The following blog has spoilers, for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision. The Red October is heading west. 

The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back
And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Recap Second Day- Captain Marko ramius has read out orders For the Red Octobers training exercises but one of the crew don’t think they are correct. On the USS Bremerton there hear the Russian sub three days late and then wait as it shuts off it engines Somewhere back in Russia there is an envelope that is failed to be delivered on time.In England, Jack Ryan sits at his computer working on the authorized biography of Fleet Admiral William Halsey a task he’s had for the last three years. And at the real rendezvous point for the Russian games the soviets sit and wait for ramius


The Red October – Their course was now two-five-zero on the west edge of the Barents Sea, Ramius hands over the watch a Lieutenant Ivanov who fresh and green, Ramius wants to test all his men so gives men chance to prove themself.

He and the other Senior officers head to their weekly political disscussion, Ramius then gets the doctor to watch two more new Lieutenants in the engineering section,  at the meeting with the demise of the zampolit Ramius is now in full control.

Each officer in this room was is a member of his conspiracy- so far there have been some minor changes which he’s not told anyone. Then he tells them about the letter, so there is no going back.

The planning had started with the death of his Natalia, the rage he had almost unknowing supperessed throughout his life. 

(We go back in time to Ramius childhood) – His father and how he ruled the Lithuanian Party Central Committee but how his Grandmother Hilda told him nighttime stories from the Bilble, even managed to have him baptized a Roman Catholic. But soon he works out that the Marxism-Leninism was jealous god, tolerating no competing loyalties, but he grows up a good boy and a good party member.

Until he’s eight years old a finds an old fisherman Sasha, who spends hours telling him tales of the sea and also the freedom of the sea, at thirteen Marko wants become a man of the sea. He works hard a falls in love not with the boats but the subs. Ramis is out standing in his own field.

And by has his own command and married to Natalia Bogdanova his career had been one uninterrupted story of achievement, for all the world to see a good party man.’

Then Natalia died and the hand of drunk surgeon- the State had robbed him of more that his wife, it had robbed him of a means to assuage his grief with prayer, it had robbed him of the hope – if only an illusion – of ever seeing her again.

Ramis could not have the doctor punished he was the son of a party chieftain so the state would be made to pay.

(Back at the table) All the men around him hi hand pick each with their own Reasons for leaving Mother Russia.

What I think – We are three days into this book and so far so good. But the only thing I would have done would have put all Ramis backstory as day one or even made it a extra start will the death frist then have on the sub.


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