bow and the impellers eject the water out the stern. The navy dropped it because of effciency and the space to house the motor. But they did fix the cavitation sound.

Tyler needs some computer time to work out the new 3D models, Tyler thinks all this will take a week Ryan give him four days and twenty thousand dollars if he can work out all the numbers.

CIA Headquarters

Ryan makes it back to the CIA by eight that evening and tells Greer want Tyler told him and the cost of the information, going the right channles would in the long run have cost more and for a lot less information Greer hopes it going to help. 

SOSUS Control

Inside The Sonar Surveillance System Senior chief oceanographer technician Deke Franklin, is working at his console, when gets data from a set of sensors off the coast of Iceland he hears a pair of Alfas, a Charlie a Tango (kinds of subs) and a few surface ships, all looking for the typhoon that was ment to have sailed the other day. But they are haeding west and not northeast.

He also hears the Dallas real faint but he tell the skipper when he can, and is told just to log everything.

What I Think – Day four and British what a new toy and the Americans are trying to find out about the new boat at sea, Ryan is on a mission with a little help both the british have a bit of informtion and is calling in friend to help with the rest, he cuts a few corners to get the whole story on the sub/boat.

There is a lot about the iner works of both the CIA and MI5 here which goes on a little to long but, like I side before Mr Clancy is a man for the details right down to the colour and size of shoes people are wearing. Which is ok if your in the mind set to read about it.


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