Bookends – Bookreview- Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum – Chapter SeventyNine to Chapter EightyOne

The follow blog will have Spoilers and a plot outline for the book Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum leave now if don’t want to know what has been go on.

The Book so far- Harry is witness to yet another killing this time it Rocco who is killes at the hands of Charles Villers, the Villers then use Harry to help get rid of Rocco’s body,  Harry uses  this a change to get away, but things don’t go to plan and Charles ends up dead shot by Rhonda who goes totally off her head. 

Harry try’s his best to get away but ends almsot drowning in the river this time in a car, he wakes up to find himself in a hosptial bed, recoving from a gun shot. Slowly the world comes back to him and frist his mother and father come to see him are tell him they are here to take him home.

The second person to apper is Lizzie boss you tell Harry that Lizzie may or not be still alive and as far the police on both sides of the pond are concerned the case is over three people are dead, their no links to the anyone, anymore now the Villers are out of the picutre and the bag man is dead. Case Closed end of the line and no-one wins.

Chaptet SeventyNine- Five months later in a big empty room a world away from New York and London Max now calling himslelf Fernando Perez and Lizzie are talk Max is sick of doing nothing, Whatever is going to happen Lizzie want it run within the law this time.

Furella wrote them a said the FED’s took a look around Mazaras but drew a blank and Sal is doing good to. Under the Lizzie Perez they buy the big empty space and Lizzie call Max her husband, which after she explans it to him Max is happy with.

And then she tells him who she really is that she was a cop working with a cybercrime unit the whole thing and that she know they will think she now dead, and how she used Harry. Max doesn’t care in the end he knew something wasn’t right but now he free ans they are together so that’s that.

Chapter Eighty- Fiona Allinson is alone her mother advised her to file for a divorce, her father missing persons report, the childen think they father will come some day but when is the question and Fiona moves on.

Chapter EightyOne – Harry get back to New York and puts not only his flat back together but his life, the half million in cash is still were he put but to spend one note would a disaster until one frosty morning a note comes though the door 

Lizzie tells him her and Max are happy and the spend the money, he takes a cab ride out to Mazaras and finds all change on the outside and inside to, he’s accpted as one of the guys by Benny and Cora.

They are the last two everyone scattered like pigeons the place is now Cora’s in name and in fact, Max had is all work out from the start Harry setup the Villiers but Rocco got killed and he just took the money. Harry tells Cora Lizzie is a cop and in the end is the survival of the smartest not the fittest so who knows.

Harry gets a call for a new role at frist he says no then after a few minues call back call back a said sure why not.

End Of The Book the End of Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum.

What I think – And there is was done, Mr David McCallum’s frist novel and for want it was I enjoyed it, good old fashioned caper story, which would make a good moive for a very smart audience willing to see the first guy they meet disappear halfway through the book only then to return and be shot.

And then a second guy come along, a middle age actor, whos switchs roles from James Bond to John McClane and back again in blink on an eye

Mr McCallum can write, yes he really he can, but there are three things that don’t work, his writting from memory so some of his British references sound like a 50s and 60s Black and white film and his leading lady spend a little to much time sleeping her way out of trouble, and one part which was not only pointless but morally wrong on so many levels.

And lastly his day job is leaking though a few pages I have the feeling that he may have ask one of the NCIS writers to give the proof book a quick red pen work.

If you want a good book to read on and off at bedtime or on winters day afternoon sure I encourage you to seek out this book, It good caper story and like all good books it enjoyable so all power to Mr McCallum and when NCIS is over he should write some more.


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