As me and Ezri work our way down the Macclesfield canal and deeper towards the unknow, its time make sure she’s still ship shape and happy to carry on, but not only that but little bit of painting to be done. 

Thankfully the rain held off so with the paint left over the coal and wood boxes Dad got a brush and paint the inside as I took the other end of Ezri’s engine bay, with the small leak a thing of the past now, it was time to make sure that there no more water getting in.

And what water there was I could easly pummped out, it was a simple case of reaching down with a small bottle end and making sure the blige can lift it out, and moved want water there was but not only that I made sure that Ezri’s engine didn’t need oil or coolat. A mistake I have made only once and never again.

I wanted to work out a place to put Ezri so I could go to work the following day, So I locked up Ezri and walked the radio station mill (yes I know there is a real/better made for it but I like it) then past morring for the market and into Bollington itself, which like most towns are 24 hours which is a whole other thing. 

But anyway as you leave there is a swich over bridge once you cross it, the towpath is on the other side from my right to my left as I heading away down which has a few spaces around it, After that the canal backs onto AstraZeneca and Tessco so I think leave that alone thank you.

On the way back to Ezri, Dad got talking to another boater who has been on the water for around 40 years. When dad’s with me people mostly talk to him and some are a little surprised to be told I own Ezri, but whatever they are always friendly and welcoming. Well this boater has small butty boat with he’s been doing up and some spare paint which he gave to Dad for Erzi its real boat paint so we need to take care in using it but I know just want to do with it.

As always thank you reading and see you next week.


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