The day that changed the world. What if you could change it back ?
On November 22, 1963, Three shots rang out in Dallas,
President Kennedy died,and the world changed.

If you had the chance to change history, would you?
Would the consequesnces be worth it?

The copy of the book I have is a hardback with a picutre of both President Kennedy and Jacqueline bouvier Kennedy riding in a motorcade its a frist editition printed in Great Britain in 2011 by Hodder and Stoughton and there are 740 pages, 31 chapters, there several more pages relating to the story the book is dedicated “For Zelda Hey, honey, welcome to the party”

The review will be posted every saturday afternoon 3 o’clock am GMT staring from the 20 May 2017 and every saturday until the book is done.

I will tell you how many chapters, (titles and numbers) I have read and want if anythings as happened then an over all outline and what I think will happen next.

As you may have guess there will be spoilers, I mark this fact at the top of the blog and only once.

Hope you can join me for this review, So thank you for reading and see you next week


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